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Funded!! Same story different house!! I reached out to this homeowner we sold a house to in the past and right off the bat he said “Forget the small talk how much can you save me on my house payment” long story short we lowered his interestRate and mortgage payment all while consolidating all his credit debt. Boom!! No more credit debt must feel good!! This loan closed in 19 days. He had no idea that was even possible!!! HappyClients HappyHouse JohnFunds

FUNDED!!! It was with great pleasure to have helped out this Homeowner. When I met with her she mentioned that her goal was to re coop some of her cash she spent on the extensive remodel of her home and to also pay off some debt. We did just that in under 21 days!! I love when my clients tell me things like “the last loan representative made things feel rushed. With you things were explained thoroughly and we got everything finished in a timely manner.” I’M HERE TO HELP!! JohnFunds easyfinancing. iLoveWhatIDo

Funded!!! These Homeowners were close to getting placed in a high interestRate mortgage. Before closingEscrow they gave us a call to compare rates. These clients mentioned they had a gut feeling that they were being ripped off. They were so right!! The lender they initially met with was offering them a 5.75% rate “due to their not so perfect credit”. I Quickly reviewed their paper work and offered them a rate under 3.675% saving them hundreds of thousands over the life of the loan. Let me be your first call and your only call!! Don’t get ripped off by these shady brokers!! We are a direct lender we own our money so we make the call. Do not be misguided. JohnFunds EasyFinancing

Funded!! interestRates are low so I reached out to these HomeOwners and all my past clients. We successfully lowered their interestRate just under 3.6% on a fixed rate Mortgage saving them THOUSANDS over the life of the loan and HUNDREDS every month. How much can I save you?? I’m only a DM away. HappyClients are the best clients. JohnFunds LowestInterestRates EasyFinancing

Funded!!! This Homeowner was in need of $100,000 dollars. After being denied a loan someone referred them to me. long story short. We funded their loan in under 21 days. He now has the 100k he needed with a fixed interestRate under 3.875% and his mortgage payment didn’t go sky high! I’m here to help! JohnFunds EasyFinancing LowInterestRates. Thanks @fightabowdit for the edit!! Music: That Day Musician: Jef

Funded!!! This Homeowner needed Cash from her equity to complete some construction at her home and needed it quick!! We did just that and lowered her interestRate all at the same time. She was such a pleasure to work with! I’m humbled and honored to be trusted with such finances. Ethics and Values always come first. johnFunds

Funded!! It was with great pleasure to help out these homeowners. We lowered the interestRate, knocked off a few hundred dollars off the monthly housing payment and the homeowner got to skip two mortgage payments. What would you do with your money if you didn’t have to pay any bills for two months? JohnFunds

Funded!! This HomeOwner cashedOut some Equity, Got a low Fixed InterestRate now he’s ready to reinvest it into some more RealEstate. MonopolyAction DoubleUp That RealEstatePortfolio JohnFunds

FridayFundings We were able to lower this HomeOwners InterestRate under 3.4% as well as skipping 2 MortgagePayments. EasyFinancing. Johnfunds

FUNDED!!! People often ask What area I specialize in. I am a licensed LoanOfficer in 48 states and a LicensedRealtor in California. Im here to help! These clients were in between a rock and a hard place. They had an adjustableRateMortgage and were tired of their mortgage payment changing every month. I helped them get a low fixed interest rate!! LowInterestRates EasyFinancing iPayCashForReferrals JohnFunds

Funded!! InterestRates are the lowest they been in years!!! It’s my duty as a LoanOfficer to inform past, present and Future clients about market changes. I was able to lower these HomeOwners interest rate from a 4.75% to below a 3.75%. Fixed for the life of the loan!! If you or anyone that you know owns a home and wants a free no obligation mortgage analysis I’m only a Direct message or a comment away. FixedRate. EasyFinancing. iPayCashForReferrals JohnFunds AlwaysLoyal

Funded!! Congratulations to this Happy Buyer! This property is truly a beauty. So much character and charm It’s no wonder this Home had so many offers on it. Our team was able to convince the Seller to pick our Buyer. We closed escrow on time and with no issues. The moment you give up, is the moment you let someone else win. We never give up!! Thank you Esmeralda for trusting me with all your buyers!!! Teamwork!! An awesome network will always build a great Networth. EasyFinancing JohnFunds

Funded!!! I was approached by these buyers when their Realtor told me their current lender couldn’t get them approved for the amount they were trying to achieve and were kept in the dark with a lot of questions they had. After reviewing their documents I came back with good news and told them they were approved for what they needed and much more!!! We closed this loan with an InterestRate lower than a 3.3%. Fixed for the life of the loan. SmoothLoans EasyFinancing LowInterestRates KeysOpenDoors and good network will make your net worth JohnFunds

Funded!!! This HomeOwner wanted money from his Equity and a Lower InterestRate than what he currently had. Boom. That’s what we did even with his not so perfect credit. He’s a happy camper and I feel good that I was able to help yet another HomeOwner. Helping Americans one household at a time. Johnfunds. EasyFinancing.

“The key to victory is anticipation, the ability to see the future and react to it, That’s what I do” I’ve been helping homeowners for over 14 years now. I’ve guided homeowners and showed them how to turn their equity into realestate rental investments. I’ve helped people who were renting and guided them into homeownership. I’ve helped the well funded business man turn hundreds of thousands into millions by flipping realestate. I’ve helped homeowners beat the bank by cutting years off their loans and lowering their interestrates. I’ve helped homeowners save their homes and avoid foreclosure. I’ve help sellers get topdollar when selling their property. I’ve been helping homeowners for over 14 years. I can help you. All it takes is one phone call. JohnFunds. ItsJohnAnthony

Funded!! These buyers couldn’t be happier!! They ended up paying less than the listed SalesPrice and I as the Lender was able to give $2000.00 towards their down payment. Not to mention I beat all their other lender estimates!!! LowInterestRates. A huge thank you to Cynthia Moreno with EXPRealty for referring me these buyers and allowing me to be the lender on this file. Your Network will make your Networth. JohnFunds

Sold and Funded!!! It was a great pleasure representing both Buyer and Seller!! I know I did my job as a Realtor when there is nothing but big smiles at the end of the transaction. PriorityOneRealtyAndLoans YourFavoriteRealEstateAgent JohnFunds.

Funded!! These HomeOwners came to my office got a LoanEstimate from me and shopped me around for three weeks!!! Long story short 3 weeks laters they came back to me and told me I was the best offer they got in regards to refinancing their HomeLoan so that they can CashOut Money from their Equity. LowInterestRate EasyFinancing. BeatingAllCompetition JohnFunds

Funded!!! These homeowners wanted to save the most that they can on their Mortgage. I gathered all their proper documents and crunched out some numbers. Not only was I able to get them a low InterestRate I was able to get rid of their FHA MortgageInsurance and to sweeten the pot I was able to knock a few years off their HomeLoan saving them a whole lot of money!! FreeMortgageAnalysis CrunchingOutNumbers YourFavoriteMortgageGuy JohnFunds

Funded!!! These homeowners called me and said they wanted out of their expensive FHA MortgageInsurance, wanted a LowInterestRate, wanted cashout from their equity and wanted it done in 2 weeks. I did just that and paid for their appraisal!!! JohnFunds ImTheBetterMortgageGuy

Sold!!! I had the opportunity to represent both Buyer and Seller! With a great Marketing plan this home was on the market for only 23 days! All parties involved are beyond happy!!!PriorityoneRealtyAndLoans ClosedEscrow iPayCashForReferrals JohnFunds

Funded!!! This homeowner wanted to liquidate some Money from his equity and he wanted it done ASAP with no Headaches or surprises all while maintaining a LowInterestRate and Low MortgagePayment. We did just that. QuickFunding PriorityOneRealtyAndLoans EasyFinancing iPayCashForReferrals JohnFunds

Sold!! It was a great pleasure working with this buyer. He was focused and knew exactly what he wanted. This beautiful duplex was listed at 560k. We stood strong with our offer and after careful negotiations we successfully ClosedEscrow at 535k. Did I mention the appraisal came back at 585k!!! That’s 50k in equity!!! I’m part of a great team and we will always do the most for our clients! PriorityOneRealtyAndLoans iPayCashForReferrals JohnFunds

Funded!! This Client was in a little over his head with CreditCard Debt. After being denied from a few different Banks he thought Selling was his only choice. After carefully going thru his Finances I was able to get him Approved. We refinanced his Duplex got all his CreditCardDebt Consolidated and successfully freed up some cash from his Equity. Just in time for the HolidaySeason! iPayCashForReferrals JohnFunds

Funded!!! These buyers shopped around their Loan (they got quotes from loan depot and guaranteed rate) they quickly realized I was giving them the best deal from the start! My Bank and I paid for their ClosingCost and Truly guaranteed the lowest InterestRate. PriorityOneRealtyAndLoans iPayCashForReferrals JohnFunds

Sold!! I was blessed with the opportunity to represent these FirstTimeHomeBuyers. This 3 bedroom 2 bathroom property was listed for 470K and completely remodeled top to bottom After negotiating with the sellers we closed at 440k!! My buyers couldn’t be happier!!! PriorityOneRealtyAndLoans iPayCashForReferrals JohnFunds

Funded!!! It’s always a great feeling when you’re able to help friends and family. SmoothSailing here on out for this HomeOwner. JohnFunds CaliforniaRealEstate. UnbeatableRates

SOLD!! It was a pleasure representing both Buyer and Seller. When representing both parties you must keep everyone happy and on the same page to ensure a successful Sale for everyone involved. I did just that. JohnFunds. Honest and Ethical. PeopleBeforeProfits.

Funded!!! This HomeOwner needed money from her Equity and needed it quick! She was presented with a business opportunity of a lifetime and time wasn’t on her side. We finalized and funded this loan in less than two weeks. With the equity she pulled from her house she was able to move on with her business venture and not lose an opportunity due to lack of funds. JohnFunds UnbeatableRatesAndService!

FUNDED!!!! These homeowners were paying close to $4500 a month including a first and second mortgage plus CreditCardDebt. We successfully consolidated all their debt into one loan. Along with lowering their mortgageInterestRate we shaved years off their homeloan!!! JohnFunds UnbeatableRates

FUNDED! These homeowners wanted two things accomplished. 1. Maintain a lowmortgagepayment and interestRate 2. Cash out some equity. I did just that. JohnFunds PriorityoneRealtyAndLoans unbeatableRates.

Funded. HomeOwner got the cash they wanted from their Equity and at the best InterestRate Possible. HappyClients are a great sign of good business. JohnFunds Funded AnotherOne. Call me for all your RealEstate needs/Questions. I’m here to help.

Sold!! Congrats to these new HomeOwners. After searching high and wide. We found a home that worked out for these Buyers. The seller had multiple offers and wasn’t going to pick our buyers. After some Negotiation and assuring the seller that we can close without any hiccups they accepted their offer! Sold And Funded. PriorityoneRealtyAndLoans JohnFunds.

Funded! This HomeOwner was in a tight situation. He had a SecondMortgage on an adjustableRate which was starting to adjust on him causing his MortgagePayment to rise and rise! He also had CreditCard Debt that was making his life a very stressful one. This client shopped our offer around with three other lenders (quicken loans, loan depot and chase) he figured out we were the best deal! We successfully consolidated all his CreditDebt and 2nd mortgage all while cashing out $66,000. In equity. All in all he got a fixed rate lower than what the competitors offered and can now rest easy at night knowing his house payment is on a fixed rate, no more credit debt and an extra $66,000 in a bank account. It was a great pleasure be able to assist this homeowner all while making sure he got the best deal possible!! PriorityoneRealtyAndLoans JohnFunds BestDeals

Sold! This 3bedroom 3bathroom House. My buyer was very excited to receive the keys to her new home! This was truly an awesome deal for the buyer. appraisal came in higher than the sales price, she is moving in with equity!! not to mention my lender paid for the ClosingCost saving her THOUSANDS on her down payment. all while getting her a very low InterestRate (3.875% rate fixed for 30 years). Talk about a sweet deal!! PriorityoneRealtyAndLoans Johnfunds

This DistressedProperty was acquired by my Investors and I in October for $325,000. A lot of HardWork, Energy and CalculatedRisk was invested into this Rehab. We just Successfully SOLD this beautiful 4bedroom 2restroom OrangeCounty house for $489,000. Always remember. Your Network will build your Networth. TeamWork HouseFlipping PriorityOneRealtyAndLoans JohnFunds

SOLD!!! It was a great Pleasure to represent these Buyers. This Condo was located in a highly sought out area of SanDimas. The Property was listed for $400,000 and with some due diligence and a couple CounterOffers we entered into contract at $385,000., the property appraised at $400,000 so the buyers were happy to gain $15,000 in equity not to mention the lender paid for the ClosingCost fees saving another $3,500 off the final DownPayment. PriorityOneRealtyAndLoans JohnFunds TheArtOfNegotiation

Sold!! With the right Marketing plan I was able to successfully help these Sellers sell their home for above asking price! This house was on the market for only 11days! PriorityOneRealtyAndLoans JohnFunds TheArtOfNegotiation.

Sold!!! When my Buyers and I entered in contract with this Seller, the seller was very clear that they wouldn’t reduce the SalesPrice nor would they Credit any Money to the Buyers. After careful negotiations Sales price went from $734,900 down to $725,000 with the seller giving the buyers $5,070 toward their DownPayment! I’m here to help! PriorityOneRealtyAndLoans JohnFunds.

Funded!! I was approached by this HomeOwner and she asked me if I could help her lower her InterestRate, liquidate some of her equity to free up some cash so that she could pay off debt and do some upgrades to her home all while making sure her mortgage payment stay low and Affordable. I did just that! lowest InterestRate GUARANTEED!! JohnFunds

Sold!!! Another Successful closed Escrow. This 3Level condominium was listed for $329k and I successfully Negotiated the Sales price down to $310k and also saved them $5k off their final DownPayment. They couldn’t be Happier! Feel free to ask me how I can help you formulate a plan and achieve HomeOwnership. Johnfunds PriorityOneRealtyAndLoans

Sold!!! This Huge 5 Bedroom 3 restroom property was listed for $389k. After negotiating with the Seller. My buyers Successfully Closed escrow at $375k. In addition the lender paid all the closing cost saving them an additional $5k!! PriorityOneRealtyAndLoans JohnFunds

Sold! Not only was this property TurnKey and a perfect fit for the Buyer the lender gave enough credit to pay the closing cost saving $5k off the downpayment. I couldn’t be happier for my buddy. congrats! A true testament to what hardwork and dedication can do. PriorityOneRealtyAndLoans JohnFunds

Sold!!! So happy for these Buyers. They bought this place for $393k appraisal came in at $405k. Buyers got to move in with some equity not to mention the lender paid for all the closing cost! Saving them $5k off the DownPayment. PriorityOneRealtyAndLoans. JohnFunds.

SOLD!!!! I once heard never to mix business with friends, if that's how you feel I say you need to find new friends! With that said I'm honored to have represented my longtime friend since middle school and his wife as Buyers. This house was listed at $700k in the exclusive CovinaHills area. We successfully closed escrow with a final sales price of $638k and got the lender to pay $6000 towards the ClosingCost! I make sure to go above and beyond for all my clients. Especially when they are friends and family. The couple that purchased this house are a true testament to what love and teamwork can accomplish! I'm happy for you two!! PriorityOneRealty JohnFunds TheArtOfNegotiation

Funded! This client wanted to Invest some of her hard earned cash into a Home that would produce positive CashFlow. I was able to help her attain a very low interestRate on her new Mortgage to keep the payments low. Now this house is leased out and her money is now making her money. WorkSmarterNotHarder. I'll say it once and say it again. If you didn't use my services odds are you are paying too much. Low InterestRate EasyFinancing PriorityOneRealty JohnFunds

Sold!! 4 bedrooms, 5 restrooms with 3,126 square feet of living space and a lot size of 18,000 square feet! All this lovely space for only $435,000! The Family that Purchased this house couldn't be happier with their new home! If you didn't use my services odds are you sold too cheap or paid too much! PriorityOneRealty Johnfunds

Sold!! This house in Covina was being offered at $480k I successfully negotiated the SalesPrice down to $460k for my buyer. The appraisal came in at $475k so my buyer moved in with equity and to top if off I got the lender to give my buyer $5000.00 towards his downpayment to cover all the loan cost! The Buyer is super happy and I love making sure who ever I represent gets the best deal possible. If you didn't hire me odds are you sold too cheap or paid too much! PriorityOneRealty JohnFunds TheArtOfNegotiation.

It's beginning to look a lot like christmas. HappyHolidays from everyone here at PriorityOneRealtyAndLoans. GodBless JohnFunds BlessUp

Sold!! These Buyers are one HappyFamily who couldn't wait to move in and raise their child in this BeautifulHome. Congrats to them. this couple is the embodiment of what it is to work as a team with your partner. ProudHomeOwners JohnFunds

Sold!! This situation here was something Special. This Seller wanted to sell this House And sell it fast but didn't wanna budge on price and really couldn't due to the fact on what was owed to the Bank. In order for her to succeed in selling this LovelyHome I lowered my RealEstate SalesCommission. The same day we agreed that I would take a lower payment to sell her home I secured a Buyer and got to represent both buyer and seller. All while obtaining a loan with the LowestInterestRate in today's market for the buyer. Both parties were extremely happy with the end results. I always put my clients better interest before my commission. JohnFunds

Sold!! This was a returning Client. Earlier this year we helped him CashOut from his Equity and now wanted to sell so that he could relocate. I Listed his HouseForSale and got a full price offer in less than 24 hours. List with me with and consider it sold. A solid network is a great Networth JohnFunds

Funded!! This Client was Paying $2500 a month on his Mortgage and was feeling like there was no hope, then he met me. His MortgagePayment is now $1720 and he couldn't be happier. LowestInterestRatesGuaranteed. JohnFunds

Funded. This particular HomeOwner did his home work and Shopped around for the BestDeal possible. I was totally for it. Once he figured out that what I was offering him was the LowestInterestRate GUARANTEED it made everything else go that much smoother. We lowered his Mortgage payment and successfully Liquidated 75k from his equity so that he could start his children's CollegeFunds. JohnFunds

Funded. Clients wanted to lower their InterestRate to obtain a lower MortgagePayment. I did just that for them. Lowest interest rate GUARANTEED JohnFunds.

Funded!! This particular Client wanted a low InterestRate and $150,000 from his Home Equity we did just that! LowestInterestRateGuaranteedPriorityOneRealtyAndLoans JohnFunds

Sold!! This Property was Listed for $268,000 in WestCovina but we Negotiated a Saleprice of $255,000 and got the Seller to pay for our buyers ClosingCost!!! TheArtOfNegotiation PriorityOneRealtyAndLoans JohnFunds

Funded!! These Clients wanted to lower the InterestRate on their Mortgage, CashOut from their Equity and lower their payment. We did just that!! BlessUp PriorityOneRealtyAndLoans JohnFunds MajorKey.

SOLD!!! Congrats to the young brothers (both under 25 yrs old!) who just Purchased their first Home! These two brothers were tired of renting. Now they Own a piece of RealEstate that is cheaper in payment than what they were paying in rent!!!! EasyFinancing LowestInterestRates Guaranteed PriorityOneRealtyAndLoans JohnFunds BlessUp 🔑

Funded!!! Helped these Clients get rid of some high InterestRate Creditcards they also CashedOut from their Equity. Not to mention lowering their InterestRate on their Mortgage resulting in a much lower more comfortable mortgage payment. Not a bad way to start the NewYear. PriorityOneRealtyAndLoans LowestInterestRates Guaranteed JohnFunds

Funded!! These particular clients had a $3,500 monthly debt. With only $560$ to their name. We stepped in and now their monthly payload is $2,700 and they have about $100,000 in liquid cash!! JustInTimeForChristmas GodIsGood BlessUp PriorityOneRealtyAndLoans RealtyAndLoans LowestInterestRate Guaranteed. JohnFunds MerryChristmas

Sold!! Just in time for Christmas. We were able to secure this piece of RealEstate for $15,000 less than what it was listed for. My Buyers couldn't be any happier. GodIsGood BlessUp. PriorityOneRealtyAndLoans JohnFunds MerryChristmas

Sold!! This LosAngeles Home sold for a very LowPrice of $270,000 and is located only 8 miles away from the StaplesCenter and LALive!!! Congratulations to the young couple who purchased this home. PriorityOneRealtyAndLoans JohnFunds. BicycleNotIncluded. 󾓦

Funded!! I'm happy I was able to help these particular clients. They were denied by almost every single bank out there, that is until they called us. Within three weeks my associates and I were able to fund this loan and get them cash from their equity so that they could pay for their daughters college tuition. On top of approving them and getting them the cash they needed we lowered their InterestRate and Mortgage Payment. easyfinancing JohnFunds PriorityOneRealtyAndLoans

Funded!! This Client here was able to tap into her Equity and at the same time lower her InterestRate. easyfinancing. We offer the LOWEST INTEREST RATES IN THE MARKET GUARANTEED!! JohnFunds PriorityOneRealtyAndLoans

SOLD!!!! With Vision, Hardwork and Ambition ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!! This piece of land turned into a Beautiful piece of California RealEstate. The Buyers are happy and so am I!! GodBless. JohnFunds PriorityOneRealtyAndLoans

The Owner of this incomeproperty wanted to cash out money from her Equity without selling her investmentproperty. @nestation and I accomplished just that. LowRates easyfinancing JohnFunds PriorityOneRealtyAndLoans TeamWork

This Client needed help fixing his credit. My team and I stuck by his side helped him fix his credit so that he could take advantage of todays low Mortgage InterestRates. lowering his payment by $700.00. JohnFunds PriorityOneRealtyAndLoans

This particular Client was sitting on a ticking time bomb. With his Mortgage payment soon to adjust he was facing a $1000 increase in payment. We successfully Refinanced his loan getting him a FixedRate mortgage at a 3.8%. JohnFunds PriorityOneRealtyAndLoans

Another Home Saved. This Client was facing foreclosure with no where to hide. My associates and I stopped all sale dates and Modified his Mortgage payment by lowering it $1,100.00 dollars. JohnFunds PriorityOneRealtyAndLoans.

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