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My friends from @worldofangus sent me some awesome stuff that sent me right comfy town! Their “5 Second Parka” is as easy as it sounds and as comfy as it looks. Also, my sweater doesn’t have sleeves which means I won’t ask Mum to take it off me. Love it, fanks guys! (Not an ad, just love their stuff). cozy warm worldofangus

Jälleen päivä myöhässä.. Maailman paras Lucy jo 6v ❤ rescuedog mylove rescue lifeisbetterwithadog

rescue puppy, Trouble so happy after beach walk @molloy31

Ted was a bit confused by the crunchy water this morning. It was so nice to have a frosty walk, it made a change from all the mud. Chance got to use his new 10m extender lead, he found it a bit heavier but I’m sure he’ll adjust. He can’t use a long line for a full walk as he finds them too heavy and tires out very fast so the extender lead is a good compromise and only use in safe areas. He also got some time off lead today which was good. I know have 5 tired dogs and I’m off to build the pen for the new chickens coming next weekend. tedthebogsnorkeler frostywalk rescue rescuedog romanianrescue romanianrescuedog dog dogs

Sound of the treat bag. cats pets rescue cattery catpurrccinoscafe kittens #котики #котокафе #котята #питомцы #любимцы #возьмиизприюта

Inizia un nuovo corso rescue tdisdi grisusub school seguiteci sulla pagina gardascubalive

👀 Shimmy here. The temperature has dropped. And the parents are wrapping me up like a burrito. It's okay, I quite like it. I feel warm and safe. But no one can see me. Just so you know. I am here. 🐕 ❄dogburrito inhiding safe cosy thegoodlife babyitscoldoutsideadoptdontshop romanianrescueappeal rescue romanianrescuedog buzzfeed daschador rescuedogsofinstagram blackdog rescuedogs family home dogtales dogsbeingbasic chiens hundeaufinstagram muttstagram furbaby mybestlife mydogisfamily dogstagram rescueismyfavouritebreed

Friday-Saturday I got to spend with this person. He's a friend of dad's and mom and dad went to Goethenburg for some thing of mom's. He's really funny, and he yelled at the people setting of those awful explosions in our neighbourhood. 10/10 hero! Safety achieved! Then he said he wanted to marry me, which I thought was a little too much. Dad didn't approve either and mom just scoffed. I am their baby after all ❤️dogsofinstagram amber rescuedog romanian rescue dog dogsitting

Repost @basarnas50kota • • • • • • Malalo, Sumatera Barat, Indonesia Kakansar Padang (Bapak Asnedi) Datang langsung ke lokasi Longsor Malalo, Sebagai bentuk prihatin dan respon akan bencana Kakansar instruksikan Semangat bagi Rescuer Pos SAR 50 Kota dan potensi dalam mendukung bantuan tenaga di ops SAR Malalo ------------------- • • • • • • Kasi Sumber Daya(Bpk.Zulfikar) PH.kasi ops SAR Padang serta analisis ops dan dua (personil sar pdg)kunjungi dan bantu Ops SAR Longsor di Malalo.Sumbar . Bravo para pejuang kemanusiaan . LOYALITAS TANPA BATAS UNTUK KEMANUSIAAN .siapuntukselamat saradalahkita demitugaskemanusiaan rescue loyalitastanpabatasuntukkemanusiaan avignamjagatsamagram . @basarnas50kota @sar_padang @infosumbar @bukittinggipersclub @bukittinggiku @tvrisumbar @infobukittinggi @bukittinggi_rescue_team @pro2bkt @infobukittinggi @bukittinggiku @kaba.bukittinggi @bukittinggisorak @media_kaba12

I woke up to @totoafrica88 yelling at me to wake up and the sounds of screaming and running above me. I heard the police bang on our door multiple times to get out. The absolute terror took over my brain. We rushed to throw on what clothes we could find and grab our dog. Running down the steps, I looked up at the roof of our building. The sight was incredible in the worst way. Flames sprouted wings from the hole burned into the 3rd floor apartment it started from. It was like a dragon, full of fury and might. Tonight, would be a night to remember. The roof of that apartment caved in and the flames lashed out into the air. The roar of it made me tremble. The wind carried its smog across to the nearby building. Sut, smoke, and embers blew across us like a hurricane. I couldn't find the thought to even cry. Our comfy home was being taken. The sorrow is only just now sitting in. The after math was a blessing and a curse. The fire barely reached our apartment, most stuff was spared, however, everything is flooded. Everything smells like water filtered through sut and sadness. My entire LEGO collection and her entire wardrobe had been bathed. I dread the oncoming process of regaining some of our belongings. Thank you to the firefighters that saved our things from the fire and thank you @americanredcross for giving us comfort and aid

The Pawsome People Project was started to bring together like-minded people who shared a common goal - to help the helpless. Our organisation that started merely 4 months ago, has grown to become a phenomenal success with volunteers across the entire city coming together to help the four-legged citizens of our town. The Pawsome Pet-Fest is a fundraiser for our cause, where we hope to raise the money required to take care of our streeties. The event is going to be the first-of-its-kind not only in Coimbatore, but in Tamil Nadu, where animals and humans can come together and celebrate the insurmountable bond that binds us. We have a lot more in store for you, so stay tuned!adoption adoptdontshop adopt dog love dogsofinstagram adoptionrocks rescue doglover family openadoption adoptionislove rescuedog dogs puppy dogstagram rescuedogsofinstagram foster fostertoadopt adoptiveparents instadog hopingtoadopt adoptme adoptionstory pet coimbatore pawsomepeople pawsomepetfest byop

Sigourney Weaver l’a incarnée au cinéma. Voici l’histoire de Dian Fossey.InvitationAuVoyage StadtLandKunst Rwanda Ruanda gorille gorilles animal animals nature forest foret DianFossey writer wild rescue @official_sigourneyweaver @sigourney.weaver.official

Repost @wildislife_zen BIG News: we are so excited to share that yesterday the ZEN herd encountered wild elephants in the forest! Two big bulls were feeding in the forest when the herd saw them and they immediately approached each other. With a lot of excitement and rumbling, the elephants embraced each other straight away. The elephants were together for more than 3 hours after which they left each other. This marks a huge milestone for the project and something we have been working so hard towards. Many of the elephants have been in our care for years and have recovered from severe trauma. This is a crucial step on their journey back to the wild. With the onset of the rains and a huge influx of elephants and other wildlife into the forest we are anticipating lots more interactions like this. Members of the ZEN herd have the opportunity to mingle and bond with their wild compatriots and if they so desire, leave with them into the wild. We will continue to share more updates as things progress. Three years ago, when we assumed management of Panda Masuie Forest Reserve, sights like these would not be possible. BIG thank you to @action4ifaw for their unwavering commitment and support towards the elephants and the project as a whole. @wildislife_zen @action4ifaw wildislife zen elephant rewilding rescue forest hope conservation conservationoptimism zimbabwe africa 📸 Ashwell Nyoni

It's been now 1.5 weeks my little sis arrived and I'd say we're pretty good friends already 💗 Our favourite game is "hide, seek and wrestle". siamesemix siamesecat rescuecat ladyhope rescue adoptdontshop gato kitty kissa catcatsofinstagram siamesecatsofinstagram siamesecatlovers catcollar beauty blueeyes @allcatphotos @allcatphotos300

Ta daaaaaa!!!! This morning I took my first adventure outside! My sister was hiding upstairs but I loved all the new sounds 😍❤️

Kissimmee Fire Department (FL) Hazmat team

hh60 usaf aviationnation2019#飛行機写真好きな人と繋がりたい rescuehelicopter

작년엔 4강까지 갔는데 올해는 16강이라니ㅠㅠ 그래도 수많은 참가자들속에 본선 간게 어디야 재미있었다 그리고 함께였다는게 더 의미있었지 좋은행사 열어주신 두 형님 @i.seeroc_stylesteps @shaman_stylesteps 감사합니다 다음에 또뵈요!!! #비보이 #비보잉 #배틀 #스트릿댄스 #춤 #춤스타그램 #아티스트 #예술 #소방관 #구조대 119 #소방공무원 #불파이터 bboy bboying battle streetdance hiphop dance art artist firefighter fireman 911 rescue Baeknine Baek9

KITTEN_INJURED RESCUE LUCKNOWPAYTM9005437700 GPAY9005437700 DONATE_FOR_FOOD_AND_MEDICATION We recieved a call from Mohini from Chowk that a kitten is at an aata chakki factory and is injured too and isn't human friendly. We sent our Volunteer Rishabh at the factory with the trap and the kitten was trapped and has been sent to our shelter for treatment and foster. Kindly donate for food and meds. 🙏Donate rescuekitten catsofinstagram catstagram catsinneed feral stray care #🐾 #❤️

Bieke bossing the boys on the field! Twee reu labradorkruisingen leggen het af tegen één teef hazewind🤭👋😻. dog dogs dogphoto dogpics dogsofinstagram pets hond hondfotografie galgo galgoespanol rescue labrador pointer friese_stabij hondenkruising bestfriends maastricht ohnotadingo

Ok, so how does this selfie cam work again? I press this circle thing, right? 😹 .cat catsofinstagram cutecats pusa puspin puspinsofmanila oddeyedcat oddeyed heterochromia rescue rescuecat neko gato

Die beiden. 😍 Schwieriger Start und mittlerweile trotzdem ziemlich beste Freunde. Das erste Mal ohne Maulkorb heute und alles verlief absolut reibungslos. 😌❤️ . .mydog slepp tierschutzhund rescuedog rescued rescue tierschutz ttung ungarn hungary auslandshund entwicklung lieblingsbub hundeliebe erstereigenerhund unserweg dog doggo dogsofinstagram myboy beauty beautiful beautifuldog dogsofinstagram winter coldoutside happydogs happy bestfriends

Ninguém irá se importar com a sua luta até que você vença ou desista! O processo é único e exclusivamente seu! Portanto, valorize cada dificuldade, cada aprendizado; evolua! Não espera nada de ninguém; não esqueça de onde você saiu, nunca perca suas raizes, valorize os poucos que permaneceram contigo na dor; não se rebaixe ao nível dos medíocres; não se compare com ninguém a não ser com o seu ontem! Não desista por nada! E faça por você, por quem você ama e pelo que você acredita! Bora 🚀🏆 . . . . . . . . . . . . .cbmerj bombeiros bombeiro bravo mike milico bombeiromilitar firefighter fire cbmmg cbm cbmdf cbmsc rescue wars combate combatente soldado bombeirosbrasil bm rj 021rio mentalidadedesucesso mentepositiva escolhas foco meta proposito motivaço

Eeeeeeeerrrr as happy as I am to see you hooman you are kind of blocking my sun ☀️ greatbritishsunshine sunshine wintersun

We are going to be really cool old ladies.

Happy Caturday 💚 ~ . . . . . . . . . . . . . .adoptdontshop adopt cat cats kittens rescue jeddah_cats jeddah caturday catsofinstagram crazycatlady green nature weekend happyweekend nice whitecats friday streetcats caturday 2020 meow catoftheday#تبنى_لاتشتري #قط #قطط_جدة

Moms gonna do a new photo shoot today. I think we’re done with Christmas. What should we do next? 🤔 PhoenixMizon leopardgecko leopardgeckosofinstagram reptile reptilesofinstagram rescue rescueofinstagram smzoo

A clip from the first episode of babychimprescue on bbciplayer Bbc2 Watch @ben_garrod meet the most adorable chimp babies who have been orphaned, now cared for by the most loving and caring Jenny and Jimmy of @liberiachimprescueprotection. In this clip, Ben is planning lessons for the chimps on how to survive in the wild. More clips to come. Please follow @liberiachimprescueprotection for more info and how you can help. imnotcryingyourecrying babychimp babymonkey cute babyanimals instababies instacute liberia rescue animalrescue rehabilitation extinction bushmeattrade jennyandjimmy bengarrod animalbehaviour conservation primatology donate bbctwo

✨ Tag your mates who would need this 👌 ⠀•⠀ ⠀•⠀ 🌎 🌈 Available in loads of styles, colors with all sizes! Worldwide shipping ✈ ⠀•⠀ ⠀•⠀ 🛍 We now offer 20% OFF and FREE SHIPPING when buy 2! 🛍 ⠀•⠀ ⠀•⠀ ♨ Click the link in my profile to get yours ⏫ ⠀•⠀ ⠀•⠀ ⠀•⠀ ⠀•⠀ savebigcats wild wildlifeaddicts tigercub ecosystems protectanimals animalprotection wildanimal rescuedanimals rescue savetheelephants

Just a little update on our beautiful pup piglet, we are taking him tomorrow to bucharest to the specialist vets first off for an MRI so the surgery has no surprises, he is staying with us in our apartment until then (shhhh) its like having a newborn baby waking up for night feeds but we are coping between us, hes on special liquid food so his stomach doesnt have to work so hard and he needs it little and often, hes a little constipated to so needs a little help there, his insides really are messed up 😪 I would like to thank everyone who has donated so far, thank u from the bottom of our hearts ❤️ he has a long road ahead but with all yours and our help and lots of prayers he will get there 🙏🙏 As u can see in the videos he really struggles with breathing and can only walk a little but we have to keep him using his legs, (again little and often) hes such a loving baby 🥰 http://paypal.me/savealife1710PuppiesOfInstagram Puppies_Of_Instagram PuppyGram Pupstagram InstaPup PuppiesOfIG PupsOfInstagram PuppyDog Adopt AdoptDontShop Adoption AdoptDogs AdoptDontBuy AdoptDontBreed Rescue RescueDog RescueDogsOfInstagram RescueDogsRule RescueDogsOfIG RescuePetsOfInstagram Dog Dogs Dogstagram DogsOfInstagram InstaDog InstagramDogs Pet Petstagram Dogs_of_Instagram DogsOfIG

🖤 Bless this little Koala 🐨 ▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️ Repost @adelaidekoalarescue ・・・ Chomp, Chomp, Chomp! Meet Liam, the most adorable little joey who has been spending every night with one of our nurses. Everyday Liam is getting stronger, eating more and more browse and sleeping a lot like most babies do. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Koalas are very fussy eaters and have strong preferences for different types of gum leaves. At AKR we are constantly replenishing every Koalas pen with new, fresh leaves sprayed with water for hydration - making them smell and taste delicious 🐨🍃 ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ If you find a koala needing help, please call AKR on 0413 185 771 ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀koala joey eucalyptus bushfire cudleecreek cudleecreekfire adelaidehills habitatlost nomoretrees adelaidekoalarescue sabushfires savingkoalas bushfireappeal dontate AKR rescue save sabushfires australiabushfires⁠⠀


مساندينا متابعين بااوز #أنقذوا_الملجأ مساندينا متابعين بااوز يحتاج ٤٠٠ علشان يدخل المستشفى نحتاج من يتكفل به وعلاجه أو تواصلوا معنا واتس اب ٥١١٥٨٥١٦ نسويليكم لينك دفع لأن الجو تاب اللي في البايو يطول🛑🛑💔 حالته أليمة و صعبة 💔 ليس له بعد الله سواكم💔 تخيلوا ألمه فظيع و ما يقدر يسوي شي حيال ذلك 💔💔 نرجوكم ساعدوه أنقذوه💔💔 💔#رحمة #مسلم #قانون_الرفق #شتاء_صدقة #إنقاذ #انقاذ #الملجا #الملجأ #طعام #حيوانات #الكويت #براند #الرحمة #الصدقة #أرواح #الإسلام #الاسلام #براندات #سيارات #سيارة #حقائب animal_rescue help rescue kindnessanimal_experimentcruelty_free_kuwait💔 help rescue kindness💔 Help us by donating through the link in the bio or PayPal Mahmoud.admaamoun@gmail.com الاكاونت برعاية عندك حيوان اليف ؟ 🐱 🐶 🦅 نزل تطبيق ماي بت 🐾🧡 فيه كل شي تحتاجه بمكان واحد😍 ‏1⃣ ‏- قرومنق : لونا بيو - بت ستور - بت بوينت ‏احجز القرومنق من محلك المفضل وادفع واحنا نوديه قرومنق ونجيبه لك جاااهز ! ‏ @my_pet_app 2⃣خدمة مراجعة العيادات البيطرية ‏ @my_pet_app ‏3⃣ بيطري خدمة منازل @my_pet_app 4⃣ تدريب الكلاب منزلياً او بالمزارع مع الفندقة @my_pet_app ‏5⃣فندقة للحيوانات الاليفة ‏ @my_pet_app 6⃣ اكثر من ٢٠٠٠ منتج ‏ @my_pet_app 7⃣ تمشية الكلاب @my_pet_app

A rare glimpse of all three of us together, too bad uncle nicks bed wasn’t cleaned. Would have been a purrfect picture. 😂🐈 ThiefLex CecilPete CrookshanksLionel mainecoon tabbycat mainecoonsofinstagram tabbycatsofinstagram cats catsofinstagram rescue rescueofinstagram smzoo

🖤 Bless this gorgeous little Koala 🐨 ▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️ Repost @adelaidekoalarescue ・・・ Chomp, Chomp, Chomp! Meet Liam, the most adorable little joey who has been spending every night with one of our nurses. Everyday Liam is getting stronger, eating more and more browse and sleeping a lot like most babies do. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Koalas are very fussy eaters and have strong preferences for different types of gum leaves. At AKR we are constantly replenishing every Koalas pen with new, fresh leaves sprayed with water for hydration - making them smell and taste delicious 🐨🍃 ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ If you find a koala needing help, please call AKR on 0413 185 771 ⁠⠀ ⁠koala joey eucalyptus bushfire cudleecreek cudleecreekfire adelaidehills habitatlost nomoretrees adelaidekoalarescue sabushfires savingkoalas bushfireappeal dontate AKR rescue save sabushfires australiabushfires⁠⠀

Gloriously sunny but oh so chilly out this morning. Have had the shed open as it’s lovely dry air with it so cold, and sunshine streaming in the door. I’ve been sealing more bits of the shed hutches tho need to make a couple of missing bits and will only be using 7 of the 8 (or 3 double size plus a single) as one is definitely not sound enough to keep a hedgehog from digging out through the corner. Still, I can use that for storage. Fairly sure bowls or food won’t manage to dig out... 🤣🤣 Had a lovely man Steve pop round this morning to talk pens, and he’s going to be building me two - I am just so grateful for this! One for males and one for females as in together would mean potentially pregnant hedgehogs which restricts medications we can safely use on them. Plus while babies are great, the odds of survival would be slim due to males in the pen and stress to the mothers from disturbance too. Hedgehogs do sometimes eat their young and males play no part in raising them. Back inside to warm up a bit while the hutch fronts dry off before second coat, and the second set in the shed need sealing too in the next couple of days. Hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday, can’t get over the sunshine! Would love more days like this!hedgehog hedgehogs hedgehogsofinstagram hedgehogrescue rescue rehab release wildlife cute spike prickle tiggywinkle helpmehelpthem donationswelcome northamptonshire northants rushden

Me: “P-o-t-a-t-o” Carma: EXCUSE ME! They call me MR. POTATO HEAD!!!!ratsofinstagram mrpotatohead rattielover rescue sanctuary sleepingbeauty

The Further Time-Travelling Adventures of Sammy the WonderDog ... This time in pre-20th century Australia ... he actually still likes to be held like this ... . . . . . . . . .Puppy Rescue RescueDog RescuePup RescuePuppy dogsofinstagram adoptdontshop instapuppy dog dogs puppies athlete athletelife lifeofanathlete vegan plantbased plantbuilt vegetarian paralympian TimeTravel

I went for da walk wif Dad @lkmannju and I saw da big cows. I like dem. I fink dey like me, Dad said da bull might head butt me. I’m too quick cos I like to do da zoomies. Ooh I like da taste of da beer 😋🐾staffy staffordshire staffygram rescue rescuedogs dog dogs dogsofinstagram dogstagram dogsofinsta dogsofig ig insta instaily igdaily instagram melbourne bitter beer

Yesterday morning was spent working on using TSP (transceiver, shovel, probe) avalanche companion rescue skills and practices in Coire na Tuliach. We looked at probing in depth (pun intended) and developing ‘feel’ but using a variety of objects. Following the students put the theory into practice in context. We also had time to quickly dig some emergency snow shelters and whilst not text book (due to snow depth) the guys had great fun digging them. A really good end to a tough week in the Scottish Mountains with the inevitable rain initially followed by heavy wet sleet....however the sun finally made an appearance as we walked out to the minibus we have a great ‘full stop’ to week.snow sleet ice rain rock mountains mountain mountaineering winter rescue skills teaching instructor guide coach avalanche adventure adventuretime challenge learning learn scotland scottish lovemyjob lovemylife liveyourbestlife getoutside outside @ami_professionals @britisharmy @lasportivauk @mountainequipment @metoffice @montaneofficial @harveymaps

helping mom unpack her bag

Oh sweet little darling! Reposting Bindi Irwin’s post... @bindisueirwin This is Connie, named by the @qldpolice officer that brought her to the @AustraliaZoo Wildlife Hospital. Due to drought, the creek Connie was living in dried out and she was unable to find enough food. She is regaining her strength under the care of our vets and will shortly be released into a more suitable habitat. 💙 @wildlifewarriorsworldwide

Buongiorno popolo! Come state? Avete programmi per oggi? Qui ieri c'era il sole e sono andata i giardini con mamma.. Ma solo per 5 minuti perché poi mi si sono gelate le zampine e sono corsa a casa.. Uffa.. Vorrei stare ore ed ore in giardino.. Ma qui fa sempre freddo.. Il sole mi prende in giro.. Ma la prossima volta che lo vedo, gliene dico quattro! allmeowphotos gattissimi tigerthecat keepsmiling smilemore rescue rescued love vitadagatti pets petsofinstagram photooftheday petstagram petphotography cutest cute adorable cats gattiitaliani cutecats caturday catlovers kitten echecats wearenotpets fivcat instacatmeows kira

Unsure wht is this ...? 🤔 There's a huge fan/propeller behind operate by this monster v8 engine 😱rescuerescueboatrescue911Reply/Comment if you know 👇boat,hovercraft V8 magnaflowshipboatpropeller

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