Quit bitching pussy! I’ll drink the whole vial and make me deal with it! Then I’ll see how serious I am! . . . Follow @deememetee psilocybin psychonauts 5dgisd acid acidtrip acidtabs acidart dmttrip dmtworld dmtart 5meodmt ayahuasca woke 4acodmt psychedelicmeme drugmeme dmttrip psychedelics goodvibes 5meodmt dmtmeme meme trippy drugs psychonaut dmt lsd

San Pedro (Trichocereus pachanoi) is a cactus native to the Andean slopes of Ecuador and Peru. It is the South American cousin to peyote, and most notably contains the psychoactive alkaloid known as mescaline. Like Ayahausca, San Pedro has been used for healing purposes and to open doors in the minds of people for thousands of years. Only recently have these plants found their way to a broader audience in distant countries. The shamanic/plant medicine community likes to refer to Ayahuasca as the grandmother, whereas San Pedro is said to have more of a masculine energy. One of the greatest lessons that Ayahuasca can offer is precisely on the subject of Fear itself and how to overcome it. It does this by simulating Fear while simultaneously giving you the tools to go inside that fear and demystify it — a therapeutically genius tactic, in many ways. San Pedro does not work this way. It will infuse you with some of the most important messages you will ever receive during your time in this life, but it does so with an infinitely soft and gentle voice. San Pedro prefers to communicate truth through beauty. Beauty and the laws of the natural world comprise its language, and these are infused with an indescribable sense of joy that persists throughout the entire day.

Our love is the key to unlocking our truest potential. The Universe is hiring. What’s the job? Your calling.... Inquire within. rawdimension sacred mission slo slocal ayahuasca phoenix universal calling slc california arizona utah

The festival of the 5th Dimension at The Portal of Light. Mt Shasta. We worked, we sang and laughed. We overcame adversity and we celebrated pacha mama. We ate and drank cacao. Much purity and love throughout the weekend. Lets continue to rise above. . El festival de la 5ta. Dimensión en El Portal de la Luz. Mt Shasta. Trabajamos, cantamos y reímos. Superamos la adversidad y celebramos la pacha mama. Comimos y bebimos cacao. Mucha pureza y amor durante todo el fin de semana. Vamos a seguir subiendo por encima. . Love is all ❤️ Grounding👣 Mother nature⛰ Spiritual 🧘🏻‍♂️ Disconnect 🌃 Reset 📴 . . . . . love consciousness spiritual lightworker selflove spirituality positivevibes enlightenment spiritualawakening namaste thepoweranimal mothernature inspiration goodvibes meditation awakening thirdeye higherconsciousness higherawakening loveandlight higherself peace conscious loveisall psychedelics amoryluz ayahuasca spiritanimal mtshasta raiseyourvibration

My medicine man and dear friend.... thank you for an indescribably amazing weekend and for journeying with me. You are a true gift and I can’t wait to see you again. 💗 myfriend medicineman journey plantmedicine sacredmedicine ayahuasca healing ceremony

The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time. Mark Twain 📷: @stolenpainting


One of the first pieces I did after having a really great experience. My attempt at capturing the moment right before the breakthrough. breakthrough colors hands space infinite fractals visionaryart psychedelicart dmt ayahuasca lsd mushrooms art digitalart procreate photoshop psychedelic focus meditation higherconciousness love peace create

Encomenda - Cajado de Bruxo com Bola de Ametista, muito Cobre, Couro, Missangas de Turbalina Negra e Malaquita com Penas... . . Feito com muito amor de carinho 😍🍃🐆🙌🏻 . . cajadodebruxo xamanico artigosxamanicos artesanato japamala terco rosario kuripe tepi aguadeflorida sagradamedicina ayahuasca sananga rape paitabaco tabaco pairape sagradamedicinacura gratidao feitocomamor amor carinho fonte fontedepedra pulseiras pulseirasempedra pulseirasmasculinas pulseirasfemininas

One of the greatest and most rewarding things one can do in this life - also one of the most challenging - is to Be Yourself. In a world where the masses are meticulously manipulated by the media to separate and divide, having been told we are all individuals to be molded into economic tools... most wear masks. Many act like chameleons from one social setting to another to climb hierarchical ladders. To one up each other. What does this cause but tension, envy, resentment, and self induced anxiety? I’ve gotten on peoples nerves in the past because I could never be who I wasn’t and many authority figures tried to mold me into that which they wanted. Not what was best for me. Which was for someone to see my potential and help manifest that as best as another can aid a human being in doing (see Shamans). But over time, being yourself growing up can alienate you from others. Maybe you can’t morph into what other people wish you to act like so it keeps you out of certain groups or whatever until you become an observer to many things. Not alone. Although you may feel alone. Terence McKenna said, “Never be afraid to go it alone”. Someone else said, “Thinkers are not a welcome addition to most social situations”. I like that. But for those that see you for being your Authentic Self, genuine and radiant when at your healthiest, they do not envy (one might hope), but instead wish to emulate. Like moths to a flame, there is nothing more real, and harder in today’s world, than Being Yourself. But when you finally break free the chains you unknowingly placed on yourself from self doubt for being different, freedom can feel like ecstasy accompanied by tears of gratitude. You made it! Feelings come in waves. And all we have are moments. Remember nothing lasts, And that is okay. Actually, it’s beautiful. The only constant in this world is change. So get with it, learn to be yourself, And fuck the rest, because the truth is, most are lost and insecure and projecting their shit on anyone and anything they can. With strength, courage, hope, and faith in the intangible, You might just be alright 😉

Invito a los reikistas 🌀 para que le hagamos Reiki a los bosques del mundo y más al amazonas. Si alguien más le nace enviar luz y amor sería lo máximo. 💜🌿 Por la vida, por Gaia. Gracias 🙏

MEDITATE WITH AYAHUASCA TO HEAL Follow 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 @tommylockward | Herbalist 🌿✨ - The first time I did a plant medicine ceremony of Ayahuasca was in 2016 and it was one of the most amazing experience of my life. - This plant medicine is said to be years of psychotherapy in one night and rightly so. It’s much more than what could be expressed in words. - Scientifically speaking, it contains what humans naturally excrete from the pineal gland when we dream, are born and die. - For this reason, Ayahuasca is known also as “the vine of the soul.” And practiced in a ceremonial way by the people of the Amazon rainforest. - Within these “visionary state,” people experience deep emotional healing that which can be blocking one’s emotional intelligence. Scientists have studied how it literally creates new neurological connections within the brain 🧠 - Physically, it also purges you in many ways, and after the period of purging is over, the healing process takes new forms during the Ayahuasca experience. - Many people report having visions or seeing light in the patterns shown on the second slide of this post 👁 - Rest assured, this medicine is sacred and not be used lightly or without a proper ceremony. Many people misuse it and are so-called “shamans.” - People also carelessly purchase it from people without knowledge of how it’s made even in South America. - In the Plant Medicine Retreat in Ecuador October 9-15 2019, people will have an authentic chance to work with this plant medicine and others for deep physical and emotional healing. DM for more information 💚 wellnessrevolution

Tag that one friend 😝 Follow 👉 @hypesaur

Na próxima terça falarei sobre cosmologia e o meu contato com seres sirianos. Muito amor no coração também é reponsa! cosmologia gabrielraiolunar sirianos transicaoplanetaria ayahuasca quintadimensao amor cura

Very excited and nervous about our 3 night ayahuascaretreat this weekend! Why nervous, you might ask? Because this specific batch of ayahuasca is QUITE POTENT, to say the least. Pictured here is the ceremonial space where ayahuascaceremonies take place, also used by members of the indigenous community for meetings and parties (not on the same night as the ceremonies ;). It's built from local materials, like toquilla and wood. The fire in this space represents the life of the community and is almost always burning. During ceremonies, we hang a few hammocks for our guests, though the packed dirt floor is also quite comfortable. Photo by @phototherapeute . . . iowaska spiritualretreat ecuador spiritualawakening medicinalplants sacredplants raiseyourvibration spiritscience trusttheuniverse spiritualawareness spiritualitt spiritualit dmt ancestralhealing ancestralmedicine innerpeace TrustTheProcess

RITUAL XAMANISMO KAHUNA O Canto dos Ancestrais convida os irmãos para mais um ritual espiritual com a Sagrada Medicina da Floresta Ayahuasca dia 24/08 à partir das 21:00. Vai ser um Ritual Xamânico dos Povos Polinésios! Vamos viajar pelo xamanismo Kahuna, Rapa Nui, Maoris, Povo de Mu e outros. Trabalharemos a Força dos Maoris, o Xamanismo do Coração dos Kahunas, a liberação de memórias negativas com os Rapa Nui e a força da memória ancestral do Povo de Mu. Sinto que esse trabalho vai ser um grande ritual de Cura e de Perdão! 🌹 Se vc tiver interesse e não recebeu o convite, entre em contato. 🌹 ATENÇÃO IMPORTANTE - PRAZO LIMITE PARA ENTREVISTA 21/08 🌹 Se vai ser a sua primeira vez aqui na nossa casa, É OBRIGATÓRIO RESPONDER A FICHA DE ANAMNESE ANTES. Prazo limite para entrevistas dia 21/08 🌹 MAIS INFORMAÇÕES: https://www.facebook.com/bimi.bimi.90226 https://www.facebook.com/ocantodosancestrais 🌹 PRÓXIMOS RITUAIS: ✓ 07/09 (sábado) = RITUAL FECHADO | Umbandaime Gira de Crianças e Erês | Regência Oxum, Oxumarê e Virgem Maria ✓ 21/09 (sábado) = RITUAL ABERTO | Comando Estelar: Arcanjos Miguel, Rafael e Gabriel ✓ 05/10 (sábado) = RITUAL ABERTO | Sagrado Feminino ✓ 06/10 (domingo) = RITUAL ABERTO | Sagrado Masculino cantodosancestrais ritualespiritual medicinasagrada espiritualidade santanadeparnaiba ayahuasca natureza ritual oaska santodaime povospolinesios kahuna rapanui maoris povomu povodemu kahunas maori lemuria cura hoponopono despertardaconsciencia despertar sagrado amor curaemocional transformaço xamanismo xamanico xam

📚 @terencemckennaofficial In the 1970's, two of the most influential thinkers of the psychedelic era gathered what was then known about psilocybin botany and culture and presented it in Psilocybin: Magic Mushroom Grower's Guide. Writing under pseudonyms, the McKenna brothers (Terence & Dennis) provided simple, reliable, and productive methods for magic mushroom propagation, including black-and-white photographs that showed the techniques of the time. The development of more modern cultivation techniques does not eclipse the cultural contributions of this book. Philosophical asides, whimsical illustrations evoking the mystical nature of mushrooms, and speculations about the relationship of these organisms to humankind provide a lasting legacy. Truly the classic manual on home cultivation, the wisdom of Psilocybin: Magic Mushroom Grower's Guide continues to inspire new students of psycho-mycology and refreshes psychedelic memories for others. ℹ Book available on Amazon, sign up for Amazon Prime 30-day free trial and have access to FREE Two Day shipping! . . . ........................................................................................ psilocybinmagicmushroomgrowersguide terencemckenna dennismckenna shiftthestigma entheogens psychedeliccommunity mentalhealth spirituality mycology naturalmedicine growyourownmedicine tripteam tripteamfamily mycofamily psilocybe cubenis psilocybecubensis magicmushrooms psilocybinmushrooms salviadivinorum ayahuasca 4acodmt 5meodmt psychedelics microdose psychedelicsociety legalizenature psychedelicschangelives ........................................................................................

O significado de cada tipo de limpeza ao ingerir o chá O mais comum é o vomito. O vomito é uma limpeza fisica, geralmente causado por impurezas no seu corpo, vc que geralmente consome gordura, cigarros, bebidas alcoolicas, comidas industrializadas, deve passar por isso, é o mais normal digamos que 80% das pessoas ao comungar o chá ira passar por esse tipo de limpeza, isso se da ao fato de vivermos num mundo onde é muito dificil não ter contato com tais substancias, e precisarmos nos alimentar de tal modo. Outra limpeza vem com o choro, esse ja esta ligado ao sentimentos repreendido, muitas vezes ate esquecidos, guardados, todo tipo de sentimento, tristeza, rancores, alegrias, timidez, vergonha, muitas vezes no ritual vc pode estar chorando e não saber o motivo, apenas chora, é algum sentimento que esta sendo limpo, ou esta sendo libertado. O bocejo é um tipo de limpeza energetica, somos bombardeados o tempo todo por energias nocivas, energias de baixa frequencia, energias malignas, espiritos não evoluidos e afins, o bocejo vem para limpar essa energia, tanto que quem clarividencia consegue enchergar vespas e insetos saindo junto ao bocejo. O xixi, esta ligado a raiva, stress, ele vem libertar vc disso, e o coco, tem haver com bloqueios, objetivos pendentes, planos que não consegue concretizar, as vezes você tem muitos objetivos e planos, e não consegue concretizar, porque essa energia esta bloqueada, e essa limpeza vem para lhe auxiliar nisso, o frio não é bem uma limpeza, nos rituais com ayahuasca temos contato com alguns seres de cura, que vivem no espaço, eles são seres frios, para aguentar as baixas temperaturas do espaço, sempre que no trabalho sentimos frio pode ter certeza que ali esta tendo algum trabalho de cura. ayahuasca daime santodaime rap pachamama mikaousui seresdeluz terapiavibracional somostodosum ancestrais universalista maenatureza sabedoriaancestral curaquantica despertarespiritual sagrado positivevibes goovibes deuses caboclo terapiaholistica curaquantica - psicodelico psy psicodelico

————————————— 🌍Tapestryandbeyond Presents🌍 art by @jakeamason ————————————— How would you capture this? - - -Shop psychedelic tapestries at our store http://tapestryandbeyond.com - link in bio! - - LSD25 thirdeyechakra thirdeyeawakening lsdart shamanic thirdeyeblind marijuanagram thirdeyeopen beavisionary illusionist acidtrip acidtrip mushroomsociety magicmushrooms ayahuasca psychedelia illusions psyart shamanism 333 visionaryart psychedelics pinealgland shaman trippyart

Convite especial da Família Cristal. Gratidão!! 🙏👇👇👇 . https://www.facebook.com/events/446862212531396/?ti=cl . msicaderezo famliacristal medicinasdafloresta ayahuasca ja rodadecura xamanismo

Que tal nos reconciliarmos com a Natureza? Na próxima vez que estiver próximo a uma floresta de preferência a noite e sentir aquele arrepio pelo corpo, saiba que isso não é alerta de perigo (não é o sentido aranha,kk) é apenas seu corpo se comunicando com você. O Medo é apenas sua interpretação errônea dessa sensação corporal. Quantas maravilhas e milagres podemos receber das forças e dos elementais da natureza que ainda não consideramos? naturezasintropica natureza access ayahuasca espiritualidade medo sorria

Próximo Encontro 👇 | 24/08 - 24h ✨Cerimônia Ayahuasca - Sagrado Feminino✨ Acreditamos na energia dual, por isso a cerimônia está aberta aos homens. . 👉 Agenda dos próximos encontros e informações www.bit .ly /xama2018 Reserva: 11988079748 (depósito bancário) 👈 . . SESSÕES INDIVIDUAIS COM AYAHUASCA E MEDICINAS DA FLORESTA DE SEGUNDA A SEXTA. . 👉🏻 Nós temos um custo com as medicinas da floresta, manutenção da casa, limpeza, etc. Esse custo é repassado a todos em modo de colaboração no valor de r$ 70,00 para Cerimônias Coletivas e 200,00 para Cerimônia Individual. 👈🏻 . ayahuasca daime goodvibes santodaime reik xamanico despertar autoconhecimento xamanismo cabloco guarulhos sampa zonaleste curainterior depresso rap txai psicodelico psy rap medicinadafloresta festival psylocibin autocura sagradofeminino ayahuascasp marac pratica

Nuestros perfiles de Instagram! Cualquier parecido con la realidad es pura coincidencia!!! . . . travel travelgram travelper letsenjoyper instatravel igersperu igerspucallpa nuevoegipto pucallpa per plantasmaestras ayahuasca medicinaancestral

Palo Santo significa “Madeira Sagrada” em castelhano graças às muitas propriedades curativas e espirituais que carrega. A fumaça do Palo Santo tem um poder de limpeza tão grande que é usada pelos Incas, Povos Nativos, Curandeiros e Xamãs em vários países da América Latina. O Palo Santo está quase sempre presente nos rituais de limpeza, purificação e nas cerimônias espirituais de povos da Floresta até os dias de hoje. Siga: 👉@incensosbrasil . . 12 Benefícios do Palo Santo ▪Alivia o stress e ajuda a diminuir a ansiedade ▫Pode eliminar dores de cabeça e sintomas do resfriado comum ▪Reduz inflamação da garganta, asma e alergias ▫Ajuda a eliminar trauma emocional ou mental (como depressão, por exemplo) ▪Uso em atendimento terapêutico aliado a cristais, Reiki e outros atendimentos ▫Aprofunda sua conexão espiritual ▪Aumenta a sua vibração energética ▫Estimula a criatividade ▪Uso em massagem terapêutica para aliviar a dor nas articulações e músculos ▫Mantém a pele saudável ▪Tem Potenciais efeitos anticancerígenos ▫Acalma o sistema imunológico . . Página 👉 @incensosbrasil . Loja: www.incensosbrasil.com.br . Frete Grátis para todo Brasil 🇧🇷 Madeira importada do Peru 🇵🇪

Próximo trabalho: ESTRELA DE CURA DO PADRINHO SEBASTIÃO Sábado, 24 de agosto, 20:30 horas. “Eu invoco meu Mestre Quando me acho doente Recebo a minha saúde É de Deus Onipotente” Primeira vez? Entre em contato via mensagem privada para receber as orientações necessárias. Viva o Mestre Irineu! Viva o Santo Daime! Viva o Padrinho Sebastião! Viva a cura! Viva a Flor de Jagube! santodaime daime padrinhosebastiao mestreirineu estrela cura flordejagube ayahuasca novalima mg

Sometimes people are beautiful. Not in looks. Not in what they say. Just in what they are. Markus Zusak 📷: @digital.dumpster.dive

Salve familia boa noite! Tudo bem com vocês? (Passe para o lado para ver as fotos) Estamos aceitando encomendas de Djembê Grande! Escolha a cor das cordas, o tipo de couro e o desenho (Desde animal, orixás, rostos até o emblema da casa espiritual). Faça sua encomenda: 11 95137 0539 Aceitamos encomendas e enviamos para todo Brasil! Haux!!! djembe djembebrasil xamanismo santodaime hauxhaux ayahuasca umbanda


Making ayahuasca takes a lot of time and energy. Much more than just following a recipe it is a true labor of love, saturated with intentions for healing and transformation... . For information on healing retreats and courses please visit our website: www.ayahuascafoundation.org

life what a blessing it is to have. Living in gratitude sungazer pinealgland meditation plantmedicine ayahuasca multidimensional spiritualbeing dmt 📸 @melissag_mp3

Karina. Karina (@ayahuascanoma) es una curandera y maestra de ayahuasca de Pucallpa. También es artesana. En su artesanía plasma las imágenes que se le presentan como visiones durante las sesiones de ayahuasca, como las serpientes y constelaciones. Es muy curioso que este tipo de imágenes se repiten en las visiones de personas que vienen de lugares y contextos totalmente distinto y a través del tiempo . Se viene un lindo proyecto con @ayahuascanoma . . . . . . womenhealers Ayahuasca shaman womenartists natgeoyourshot boilingriver womeninmedicine

1 Woche im Amazonas, bei einer 8-Köpfigen Familie der Kultur Shuar untergebracht. Keine Sanitären Anlagen, kein laufendes Wasser, kein Strom y solo Español... das war bislang einer meiner Intensivsten und Emotionalsten Zeiten. —————————————————— 1 week in the Amazon, with an 8-person family of culture Shuar accommodated. No sanitary facilities, no running water, no electricity y solo Español... that was one of my most intense and emotional times. ecuador amazonas puyo toptags wanderlust backpacking jungle intothewild southamericatrip photography shuar ayahuasca happy naturephotography nature animals español planetearth nofilter imfine followme travelblogger aroundthewold travelgirl happychildren igotravel hitchhiker

🏔🧚🏼‍♀️💎🌿 Mt. Shasta has been calling me for more than three years, and I finally answered her call and immersed myself in her soil and waters. I received so much being on this mountain, and a much deeper and clearer vision of my Faery Lumerian Roots. Being in the different vortex energy portals really allowed me to connect to the elemental and nature spirits and also the faery energy on the mountain as well as within myself. The Guided Meditations and portal openings at the top of the mountain each day with the soul family really activated my DNA in a way that’s unexplainable , not just for me, but the entire collective consciousness. There was a huge shift and portal created this weekend, really bringing in the New Earth Frequencies. The songs, melodies, and light language that flowed through me was none that I’ve experienced in this lifetime, but familiar in my soul from many other past life times. It was difficult close to the end of the experience because the mountain literally purges you of energy, it purges and clears past life trauma and emotions, and it makes you feel deeply the connections of everything. I was literally trembling the last day of leaving. The people I met there, the time, the places, the situations; everything was aligned and in perfect synchronicity. This mountain is Home. 🏔 💎🧚🏼‍♀️ lightbody gaia healing shamanic energyhealing newearth lightlanguage elven lovefrequency starseed ceremony meditation spiritualawakening mtshasta healing shamanichealing faery lumeria fifthdimension lightcodes crystals fairy goddess lightworker lightworkers pleiadian ascension ayahuasca mountshasta activation multidimensional

Embracing my Dark & Loopy Shadows 🌈 . . . It's been a month since I entered the spiritual realm & met Mother Ayahuasca. Every human being has inner demons they're reluctant to face. I am still experiencing and healing my fears, closing circles (negative experiences) and dreams that have been left open for a long time and untouched. Still highly sensitive to vibrations and human auras but I'm grateful I have the answers I asked from the universe & gave back what no longer serves me. There's a deep appreciation of the spec of knowledge the universe (c'mon it's endless) grants and the light each one of us have to manifest. We are made of magic with the ability to change the algorithms that make up our individual life, our temporary human experience in this universe/dimension. Without Dark Shadows there wouldn't be Celestial Light. They co-exist. Magic is everything. (Ayahuasca is not a one hit wonder but a Lifetime Commitment to ones self) Many endless blessings to the Shaman @soydverdad 🙏 Ayahuasca Kambo Yopo DMT Healing ThirdEye Omnist Love Namaste


Times, they are a changin'.... . . "There is a season upon your planet which shall be highly traumatic within your physical illusion. The physical reasons for this are varied. Your scientists will spend a great deal of time, while they can, in attempting to catalog and describe each of the conditions which will produce disaster on this physical plane of your planet. That which your scientists speak of, is quite so, and will be part of the program which has been predicted by all of those holy works which you have upon the face of the Earth. It is not either permissible or possible to tell you precisely what events will occur, or when they will occur, due to the fact that the vibratation within the mind and heart of the peoples upon your planet is determining and will determine the precise events. There is within the planet earth a great deal of karma which must be adjusted as the cycle changes, and these things will manifest. Precisely when, and how, we cannot say, nor would be wish to, my friends. For the rain, and the wind, and the fire, will destroy only those things which are in what you call third density of vibration. You may value those things because you cannot imagine what a fourth-density existence will be like. We suggest to you that you spend no time with the effort of maintaining your third density existence after the vibration change to fourth-density has been completed. " . The Ra Materials . The Law of One. Artwork: @theedgeofspirit . theramaterials thelawofone vibrations allisvibration climatechange

🌴⚛🧞‍♂️🐉☯️🐍🐆👽🌅👳🏾‍♂️🌴🐆🐆🐆🌴🌴🌴🌌 assisting all my friends healinghood consciousness streetart gang_family divine manifest meditate chakras naturephotography traveltheworld source jah goodluck soul ayahuasca dmt godisgood eyes vision healthy godbody maya traveltime rap future enlightenment beach vegan evolution night watch my whole page

🌴⚛🧞‍♂️🐉☯️🐍🐆👽🌅👳🏾‍♂️🌴🐆🐆🐆🌴🌴🌴🌌 assisting all my friends healinghood consciousness streetart gang_family divine manifest meditate chakras naturephotography traveltheworld source jah goodluck soul ayahuasca dmt godisgood eyes vision healthy godbody maya traveltime rap future enlightenment beach vegan evolution night watch my whole page


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