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Today I’m super stoked because I finally graduated from my 5 weeks of puppy school! 🙌🏽✨🏆 Graduation PuppySchool. . .NelsonJunior goldenretriever goldenretrieverpuppy goldensofinstagram goldensofinsta puppy puppies doggos dogs puppiesofinstagram dogsofinstagram furbaby 15weeksold

I've never met an animal I didn't like, I can't say the same thing about people. ~ Doris Day ~ . .melbourne life animals himalayancat love fun smile furbaby city living beauty sweetboy igers catsofinstagram

㊗️Happy birthday Loki!🎉洛基生日快樂! 來分享一下他們的故事吧。 2017年4月18號洛基正式到我們家 那時他才兩歲半 他的前主人很愛他,盡可能的提供最好的給他(現在用的籠子就是她提供的) 我們也猜測,因為有了前面的照顧,洛基很親人,見到我們完全不怕,我們很驚訝,跟伊納利剛到時截然不同。 所以跟洛基相處沒有太大的問題,他很快就信任我們,更是超愛伊納利,兄控嘛(笑) 當初只知道他是10月生的,不知道確切日期,所以就把日期訂在他到來的18號。 至於伊納利的故事下次再說~ 至於名字呢,兩隻都是沿用前主人的命名。畢竟,那就是他們的名字嘛,也方便他們認得自己是叫什麼 🏵 First time sharing their story. We got Loki on April 18 2017. Loki was 2.5yrs old. His previous owner @dr.khaleesii , was a wonderful girl that really loves Loki (the cage we’re using right now is actually from her). She tried her best to provide what she can. We’re guessing bf because of all the love he got, Loki was very friendly and wasn’t afraid of us! Compared to Inari, we were very surprise. Basically, we didn’t have problem bonding with Loki, it went pretty fast. He especially loves Inari 🤣 We only know Loki was born in October but don’t know the exact date. So, we used the date he arrived which is the 18th. We’ll talk about Inari’s story next time. Last, We kept both of their names because it’s their name! And we want them to recognize their names as well. -兩位媽媽both of usbirthday chinchilla turning5 smallanimal pet instapet cute adorable chinloki story background furbaby #龍貓 #毛絲鼠 #栗鼠 #絨鼠 #可愛 #毛小孩 #毛孩子 #背景 #故事 #前主人 #疼愛 #生日 #五歲了 #生日快樂 #寵物 #可愛 #長大了

Hanging out at the beach. Albert 4y5m. samoyed dog love beach spring newzealand furbaby

Hanging out at the beach. Albert 4y5m. samoyed dog love beach spring newzealand furbaby

Welcome to my new addition, Mack! 😍🐾🐶 . This will be Mack’s third home, and I hope, his forever home. I have been waiting for the right dog to come to me since Rex past away just over a year ago. And Mack has finally arrived! 🙏🏼 . Starting his life as a stud dog in a puppy farm, Mack was rescued and moved in with a family of four. Unfortunately Mack’s family is moving into a small unit and just can’t keep him any more. While it’s heartbreaking for them, they made the decision to rehome him to someone who had the space. 🏡 . I am thrilled to have a plus one, an adventure buddy, a partner in crime, a protector and a fur baby again. 🙌🏼 . Mack, welcome home, I am so looking forward to giving you the best life I can. 😊❤️🙏🏼 .mack staffy englishstaffy americanstaffy rescuedog adoptadog furbaby puppylove newdog welcomehome furmama love unconditionallove puppy blackdog adoption newaddition lovemydog

@bigandlittledogs 🐶 Nala says thank you for her gorgeous new sunflower 🌻 harness and leash (mummy loves it too 😍) biglittledogs nala furbaby lhasapoo lhasaapso toypoodle lhasaapsocrosstoypoodle furbabymummy thankyou sunflowers puppy

I’ll do whatever just to get that treat 🧡 (2 month old) foodie throwback training practicemakesperfect paws awww flowsmochi shiba shibainu creamshiba shibamania shibapuppy shibagram furbaby puppylove puppy cute cutenessoverload barked weekend #可愛い #しば #しばいぬ #柴犬 polarbear

pika boo 🐹

"Мы в ответе за тех, кого приручили" . Любите своих малышей и не передавайте. Не выбрасывайте их, как не нужную игрушку... У них есть сердце, у них есть душа... Они дарят нам свою любовь, они нам преданы до конца своих дней. . #домахорошо #домакролик #домашниепитомцы #карликовыйкролик #люблюкролика😍 #забота #любовь #понимание bunny 9gag familypet rabbisofinstagram bunnygram bunnyoftheday petsofig weeklyfluff london iloverabbits moment uk pets igpets furbaby petchannel nethie

First time in Petbarn today and I scored myself a new toy-o. Thanks Mum and Dad! 🐾🐶🐾🐶

I got to meet my own furbaby son today 🤗! I wanted to give him a sniff and a nudge but i was still a little frightened 😓 Maybe the next time I see him I’ll get to play with him! 🐾 🐾 🐾onemetreapart closestever reunited rspcaseparation bullmastiff greatdane staffordshire australiankelpie furbaby pets doglover petstagram dogs_of_instagram petsofinstagram doglife instadogs instagramdogs dogslife dogsofinstaworld dogsofinsta adoptdontshop

My beautiful Beya furbaby shihtzu haircut

This guy. ❤️😻 furbaby spring sunshine catsofinstagram @cats_of_instagram sunbathing

TB to me at 8 weeks old. I’ve had momma wrapped around my paw ever since day numero uno. 💕 soulmates bestiesforlife wefoundeachother doxiesofinstagram furbaby furbabymom

furbabies 🐶

Love of my life right here. You have been one of the only men to never let me down in my life. Dogs are always amazing because they’re so happy to see you whenever you come into the room or come home. I remember when he was little he would get so excited when I came home from work he would pee and soon as he saw me. None of my friends are ever that excited to see me. He’s a big baby, but I wouldn’t trade that goofball for the world.

Poor pup two moves in two weeks. Think she loves the improved garden space. Happy pup! furbaby furbabylove thepackprojectuk thepackproject romanianrescuedog adoptdontshop

Doggy ice cream treats for two good girls ❤️🍨🥓🐶 bacon peanutbutter doggyicecream icecream treats @thebelvederewoodypoint @hugosicecreamery

Meet my new furbaby ..can you suggest a name for her? Thanks papang for this gift 😍 siamesekitten

Looks like someone is happy to see me 🐶🥰 dogmama

Mum had to buy me a new collar because the catch on my @rogzwhq collar was just too hard to open. Thank you @missionpets for my new SimplyDog collar 💕💞💘 Doesn’t it look cute? . . . .dogsofinstagram meerkat munchkin maltese adoptdontshop mixedbreeddog rescuedogsofinstagram maltesemix furbaby dogsarefamily instapet mixeddogbreed instadog rescuedogsofig adoptolderdogs rescueismyfavoritebreed cutedoggos petstagram petsofinsta dogoftheday dogsofinstaworld dogs @adorabledogsclub dogsoftheworld princessdog @delicate_care rescuepetsofinstagram dogs_of_instagram @hillspetau newbling

Weekends. So much love ❤️

I love saturdays. No alarm at 06:00 and coffee in bed. Nori’s not allowed in the bedroom, but it’s caturday! And he matches the duvet. 😻 🦁 🐯norispam leopardismyfavoritecolor hemanederland hemanederland caturday norwegianforestcat redtabby furbaby furriends pawsome purrfect purrfection crazycatlady ilovemycat itssofluffy igcat igcatjunky cutecat cutecatcrew catoftheday

Такое вот бодрое утро 👻

Broodbitch Kim looking as beautiful as ever 😍 Hurry into season - I’m having puppy withdrawal symptoms goldenretriever guidedog guidedogs furbaby dog dogsofinstagram mansbestfriend thatblacknose puppies

The way her littlest masters have her setup for bed tonight probably make her think surgery isn’t so bad after all lol. Spoiled rotten just like her little humans 🤦🏽‍♀️. She’s technically the middle child 🐶 tuckedin Athena greatdane greatdanesofinstagram furbaby harlequin

ADDED TO EUTH LIST🙏🙏 Repost @moreno_valley_shelter_animals (with @report.for.insta) ... SHELTER UPDATE: MUST EXIT WITH RESCUE BY OCT 15TH DUE TO MEDICAL NEEDS. 🆘 SEND PULL TO: RESCUE@MOVAL.ORG ✳️ VERY SWEET ❤️ PER SHELTER ✳️ ASHTON A500753 (Moreno Valley, CA) Neutered male, black Labrador Retriever and German Shepherd Dog. The shelter thinks I am about 9 years old. I weigh approximately 93.00 lbs. I have been at the shelter since Oct 08, 2019 and I may be available for adoption on Oct 15, 2019 at 11:04AM. MEDICAL NOTES: 10/08/19 12:37 BCS: 4/9, HR: 86 RR: 18, Lungs clear, no murmurs or arrhythmias noted. DENT: PD 2, Derm: crust-like, flaky skin throughout integument, scabbing with bleeding noted on dorsal lumbar. EENT: Moderate brown debris AU Diagnosis: Bacterial dermatitis/pyoderma, PD 2, Underweight, Otitis externa Tx: Pyrantel 50mg/ml: Give 9.2mls PO Cephalexin 500mg cap: Give 2 capsules BID for 10 days Mometamax: Apply 8 drops AU for 7 days ACT Task: Clean ears every 3 days for 21 days ACT Task: Bathe with Antimicrobial shampoo twice a week for 2 weeks, than once a week for two weeks http://petharbor.com/pet.asp?uaid=MRVL.A500753 Moreno Valley Animal Shelter 14041 Elsworth Street, Moreno Valley, CA 92553 951-413-3790 PUBLIC EMAIL/GENERAL INFO: animalshelter@moval.org RESCUE EMAIL: rescue@moval.org Open Tuesday - Saturday (closed Sunday, Monday and holidays) Tues.-Fri. 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. labmix labshepherd labshepherdmix seniordog shelterdog urgentdog morenovalley foster adopt rescue cutedogs pups iheartdogs ilovedogs doglovers adopt furbaby dogoftheday rescueneeded instadog

“Do not leave us, Mother! We are but starving orphans!”

Just a couple of old ladies. Luv my granddog Roxy.oldlady oldladies oldandgrey westillgotit furbaby granddog dumbdog northtexas

She may be the smallest but she’s the leader of the pack! 🐺💚 -Coco and company kapooch dogsofbrunswick

Little Otis goes everywhere with us; here he is with Emily and Francois on the Paris Metro. paris. bigcityadventures. furbaby

Could anything warm your heart more. Sibling love 💖 furbaby catsofinstagram cats kittylove

I hope everypawdy has a Spooktacular 👻 weekend! 🎉 • • • Follow my pawrtners🐾: @mojito_the_havanese @tinkas_adventures @princess_peekaboo @a_peke_and_a_pom @pawsome_lovato @havanese_style @furfect.phebe @sadiecakesdivatzu @sadieazshihtzu bichonhavanese poshpamperedpets petstagram dogsofinstagram bestwoof dogsofinstaworld havanese havaneseoftheworld pupstagram cutedog furrybabyloveclub glamsquadcrew furbaby havaneseofinstagram pupachino starbucks socal southbay dogoftheday grandpetpack upg calilife halloween bow dress havaneselove furiends havanese spooky doglover havaneseoftheworld

My Chocolate Amber-Eyed Sweetie Pie 🐾🐶🥰

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