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Теперь у меня есть кусочек детства) Хоть Аппу не видно совсем, но я счастлива) #аватарлегендаобаанге #аватарпоследниймагвоздуха avatarthelastairbender avatarthelegentofaang appa #аппа

* * * #обой #фотодляобоев avatar avatars avatarthelastairbender colaravatar beautifulavatar wallpaper wallpapers wallpaperdecor wallpaperhd colarwallpaper interesting beautifulwallpaper #аватар #аватары #красивыеаватары #цветныеаватары #крутыеаватарки #аватарки #обои #прикольныеобои #цветныеобои #красивыеобои #крутыеобои #исскуствоа

Who's your favourite avatar character? • I think we know who mine is haha, I just had the most fun drawing all of his goofy expressions! I usually dont draw from reference like this, but I had a blast👏 • • • • • Tags: sokka atlasokka sokkaatla sokkahair facialexpressions sketches avatarthelastairbender sukka tokka aloof atlaart atlafanart sokkafanart yukka atlabook1 avatar dutchartist sketchbookart katara sokkaandkatara siblinggoals

She could bend me🥵😳 - App:vs Dt:tagged -atla avatarthelastairbender toph beifong tophbeifong earth earthbender earthbending

Safe Return - The Last Airbender . . . . . .kalimba kalimbamusic thelastairbender avatarthelastairbender gaang

* * * #обой #фотодляобоев avatar avatars avatarthelastairbender colaravatar beautifulavatar wallpaper wallpapers wallpaperdecor wallpaperhd colarwallpaper interesting beautifulwallpaper #аватар #аватары #красивыеаватары #цветныеаватары #крутыеаватарки #аватарки #обои #прикольныеобои #цветныеобои #красивыеобои #крутыеобои #исскуствоа

this took ten hours to render if it flops i’m quitting ac MELA on sc | cc cvlssicpewdslegendofkorra korra #⃞𝚜𝚞𝚐𝚊𝚜𝚐𝚛𝚙

Факт №5 Суюки Вам нравится Суюки? . . . . . . . #аватарлегендаобаанге #аватар #аватарпоследниймагвоздуха #суюки #факты avatarthelastairbender avatarthelegendofaang avatar suki avatarfacts facts

Took me a while✌🏻 but here is Toph Beifong, the 'the blind bandit'!! - It's funny how her name reflects her character...😂 • •thelastairbender avatar avataraang katara toph caracterdesigner fanarts digitalpainting avatarfanart avatarthelastairbender waterbender watertribe earthbender blindbender

What are your thoughts? I think it makes a lot of sense You can dm your theory too now because I love a good conspiracy theory Dm your confession 😊 • • Follow @opalbeifong for more! • •atla tlok avatarthelastairbender thelegendofkorra aang katara sokka toph tophbeifong suki zuko azula mai tylee korra bolin mako asami tenzin linbeifong suyinbeifong opalbeifong

𝚍𝚘𝚗’𝚝 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚢 𝚜𝚊𝚢 „𝚘𝚙𝚙𝚘𝚜𝚒𝚝𝚎𝚜 𝚊𝚝𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚝” ?💜 • I had all those fanarts so I had to do this🥺❤️💙 •sukigrp theme: edit your favourite or a cool au (alternative universe) •sukigrpmonthly • dt~ tagged+all zutara stans❤️💙 ac~ @politeaudios sc~ @childhoodpacks cc~ @free.packs.vs cpc~ too many 😅😬 •zuko zukoedit katara kataraedit zutara zutaraedit avatarthelastairbender

“I am a warrior, but I am a girl too” - Suki Going back over old photos before my first shoot next week and I'm getting excited! It's also really interesting to see how much my process has changed, I've been going through a lot of my old photos this week and I'm excited to reedit some which I previously would never have posted! Kyoshi warrior - @mehmeco_design cosplay cosplayphoto canon teamcanon 5dmkii cosplayphotographycosplayphoto avatarthelastairbender avatarthelastairbendercosplay kyoshiwarriorcosplay kyoshi avatarcosplay

The amount of sub-bending in this series is fascinating and there’s more that could be explored in either the live action or even the comics. What is your favourite sub element for both shows? . . . . . . . .ahealthydoseoffran avatar avatarthelastairbender thelastairbender avatarlegendofkorra legendofkorra airbending earthbending firebending waterbending aang katara sokka zuko toph suki korra asami mako bolin avataraang avatarkorra liveactionavatar liveactionavatarthelastairbender avataredit kyoshi yangchen roku kuruk

How cool is this! This was an entry to the darkhorse comic colouring contest! Credit: https://ngrayartspot.tumblr.com/post/151166111487/hooray-my-entry-for-the-dark-horse-avatar Tags korra avatarkorra korrawater water bender avatarthelastairbender thelegendofkorra legendofkorra sokka watertribe tui la moon spirit moonspirit yue avatar air aang firelordizumi earth asami bolin mako korra fire air gaang gang krew cactusjuice

I'm not crying, you are. Post from @avatarstate_yipyip 💚 • • Follow (me) @theblindearthbender For more! 👆👆👆👆 • • •avatarthelastairbender thelastairbender legendofkorra thelegendofkorra aang firebending katara zuko earthbending earthkingdom tlok sokka avatarkorra avataraang netflix toph korra tylee mai tea iroh kataang mako azula airbending avatar waterbending atla momo

🌊🌙❄ . Photo by @thorn.prince . I'd really love to make Yue's blue outfit sometime! Can I squeeze her into my plans this year? 😂 .atlayue atlayuecosplay yuecosplay cosplay avatarthelastairbender avatarthelastairbendercosplay

🐳🔥☄🌬 😂👌 A little difference between aang and korra😂👌 Theme: animeedits🍀 . . -Credits; no idea🤷‍♀️ -Follow me for more pls😊 -Share, like & comment pls🥺 -Turn on post notifications pls💖 -Repost only with credits pls😌 -Dm for bussiness🌝 -Thank u❤ . . .animeanimesdisneydisneylandparis disneycharacter disneycharacters disneyprincess disneyonice disneyfans disneylife disneyworld disneychannel narutoavatarcartoonkorralegendsofkorrathelegendsofkorraaangavatarthelastairbender avataredit avatarmemes avatarmemeavataraanganimeeditanimeedits

Orang yang pandai menghibur tidak bisa menghibur dirinya sendiri😆avatarthelastairbender avatar

Aang with the best compliment ever😂 . You asked for more posts and i will try to follow your wishes. Every 1-2 days will come a post now!🔥 . Follow @lok_mako for more!🔥 . . .aangkatarasokkasukiteamavataravatarkorratophazulatyleezukomaidayozaiirohatlamomoappaavatarkorramakoasamibolintenzinnickelodeonnetflixatlaavatarthelastairbenderlokthelegendofkorrakorrasami

You asked: Avatar The Last Airbender! Agni Kai 🔥 There’s more coming since I just love this show man :’(( . . . . . .art atla avatar avatarthelastairbender zuko doodle sketch artist fanart digital graphic design character illustration

: clarifying some misconceptions here🌼 Also the last pic is very true read it credits《tagged》korra mako bolin katara aang tlok lok atla avatarthelastairbender thelegendofkorra legendofkorra

(Part 1/3) Hello y'all!! If you're confused seeing this, don't be alarmed. Welcome to my new account,,, kinda 🤣🤣 if you're wondering how this appeared in your feed, that's because my account was formerly known as @melosregion . This post is an introduction to a new "era" of my art, I guess. I hope you guys are looking forward to new art just as much as I am :)) In this part of the drawing, I've drawn myself in the style of two of my favourite shows, Avatar the Last Airbender and Boku no Hero Academia. .art artist artistsoninstagram drawing digitalart illustration Avatarthelastairbender avatarthelastairbenderart avatarthelastairbenderfanart bnha bokunoheroacademia mha myheroacademia

Parody Avatar the last airblender versi 1.0 Belom ada revisi jadi maklumin!!! FOLLOW!!!! @fridotv.tv 📷: Instagram 🎶:nickelodeon 💡 @afrido___ avatarthelastairbender parody guyon ngakak ngakakkocak memecomic nickelodeon followforfollowback miminpusing awareness awreceh lfl lfl💛

气火土水 this took me forever but i love it so much avatarthelastairbender atla drawing

Imagine how different the show would have been if zuko had joined the gaang in season 2 —————————————-➖ ☀️ follow @sokkable for more content ☀️ - - ❄️ credit: @sokkable ❄️ ————————————— tags: memes meme twittermeme atla avatarthelastairbender aang zuko katara sokka azula toph lok legendofkorra korra avatar


Just found some Kataang Moments. This is the only time I get mad at Sokka.. He ruined their moment... Kataang KataangForever KataangSquad Love Couple PerfectCouple Katara Aang avatarthelastairbender AntiZutara ATLA

the legend. mutual subscription: @torchbled 💙 mutual subscription: @torchbled 💙 mutual subscription: @torchbled 💙 • • • • •korrakatarazukoaangsokkaavatarazulatophairomaisukizukiavatarthelastairbenderthelastairbenderbolinmakobeifong

And here is Meelo and Tuyen's oldest child at 21, Ayima! She's an airbender and was born and raised on Air Temple Island along with her 3 siblings. When Meelo was around 15-16-17, he ran into the "love of his life" Tuyen again! (If you dont remember her, she's the girl from the season 4 episode "The Calling" who gave Meelo a flower) credit for the picture goes to @sangledhere2 's picrew, a character design website. ayima tuyen meelo airbender airtempleisland skybison thestoryofosamu avatarosamu tsoo thelegendofkorra lok tlok aang katara avatarthelastairbender atla

🔥🔥 Trying out Azula hair and makeup . . Still doing Azula's costume and figuring stuff out. This wig also was a bit hard to use but it is also the same wig I used for Misaki so maybe I should buy a new one...?avatar avatarthelastairbender azula firenation nickelodeon cosplay cosplaygirls picsart picsartedit pics cartoon cosplayer makeup makeupideas makeuprevolutionpalette

Azula: *actually impressed* Not bad for a half breed. Kagami: *glares* Azula: I'm only teasing, don't tell your mother. Come, can't strike fear into your enemies on an empty stomach. avatarthelastairbender azula zutara zutarababy artistsoninstagram fanart illustration

The idea of an Azula redemption arc is intriguing to me. avatarthelastairbender azula zutara zutarababy kagami fanart illustration artistsoninstagram

☕️ “Uncle would be happy to know I have joined Team Avatar.” ☕️ (Thanks Diamond Select, these figures are well over due. Amazing job. 👏🙌👏) __💦__💦__💦__💦__💦__teamavatar katara zuko avatarthelastairbender diamondselecttoys @diamondselect tz_letsteamup toyoutsiders toypiccommunityToycrewbuddies toyuniverse toyplanet toyunion wheretoysdwell toyartistry_elite toycollector toypops3 btstp_id toysaremydrug toyboners toysyn ata_dreadnoughts toydiscovery toythug justanothertoygroup toyz_zone michaeldantedimartino toyartistry_and_beyond toyunion nicktoons @collectdst waterbender waternation

What if the hundred yr war never happen? Share your predictions/thoughts below the comments and I will read them tomorrow. . . .avatarthelastairbender avatarlegendofkorra thelastairbender legendofkorra aang korra teamavataraang katara sokka sukizuko princezuko firenationearthkingdom watertribeairnomads airtemplesgeneraliroh iroh ozai

If the avatar charcters were merged Part 1! Zuko and Sokka, been doodling this idea between commissions and heres the first combination i thought would be cool to do 👌🏻👌🏻 - -art artistsoninstagram digitalart myart procreate ipadproart sketch sketchbook doodle oc originalcharacter doodlesofinstagram drawing characterdesign sketches artoftheday instaart atla legendofkorra creative artwork inspiration arttrends avatar avatarthelastairbender zuko sokka

Having this weird mood where I just wanna be Katara full time so....take a WILD guess what we makin for comic con day 2🤪 . . . . .cosplay katara zutara atla avatar avatarthelastairbender cosplaygirls vsco ootd love cute pretty makeup wig cosplaywip comiccon sdcc2020 mixedchicks girls cosplayer costuming roleplay

She.. this is meant to parallel a Zuko pic I keep seeing on my Pinterest

“I am the greatest earthbender in the world! Don’t you two dunderheads ever forget it!” . . . . . . . . .credits to alyssumgrey on tumblravatarthelastairbender toph metal metalbending earth earthbending

Will asked me to draw the guy from Avatar, pretty happy with it. avatarthelastairbender

You know somethings up when Captain Arrluk is smiling. Read the new page of The Legend of Niiko at niiko-comic.com (link in the bio). . . .legendofniiko legendofkorra avatar avatarthelastairbender earthavatar avatarniiko arrluk elke mako update fancomic webcomic oc originalcharacter artistsoninstagram

‼️ All rights belong to @nickelodeon‼️ I hope my post pleased you. • • Credits: I don‘t know the guy who made it. If u know him pls contact me • • Have a nice day❤️ • •AvatarAang avatar tlok atla avatarthelastairbender thelegendofaang aang korra Sokka toph Suki Zuko Bolin Mako Mai Azula tylee thelegendofkorra avatarstateyipyip gaang

It must have been soo hard for them😪❤mako bolin brothers avatarthelastairbender teamavatar legendofkorra

*up in the clouds*⠀ ⠀ Trying to feel like Avatar: The Last Airbender, but instead I look like I am growing like a vegetable rather than an animal!! ⠀ ⠀kundalini avatar avatarthelastairbender yoga prana shakti breath energy stretching cultivate learn grow strong

oh you know just some azula memes because I love her with my whole heart and she deserves only the best and holy gods she’s literally the most competent, smartest, most ruthless person in the entire atla universe and we stAN - - - - - -azula princessazula avatarthelastairbender atla aang avataraang zuko princezuko uncleiroh iroh basingse makorra korrasami korra asami legendofkorra thelegendofkorra tlok mako bolin dontflatteryourselfyouwereneverevenaplayer katara sokka toph tophbeifong

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