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I am not amused.... the hoomans have yet another leak in the bathroom 🙀 So as I take my job as site manager extremely seriously I was straight over there to thoroughly inspect it and see if we could find the source of the leak.. 😼 madmarvin sitemanagermarv constructioncat catinspector inspectorcat highvismarv cuppa builderstea acatsworkisneverdone silvertabby britishshorthaircat britishshorthair catsofinstagram instacat kitten bsh ififitsisits catcostume catinabox coolcatsclub catsareawesome catface britishshorthaircatlovers catvideo

Monday... Am I right?!⁣ ⁣ Today’s cat in a box is my very dear furriend Jazzy from @thebirmantwins 🐱📦⁣ Thanks again for sharing!⁣ ⁣ Please go check out their feed and show them some ❤️ They are the most gorgeous Birman kitties and their hoomans take such beautiful photographs!⁣ ⁣ If you don’t want to miss out on any posts make sure to follow the hashtag #_catsinboxes_dailyfeature ☝🏻⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣cats catsinboxes catinabox catlove instacat kittycat kitten dailycat schroedingerscat catsofinstagram cute ififitsisits cutiepie purrfect whiskers feline dailyfluff catfeature kitty cat derp #고양이 gatto kawaii neko cutecat birmancat

The piglet has chosen her Halloween costumeifIfitsIsits catsofinstagram

If it fits, I sits! Labels be damed! Meow. 📸 @thedapperbowtieblackcat blackcatsofinstagram ififitsisits meow sillycat idowhatiwant

Apparently we are cooking cat for dinner ififitsisits ragdollcat catsofinstagram

Le meilleur collègue de travail de l'univers, tu peux pas test ❤️😺

Y'all painting? I'll help 🐱

The upside to moving my painting setup to the basement is that my workbench is too high for Buster to jump up and walk into the paint. The downside is that the bench is too high for Buster to jump up and hang out with me while I paint 😭💔 . . . . .ailurophile all_animals_addiction blackandbrowncat busterthecat catfamily catinthesun catsinthesun catsofcanada catsofnewfoundland familycat floof floofycat fluffycats ififitsisits longhaircats longhaircatsofinstagram longhairtabby metalheadswholovecats sleepingcats sleepycats sooky sunnycat tabbycats tabbycatsofig tabbycatsofinstagram tabbycatsrule tabbycatworlddomination tomcat tomcats warmkitty

Testing all the basketsififitsisits caturdayeveryday

Can always be relied upon to claim cardboard boxes 😻

Shes apparently comfortable in that position 😂ififitsisits ififitsisits😼 catsofinstagram cats_of_instagram catstagram cats

It's morris he just wanted the box, even though he doesn't really fit in it. Lol catsofinstagram adoptdontshop ipsyglambagplus americanshorthair tabby ginger catmom ififitsisits

If I Fits I Sits, starring Vivian! She fit 2 paws on this small box (antibiotics box). 😹 vivianthecat tabbycat cat catstagram instacat catsofinstagram catsofnewyork ififitsisits

My two boys helped with shipping tonight. And by “helped” I mean Brady showed me his parkour/ninja moves, and Bruce tried to steal my boxes. 😂 wahmlife wahm bosslady momboss paparazziconsultant paparazzi paparazziaccessories hustle blingboss fashion assistants ififitsisits brucewaynethecat

Doesn't matter where mom puts boxes... I findz them and puts ma-face all-ova' it. ...blackcats blackcatsrule cats indiana ififitsisits salemthecat shorthaircats catsinboxes catbox boxnotforyou

This chair is already claimed, to no one's surprise 😈😼 . . . . . . .ragdoll ragdollcat fluffycat catlovers catsofinstagram chonkycat ififitsisits

If i fits i sits (even if on a flat paper towel.)cat ififitsisits copicat

When your belly is to big for your kitty to sit on your lap comfortably, he sits on top of your belly. 🙄😻 ififitsisits babybelly itsjustintheway 36andahalfweeks hewilltakesnugglesanywayhecan Reynolds selfie photooftheday

No such thing as personal space 🖤😙 . Ender has loved cuddling right on my chest, neck and face ever since he was tiny, it just takes a little bit more finagling to be able to fit now haha but once he settles down and starts purring, it’s the best 🖤🖤 . . . .enderthecurlykitten cuddlykitten ififitsisits nopersonalspace catcuddles devonrex rexcat blacksmokecat blackcat kitten meow catlady catladylife


Gym bag? What gym bag? Another new kitty bed all for me with a little bit of cat hair for you! . .cat burmesecat catlovers catsofinstagram burmesecatsofinstagram catsofaustralia letsleepingcatslie ififitsisits whatsyoursismine ownedbyacat cats_of_instagram burmesecatslovers balou

So you're telling me this isnt the right way to use this chair?dogfurniture ififitsisits

Blue, finds the best spots for a nap 💙catnaps ififitsisits siamesecat

Someone thinks the new office rug is his. ififitsisits bernerlove newton_theberner

Yes, I know we have a cat condo, this Amazon packaging is so much nicer though, Mom.osk onespoiledkitty arabella ififitsisits

I fits I sits ififitsisits

Only my little man could fit inside a tiny amazon box 😂 finnick ififitsisits helovestohide amazon suchagoob cats catsofinstagram cats_of_instagram motherofcats

Dory doesn’t like medicine much, but the box it arrives in is great! @chewy ififitsisits catsofinstagram chonk

Behold CopicCat! King of the Copics! Guardian of the markers and protector of the pens. He’s throwingshade at me because I shooed him away from my scrap box! Who knew cats could be so passiveaggressive? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Actually I think they defined the term...but fortunately said copicmarkers are on my desk. He hasn’t figured it out yet! shhdonttell! Makes a nice segue into the annual catlovershop hosted by @janisinidaho. More on that later so do stop over at the blog. There will be giveaways from me again. Intro blog post is up! Just click on the Fuzed link in bio and pick this post and it will take you right there! . . . . . . . .pinkcraftymama catlovershop2019 newcraftycat alcoholmarkers papercraft papercrafting cardmakersofinstagram scrapbookersofinstagram makersgonnamake catsinthecraftstudio catsinthecraftroom cat catstagram instacat catsofinstagram chonky chonkycat lorge ififitsisits

Jasper: "If I fits, I sits."ififitsisits persiancat

This is new..ififitsisits

My sister Sally was in People Mom’s lap and that’s where I wanted to be. So I sat on top of her. IfIFitsISits DontStopMeow catsofinstagram kozacarcat

Our dear friend (and Tippi’s rescuer) @staceyjaywy gifted the children this bed back in February. Tippi has napped in it half a dozen times but Sammy never did more than stick his nose in to sniff. I naturally assumed his girth (and tail!) wouldn’t fit. Well I was wrong then, wasn’t I? 👀 catbed fishbed sammy ififitsisits catnap ragdoll sundayfunday bigboy cozy naptime

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