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It brings me so much joy knowing so many queens who are already raising kings and so much joy knowing there are so many queens about to be raising kings. ✨

photo & words by the lovely @morganharpernichols ✨ . We never know what’s ahead of us and sometimes that makes us uneasy, doubtful and every other emotion that makes us question ourselves, but these words fell into my lap like a selfless omen and Morgan is right. We can be okay without knowing everything. 🖤 I am sending you all so much love today and everyday because this life isn’t easy. Yes we are blessed and that should never be overlooked, but the obstacles and challenges we face are real and are also deserving of our grace and our love because without those moments, then sun shinning on our skin wouldn’t ever feel like the sun shinning on our skin. We are forever evolving and changing and each part of our story deserves to be filled with love no matter how sad, how happy, or how mad we feel — those moments are always THE moments that get us to exactly where we need to be. ✨

for the love of details! ✨

these two and their love. ✨

I remember this exact moment so vividly. The tears in my eyes as @amomssoulreflection danced with her father made it so hard to see through my viewfinder, but this photo says it all. ✨

☀️🌻 Did you know that as sunflowers are growing, they track the sun? They face east in the morning and then move with the sun throughout the day until they eventually face west as the sun goes down. Then they turn back towards the east by morning to do it all over again. Always following the light in effort to absorb the most warmth and energy for growth. This fascinating phenomenon is called heliotropism. Aside from just being a fun fact, I think this a lesson for our own growth as well. Wherever you are, whatever you’re going through in this season of growth, keep your head up and stay optimistic. Stay focused on that light in your life - the love, the kindness, the gratitude, the positivity, the goals. Bask in the warmth and love of your friends and family who encourage you, support you and energize you in this phase of growth. Keep a sunny disposition and soon, you’ll be a in full and beautiful bloom! 🌻☀️ • • sunflowers sunflowersinsunshowers sunflowerfields growthmindset goals followthelight facethesun positivity positivityisthekey goaldigger dreamchaser sunnydisposition practicegratitude spreadkindness perseverance honestmotherhood honestwomanhood lifeunplugged lifeincolour lifeinmotion lifethroughalens lifeinsquares

just a little baby feet deliciousness for this beautiful Tuesday morning. ✨ @belladama19 and her baby boy CJ stole my heart when I met them. I can’t wait to post more from this session.

“I honestly still can’t believe this is my life. I’m still broke ( if I’m being honest ) because nothing in life is cheap and being an entrepreneur is glorified and is more of a horror movie than a romantic comedy, but my heart is so fucking full. All the sacrifices, downfalls, wins, loses that are never really loses that have happened in the last three years have truly created the most beautiful story and I am so proud of every single moment that has brought me here to this very moment.” — an excerpt from my most recent blog post that is now published on BEE-SERENE.COM ( link in bio ) ✨ . I wanted my website to showcase my work in a way that felt good to me and I also wanted this new platform to hold space not only for other people’s stories and truths, but mine as well. I hope you get a chance to read and if you do, i’d love to know what you think. 🌿

everyday his father and I are in awe of that fact that we no long have a baby. The conversations with him only get better by the day and the love we have for him only grows stronger. ( we have no idea how the heck that’s even possible. ) Parenthood is tough, but it’s beautiful and challenges us in ways that we never expected. I gave birth to my greatest teacher and I have no words to explain how grateful I am for that. 🖤

still not done with sharing shots from @amomssoulreflection and @diazness ‘s wedding and I’m not sorry about it. 😭

feeling like sunshine. 🌞

BEE-SERENE.COM IS LIVE! ✨ it’s filled with so much of the love I’ve been able to document over the past year, along with some of my own words and experiences and I can’t wait for you to experience it! . Link is in my bio!

With just 1 more day left to the relaunch of BEE-SERENE.COM and all of the love I’ve been feeling I wanted to do something special for you guys! If you haven’t already seen on my stories, I am having a 20% off sale for 30 HOURS! So that means, from now until 8pm tomorrow, every maternity, mommy and me, family and portrait session will be 20% OFF its original price! YESSSSS!! 🙌🏽 I know there have been so many of you reaching out to book and giving back to my community is something I feel very strongly about. I know not everyone can afford my services so this sale is really special to me! All inquiries must be made by DM because after tomorrow every inquiry must be made through BEE-SERENE.COM ✨ . Also, THIS IS MY NEW LOGO!!! I am so obsessed and have no one but @loveoffering to thank. After months of decision making, Josefina literally brought my vision to life. I am a firm believer in simplicity and I always love for my work to speak for itself and Josefina truly outdid herself with this personalized calligraphy piece that is now apart of the face of Bee.Serene Photography! Her patience, passion and love for human connection resonated with me so deeply and I had to contact her for my logo and have no regretted it one bit! . I am also a firm believer in supporting small businesses being that I am a small business owner myself and the two women who have helped me bring this vision to life are truly heaven sent. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF GUYS AND DON’T LET ANYONE TELL YOU, YOU CAN’T! 😭

Tomorrow is the day!! BEE-SERENE.COM is almost ready to be debuted! Today though, I have something really special to announce for anyone who’s been looking to book a session with me so be on the look out for more in my stories around 3pm ✨

I can’t take credit for this photo, but I had to post it because it’s one of my favorite photos I’ve ever been sent and it was taken on our last day during our camping trip so that’s special. ✨ . My first blog post is dedicated to our camping trip and contains never before scene photos from our little getaway along with some journal entries I wrote a couple of nights there and some more of my thoughts. 🖤

the recipe — the outdoors, family, the sound of laughter, and the joy on my son’s face. ✨ . This is a sentence from my first blog post, but I just posted an excerpt from it in my stories as well! I’m so excited to finally have my own platform where I have the freedom to share anything on my mind and heart. Whether it be photos, words, recipes, and everything else that pops into this head of my mine. I can’t wait for you all to read 🖤

Yesterday I celebrated 3 days until the final relaunch of Bee-Serene.com and thought I would be celebrating by myself honestly. I told you guys that I would answer the first 30 questions that hit my question box and at first I thought I was pushing it. 30 questions? Do 30 people really care to ask me anything? ( self doubt is a real bitch ) but to my surprise you guys asked me MORE than 30 questions and they were so damn intentional which made answering them so fun! I am so grateful and cannot thank all of you enough for engaging with me in the same way that I love to engage with you! This has been a rollercoaster of a journey, but with only two days left I feel so confident in this beautiful community of women I am apart of and cannot wait to see us all continue to follow our dreams and break down these barriers! 🙌🏽 . This photo was taken on our camping trip and it perfectly depicts my mood right now. All of this love feels amazing and I seriously can’t thank you enough. 💛 . I asked you guys another question in my story though and would love to hear what you think. My first blog post is a good one. One that happened organically and resonates with me deeply as my whole life is made up of journal entries which is what my blog posts will mostly consist of! I can’t wait to share more! ✨

There are only 3 more days until the relaunch of Bee-Serene.com and in honor of that I am answering the first 30 questions to make it into the question box that I posted in my story! I want to hear from you guys. I love interacting with all of you on a daily basis, but I realize more and more that you guys don’t know much about me and I want to change that! 🖤 . also, STAY TUNED because tomorrow I will be debuting an excerpt from my first blog post and I am so excited for you guys to see all that I have in store! ✨

this JOY! @ameliasmom25 was the most stunning bride! ✨

T - minus 4 days until the relaunch of Bee-Serene.com and this photo is the perfect depiction of how hard my heart is smiling! 😭

celebrating birthday’s. celebrating these extra 25 pounds. celebrating the opportunity to live and love and experience life and grow and fail and win and everything else in between. happy Sunday, my loves. ✨

“What a warrior” you all shout lovingly. Oh how wrong that statement could be. I’m not a warrior, for they end with succeeding and being a hero. I am an addict and as I work through my programme, I no longer overeat or drink but I’m far from cured. Over spending is a huge addiction, most addicts will have plenty of ways for their addiction to come out and impulsive adventure trips is one of them. I went camping for some time out but really I caused such pain to people I care about, I forgot committed jobs, I spent money I don’t have, I expected so much from people. Just to get an escape from reality. Addiction is a fucker, and the worst thing about it is the people that get hurt along the way. This may look like a fire that I couldn’t even get started on my own, but it’s more than that. It’s the trauma I hold on too, it’s the past and childhood I choose to keep in my present, it’s to all my abusive and manipulative ways to get my next hit of food booze or spending or escaping reality. It’s trying to mend the pain I’ve caused and be better. . So to everyone saying I’m awesome, don’t be fooled by ig. I’m not that great, but I will be, hopefully soon. addictionrecovery fuckyouaddiction onedayatatime codependencyrecovery honestwomanhood

This world has truly felt like the scariest place lately. I can’t even fathom the thought of being separated from my son, let alone fathom the thought of how there have been too many children of all ages already separated from their parents this year. Hug your babies and the ones you love extra tight today and everyday. I wish I could say happy Friday today, but nothing about the energy in this world feels happy. Take care of yourselves, and remember that the strongest foundations are built from love and kindness and those start right at home. 💔

I’m finally back in NY after a well deserved break and ready to get back to work! I’ve got so much in store for Bee.Serene Photography, but it felt so amazing to get away for a couple of days and solely focus on enJOYing myself and being present in every moment I could.✨ . It’s been almost a month since this breathtaking wedding in La Republica Dominicana and I can’t wait to keep sharing more photos from this day! I have to thank @amomssoulreflection and @diazness again for trusting me enough to bring me along with them to document their day because well, this experience was one I’ll NEVER forget! 😭

I'll be 40 in 3 days.▫️ . I'm pretty pumped about that. ▫️ . I feel so much more liberated and free than I ever have in my life. More myself. More appreciative of the fact that God designed me just as I am. ▫️ . I only wish it hadnt taken 40 years to feel this way. ▫️ . You're beautiful, my friends. You're a glorious creation of the Ultimate Artist. You are purposeful and planned and oh, so loved. So.stinking.loved. ❤ . He doesn't have a favorite child. Let that sink in. ❤ . Know what? I love you too. ❤ . . . . buildcommunity becausecommunity platillosypuentes oursupperstories Godlovesyou honestwomanhood

instagram can be weird & i never wanna make you feel like I’m sharing to sell something bc that’s not my goal at allll. my goal is to share honestly about my non-toxic journey & build community, so here’s some fun facts about me: • • i have probably the loudest, belly shaking-laugh you’ll ever hear. i used to hate it but now it’s one of my fave things about myself. • • i’m learning my 20s are about stretching, growing & introspection - not comfort. i’m trying to find the beauty in being misunderstood & learning to be OK with not pleasing all 7 billion people on Planet Earth • • being around my gooooood close friends gives me life, but the older I get, the more I crave alone time. • • i’m a devout Christian. And pro-choice as heck. • • i’ve never made a dime sharing about essential oils. but I’ve answered countless DM questions & love guiding people thru this process. • • i love writing prose & poetry, and I’ve written a 300+ page book manuscript. I pretty much only show my bestie/boyfriend/roomie, Keeghan, but one day I’d love to publish a novel. • • nothing makes me happier than throwing everything I can carry into a backpack & heading into the backcountry. it’s the best way for me to ground myself. yes. even more than diffusing Sacred Mountain. • • i’m a morning person only when it’s by choice & i pride myself on being a good long-distance friend, even when I don’t get to call em as much as i’d like. • • i try to read one book every month & unless the coffee is nasty, I take it black. nice to meet you!

photo & words by the breathtaking @eniafe.isis for @allherwords 🦋 . This season of my life is one that I have been so unfamiliar with, but also one that I am so grateful for. My 24th birthday is approaching and even though I feel like this year and all the years prior have taught me so much, I still feel like I don’t know shit. Being a mother to my son who is already 2 years old always brings the craziest emotions and questions. “Am I doing any of this right?!” but also who gives a fuck, because “How did I get so damn lucky?! Building a strong foundation for Bee.Serene Photography — the business that started from nothing and sometimes the business that feels like it’s too heavy to carry on my own. It’s a lot and I’m not saying your life isn’t just as heavy, but damn juggling everything we do is tough and sometimes I don’t know how anything gets done — but miraculously it does. This post reminded me that it’s okay to feel unfamiliar in my own life, and in my own shoes AS LONG AS I’m making it my priority to be here in these moments as I figure out who the fuck I am because all of this hard work, sweat, tears, amazing moments, shitty moments — THIS version of myself deserves ALL of my love and recognition. 🙌🏽 . PS. Stay tuned for Bee-Serene.com where I will finally have my own blog again! 😭

missing our travels and getting to chalk up all our issues to being on the road 🚗 reallife or roadtrippingwithkids not sure which is better...

It’s the second day of August (holy shit), it’s also a Friday AND I got to sleep in.. today feels like it’s going to be a really, really good day. Sending so much love to anyone reading this! I hope you all have a beautiful day filled with so much love and adventure!

8.2.19 don’t suffocate my growth with your idea of who im supposed to be. speak life into my roots and water me with acceptance—i promise i will be the most beautiful blossom you’ve ever witnessed.

Tucked the big kids in tonight which is rare. They both fell asleep clutching my hands. This parenting stuff is such a big job and I regularly fail, but tonight their simple gesture of trust assuaged my fears and woes. My presence, my touch, my love guided them into slumber; they relaxed because I was there. They forgive my shortcomings with ease, ask me to make them dolls out of dead daylily leaves and then go tuck those ugly, crispy things under their sheets to sleep with 😂 They give me hugs and kisses without hesitation, follow me outside and into the middle of a rainshower just because, and then eat frozen pizza and applesauce on the soaked picnic table and claim it was the best part of the day. They love so well. Which is why I'm so amazed that me, in all my brokenness, is what they want. It feels wonderful to know that I can be something purely good, simple, and love-filled for them just by holding hands 💕 Dear God, please help me to not undo the beautiful work you've already done in their hearts.

On the line at Costco not too long ago where bash always feels like everyone is his friend and needs to wave and say hello to every stranger he sees, it was no different with the man standing behind us. The man genuinely spoke to bash and then proceeded to say “I tip my hat to you young man. You are our future. You’re going to do great things.” And in that moment I realized that there are more people rooting for the positive and beautiful future of this country than there are not. It’s such a blessing to be raising my son in this time because I too know that he will do such beautiful things. To the Queens and King’s raising Kings and Queens — I salute you. We are doing the damn thing!

7.30.19 remember that although you are limitless in your being, you are still a limited resource. be mindful of where you allocate the pieces of yourself + don’t forget to save some for y o u xoxo

Why does my 7 year old notice that my vulva hair sticks out and thinks it shouldn’t? WHY? society listen up, Stop sexualising your kids, talk about body hair as you would about the hair on their heads. Hair is there for protection NOT VANITY FIRST . Don’t teach them that vulvas and bums are funny and should hide them, they are kids. They don’t need to be sexualised. So when my kid pointed out my vulva hair sticking out my body suit, I said yes it’s protecting me, I’m so grateful! NORMALISE THAT SHIT PLEASE. Because it’s our fucking job to do that. Don’t call it a willy or fanny or coco Chanel or whatever else you think is cute, you’re sexualising it. Do you call their arm a cute name too? NOPE. This is your heads up to change it if ya do, because we all wanna protect our kids to stay kids for as long as possible. For someone who wAs sexually active at 13, I shiver at the thought believe me. THINGS HAVE CHANGED, thank fuck. Keep kids as kids. ❤️ also remember vulva on the outside, vagina inside! Don’t be scared ❤️ inbox always open 🌼 sexpositiveparenting motherofthree honestwomanhood honestmotherhood honestparenting bodyhairisbeautiful bodyhairdontcare bodyhairisforeveryone ZOOMINFORPUBES

The past two months have reallllyyyyy tested my strength as a business owner. I lost an entire wedding due to a corrupted hard drive ( but got it all back 48 hours later through retrieving all the lost files on all of the formatted sd cards ) and have been dealing with my camera being defected for the past three weeks. I just left a camera repair shop and dropped a hefty chunk of cash, but way less chunky than having to purchase a brand new camera so ya girl is THANKFUL. The universe is always teaching us something and I’m just so fucking glad I haven’t given up. 😭 side note — hug your photographers, we are not always okay. It isn’t always just beautiful work and rainbows. We struggle too.

throwing it back to this Coney Island maternity session from May which I’ve only shared one photo from! 😭 . it’s Monday, it’s a new week and it’s time to motivate myself! I always feel this huge rush of urgency to really get my shit together during this time of year. My birthday is September 8th which is in a little over a month and my birthday rolling around always makes me want to do more, feel more, and challenge myself more. So cheers to new opportunities to flourish, new chances to fuck up, and more room for growth! ✨

7.29.19 reminding myself to be intentional. being busy is useless if it’s not intentioned work. — moving slowly + ordering my steps with purpose. i move forward in abundance, not scarcity. i move in alignment, not desperation. i move with urgency, not impulse. i move with direction and diligence. — i am learning. i am preparing. i am executing. my energy is attracting what’s necessary + repelling what’s not. this is the warm up— you haven’t seen anything yet xoxo — . . what are you reminding yourself of this week? what are you working on? comment below

shoutout to @walmart for the best $15 dollar sandals. Haven’t taken these off in 3 days. If it’s not comfortable — I don’t want it!!

I know there’s a large chance that Sebastian won’t remember these early moments and adventures of his childhood, but that won’t stop me from making sure he has the time of his life! We went to Pennsylvania this weekend to visit my beautiful cousin @alyssajeanisephotography and it was exactly what we needed. It makes me feel so good knowing his dad and I are raising such a simple human being who gets so excited to be emerged in nature! All he needs is trees, sticks, rocks, water, and everything else nature has to offer us and Pennsylvania had alllll of that! Age 2 for sure has dragged me through the dirt more times that I ever expected, BUT the curiosity, happiness, excitement and joy that also comes with this age is truly priceless. ✨( side note — this creek was behind my aunt and uncles house and it was the most beautiful thing )

summer still life 🍎🍑🍅

thank you @alyssajeanisephotography for dragging bash and I to visit you. 🖤

On pleasant nights, after the kids are in bed I like to go outside, let the chickens run, and make believe I'm a farmer.

a true sucker for black and white photos.

enough is enough. We can’t just break one cycle because it’s on trend, ALL of them must end. 🗣

it’s 7:35am, I’ve been up since 6 because well.. momlife but I just wanted to take a moment to shout out this amazing woman who I am not done raving about! My website is set to be published in about two and a half weeks and this woman has literally brought my entire vision AND THEN SOME to life! I cannot thank her enough for 1. being the woman behind Bee-Serene.com and giving it a totally new look and FEEL, but 2. for being the friend that she has been to me for the last three years. It’s a pleasure to still be vibing and creating with such a passionate, driven, badass and talented ass woman! A, you know what it is! Thank you for supporting me from day one and for being apart of my journey. You’re a real one. 🖤 . swipe for color ✨

this moment >

girls, girls, girls. ✨

Like all mamas, sometimes I just need a break. Sometimes that break consists of stepping away from my man and my kid to be alone. Sometimes it looks like a really long shower. And sometimes it looks like dragging my little family to my favorite place while bash runs wild exploring with Steve right behind him, so I can quietly escape into my solitude with them not too far away. No one is walking the same path and everyone’s needs are different, but one thing I have become so grateful for is my discovery of the things and experiences that fuel me up when I’m feeling a little low ( and even when I’m not ).🖤 . If Snug Harbor was a person I’d give her the biggest hug because for so many years she has allowed me to find clarity and confidence within myself just by being in her presence. ✨ My advice to you? Find the people, the places and the things that nurture your spirit. Nothing will ever be perfect. We will stay have days that don’t feel the best, but as long as we are aware that we too deserve to be filled and fueled, that’s all that matters loves. ✍🏽

So glad I gave up perfectionism 🌻

photo and words by the beautiful @loveoffering ✨ . Identifying myself as a mother has been one of the easiest roles I have allowed myself to take on, but it sucks to say that I am still so guilty of allowing the way others perceive me, truly affect me. ( without even really knowing their perspective. assumption is a bitch ) Whether it’s praise or not, I still haven’t found a healthy enough boundary to not let those perceptions affect me, but this was a beautiful reminder that I am so much more than the opinions of others. My identify is not found in what I do or how others view me, it is found in the experiences that only I get to experience from this temporary body and infinite spirit. That isn’t always easy for me to believe, but I believe if I say it enough and live it enough — it will be. 🌱

The best ice cream cookie sandwiches are made in Saint Louis, in the thick of summer, by one of your besties.

I wish I had a dope caption to match this photo that I absolutely love, but the truth is — I don’t. I’m learning ( very slowly ) that it’s okay to want to post, but not have anything inspirational to share. If I’m being honest, being positive and empowering is something I’m having a little trouble with lately. Life isn’t always going to be positive affirmations and self care. Actually, life for me lately has been juggling all the work I have, being a mother and remembering that I still have to take care of myself too. And by taking care of myself I mean — RESTING. It’s hard wearing all the hats we do as the women that we are, but I will say, it’s amazing to see how we manage to show up anyway. ✨

last night was the first night in almost a month that I picked up my journal. I cringed at the sight of the date on the page of my last entry and instantly regretted not checking in with myself as often as I felt I should’ve. But as I began to write and express those feelings, I realized that journaling isn’t my only form of checking in with myself. The past month has been full of so many amazing moments and experiences and also full of some real heavy shit, but just because I didn’t journal any of it does not invalidate any of those experiences. Journaling is something that became another way for me to heal and open up to myself, but it isn’t the ONLY way. I was grateful to open her up to a fresh page and be able to alter my perception on my lack of entries and realize that whether I’m documenting my life in photos or journal entries, OR NOT — my life is still being lived and that is what’s important to me.

I was 5 years old when I attended my last wedding as a guest and it blows my mind to know that the next wedding I attended 18 years later was one that I was asked to document. I guess I always knew about wedding vows from tv shows and movies, but this was the first time I was able to witness something so sacred up close. This is a photo of @ameliasmom25 on her wedding day, transferring her vows onto paper while blocking out everything else in the room — a moment I will never forget.

hi, my name is Brianna and I’m obsessed with detail shots.

I’ve realized that sisterhood is something I’ve always longed for — even as a child, so it warms my heart instantly to see women with such a strong circle of sisters. Sisterhood is something I’m still learning so much about as I am only learning more about myself, but what I am sure of is every woman in this world deserves to be surrounded by a powerful, loving, and supportive group of women.

I think that as women we tend to want to fix people, relationships, or, well, everything. We do not always know when to call it quits. Case in point, I was in a marriage that was going no where. There was no intimacy. I was being verbally and emotionally abused. Yet, I hung on. I could fix this. ⁣ ⁣ Why do we do this to ourselves? ⁣ ⁣ We have to be able to recognize and accept that it is time to move on. It took 12 years and him finally coming to me and saying he was no longer in love with me to wake me up. ⁣ ⁣ And, then, it was like I had been set free. ⁣ ⁣ It takes a lot of courage and self awareness to see yourself in a situation with no way out and make a move forward. Honestly, I don't think I have ever said what I just did beyond a few close family and friends. When it's timeto stop trying to fix everything, see it, recognize it, and move forward.

Half-spent beauties from my neglected garden. The cherry tomatoes didn't stand a chance of being in this shot... needtogroceryshop 🍅🍅🍅

Let’s talk about endometriosis ❤️ It’s a very common but very misunderstood disease that desperately needs more awareness. Apparently I have had it since my early teens but it took 3 IUIs, 1 IVF, one laparoscopic surgery, and an additional HSG procedure to pin point that’s what I indeed have. It can be very difficult to diagnose and many doctors wave the condition off as just “bad period cramps” or “unexplained infertility”. I only discovered that I had it about a year ago. I had a doctor suggest that I have a hysterectomy although that seldom does any good by itself because it can spread to other organs of the body besides just the female ones, which in my case, it had. It is very rare to find an OB/GYN that specializes in endo. I had my fertility specialist suggesting things that only hurt my endo, not help it. It’s so important to find a physician that specializes in endometriosis. I had a laparoscopic surgery to remove ovarian cysts and they were back in less than a year. I finally discovered a list of doctors that specialize in excision surgery for endometriosis with less than a 10% chance of it returning. Through excision, my doctor was able to cut out endometriosis from my ovaries, fix my tubes (with one being blocked on the end and tucked under an ovary), remove my appendix, cut out endo out of my bowel and sew it up, and a few other places where the disease had spread. He suspended my ovaries by stitching them up to be able to heal faster. I’ve never been in so much pain in my life and it hurts to move but I’m so thankful to have been able to have this surgery. My doctor believes he removed 100% of my endometriosis! I’m so glad that I did the research, that I had friends introduce me to a doctor that could actually help my case, and improve my quality of life. I just want to you know that there is hope! Endometriosis is a horrible disease and can suck so much life out of you! Don’t think for a second that you can’t find help! If you have horrible periods, painful sex, and live with constant pain, than you should definitely look into it. endometriosisawareness endowarrior

From weeks ago in Saint Louis...I'm pretty excited to share my 23 days worth of vacation photos with you 😂

it’s Friday, it’s been 8 days since Gabby and Jon’s wedding and your girl is still on a high! Manifesting the things you want for yourself will never happen overnight, but I promise ALL the sacrifice and WAITING is so worth it! ✨ . my family and I are getting ready to head out to the beach to continue exchanging all of this amazing energy because before we know it summer will be gone and we plan on soaking up all of this love and sun. 🖤

a documenter of love. ✨

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