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🌺The way you perceive yourself effects your energy as well as the vibes you emit. Be confident in your looks & your spirit. The beauty of all we endure is that there is only one you in all of creation. Love yourself, be kind to yourself & most of all keep growing and glowing with god at the center of it all. 🌺 . . . IssaVibe SelfCare SelfAware SelfLove Magikal Natural BlackGirlMagic BlackBoyJoy Spiritual MelaninAndMagic Goddess Flourish SoulPick VibeWithMe HonestWomanhood Love Loyalty Truth BeautifulTransitions ProtectYourEnergy AquariusWoman FlourishingGoddess LoveIsLove BlackLove Poetry Art Soulful ExplorePage Insta

Been reading this every night 😍 So amazing& absolutely life changing for all my highest good. 🌙🌙🌙❤🔥🔮 ~~ goddessreclaimed symakharal flourishinggoddess goddess spiritual sacredfeminine divinefeminine amazing beautiful witch writer wicca wiccan pagan

This is me in all my divinity🌺 Ginger headed like my grandmother Shining from my soul Radiating Goddess energy Still growing and healing Still seeing the beauty of life Still learning from the pain I’ve had to grow to love this beautiful being. I will choose me every time. I can’t compromise me for you. . . . IssaVibe SelfCare SelfAware SelfLove Magikal Natural BlackGirlMagic Spiritual MelaninAndMagic Goddess Flourish SoulPick VibeWithMe HonestWomanhood Love Loyalty Truth BeautifulTransitions ProtectYourEnergy AquariusWoman FlourishingGoddess LoveIsLove BlackLove Poetry Art Soulful PhotoOfTheDay Insta SheaButterBaby StayInYourMagic

Are you bored? Thriving in midlife and beyond requires us to lean into what scares us. Getting comfortable and settling into routine doesn’t allow you the thrill of discovering new gifts, talents and skills which open up worlds of people, placed and opportunities you would otherwise never know. ✨women who do my workshops are often amazed to discover that there’s much more life, adventure and excitement than they had begun to settle for. My soulful and delicious ‘me-time’ type workshop helps you discover a whole new way of thriving and experiencing life one glorious day at a time. Ready to step into your status if Wise & Ageless Goddess? Contact me to arrange a complimentary call. livingpowerfully agelessbeauty agelessgoddess magicalmidlife soulfulselfcare onegloriousday begintoday lifebydesign itsnevertoolate angelguidance thrivinginmidlife flourishinggoddess

⭐️ Honoring this exciting week ahead. Flowers for the home, fresh spring nails. Spring Equinox, Full Moon in Libra, the beginning of my course @tarotforthewildsoul, a Goddess Circle with @flourishinggoddess honoring goddess Oshun and abundance. ⭐️ springequinox fullmooninlibra2019 fullmooninlibra♎️ tarotforthewildsoul Oshun flourishinggoddess sacredstartarot sacredstarhealer ✨🌙

It’s your energy; it’s your inner-G It requires anyone who approaches you to rise up A love like yours inspires love because of the way you fiercely love yourself A growth like yours drops gems in the form of seeds to keep your garden growing It was never that you weren’t enough Not every earthly being is willing to go where they can grow, flow and glow 🌱✨ and that’s okay 📸 @dc_826 . . . SelfCare SelfAware SelfLove Magikal IssaVibe Natural BlackGirlMagic Spiritual MelaninAndMagic Goddess Flourish SoulPick VibeWithMe HonestWomanhood Love Loyalty Truth BeautifulTransitions ProtectYourEnergy AquariusWoman FlourishingGoddess LoveIsLove BlackLove Poetry SongWriter Art Soulful Valentine ValentinesDay

How do you define love? There’s tough love (my mothers favorite) Sometimes love is putting up boundaries with the people we care for. We have the potential to unconditionally love others but it starts with unconditionally loving ourselves first. Most people love with conditions due to the way they have conditioned themselves. How do you set boundaries and still practice unconditional love? . . . SelfCare SelfAware SelfLove Magikal IssaVibe Natural BlackGirlMagic Spiritual MelaninAndMagic Goddess Flourish SoulPick VibeWithMe HonestWomanhood Love Loyalty Truth NewSeason BeautifulTransitions ProtectYourEnergy AquariusWoman FlourishingGoddess

Accountablitliy all 2019. To know me on any level in any form is to know I hold ppl highly accountable while providing a healing atmosphere to encourage growth. My goal is to challenge your thoughts, elevate your mind and see you prosper. New adventures await this year. Let’s keep growing forward 🌱 📷 @dc_826 . . . SelfCare SelfAware Magikal IssaVibe Natural BlackGirlMagic Spiritual MelaninAndMagic Goddess Flourish BlackWomenAreBeautiful NaturalHair SoulPick VibeWithMe HonestWomanhood Love Loyalty Truth NewSeason BeautifulTransitions ProtectYourEnergy AquariusWoman FlourishingGoddess

Sacred Feminine Care Day today!😍 I googled "Goddess" on YouTube and discovered @flourishinggoddess beautiful free videos & guided meditations: check it out, it's really worth it dear fellow Goddesses and #_GlamGreen_ friends!🌞🌸😊 After having been abused by 11 men in her childhood... Syma Kharal transformed herself & reclaimed her power back & became a beautiful coach, healer, yoga teacher, speaker, reiki master, Goddess guide and international bestseller author!👍🌈💜 Flourishing Goddess, what an inspiration you are! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for the amazing gifts you share! Namaste!🙏😊🌸 So happy to have received my new book "Goddess Reclaimed - 13 Initiations to unleash your sacred feminine power"!😄 With beautiful illustrations by the very talented Nguyen Hong, love it!❤ I really recommend visiting her YouTube page or website at FlourishingGoddess.com to own your divine feminine power & shine like the true Goddesses you are my friends! 🌟 She works with ancient Goddesses from all cultures: archetypes that we all have within us & sometimes need to reawaken to live our best lives ever, and to bring more balance to this world!🌞🌍🌝 And as we all have divine feminine + divine masculine energies in us, this also applies to men too!😘 Let's all be the best version of ourselves & share our gifts with the world! Thanks for everything Syma!😊💜🌸🎵 . . . symakharal flourishinggoddess goddessreclaimed instaread booktips mustread amazingbook nguyenhong inspiration divinefeminine femininewisdom divinemasculine

No one can take what is yours. As a child of God, this is your divine nature. As a wombyn, it is your shakti: your sacred feminine power. This force is yours. Honor it. Don't give your power--your sacred life force-- to people or situations that drain and dishonor you. Be discerning with whom and what you channel it towards. Be concious of how you use it: to create, love, manifest, transform, serve, heal, uplift and bless-- not to expend it where it is wasted. It is the Goddess' own life force pouring through the vessel that is you. Receive it with humility Share it with ecstasy. Own. Your. Power. If you are ready to more deeply and boldly live from your divine feminine power, I invite you to join our next online Goddess circle, "Durga: Awaken the Warrior Goddess Within" at: https://www.flourishinggoddessschool.com/courses/durga-course Remember who you are: Victorious Warrioress. Flourishing Goddess. . . . goddess goddesses sacredfeminine divinefeminine redtent womenscircle femininepower warriorgoddess warrioress femininewisdom durga goddessrising womenspower flourishinggoddess Hawaii

Lots of new beauties now available to shop, including this stunning Aqua Chalcedony.💕 www.etsy.com/shop/devineelements gemstonelove gemstonejewelrymadewithlove gemstonejewelry etsyjewlery boholuxejewelry crystalhealing gemstonejewelry zbesties fashionblogger followyourheart flourishinggoddess

When you accept and treat yourself as a sacred extension of the Divine, you become a potent and powerful vessel for its love and light to flow through you. love loveyourself power empowerment beauty bliss goddess priestess sacredfeminine divinefeminine goddessrising goddessreclaimed flourishinggoddess femininepower femininewisdom goddesses quote author

Lilith relishes in the delights of all earthly pleasures, for She knows that every part of earth—and Herself—is sacred. lilith goddess priestess sacredfeminine divinefeminine goddessrising goddessreclaimed flourishinggoddess femininepower femininewisdom goddesses quote author

(Goddess) Tara is the ever-shining star who invites you to set your aspirations heaven high, like the brilliant stars scattered across the midnight sky. tara goddess priestess sacredfeminine divinefeminine goddessrising goddessreclaimed flourishinggoddess femininepower femininewisdom goddesses quote author

Celebrated Flourishing Goddess' second birthday as is fitting: Champagne, roses and dinner (from beloved hubby), aromatherapy massage and fresh office altar. So excited for magical year 3! Triple Goddess Power 🌛🌚🌜 Altogether six beautiful years as a full time healer and coach (previous practice was Flourishing Lotus). May I be of even greater service to you and God/dess this year!

Beloveds, today I am celebrating the second birthday of Flourishing Goddess! The transition from my previous practice (Flourishing Lotus, a general spiritual coaching/healing practice) was completely divinely orchestrated by the Goddesses themselves. Kali herself showed me very clearly that it was time to fully honor my path and purpose as a Sacred Feminine coach and healer to empower women everywhere. Since birthing Flourishing Goddess on Ostara 2016, I have been so immensely blessed to serve sensitive, soulful sisters all over the world in transforming their greatest inner blocks, manifesting their boldest dreams, reclaiming their inherent feminine power, and flourishing into the Goddesses they truly are! Here are just a few blessed highlights from Year 2: 🌟Writing and birthing my book, "Goddess Reclaimed," which you turned into a 1 Amazon bestseller! 🌟 Supporting beautiful clients all over the world through 1:1 Goddess coaching and training programs. 🌟 Hosting monthly Goddess Circles in our online temple and creating an ever-growing sacred sisterhood. 🌟 Sharing deep and powerful heart-dialogues and interviews with fellow sister priestesses. 🌟 Collaborating with Goddess sisters on amazing projects (like the Women's Circle Ritual Handbook with Tanya Lynn). 🌟 Creating and sharing free Goddess meditations, teachings and tools through online videos and resources. 🌟 Offering my first ever Goddess Tour (to Egypt!)--which sold out within 2 weeks--to take 12  sisters on a Priestess Pilgrimage of a lifetime! For these and all the ways I have been guided to serve you, I am so deeply grateful. I thank the Goddesses for not only choosing and using me to do this sacred work, but for supporting me in doing it all with ease, inspiration, love, fulfillment, abundance, grace and joy. And I thank YOU for this most sacred honor of serving you, beloveds. Thank you for receiving all that I am guided to share. Thank you for the loving feedback you take the time to share with me. Thank you for being part of my path, and allowing me to be part of yours. In Flourishing Goddess's third year, let's welcome thrice the magic! All my love, Syma

Feeling so ignited and inspired as I just finished recording a channelled "Goddess Meditation for Reclaiming Your Feminine Power" guided meditation for you, in honor of International Women's Day tomorrow. Stay tuned for free download link tomorrow, sweet sisters! . . . . . . . . . goddessrising flourishinggoddess goddess goddesses femininewisdom femininepower sacredfeminine divinefeminine meditate meditation freemeditation guidedmeditation goddessmeditations womensday

Very excited to read this flourishinggoddess goddessreclaimed

Wise Women conjure our witchy gifts from our direct connection with the Goddess, Mother Earth, and our own Sacred Feminine mysteries. Get your copy of “Goddess Reclaimed” plus bonus gifts through the link in bio. wisewoman wisewomen witch healer crone brigid hecate priestess goddess goddesses sacredfeminine divininefeminine goddessrising goddessreclaimed flourishinggoddess femininepower femininewisdom

When you feel good, you feel the Goddess. Get your copy of “Goddess Reclaimed” plus bonus gifts through the link in bio. goddess goddesses sacredfeminine divininefeminine goddessrising goddessreclaimed flourishinggoddess femininepower femininewisdom

Loving and accepting others unconditionally does not mean unconditionally accepting their unloving acts. Get your copy of “Goddess Reclaimed” plus bonus gifts through the link in bio. love selflove goddess goddesses sacredfeminine divininefeminine goddessrising goddessreclaimed flourishinggoddess femininepower femininewisdom

Let your own reclamation of the Goddess serve as a shining example to fellow sisters and brothers to recover their own Divine nature. Get your copy of “Goddess Reclaimed” plus bonus gifts through the link in bio. goddess goddesses sacredfeminine divininefeminine goddessrising goddessreclaimed flourishinggoddess femininepower femininewisdom

Hawaiian volcano Goddess Pele is a living Goddess on earth. She is both the Destructress and Creatress. She has no patience for complacency and hesitation. She is the wake-up call. She is the loving Mother who will not let her children play small and withhold their might. She is the patron of women who will initiate her daughters into their shakti powers. And she is calling you. She is inviting you to dance with abandon as together you undo the old foundations of your life that no longer align with the next phase of your evolution. She is ready to help you create a fertile new ground upon which to build your dreams. She wants to show you the alchemical combustion of natural forces required to create magical manifestations – like her heavenly islands right here on earth. Are you ready to let her erupt through you to create anew? Then join us for on the Winter Solstice for our online “Goddess Pele: Transforming the Old, Creating the New” circle at: https://www.flourishinggoddessschool.com/courses/goddess-pele-course Get ready to release the old and welcome the new! goddess goddesses sacredfeminine divininefeminine goddessrising goddessreclaimed flourishinggoddess femininepower femininewisdom pele goddesspele firegoddess creatress creatrix shakti femininepower redtent wintersolstice womenscircle goddesscircle

Inside every woman is a Lilith: a primal, powerful wild woman: She is the part of you that will never settle or compromise. She will always honor her deepest desires, values, and gifts. She has the self-love and courage to stand her ground--no matter the cost. Yet, the wild woman has been suppressed, demonized and punished for millennia, both in Lilith and in all women. This is why we hesitate to reclaim her, for the world has shunned and perverted all that is sacred about her for so long. But is it time to resurrect her. For only when you embrace your inner wild woman can you give yourself full permission to live your life on your terms. You deserve nothing less. And you were born for so much more. If you are ready to break free of the bonds that hold you down, unapologetically OWN your personal power, and live in love and lust with your life, join our Lilith Goddess Circle at: http://www.flourishinggoddessschool.com/courses/Lilith-goddess-circle Get ready to howl. lilith wildwoman wildwomen shakti yoni redtent womenscircle goddesscircle femininepower goddess goddesses sacredfeminine divinefeminine goddessrising goddessreclaimed flourishinggoddess femininewisdom

A mesmerizing illustration of the Goddess Sige from the absolutely wonderful book by Syma Kharal, Goddess Reclaimed. I'm trying to get a friend to draw Sige for me. Once I get that, I want Pele. goddessreclaimed flourishinggoddess symakharal

Are you a conscious woman seeking true love? Are you ready for love? Are you searching for love? If you find yourself feeling stuck in your love life, you are not alone. There seems to be an epidemic of conscious, caring women who are craving love but who are not sure how to get it. Get access to a FREE 21-day event called From Heartbreak to Wholeness and get access to 21 interviews and 21 free gifts to help you heal your heart and find true love. Join us here: http://elisabethscheffer.com/event/o/symak/ love event women flourishinggoddess elisabethscheffer goddess empowerment

Flavella L'Amour, Serpent Dancer with her pet python Venus @semaphore_sa featured in Wildheart Magazine. photography by @wildchild_01 @wildheart_magazine snakedancer egyptian goddessisis Isis semaphorebeach flourishinggoddess flavellalamour entertainer adelaide beaches semaphore adelaidedance adelaideburlesque serpentdancer goddess wildchildartandphotography australianburlesque snakehandler flavellalamour

Happy Canada Day Beloveds! In celebration of my beautiful home country's birthday, I am offering Canadian pricing on 60-Minute Goddess/spiritual coaching and healing sessions with me - that's 30% off my regular USD fees! Get full details on my biggest sale ever, which ends July 3 at: http://www.flourishinggoddess.com/canada-day-sale/ I can't wait to support you! healing lifecoach goddess sacredfeminine flourishinggoddess

I would especially recommend your services to soulful women daring to follow their dreams and creating or elevating their conscious businesses to serve the world and be abundantly successful, with the support and expertise of two gifted goddesses to guide them on their creative and strategic journey. You are deeply committed to understanding your client as a person and knowing her dreams and her fears, her hopes and her hesitations. And you provide the loving, wise and helpful support to help create her dream brand and site. You help draw out the highest expression of her dream into physical form. And you make the process natural, magical and fun. ~Syma Kharal @flourishinggoddess clientpraise clientlove dreaminspireddesign dreamteam dreamawake webdesigners digitalstrategists flourishinggoddess heartleadbiz consciousbiz inservice

The Triple Goddess is the sacred feminine Trinity of Maiden, Mother, Crone within every woman. Recovering and reclaiming the gifts of each of these Goddesses within us is essential to our empowered flourishing as women. In my latest post, I share who the Triple Goddesses are, how they helped me heal my life, and how you can connect with your own inner maiden, mother, crone aspects ever day. Read the full post by clicking on the bio link and going to my blog, or go directly to the article at: http://www.flourishinggoddess.com/triple-goddess-awakening-maiden-mother-crone-within/ Do tag your fellow sisters, so they too can connect with their inner goddesses. Art by Walter Crane Wishing you a blessed, goddessy weekend, beloved. goddess goddesses triplegoddess moongoddess maiden mother mothergoddess crone wisewoman healer aphrodite demeter hecate pegan wicca spiritual newage sacredfeminine divinefeminine women woman empower mooncycle luna innergoddess flourishinggoddess

Inspired by the Maiden Goddess, the first of the Triple Goddesses present in every woman. More sacred feminine inspiration at www.FlourishingGoddess.com, beloved. quote inspirationalquotes dailyquote goddesses goddess maiden triplegoddess yogini flourishinggoddess

Hello Beloveds! For our first spring and Flourishing Goddess weekly oracle reading, I had to use the magical fairies deck by Doreen Virtue. And what an inspiring message it is: For some of you, the first card on marriage heralds happy news that you may be proposed to soon, meet the one you will marry, or your current marriage will see increased romance and love. For others, this is about sacred union and divine commitment. What big new goal or intention are you committing to? It is time to truly step up and honor yourself by committing to what you deserve and desire, and “marrying” your dreams – as in, sticking with them through thick and thin. The second card is about inviting these commitments with ease and joy. Please don't get attached to outcome and try to force things to happen out of worry and insecurity. Instead, just as spring seeds sprout in their own time, enjoy the process of nurturing your dreams and celebrate every blessed step. To keep you healthy, balanced and energized during this magical time, move your body! It's a great time to detox, eat healthier and boost your self care. The physical movement will also bring fresh new energy into your life! I hope this serves you and am wishing you a blessed and miraculous week. If you haven't yet, check out my big new commitment, the Flourishing Goddess website, in the link above. All my love, Syma Sacred Feminine & Spiritual Coach, Healer, Author www.FlourishingGoddess.com flourishinggoddess oracle oraclecards tarot horoscope astrology guidance spiritual inspiration lifecoach

Welcome to Flourishing Goddess, Beloveds! This brand new website (visit link in bio) is intended to be a sacred online temple for soulful women everywhere, where we can gather in global, sacred sisterhood. As your loving Sacred Feminine & Spiritual Coach, I offer myself to be of the highest service to each one of you through all that I am guided to create and share: Goddess and spiritual articles, videos, meditations, e-courses, books, workshops and transformational coaching programs. My intention is for you to find sacred feminine empowerment, spiritual inspiration and loving support through this blessed offering, so that you can reclaim your divine feminine power and flourish into the Goddess you already are! I invite you to join the Flourishing Goddess tribe by signing up on our website (visit link in bio or enter at www.FlourishingGoddess.com), so that I may start showering you with blissful gifts. Receive my brand new "Awaken Your Inner Goddesses" Guided Meditation MP3 download when you sign up! It's time to get your Goddess on, beloved sister. All my love, Syma flourishinggoddess goddess goddesses sacredfeminine divinefeminine women sisters sisterhood soulsisters soul spiritual feminine girlpower empoweringwomen empower lifecoach womenshealth priestess yogini meditation free freebies healing coaching bestseller author

Blessed Ostara/Mabon weekend beloveds! This beautiful image is your last sneak peak before we officially launch Flourishing Goddess tomorrow! My team and I can't wait to share all the gifts coming to you with this transformation. Until tomorrow,I hope you'll do some magical rituals to consciously invite and intend a blessed new season in your lives. Whether you are greeting Spring or fall, I will be here to empower you through our sacred sisterhood and beloved tribe. All my love, Syma goddess goddesses sisterhood soulsister tribe flourishinggoddess sacredfeminine divinefeminine lifecoach spiritual

Spring is on its way for us in the northern hemisphere beloveds, and the days before are a wonderful time to uncover and uproot the weeds in our lives, so we may plant new seeds in their place. In my article, "Spring Renewal: Planting New Seeds in the Garden of Your Dreams," I give simple and powerful ways to co-create beautiful new beginnings and flourish this new season. Read it here: http://flourishinglotus.com/spring-renewal-planting-new-seeds-in-the-garden-of-your-dreams/ I hope it serves you. P.S. Stay tuned for the launch of Flourishing Goddess on the spring equinox on Sunday, March 20 for more inspiring resources! Photo by Timothy Marsee. spring springtime newbeginnings dream inspiration spiritual healing hope lifecoach flourishinggoddess

A sweet soul sister moment during our Flourishing Goddess photo shoot and full moon circle in Thailand. I am so grateful and blessed that every image on the new site embodies and expresses sacred feminine beauty, love and radiance. I can't wait to share all the moments we captured on the site launch this Sunday, on Ostara, March 20, with you all beloveds! flourishinggoddess goddess goddesses soulsister soulsisters sisterhood sacredfeminine divinefeminine beautiful friends girlfriends women

Hello beloveds, here's just a snippet of the welcome video you'll see for being part of or joining the Flourishing Goddess tribe. In it, I introduce you to the 14 beautiful goddesses from the "Awaken Your Inner Goddesses" downloadable guided meditation MP3 you will also be getting as gift! If you haven't yet subscribed to our tribe, be sure to do so before March 20 by signing up at www.FlourishingLotus.com. You can also join any time after at www.flourishinggoddess.com and you'll receive both gifts automatically. I can't wait to share these goddess goodies with you! goddess sacredfeminine divinefeminine spiritual lifecoach meditation flourishinggoddess

Happy Monday beloveds! What a bold and beautiful week ahead as we prepare to welcome a new season! The first goddess oracle card for this week's message is fiery Pele, Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes and transformation. Pele dances into our week, inviting us to unleash our raw, primal passion in the direction of our hearts' deepest, purest desires. Then Norse goddess Freya charges in with a message to go boldly forth as we co-create our dreams, being unafraid to take badass action. And she wants us to do so with fun and passion! As if we needed any more encouragement, fairy goddess Aine assures us that it is safe and right for us to take the leap of faith, because divine timing will ensure we will succeed! I hope this totally inspires and empowers you in having a miraculous week! And if you wish for my spiritual/goddess coaching or healing support, remember that this is the last week to book a single, 60 min session with me before the official launch of Flourishing Goddess on March 20. I can't wait to share this bold and blessed new beginning with you beloveds! All my love, Syma oracle horoscope spiritual inspiration goddess goddesses divinefeminine sacredfeminine flourishinggoddess doreenvirtue pele freya

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