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One massage available for today at 2 p.m. Who needs that little pick-me-up before the school year starts? massage wellness selfcare massageappointment bookyourmassagenow

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2 down 2 to go 😅 . 🧘🏾‍♀️ Day 10 of AloInversions - YogisChoice to Chinstand . Hosts: 🤸‍♀️ @zgung 🤸‍♀️ @syoghina 🤸‍♀️ @shreeyoga 🤸‍♀️ @crizia_rn_yoga 🤸‍♀️ @carolineanneyoga 🤸‍♀️ @kimterpstra_yoga . Sponsors: 🎁 @aloyoga 🎁 @alo.moves . Pose Line Up: 1. Downdog 2. Dolphin 3. Shoulderstand 4. Headstand 5. Hollowback 6. Fold 7. Wheel 8. Pincha 9. Handstand 10. Free choice . blacmarypoppinzsayz finishwhatyoustart selfcare selflove yoga yogajourney myyogajournal yogaheals blackgirlmagic blackgirlrebel blackgirlyoga yogachallenge igyoga igyogacommunity igyogachallenge namaste namaslay practiceandalliscoming trusttheprocess YogaEndsBoredOM BeSillyLaughHardLetGoAndBreathe

It's time for me to unplug and take a break from my digital devices and social media. See you in September! unplugging digitaldetox digitalwellness wellness unplug selfcare ThrivingMindfully

I love and adore all of me, this is my brand of enoughness WORKING ON BEING Playful, silly, goofy, dry, sarcastic, compassionate, truly empathetic, spiritual warrior, yes And-er, naturally creative, dependable, emotionally sensitive, team player, a collaborator, mindful WORK ON FREEING Silent scorner, intense, over-dramatic, angsty, compulsive, passive-aggressive, comparer-disparer * * * * socialmediaforactors socialmediamarketing instagramforactors, twitterforactors facebookforactors actingcareeractorslife actingclass actinglife workingactor actingtips actorlifestyle filmactress laactors nyactor nycactress lifeofanactor nyactors actorsla actinglife childactress voiceacting voiceactor Ivoiceover actingtips Atlantaactors filmactor voiceovertalent theatreactor selfietips selfcare selfaffirmations

#첫줄 💙 비레디 레벨 업 파운데이션 포 히어로즈💙 . ✔ 남성에 딱❗ 맞는 컬러, 하루 종일 탄탄한 밀착 효과로 🌟차원이 다른 남자🌟 피부를 만들어주눈 레벨 업🆙️ 파운데이션 . ✔ 2호 라이언, 3호 제프리, 4호 다미엔 3가지 다양한 컬러로 자신에게 딱❗ 맞는 컬러를 사용하세요💙 . ✔ 99% 향균 테스트 완료된 메이크업 레벨🆙️ 퍼프!! 💙물을 적당량 묻혀 얼굴 안쪽에서 바깥쪽으로 두드리며 펴발라주세요💙 . ✔ 사용 전, 가볍게 흔들어 피부 결을 따라 부드럽게 펴 발라주고 레벨🆙️ 퍼프를 사용하여 밀착력을 🆙️🆙️🆙️ . . #남자파운데이션 #남자메이크업 #비레디 beready withbeready #남자화장품 #일상 #셀카 #셀피 #데일리 #오오티디 selca selfcare selfie daily ootd dailyphoto #협찬 DM dailyinsta dailystyle #팔로우 #팔로워 #인친 #소통 #인스타그램 #은진스타그램 #르뷰 sponsored @gq_korea

🌿Как стать отличницей 🌿 🌿Главные правили 🌿 1🌻наладь отношение и найди свой подход к каждому учителю 2🌻ВСЕГДА делай любую домашку, если даже по желанию ( учетеля это очень ценят) 3🌻Принимай участие в школьных мероприятиях ( олимпиады, какие-то конкурсы и т. д) если даже не выйграешь, ГЛАВНОЕ УЧАСТИЕ. 4🌻 не опаздываю на уроки 5🌻в начале и конце каждой четверти выкладывайся на полную 6🌻 старайся записывать важные знания в блокнот 🌿Как-то так #прически #школа #пост #интересное #инстаграмм #идеи selfie selfcareday selfcarethread selfcarethreads selfcarenae selfcarepage selfcare selfcarelove self care liketame like lives love loveself live lovely backtoskhool

Hi guys go follow @sunsetthreadsx for more cute posts! And follow me @originalxthread for more too! So cute!!💙 TAGS: explore explorepage fyp foryoupage viral explore reposts thread selfcare love healthy selfcarethreads instagram baddie igbaddie tips school schooltips pamperyourself getready grwm night promotions schoolhairstyles grades selfcare

The friend you got angry with because they cancelled might have anxiety The person you called lazy for oversleeping may be suffering with depression The person you mocked for crying over ‘nothing’ may have been holding it in for ages You never know what someone’s going through. theinvivoproject

How do you set the intention of being authentic to your true self? www.seekingempowerment.com TrueSelf Truth Authentic Courage Selfcare Honesty Intuition empowerment clarity mediation divorce cdcdivorcecoach divorcecoach supremecourtfamilymediator

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Nothing is more satisfying than having Self-Awareness and with that I can have Self-Love for myself. Many people think dieting is the way to weight loss but that's far from it. It's so much deeper than food... Once you heal and discover/or bring awareness to what you need to heal from, that's SELF- AWARENESS. Then you can develop SELF-LOVE for yourself FIRST! When you LOVE yourself FIRST then you can show LOVE to others❣ ◇ ◇ Have you purchased your ticket... you don't want to miss this dynamic duo! Invite your family and friends ◇ ◇ This event will be a discussion on Self Awareness, a guide to Becoming a Better Version of Yourself💫 And learning How to Eat to Live, NOT Live to Eat! • • Click link in BIO to purchase Tickets! The Movement Lab 1384 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd SW, Atlanta, GA 30310 BeautyByKaSh BeWellthy SelfAwareness SelfLove SelfCare Growth Alignment ChooseYou EatToLive

Takip etmeyi ve beğenmeyi unutmayın çiçeklerim🖤🌸 selfcarepage selfcarepage selfcare selfcare selfcaretr selfcaretr tea çay kendineiyibak kendineiyibak

Tbh Skinvesting™️ is a real thing 🤑, not only should you invest in quality products to prevent having to spend more down the line to repair the damage using cheap products could cause, but you should invest the time. 5-10 minutes of your day is all it should take & to me, that’s my favorite type of ~self-care~. What’s your fave skinvestement™️ you’ve made this year? 👀 ⁠ TheBarFridayFunnies⁠ ⁠ goodskin SPF skincareroutine skincare skin antiaging like facial dermaplane healthyskin skincaretips selfcare love glowingskin natural beautycare naturalskincare esthetics organic skincareproducts acne itsnotasintoloveyourskin serum spa mensfacials BOOKTHEBAR aesthetics

Los viernes. Éste viernes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . victoriarevol_poesia poetry portrait art selfcare pain

Is is 830am on a Friday and I'm giving myself a foot bath next to my fireplace in my tiny house, drawing and making tea, while talking with some lovely souls that fill my heart with joy. Life gets better, this is a good reminder. selfcare selflove weirdfoottan tinyhouseliving

Bilingualpost! Scroll left for Spanish language graphic. Mensaje bilingüe. Hazle swipe a la izquierda para ver gráfico en español. ——————————————————We all show up in different ways to the world depending upon our experiences and how we are feeling. Whenever there is an urge to judge others, remember we have all been there at one point or another or may be there some day. How would we want others to respond to us when we are struggling? —————————————————— Todos nosotros actuamos dependiendo de nuestras experiencias o sentimientos. Cuando tengamos ganas de juzgar a otros, recordémonos qué quizás hemos estado ahí antes o algún día podríamos estar ahí. Como te gustaría que otros respondieran ante tu sufrimiento? —————————————————— mentalhealth wellness health wellbeing mindbodyconnection selfcare awareness empowerment mindfulness meditation emotions mentalhealthawareness salud saludmental saludemocional autocuido empoderate atencionplena meditacin emociones

🍃“Water if you don’t stir it will become clear; the mind left unaltered will find its own natural peace.” 🧘🏻‍♀️– Unknown . . 🍃«Si vous ne remuez pas, l’eau deviendra claire; l'esprit laissé inchangé retrouvera sa paix naturelle. "🧘🏻‍♀️- Inconnu . . . moments4me quote motivation success inspiration healthy selfcare beauty french frenchskincare madeinfrance mindfulness

The water in a float room is dialed in to perfectly match your skin temperature, which enhances the sensory deprivation experience. Within a very short period of time, you become unaware that you are floating in water and may find yourself moving your arms or legs to confirm you are in fact in water. It is then that you know your brain is beginning to relax. . . It’s almost time to float! . . selflove selfcare rest floatfact floatfactfriday reset creativity visualization mindbody mindbodysoul meditation anxietyrelief painrelief stressrelief headacherelief floating floattherapy floatspa releasefloatspa postfalls comingsoon

Who has inspired you to put YOUR ALL IN this week?! KreyolEssence

Happy Friday to my good vibe tribe! Take a moment just for you today. Relax & always have peace in your heart. ✌🏻❤️ selfcare rest youareloved

Why stress all day...take control of your health naturally with kava and our new Full Spectrum Kava Oil....KAVAPLEX! njoy life…EVERYDAY! Take KAVAPLEX for 30 days and see if it doesn’t make a difference in your ability to relax from the days stress and gives your body the ability to get a more restful nights sleep. Go to ‪KAVAPLEX.com and enter the discount code 30DAY to receive 30% off your entire first order! Kava is nature’s stress reducer and now available in a new oil form that is reliable, effective and good tasting. KAVAPLEX, an oil from the roots of the kava plant from the South Pacific, is safe to use and made free of chemicals, contaminants and mycotoxins. Supporting your body with natural products makes sense! Bring focus and clarity of mind to your life, every day with KAVAPLEX Full Spectrum Kava. losangeles chicago portland seattle austin innergoddess goddessvibes love mindsetisevertything stress stressrelief stressreliever flourished turnonyourpower innerpower bodypositivity lifestyleblogger anxietyrelief mentalhealthawareness turnonyourpower flow selfcare blissful biohacking biohacker fitnessmotivation fitgirlsworldwide relax biohacker

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Really happy with where my new training program is taking me. Seeing things I haven’t seen before makes me giddy like a kid in a donut shop. Wait...that’s me. ...and on a side note, life is great! gym fitcf motivate workout fitness fitness fitfam exercise health nutrition wellness selfcare dedication determination everydamnday workforit getafterit

Сохрани,что бы не потерять💖 . . . . #селфкейр #селфкаре selfcarepage selfcare selscarethreads

This week’s episode is all about a more mystical aspect of yoga philosophy- the chakra system. ✨ . For some, the energetic architecture of the body may seem theoretical, for others, it’s a useful healing resource✨ . If it’s true that the balance of centers of energy within can influence everything from how well we process emotions to how confident we feel, maybe it’s worth looking into! 😊 . @aimee_pruitt and @lisadumasyoga share how working with this system has brought positive change into their lives and they realize that one podcast does not do this topic justice, so enjoy part one! Click the link in the profile to listen to the show now 💛 . yoga ayurveda realtalk womenwhopodcast radiant warrior

Главное расслабиться и ваша фотография получится классной❤️ Подпишись если понравилось💃🏻 selfcare #позыдляфотосессии #позыдляфото #позы #позысидя cэлфкейр love pose poses

Если понравился маник🦄 С тебя лайк и пдписка👍🏼☝🏻 . . . selfcare ceлфкape selfcarelove #лето #лето2019 #лайктайм #лайк #взаимныелайки #взаимнаяподписка #вз #взаимныйпиар #пиар #пиаригра #всевзаимно #взкоммент like top waw f followforfollowback follow follow4followback followback followmeto #селфи #идеидляселфи

My favorite thing about the nonprofit sector is all of the other brilliant and inspirational women I’ve gotten to know. . Mission driven work isn’t always easy, but having a good support system makes it a lot more manageable and fun. . Who’s your work bestie? Tag them below! . . . . . nonprofit philanthropy fundraising donate volunteer charity dogood socialgood activism personalfinance financialfreedom career careergoals financialcoach financialcoaching moneycoach moneycoaching buildwealth nonprofitlife missiondriven missiondrivenmoney socialwork selfcare studentloans msw ynpn

Friday! ✨ I woke up and decided to share some real shit! Smiling through pain is honestly something I have mastered. If you know me and you know me well you know this. I am super emotional but I really only choose to let that wall down in front of few. Reality is...... when you don’t allow yourself to FEEL things, the consequences are sometimes worse than the initial emotion! HARD DAYS ARE OKAY! today is going to be a hard day. See you laters are hard for me, change is hard for me, and my siblings are everything to me... (I’m BAWLING) and its okay! Being a human is what makes you a boss! Today my little sister starts the next chapter of her life, college! I am so proud of your growth, your humor is unmatched and your fierce personality will get you so far in life. I’ll make sure. I love you @zuva.zimbwa Be smooth 😭💕 tatendaxo miarcleface starbucks anxiety styleblog lifestyleblog targetstyle minneapolisblogger nurse selfcare skincare nordstromrack lifestyle fashionblogger lorealskin adidas nike minneapolis gojane blogger americaneagle nordstrom veganleather girlboss whatiwore selflove momlife

Kimlərdi bunlar?😂 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹 Səhifəmizə buyurun🌺🤗 –>@bducaps 💜 ° Kaydet keşfetə düşək💙 #🥀 Digər səhifələrimizə göz gəzdir: @selfcare.sjjk @btswall_ @kitab.aze ° baku ganja like4like like4comment azelike aztagram azerbaijan love couplebest aktiv aktivler azerbaijan🇦🇿 bts jk rm v suga jhope jm jin jikook vmin btswall selfcare ly vs

anxiety is a pain in the butt and a lot of people struggle with it. This is MY self talk not anyone how I think anyone else should handle it. If it helps you, awesome. The past few days pulling up my big girl panties has worked. I'll take good days when I can get them. mentalhealthmatters selfcare keetrying poetry kaytofwands

Y yo acá, en mi casa, haciendo fuego para calentarme, que paradójico no? El Amazonas en su proceso, la Tierra en su transformación. . Me duele lo que sucede en el Amazonas y me duele ver que pareciera que hay lugares nuestros ( como humanos) que no respetan al otro, con todo lo que es y todo lo que trae ( ahí me lleva lo que sucede con las culturas que viven allí) . . Para mi la cosmovision de los pueblos nativos me referencia, me enseña a aprender de la vida, me trae información sobre cómo párame en la Tierra para escucharla, respetarla y honrarla. . Pero cuando me doy un permiso a sentir ese dolor en mi cuerpo, ese dolor me atraviesa y lo que encuentro es un lugar que siente que es parte de la vida. . Me saca de la guerra, de los buenos contra los malos y me permite sentir que la transformación sucede juntos. Desde La Paz, accionó, desde la reacción soy parte de eso que resisto. . A su vez reflexiono: cómo se yo ( “yo” : partícula de vida) que todo lo que sucede no es en sí mismo parte de algo que tiene una sabiduría mucho mayor que la mia? Como es que se me ocurre creer que la vida es víctima de alguna circunstancia, cuando la vida lo es todo? Si yo veo en la calle a la vida abrirse paso en la grieta del asfalto, como puedo desconfiar de su fuerza y su caudal? Agradezco cada oportunidad de sentir la vida, honrarla y apoyarla, sabiendo que no se nada, y reconociéndome una partícula sintiente que puede decidir, desde donde accionar, en cada oportunidad, en cada momento. Decido confiar en la vida. Y volver a agradecerle por su sabiduría infinita, el gran misterio❤️ . . Gracias . amazonas noteolvidesderespirar confiar . autoconocimiento aurareading lecturadeaura mindful mindfulness desarrollopersonal personalgrowth selflove selfcare motivation motivacion wellness bienestar intencion intention spiritualawakening consciousness igersuruguay igersargentina uruguay argentina irinasbaglia

When things seem bad, remember the light at the end of the tunnel. Cheesy and cliche: yes. But nevertheless very true. ... National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 Alcohol & Drug Hotline 1-800-923-4357 Depression & Suicide Hotline 855-985-6984 ... activemindsutsa activeminds mentalhealth mentalhealthawareness stigmafighters youarenotalone yougood hereforyou selflove selfcare seekhelp gethelp

@_jemnails will also be one of the local vendors at this fabulous event! Glue-on nails are an easy and affordable alternative to salon done nails. Do them yourself, and do them within minutes! You won't believe how easy it really is. . . . supportlocalyegyegnailsfemaleentrepreneurfemaleentrepreneursedmontoneventsedmontonentrepreneursyegentrepreneursbeautybeautyproductsdiynailsofinstagrambeautyonabudgetbeautycareselfcaremarketyeglocalyegyegbusinessnaillovepressons

... 𝑰𝒔 𝒕𝒓𝒚𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒕𝒐 𝒃𝒆 𝒕𝒓𝒆𝒏𝒅𝒚 ☁️🍼🍭🌈 . . . . . Please please please make sure too eat food if you haven’t already and drink a little even if it isn’t water, and remember you are LOVED!! ☁️🌈 . selfcare selflove loveyourself iloveyou aesthetic 90sgrunge grunge instagram twitterquotes twitter twitterthreads 80s glowup glossier prettygirls youarebeautiful food eat water drink . . Ps. I love you ✨☁️🍼🌈

This beautiful lady lost her life and her future because she put off going for her smear. Please do not let this happen to you whether it’s fear or embarrassment. We ALL deserve a beautiful life, if you are overdue or due a smear please make that appointment today. If you don’t do it for you, do it for the future you, who deserves a long, happy and healthy life nofearforsmears

Muddy, wet yoga in the rain while the birds narrate. Is there anything better?! Yoga is not about being sexy. It’s not about prancing around in a bikini or skimpy clothing. I’m not graceful, flexible or any of those things. I run a ridiculous amount of miles each week and run dozens of ultras per year.. Yoga is not some song and dance for me… you don’t need a sports bra or bikini and you certainly don’t need sexy lighting or a gym and moody music. It’s muscle and soul care for this mountain runner. Please don’t ever think that you need to be flexible or graceful to do yoga. That is the least of what yoga is.

Drink more water 💧 Meditate first thing in the morning 🧘🏻‍♂️ Exercise often 🏋️‍♀️ Eat more veggies 🥦 Forgive yourself for any mistakes you’ve made trying to survive 🌺 Love yourself 🌸 Spend time alone to recharge 🌊 Create something daily 🎨 Journal 📓 Can you think of anything else to add to this self care list?

Lash lift on point!!! 🤩 What a perfect way to start the weekend! 🙏🏻💕

New friend! Have found lil froggy living underneath the rose pot, actually, in-between the plastic liner and the ceramic pot. There is a space for water in there so froggy spends part of the day in the water chillin’, and partly hanging on the ledge of the pot with those cute little suction cup fingers!😂 Lil frog is adorable. It recently jumped from my rose-pot to my rosemary plant. He owns two homes now. Sounds like I got a frog friend who loves hangin’ close to home and anything related to “rose”! So sweet having a little amphibian friend who likes living by your doorstep so each morning I water the plants we chat a bit. Also gave froglet a small pond (I placed water in a container next to the plants)😂🥰Animals are pure delight. Of course I’ve been looking up frog medicine to understand the message this little one brings. That’s my frog story for Friday🐸💙

.⁣ 🔥Enjoy some candlelight 🔥 ⁣ .⁣ Did you know it is the flickering flame of a candle that helps calm and relax us?⁣ .⁣ Have you noticed that when you gaze into a candle’s flame you subconsciously enter a meditative-like state? When we look at a flame, our brain actually shifts from a beta (alert and reactive) to an alpha state (relaxed and creative). This allows our mind to slow down and relax. ⁣ .⁣ Take some time tonight to turn off the lights and light a candle or two (or three or four). ⁣ .⁣ loveandbroccoli wellnesscoach relaxationtips reduceanxiety⁣ .

Hablemos de girasoles🌻 No, de verdad. Desde esta mañana he estado pensando que nosotros como personas somos girasoles. Me explico 🤔 Desde hace un rato ya estoy trabajando desde la casa, lo cual por supuesto limita mis salidas pues porque no tengo que usar transporte público, que para el que sabe en esta ciudad es un caos!😬🚌 Después de un par de días así sin salir, solo trabajar y ver netflix, comencé a deprimirme. Si, a sentirme asfixiado, solo(aunque no lo estoy) y a sentirme vacío. La depresión es cosa seria amigos, entonces me preocupaba, me daba ansiedad entonces se convertía en un ciclo interminable. Luego leí eso de que los girasoles cuando no tienen luz del sol se miran entre si y el concepto me pareció genial! 😁🔝 Entonces moraleja 1. salir a tomar sol de vez en cuando ayuda a montones💯 2. Si te sientes abrumado y tomar sol no es de mucha ayuda, siempre puedes mirar a los lados y buscar a tu gente! 👫👬 Por cierto, este cuadrito es de una artista Barranquillera, está hecho todo en papel, está genial cierto ?✊ Y ustedes que consejos tienen para eso del selflove ?

dažas jūsu iesūtītās neveiklās situācijas🍭 [follow @lvselfcarelv (me) for more!] '🍬' tags: selfcare tips threads care selflove twitter beauty advice bodycare fashion trend friends follow likeforfollow likeforlike cutie diy vibes positivevibes girl makeup tutorial

My little buddies! . Something you may not know about me is that I’ve went to the hospital twice in the past thinking I was having a heart attack and to my surprise find out it was an anxiety attack! It started when I was packing to move across the country (wonder what triggered it lol) . With exercise, good food and seriously just looking after myself I can control it and even forget it’s there. . Well for the last little while I’ve really been struggling to get back on track and my body is now telling me enough is enough! My anxiety has been horrible which for you who have it know that it affects EVERYTHING! . As I’m sitting at my desk trying to focus on work, my chest starts to feel sore... my mind racing a mile a minute and of course stupid thoughts going through my head that aren’t true... I finally listened to my body! . To help calm myself, I took some magnesium which helps you relax and has been so amazing for my anxiety.. I then went outside and soaked up some beautiful, beautiful vitamin D😎(also taking again by supplement) . If you battle with anxiety, share what helps you 👇

Five a day keeps you smiling all day ❤️

PARA UN FÍSICO KETO! 💆 . Vi por Instagram las reviews y opiniones de estos productos, los cuales son, cruelty free y veganos!!! Son customizables. Tú les dices qué tipo de cabello tienes y cuál sería tú objetivo con él. puedes elegir el color, el olor! Y puedes poner tu nombre en él! Es genial. Lo he abierto y el olor me ha vuelto loca! Aparte, viene con unas pegatinas suuuuper bonitas para decorar tus botes! Ya os iré diciendo cuando lo pruebe, pero de momento, me encanta. Gracias @functionofbeauty !!! 💖 . keto ketogirl chicaketo poniendomeguapa porqueyolovalgo oleyo functionofbeauty shampoo conditioner champu acondicionador melocoton peach ketobeauty ketofriend beautyandketo beauty cosmetics selfcare mimos memimo spatime spaencasa mecuido mipeloyyo

Feeling overwhelmed? Anxious? Unfocussed? . Starting your day with intention will change your life. ✨ . Being highly sensitive to the energies around you, makes you prone to feel overwhelmed easily. This may drive you to avoid crowded places, to cancel plans, to call in sick. and although alone time is essential to recharge, fleeing from the world is more of a victim mind set. ✨ YOU can make changes in how the world affects you, at the start of your day. ✨ Creating a self care ritual will help you create your day, how you want to feel, what you want to experience, what you want to do. ✨ What helps me? I meditate. Daily. Having done this for the last 3 years I can say it brought me space. When something happens, I now feel more space to respond, instead of react. ✨ I use affirmations. Phrases that are powerful attributions to yourself. Remember, all our beliefs are based on messages we received in the past. By creating your new affirmations, you can influence and alter your beliefs. about yourself. about others. ✨ I set intentions. On how I want to feel. On what I want to do. On how I want to show up. ✨ I practice gratitude. Writing down things that i am grateful for in my life. Not a list to completions, but at least 3 things daily. Really feeling them. ✨ And I journal. on how I feel, my affirmations, intentions, on whom I wanna become. A compilation of the above. which aids in imprinting them in my head as a centering thought throughout the day. ✨ I did not implement all these habits overnight. They take time to sink in. But they work synergistically. And make me feel powerful from the start of my day. ✨ Do you start with a self care ritual? Tag someone who might benefit!👇🏻

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