What Katie said... Rather it's water retention or fake friends with ill-intent... It's all stressful! Stress is something I deal with, especially internally because I don't always let it show what's bothering me but I'm learning to. Stress, especially with us pre-menopausal women can really have a negative impact on us. Learning to shed the stress of unnecessary people and things will literally save your life! That's why I became a Zumba Instructor because it has really been a saving Grace for me! I thank God for joining such supportive & motivational family that literally stretches across the world! Not to mention, I spend my time meeting new people & touching so many lives... instead of worrying about that, which was doing me no good anyhow!!! Not to mention those endorphins though!! 😍😍😍😍 FitSpiration zumbainstructor zumba zumbafitness zumbatwerkout zumbaclass zin zumbawear zumbalove zumbafamilybodypositive mindovermatter bebetternotbitter youreincontrol bepositive behappy higherself lawofattraction protectyourpeace facts thatpart protectyourenergy positivethinking positivevibes positiveenergy

One of the hardest lessons but the moment you remain calm through the drama, the bullshit and negative people, is the moment you rise betteryourself dontloweryourstandards riseaboveit masterhowtoremaincalm calm protectyourmind protectyourinnerpeace protectyourenergy takeyourselfoutofthesituation protectyouraura lifelessons

Expectation vs Reality ⏳⁠ .⁠ The adage, 'there's always room for improvement' and the increasing prevalence of 'comparison culture' across all platforms can make us feel like we're never doing enough, so with that in mind, why not give one of these podcasts a listen; a gentle reminder that you are not a machine⌛⁠ .⁠ ~ Nobody panic brought to you by comedy duo Stevie Martin (@5teviem ) and Tessa Coates(@wheatpraylove), because we're all in this together ~⁠ .⁠ ~Think again with Jason Gotts - the interview questions you didn't prepare for ~⁠ .⁠ Airplane Mode by GQ - "the switch you flip when you want to step away from the noise and regain your sense of purpose."⁠ .⁠ .⁠ Image:@ohnutco⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ fightthealgorithmbettercontentsustainablecontent ⁣⁣digitaloverload ⁣quotestoremember lifeinsquares inspiredbythis protectyourenergy quotagram mindfullife mentalhealthawareness podcast pursuehappy beyourowngamechanger imperfectboss workingonme slowliving slowlifestyle lifelessons growthmindset mindful wednesdaywisdom wellbeingwednesday wellnesswednesday mindmatters innergrowth innerstrength mentalwellness yolklore thecreamisrising brainfood

DAY 1. WHAT IS HIGHLY SENSITIVE PERSON? It is an innate trait, and 15-20% of people are Highly Sensitive. It's also called Sensory-Processing Sensitivity. It means that Highly Sensitive Person's nervous system is more sensitive than other's, and it makes one notice, sense and feel strongly. That can cause over-stimulation. Things like noise, social situations, crowds etc. can feel very overwhelming. But being HSP is not same thing than being shy, or introvert. Being shy is learned, this is innate and it has had an important job from the beginning. In fact there is Highly Sensitive fruit flies, birds, cats, dogs and horses! It is a survival strategy. Not everyone can be aggressive ones, who attacks without considering. Someone has to be the observing one, who thinks through all the possibilities. Highly Sensitive people have been in important places through the history: Elaine N. Aron, pioneer of studying High Sensitivity, speaks about royal advisers. Priests, educators, counselors, healers, teachers etc. benefits sensitive features. In fact, HSPs are usually very good with people.We sense easily other's feelings, we see all angles of situations, we are compassionate and empathetic. HSPs are very intuitive, creative people, even visionaries because our strong inner world and imagination. Downside of this is that when we don't manage the over-stimulation, we get easily stressed out, we can worry and overthink stuff and be really hard on ourselves. Our kindness makes us put other people before ourselves and it's hard to say no. But luckily it's natural to us to feel drawn to the spiritual, personal growth, and we are more than willing to grow as human beings! WHAT IS AN EMPATH? Empath shares all the traits of Highly Sensitive Person. In fact some might say that all the Empaths ARE also HSPs. However not all HSPs are Empaths. Empath takes High Sensitivity to a lot further: Empath actually feels what others are feeling, and sense energy around them. Empath can actually feel the pain of others in her own body. HERE IS THE QUESTION: Are you HSP/Empath and how does it shows in your life? COMMENT and USE HASTAG SensitiveSuperStarsChallenge

✨ Selenite is the stone of spiritual cleansing. Helps to clear the aura, environment, chakras and other crystals. Selenite constantly radiates Divine Light and absorbs toxic and negative energy, and transmutes it back into light.✨ . ✨These selenite wands are now available in my Etsy shop! Check them out by clicking on my bio link at @mysticmoonhawaii ✨ Love. Aloha. Blessed be! ✨ . . . . . crystals crystalsforsale crystalhealing healingcrystals crystalsphere selenite cleanse psychic aura spirituality divinelight meditation meditate reiki reikiinfused chakras chakrahealing protectyourenergy positivevibes raiseyourvibration ascension lightworker intuitive empath higherself aloha hawaii supportsmallbusiness gift blessedbe

"A Leo is a true leader, friend, lover, and a warrior."🦁♌ . . . We are still in Leo season until next week🤗🤗 Big energy, big kindness, and optimism are some of the traits of a Leo. This lion features an amethyst stalagtite slice and sits on a painstakingly hand knotted necklace of sandalwood and rutilated quartz 🤗🤗 . . . I have just a few more pieces to make until I am finished with the series! They will all be set live on Sunday afternoon 🤗🤗 . . . I honestly dont think I know a ton if Leos other than from a few of my Instagram peeps I have met since starting this little biz 😂😂 Are you a Leo?? TELL ME ABOUT IT! And also happy recent/upcoming birthday 😁😁 . . . crystaljewellery freethinking lookwithin highervibration creativityrocks gratefulmindset betheperson crystalenergy necklaceoftheday havecourageandbekind protectyourenergy curatedlife magicwithin 2222 healingvibrations highenergy witchylife begratefull begoodtoyou highestself bethebestversionofyourself beleiveinyourself rainbowmoonstones courageous inspiredlife naturalcrystal leos liveyourtruth liveintentionally

“Love and peace of mind do protect us. They allow us to overcome the problems that life hands us. They teach us to survive… to live now… to have the courage to confront each day.” — Bernie Siegel protectyourenergy protectyourpeace mindfulness holistichealing calm mind body knowledge guidance universalguidance namaste candlelight peace love

Oh, quite the lesson I learned. Happiness may come from pleasures, happiness may come from values but happiness from excellence, achievements and growth is so under valued. We as humans seek out challenges to grow and validate ourselves. We cannot expect others to validate us but through working through our challenges and improving ourselves, we find a source of happiness that may be fleeting but still oh so worthy of achieving. happiness quotes happinessquotes happinessbegins positivity growth growthmindset cuddletherapy protectyourenergy healing healer cuddler cuddles instadaily instalove growing spreadhappiness quotestoliveby quotes resilience losangeles longbeach

Congratulations to fellow Safa @ketodivaqueen_ for winning today’s KetoKartPostOfTheDay 🎉🎊💐🇿🇦 • • Whilst @nandossa chicken is 100% Keto-friendly, you might have to give up those bread rolls for a bit...but hey, there are easier ways to powder your face. 😉😋 • • Remember to give @ketodivaqueen_ a follow for some great Keto content! 🔑🎼🔥 ___________________________________ www.ketokart.co.za KetoCommunity KetoSouthAfrica ProtectYourEnergy TheSystem PoweredByKetones Ketonite KetoneBurner CleanerFormOfEnergy

Just a reminder to take care of yourself. We live in a busy society where we are expected to keep up with everyone or always be going. It’s ok to say no and slow down, in fact our mind and bodies NEED it! Take some time to protect your energy! blurainmassage protectyourenergy selfcare bodywork antiochmassage

Gun❌ Knife❌ Crystals ✔️ protectyourpeace Get yours today *Link in bio* ***************************************** everydaypoetry statementtee protectyourenergy crystalhealing goodvibesforever wearyourlifestyle spiritualgangsta blacktees blkcreatives quotetees

✨ Mic Drop ✨⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ “If you don’t heal what hurt you, you’ll bleed on those that didn’t cut you “ ✨🙌🏻🙏🏻 This quote is so powerful. The healing process is a journey. One worth dedicating ourselves to day in and day out. The alternative is to cover up our wounds only to see them break open when we least expect it or even without our awareness which results in us projecting and bleeding on to those who don’t deserve it. Don’t do this 🙅🏻‍♀️This phrase is a forever lesson. A “what I know for sure” line. This one is 🗝 for me. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ To those in the midst of their healing process, I send endless amounts of time, love, light, compassion, strength, deep breaths and prayer to you. Keep Going. ♥️🙏🏻🌹✨💪🏻💆🏻‍♀️😘⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ healingwounds lifelessons journey dothework crackopen thislife pastlife bekindtoyourself betrue bevulnerable protectyourenergy youdeservebetter freeyourself freefromtrauma bestrong rememberwhoyouare knowyourworth digdeep release setboundaries letgo letitgo trust letlovein shift yes

• PROTECT YOURSELF. Helaas maken we het nog te vaak mee dat je niet veilig over straat kunt. Of dat je geen veilig gevoel hebt op straat. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Heb jij wel eens te maken gehad met een onveilige situatie op straat? De smurfspray is legaal, veilig en doeltreffend. Your ultimate bagaccessoire!

Good Rising Beautiful Souls!! Did you know that Wednesday is represented by the planet Mercury, which is considered the messenger of the heavens? As such, it’s a great day to focus on communication in all aspects. As it falls in the middle of the week, it’s also useful to reflect on your progress so far this week and what’s lined up ahead. Now onto this reflection which came about from me sitting still and observing the waves 🌊 yesterday. As I lost myself in the simplicity of it all, I became deeply aware of the connection between how effortlessly the waves crashed unto the shoreline and how, in contrast, we try to block what’s coming into our existence. I have to admit that I struggle with this! . Being overly observant and intuitive, especially with people that are close to me, I often see way beyond their actions and to the root cause of their behavior regardless of what they may or may not say. I connect the dots in a way that’s inexplicable and it sometimes leads to my own frustration as I want to control the reality that’s emerging. However, I’ve come to realize that you just have to let people “be” without your interference. That means observing without judgment or making comments. It also means allowing Source to work through you without resistance! Allow the lessons and experiences to show up. If you have opportunities for improvement in this area, simply work on becoming more aware of these triggers and then letting go. Surrender. SmartGirlChronicles. EDUCATE. ELEVATE. EMPOWER. Smartgirlchronicles healing wombhealing awakening selflove gaia goodvibes newbeginnings trust sacredwoman healingjourney peace love vibratehigher selfempowerment innerpeace protectyourenergy awakespiritual empath intuition oneness divine consciousness divinefeminine higherconsciousness healthyself selfmastery spiritualjourney enlightenment paradigmshift

There is so much information out there flashing at you. Even just thinking about something or talking about something to someone you might creepily see an ad about what you were just talking or thinking about later that day. We live in a time where it's super critical to know who you are. With so many people making ALL kinds of claims that doing XYZ is the key to happiness, or that these 10 steps are all you need to be successful in XYZ. Yoga and meditation will change your life, a vegan lifestyle will save the world, stop drinking caffeine to heal your body, read everyday, become a morning person, be more structured, go more with the flow, become an entrepreneur, quit your job, travel, talk to a therapist or coach, etc. I DO believe that yoga & meditation are some aspects of a healthy & well balanced lifestyle. I DO believe we should consider eating less meat & consume more sustainable products. I DO believe in the power of coaching. I DO believe you should follow your dreams, whether that means quitting your 9-5 or becoming the next CEO of Apple. I DO KNOW for a fact that it will be EXHAUSTING to do all those things at once. And what works for one person does not mean that it's the answer for you. That's why getting to know yourself and who you really are critical with so many things flashing at you. Yes, there are GREAT methods to help you live a fulfilled life. The BIG question is do you know yourself enough to tune out all the noise and figure out what's best for YOU? Month 2 of 4 of my coaching process is all about getting to know yourself and meeting yourself exactly where you are. We review your Myers Briggs and Enneagram profiles, find your core values & more. Link in my bio to book a complimentary discovery session (Work with Me). . . . enneagram findingyourself puttheworkin changeyourthoughts beyourbestyou positivepsychology protectyourenergy insearchofjoy trustyourintuition consciousnessshift createyourreality mindsetreset selfaware youhavethepower personalgrowthjourney selfawarenessjourney alifeofintention happyselves yearofyou authenticself purposedrivenlife livewithpurpose successfulminds highestself themellowcoach

Can’t usually control what’s going on in the world. But I can ALWAYS control the vibes at home 😌✨ protectthevibes protectyourenergy home interiors design homedecor plantstyling plantmama cozychic studioliving smallspaceliving dcliving acreativedc // img: Washington, DC. August 2019.

•P E A C E• As I walk down the road, taking in deep breaths of fresh air, savoring the wind against my skin, I feel at peace. I am happy watching trees giving the guard of honor, in the wake of all wandering souls, trying to make the best out of their lives. -Harshita. . . . . . poetrycommunity mentalhealthawareness goodvibes poetsofinstagram poetry poetstribe wordsagram music of mind writers mentalhealth thoughts loveyourself protectyourenergy vibes acceptance treatyourselfwithkindness treatpeoplewithkindness infj trees peace wind

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts...This is a long post but so valuable.Our time is extremely precious. Once a second passes we can't get it back. In a world full of responsibilities that need our time, who we choose to spend our time with is something we must choose wisely. Everyday we all have a choice to make e.g. who we speak to, who we WhatsApp, who we call, who we watch movies with or have lunch with. Are we calling people who will appreciate that we took the time out from our day to call them? Are we having lunch with people who value our conversation? Are we texting people who respond to our messages with a reply promoting conversation instead of a dead end reply that was timed ? If the answer to these questions is no then we need to reconsider giving our time and effort to people who don't appreciate it and give it to people who do. It does not make us less social. It just makes us socially wise...Set boundaries and know the kind of person you're interacting with if you have to. protectyourenergy protectyourdreams protectyourheart protectyourmind protectyourpeace

Good morning! My wcw is myself always and every day! 🥰 If you know me you know I'm not conceded, I just love myself! Have to love you before someone else can. 😘 I hope everyone has a awesomesauce day and love on yourself and those around you! positivemindset positivevibes livingmybestlife protectyourenergy protectyourpeace liveforyou

I'm preserving my energy and not allowing other's low vibrations to trigger me or alter my moods. However, this isn't about you or for you. It's about me and for me. When you love yourself, your peace comes first. Rp:@chakabars selflove disappearing isolate meditate spiritual protectyourenergy

Not everyone is a joy to be around and they are generally full of doubt ,pain, and misery. The thing is we do not have to take on their energy or let them drain ours. It's not anyone's job including yours to fix someone. They will start the healing process if and when they are ready. It's fine to love them from a distance. Protect yourself 😉

Such a beautiful moment. 🌻 . . A wonderful and radiant Divine couple approaches our booth at the @witchwalkdtsa this past weekend to test out our newest Ayawinkakai 🦅 ‘ “Sacred Anointing Oil” for his beard. Not only did he enjoy it, his wife said it made her desire him even more 💕🧔💕wifeapproved beardoil protectyourenergy . . 📸 Intuitive Photography by: @savannaa.tylerr . . . . divinitybyjacklynnicolle ayawinkakai thesacredanointingoil divinelove marriage husbandandwife downtownsantaana love allnaturalproducts divinemasculine masculine beardedmen beards barbershop barbers barbering mensgroomingproducts smoothandclean newproduct

Everyone you are in a relationship with, that's a gift you're giving them. Our time we never get that back. Our energy and emotional well-being that's precious. So set clear boundaries for yourself and stick to them. Acknowledge when someone else's energy is toxic or just doesn't work for you and withdraw the gift of you, if and until they shift their energy and take responsibility for what they are putting into the world. Only allow people into your life that match your sacredness. Follow Me: @tasia_motley To gain insight on how to live a fulfilled, vibrant life of Self Love, Success and Joy! BeSoulfullyYou yourenergyissacred soulcoaching lifecoach intuitivecoach blackgirlmagic soulpurpose selflove selfcare youareenough energyflow lightworker newage metaphysical energyhealing sacredenergy women blackenrichment blackwomen shoplocal blackmen protectyourenergy 757 selfcareissacred energyiseverything energyawareness empowerment empoweryourself loveyourself

Please don’t let the negatives take your shine ⭐️lawofattraction shine positivequotes positivevibes protectyourenergy energyvampires

I am a lucky lady thanks to YOU! All of YOU! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I am thankful for the constant reminders of how similar we all are! For the things I see/read that remind me to feel connected in this sometimes disconnected world! <3 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Be the Light, Spread the LOVE! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ - Christy

Did you have a chance to tune in to last nights episode of "Health in the Hood"? It was 🔥! We discussed ways to deflect negativity & how to train ourselves to take a compassionate & positive approach to criticism. Thank you @provecho_cooking for being an amazing guest & for sharing some of your struggles & strengths when addressing negativity. Our inner energy is affected by everything & everyone around us. If our mental health is affected than our physical health suffers too, so it is our responsibility to protect it🙏🏼. Take a moment to answer the questions below eternally and see if there is a need for adjustment/change. We here at the CHB care very much about the health of your mind, body and soul💚. If you'd like to make an adjustment or change and are not sure where to start, book a consultation with us & we will be happy to help guide you and walk the journey with you😊🌿✌🏼 ⁉️Some important questions to ask yourself 😊👇 1. Who do you surround yourself with? 2. How do they impact your mental health? 3. Are there people who you should set better boundaries with? comptonhealthbar healthinthehood whatshappeningincompton protectyourenergy selfcare mentalhealth physicalhealth blocknegativity embracepositivity MindBodySoul consultations beginyourjourney Repost: @selfcareisforeveryone 🎨 by @crazyheadcomics )

How Is Your Wednesday Going? We Hope As Beautiful As Ours 🤗 ProtectYourEnergy NBCreations HumpDay

Who said you can’t be a boss while crying?! 😢 ⠀ ⠀ Guess what? Crying is a completely normal and natural way of expressing your emotions. We’re humans, not emotionless robots. ⠀ ⠀ A good cry can be cathartic and a safe, natural and effective way to feel your feelings for both men and women.⠀ ⠀ It’s your party & you can cry if you want to. 🎶

Happy Wednesday Survivors‼️‼️ People always want & think they know your life, but they don’t see your struggle‼️ No matter what, keep pushing‼️💪🏽🙌🏽💙🙏🏽☺️millionairemind prayer money peace healing growth wednesdaywisdom happiness wednesdaymotivation wednesdaymorning motivationalquotes men women communication soulmates purpose JoelOsteenPodcast ididitshani selfhelpbooks motivation shanifacts bossbabe bossbae protectyourenergy success protectyourpeace entrepreneurlife entrepreneur toxicrelationships

Put a few in your pocket😘 * * * goodvibes positivity positivevibes goodenergy protectyourenergy protection crystals 📷 @lovebythemoon_au

Morning Musings: ⁣ ⁣ Anyone can look up when things are looking up. What’s really hard is paying attention when things are looking down-approaching chaos, disaster and defeat with earnest determination and loving eyes rather than hateful ignorance.⁣ ⁣ The choice exists to us always and may we choose love.⁣ ⁣ Side Note: I still cannot get over this AMAZING collaboration with all of these super talented vendors. I was so beyond lucky to be asked to be apart of this incredible shoot and to meet and work with these incredible talented people. Words cannot really express my gratitude. 🙏🏻⁣ ⁣ Photographer: @marizieglerphoto Dress Designer:⁣ @hyacinthbridal HMUA:⁣ @eleposh_ Florist:⁣ @oliveandgrace.co Jewelry:⁣ @bessblakeydesign Model:⁣ @lindseybickert ⁣

I am absolutely in LOVE with this yoga mat from @theurbivore! . They are made from renewable resources such as cork and natural tree rubber. . Perfect for a zen home studio. . ✅NO CHEMICALS ✅EXTRA GRIP ✅SELF-CLEANING ✅NO ODOR . Just announced the TSR NUTRITION PLANS will release starting Aug 25th. Available in a 6WK plan $97 or Annual for $297. DM for more details!


Our eyes are placed in front for a reason! The past has nothing new to tell you, but the future does😍🥰 pathoflife nolookingback protectyourenergy thankfulandblessed lifeisgoodtome

My latest podcast episode steps away from history/social issues as the main topic and focuses instead on protecting energy, and knowing your value and worth. ✨ There are some gems that have helped me navigate this journey, so I wanted to share them with you! . . Link is in my bio to listen! (Also listen on Spotify, Google Podcasts, etc.) 🎧 . . sincerelylettie protectyourenergy knowyourworth adultfriendships selfcare newpodcastepisode mindset mentalhealth

— AT THIS POINT OF MY LIFE, IF I CATCH A BAD VIBE IM OUT 🏃🏾‍♂️💨 ProtectYourEnergy NoBadVibesAllowed

What story are you telling yourself? . The narrative in our mind is what will manifest in our life. It can hold you back or it can propel you forward. . The best part is that we can rewrite our story. We can choose to be the hero of the story instead of the victim. We can choose to chase our dreams instead of hiding from our fears. . What you are continuously playing in your mind is being attracted into your life. . Bring your story to life with feelings of joy and excitement. Play this story in your head every night before you go to sleep when your subconscious is the most vulnerable and watch it begin to manifest in your life. 📖

Ladies, it’s not you. If you have been asking yourself, “why does he or she get so upset?” it’s because you are holding a mirror up for them to see their mess. Limitless mindsets often come with a heavy dose of honesty & truth. Whether it’s a relationship, friendship, or situationship, the reason they get angry is because your role in their lives causes them to be reminded of the lie they are living each & every day. No need to return the favor with emotion. Simply take that red flag & stuff it in your back pocket as you gracefully exit the situation. Anyone who is not ready to constructively accept the truth is not worth your precious time & energy. protectyourenergy thetruthispowerful redflags changeyourlife changeyourmindset femaleentrepreneurs womenentrepreneurs motivationalspeaker leadershipcoach motivationalquotes empoweringwomen limitlesswomen womenempoweringwomen celebratewomen womeninspiringwomen limitlesslifestyle limitlessleadership limitlesslady

I made a conscious effort to go from having a morning routine, to a morning ::RITUAL:: Something about simply using the word RITUAL expresses more accurately how magical these ancient Ayurvedic practices are! I see them as magic because they are SO SIMPLE yet do BIG things for our mind, body and soul. They are backed with 5,000 years of trial, success and science. Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga. You can say they were born from the same mother. We all have routines—we wake up, 🚽 release, brush our teeth, etc. But what if we incorporated simple quick things that served us on a greater scale? A wholistic scale? I know change brings up SO MUCH shadow. We immediately come up with a million reasons why we “can’t”. But honestly think about this: How does your routine let you know how you’re functioning on the inside? How is it supporting your digestive system so you have the less stress, great hair and skin? How is it serving your nervous system, stimulates your lymphatic system, enhances blood circulation and the release of accumulated toxins? Would you like to learn more about simple practices that you can incorporate into your weekly routine??! 🤫 Secretly, I hope I got your attention bc you don’t have to do all this “daily” 😂 but it’s optional. Let me know in the comments below 👇🏼💕 . . . . . . . loveyourbody vatamind kaphabody kaphavata ayurveda ayurvedalifestyle ayurvadicmedicine dosha kapha pitta vata mindbodysoul mindbodysoulhealing soulhealing energyhealing energyhealer soulwork wildwomen divinefeminine intuition mindfulness spiritualgangster liveyourtruth raiseyourconsciousness protectyourenergy

Sometimes it take being lost to ‘find yourself’. And knowing & trusting oneself is the single greatest form of power anyone can obtain. 🔑🎼🔥 ___________________________________ www.ketokart.co.za KetoCommunity KetoSouthAfrica ProtectYourEnergy TheSystem PoweredByKetones Ketonite KetoneBurner CleanerFormOfEnergy

Our energy can be so contagious, high vibin or toxic, frequencies travelling so fast in speed. This morning I woke up fully energised eventhough I had trouble sleeping, started playing music. Left my house with good energy, on my way I did not feel overwhelm, I met 3 people on the way@I had beautiful conversations (doesn’t happen on a daily basis in Sthlm), at least not for me haha 😂 one conversation was with a beautiful woman before catching the train, as I was 45 min early. We started talking and she was full of great vibes, we laughed and it was a reminder that whatever frequency we’re in we will attract. I try not to judge cuz some days are low but it’s all energy and that can shift! We have the power of our energy and what we attract 🔥 Keep on fireing, You’re fuckin amazing. Even in your messiness. 😉 Love ya! energy frequency attract vibe yourvibe raiseyourvibe raiseyourstandards everythingisenergy energyiseverything energyshift energyclearing cutchords purple indigo indigochild crystalchild love loveyourself respectyourself protectyourenergy

When you need more time and space to let the creative juices flow again; to get clear again and re-define what's important as you further grow your vision, .... . It really isn't as hard to find either or even both of those things. Time and space, I mean. . Basically all you have to do is prioritise it. Just like you would any other task or activity that's on your to-do-list. . But you already know this! It's just that your to-do-list has gotten so long it has taken over almost every minute of your day. . When have you last taken a hard look at that to-do-list and gone through it with a fine-tooth comb? . A great way to do that - I've found - is through applying theEisenhower principle and ask yourself which category an item on your lists fits into: . 1/ important & urgent? -> you probably have to do it yourself 2/ important, not urgent? -> schedule them and then actually do them 3/ not important, but urgent? -> try to delegate it 4/ not important & not urgent? -> don't do them . Categorising all items - old & new - this way will free up time, simply because you are more conscious of what you say "Yes" to. . Now all you have to do is create space. Since you have already found time, breaking out of the to-do-list cage isn't very hard anymore. . Make re-igniting your vision a priority 1 today! . DO IT NOW before another 5, 10 or 15 years go by and you still find yourself in a trapped in the confines of your to-do-list. . Your vision for life, business or both is too important to come last! . DareGreatly ReigniteYourVision Rulebreaker . Photo credit: Michael Rosner Hyman via Unsplash (1919-13-3) . . . . . coaching setboundaries honoryourself believeyoucan comebacktoyourself reconnectwithyourself connectwithyourself findyourselfagain authenticself presspause takeabreak taketimeout stressmanagement stressreduction stressfreelife stressawareness youareimportant protectyourenergy findyourinnerstrength bewhoyouare spacetobreathe livelifefully vision clarity empowered mountainmagic eisenhowerprinciple

On that note, KEEP GOING!🗣 . GoodMorning SheHustlesGang 🌞 . . . 👭🏽 www.SheHustles.com 👭🏽

Your mind is precious... learn to protect it.... mentalhealth protectyourself protectyourenergy jenporternotquiteketo

We are less inhibited and more willing to indulge ourselves. Love and romance can be favorable. Decorating, beauty treatments, the arts, creative pursuits, parties, dates, and recreation are generally favored now. There is increased sensitivity, affection, and warmth. Love is grand! Affection, love, and romance are in the air. . . . . . cosmicconnection spiritualenergy astrologynerd energy astrologysigns cosmicgirls everythingisenergy sourceenergy energyworker cosmicconsciousness astrologylover universalenergy moonenergy zodiacastrology astrologyreading cosmic cosmicenergy astrology101 vibrationalenergy energyclearing astrologyposts cosmicperspective astrologyreadings energyshift planets energyiseverything astrology divineenergy protectyourenergy energyhealer

today i am an empty vessel but tomorrow i'll emit, feel dem rays protectyourenergy beselfishwithyourself killwithkindness respectothers liveunconditionally

Gm. Time for me to get up. And these 4 steps is so underrated. protectyourenergy 🅱️GoldenTransport

This picture or drawing, depending on how picky you are haha, has something captivating. . We are traces of many things and we have almost 99% of the times a clear bright soul which then is decorated with experiences. . In my opinion it shows too how energy flows around the body, moving dynamically and freely. . What about you?? . . . yogaaddict yogajournal yogaposes protectyourenergy yogaasana artwork artworks_artist artworks trippyartwork yoganidra yoga asanas asanaaddict reikienergy yogapractice artworkoftheday asanapractice energymedicine yogafun yogafit

Know your strengths and weaknesses. Once you acknowledge a weakness you can work around it, improve it and seek advice. For example, if you are a procrastinator, acknowledge this about yourself. When you feel like you are procrastinating, just do 5 minutes of the thing you are avoiding. Those 5 minutes might turn into hours and before you know it, you have completed the task. (Or it stays 5 minutes, but you are on your way of improving the procrastinating habit). ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ selflove selfcare lifecoach healing mentalhealth protectyourenergy friendships healthyrelationships energyhealing honesty positivity positive motivate believeinyourself growth keepgoing goals dreambig inspire yoga meditation loveyourself personalgrowth wordsofwisdom womenwhoinspire lifequote gratitude knowyourworth healthyrelationships messagesfromtheuniverse

Don’t Take Life Too Seriously You’ll Never Get Out Of This Alive...Keep Your Vibes High!...life love laughter protectyourenergy takeabreak healthy

"And I hope you never break yourself trying to heal someone else. I hope you never get in the habit of leaving home and leaving yourself bare to decorate someone else's mental space." - @iambrillyant Artist: @tomaszmroart . . Follow @art_beat for more. . . billychapata iambrillyant tomasz quotes quotestoliveby break heal healing selflove selfcare art artist artistsoninstagram neon butterflies loveyourself advice knowyourworth illustration protectyourenergy protectyourpeace protectyourheart

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