Poor berry 🥺💙 tag her if you don’t mind 💗😇 @billieeilish ———————————————- • • • • • • • billie billieeilish eilish lovely iloveyou ily bellyache badguy oceaneyes copycat myboy buryafriend sixfeetunder whenthepartysover comeoutandplay wheweallfallasleepwhererdowego youshouldseemeinacrown idontwannabeyouanymore

Can we just take a second to talk about this guy right here... 🖤 . I couldn't be more proud of my husband. 1) He's killing it with his new business venture. 2) He supports EVERYTHING that I do. If it's covering my body in tattoos or spending lots of moo-la on fitness, he supports me, and for that I am so grateful. 3) I wouldnt even have close to the life I have if it wasn't for him. 4) He believes in doing everything you love, even if it means making less money. 5) He's just the coolest and I love him 🖤 @mrkevincosta . . ily family hubby husband marriage happilymarried love adventure forever

I‘m addicted to this boy🖤 • Hey, I Hope you’re okay 🖤 I‘m fine, I guess. I’m gonna see Mgk in 22 day and I‘m hyped 🥺🖤 Ily🖤 • yungblud dominicharrison bby mgk concert 22 days ily

What a cutie❤❤ foryou ily thebest

Happy birthday 🎂🎈 my nuk💙🤞🏾ily

ᴵᶠ ᵞᴼᵁ ᴿᴱᴾᴼˢᵀ ᴳᴵᵛᴱ ᶜᴿᴱᴰᴵᵀ I’ve been so unmotivated lately so big hate for this but demi’s birthday was yesterday (like i said- unmotivated # fakestan) and im not gonna get all soppy but considering she didn’t think she’d make it to 21, 27 is an incredible achievement. user ddlovato, i love you endlessly and thank you for existing, you’ve helped me and so many other people. you deserve to be happy and healthy. happy birthday 💗 ac/ _etherealaudios @ddlovato demilovato

it’s owo hours y’all ————————————————————Song - Venice (The Lighthouse and the Whaler) (Louis the Child Remix) ——————————- ily owo wholesomememes

His smile is precious foryou ily bigfan

😂😂😂😂@loren @loren @lorenxgray ~~~~~~~~~~~ •loren lorenxgray lorengey lorengray ily loveloren💗 angelloren leaelui lorenedits tagloren taglorenxgray 😍😍

いつも大切にしてくれてありがと🙏♥️ . anniversary date photography everyday thankyou darling love ily 0821 #♥️

Happy 6 Months, Emy 🥺💕 Ahhh I can’t believe that it is 6 months aka 182 days ago when we first met. I can even remember about what we talked, about cracking ae, I wonder what happened to this plan haha jk. You always say that u wanna make an edit for me but u have no inspo, but that doesn’t matter. I am already happy when I can make an edit for you- No. I am already happy that u exist and that‘s more than enough for me. I don’t even deserve someone like u, and I can’t believe that u hang out with such a weird person like me. We don’t talk so much recently but that doesn’t change the fact that I love u so much 👉🏻👈🏻💕 like I can’t even imagine how it would be now without u. I can’t thank you enough for the 6 months you were with me. You always listened to me when I had my problems. Yk I met many ppl and lost a lot, it always broke me when that happened, but u were there and made my day. I can talk with u about everything and that‘s great. I would do everything to visit you in France but- I mean, look where I am now- I am in China and the distance between us increased from 790km to 9480m and I am just like: *pickachu face* but if I ever meet u inrl I would hug and never let u go anymore- no that‘s not it... I would cry and then hug you and never let u go anymore, yea that‘s it. Ahhh I love u so much. You are my first internet friend and you haven’t left me until now. I met some people months after I met u and they just be like:“bye“ after some weeks lmao When I met u my edits were trash, it‘s like u helped me improving myself. Okay well my edits are still trash but not as trash as 6 months ago 🛐 and yea this edit is trash too even tho it took me 6 hours but idc. It‘s for you so the 6 hours doesn’t bother me. I wanted to make us a typo candy edit and uh that‘s the result, kinda choppy for my third attempt 🚮 but please take it uwu Oh and did I already say that I love u? Yes? Idc then I will keep saying it; I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you🥺🤧💕 (@kusouka ok I said u get Dt on every edit but not on this one Kay?)

Happy happy birthday my this handsome fella of mine!! I love you more than words could describe!! happybirthday ily

I can't stop smiling 🥰😊😍 shesthecutest weloveyoudemi ddlovato demilovato beautiful ily ahhh

💜🅼🅸🅻🅻🆂💜 • FLORENCE BY MILLS💜🐳 • @milliebobbybrown @florencebymills • Please tag @milliebobbybrown @florencebymills 🥺💜 , I just wish she could see it😭😘 • ily💖 • Comment purple emojisss💟💜 • • • • • hopeulikeit luvumills pleasetagher ily florencebymills💜 milliebobbybrown #💜 commentpurpleemojis💟

Two new snippets have been leaked and fans say that they're released songs .do u like the snippets?👀 . . . . . IGNORE Tags:honeymoontour @dangerouswomantour ariana dwt dangerouswomantour ariana arianagrande grande beautiful cute gorgeous  likeforfollow instagrande actress arianator victorious teamarianagrande teamariana lfl tour sweetener ily loveisstrongerthanhate

Holaaa!! ¿les gusto el contenido? Para más seguí a @01selfcare Cualquier contenido o aporte lo pueden enviar por dm (TAGS); lgtb selfcare shawnmendes selenagomez camilamendes lipstick BEAUTY hudabeauty hudabeautyshop mileycyrus liamhemsworth camilacabello stardoll cats ily billieeilish demilovato

beach babes 💗 follow @ever.posie.labrant for more posts like this ✨ Tag your friends !!! 🌻 • • • • • • Tags ( you might wanna ignore ): @sav.labrant @cole.labrant @everleighrose @posierayne coleandsav everleighrose ever everleigh posierayne omgpage savannahlabrant savannahrose posie labrants everandposie ily lovethelabrants familygoals goals cute colelabrant ev cuties beautiful ilovethem taytum oakley taytumandoakley halston omg avafoley avamarie allinthefoleyfamily gaintrick

I miss his vlogs:((💕💐🥺

❤️! Huomenna enskun kanssa estetunnille✈️ @auror.aw @paraskaveri ihguponi ily hnonihanin

this is worthy, i think.. ac: @donteatmyguacamole dt: sof et: 2h cc: minee💞 softaudios overlays sofiedossi sofiedossiedit audiosforedits fanedit ily sofie dossi loren lealeui

Happy 13th Birthday Karol 💙 I love you unconditionally. Although I was terrified when I had you, it was also the happiest most life changing day of my life. You taught me love and strength and I am so proud of the young lady you are becoming. Nothing...absolutely NOTHING in this world can describe these emotions. I love you mama, you can always count on me @karoldiamondac mylove unconditionallove birthdaygirl teen teenager 😭 softballplayer mybaby mysunshine timeflies Karol Diamond Acosta ily

Contigo ❤ mencionó 👇🏻 • • •sigue para más a @babyg_irl_ox • • •foryou frases cursis lindas novios pareja pololos amordedos loveoftwo meencantas dariamividaporti amores ily iloveu mybaby

less than 10 mins til TEETH streams!! YALL GO STREAM IT!😁🥰 @5sos https://youtu.be/JWeJHN5P-E8 💞💞💞💞💞 @lukehemmings @ashtonirwin @calumhood @michaelclifford 5sos 5sosfan 5sosfam 5sosfandom 5sosfanart 5secondsofsummer song teeth love ily niche threads thread

🌻you’re the sunflower🌻 💛first edit!!!💛 • @adelainemorin • @shopadelainemorin • @myfrenchienamedblue • @mylabnamedlola • adelainemorin edit ilyadelaine adelainestan fanpage fanaccount adelainemorinfan fanpageadelaine luvadelaine follow ily adelangel


please handle with care FRAGILE **thank you** . . . mrbrainwash art love ily fragile beverlyhills losangeles california

Cole fucking Sprouse🥵. (Pls don’t let this flop) • • • App-Videostar pro • • • colesprousehotilyriverdaleeditsomgedits

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ I would walk across legos for you ♥ flowersmadeoflegos legos everythinglego ily latergram legostagram lego

This relationship stuff isn’t my strong suit, it never has. I’ve made so many mistakes, and still you show me grace ❤️ I see the rest of my life in your eyes. Thank you for holding on, for having faith in the unseen and for the unconditional love you give me. I’m blessed to have you as my life partner ♥️ . . 🎶 Fire away Take your best shot Show me what you got Honey, I'm not afraid Rear back and take aim And fire away. ily ido

What’s your favorite saying? yass yassqueen ily ttyl brb custombracelet custombracelets

shes the best 💘❤ @billieeilish 👅 poland polish fanpage billieeilish billie mylove iloveyou ily fan eilish 💕

I don’t let a lot of people get close to me but I always get so excited seeing you! You let me get away with things and always brought me yummie treats and toys my ma’ never got me. You made sure I wasn’t picking on my sister, but stuck up for me when she picked on me. You bought me funny clothes to wear my ma’ thought was hilarious. You kidnapped me when ma’ was at work and took me to play. She talks to me about you all the time and I just try to listen. I miss you and can’t wait to see you again 💚 ILY 🐾 🐾🐾 🐾🐾🐾 🐾🐾🐾🐾 SirDuke TheseAreAFewOfMyFavoriteThings myfavoriteauntie imissyou love Jindoakita jindo jindosofinstagram akitajindo akita akitasofinstagram

i guess you’re just flawless 🌈☁️ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ tag someone you love 🔖 follow @wholesome.latte 💕 customers at my café: 10.7K 💒 date: 21/8/19 🌸 . . . . . . wholesome wholesomememes wholesomememe cute aww softmemes cutememes memes ily #💗 love explorepage meme sweet soft kawaii nichememes niche pastel reactionpics loveandaffectionmemes softmemes sweetheart heart love positivevibes boyfriend girlfriend aesthetic

It’s a real ones birthday today, make sure you show my girl some love. Happy Birthday Queen @shellz_821 birthdaygirl bestie happybirthday ily leoseason hotgirlsummer ♌️💯♥️🎁🎂🎊🎉🥳

Hi, Wie geht es euch? ❤ ■ ■ Leonie du bist so toll und dein Name bedeutet die Löwin, die starke, die kämpferin❤ ■ ■ Jetzt ein paar Hashtags: leoo ily beste b Ein&Alles schn inspiration ily wow @leoobalys

@alianaxsya 🍒❤️ • • • • ily princess charry vsco edit love

hello, @real.ona 🌸 @ona.bean im new 💜


You are very welcome to visit Japan ♡ ♡ ♡ please please please :'( i miss you so much. I love you more than words can say💭✨ @arianagrande . . . arianagrandesweetenertourbabyilyimyarianatorarianatorsarianatorforeverthankunextsweetenerlovebeautifulcutehappyl4linstagoodffff4flikes

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