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Harlan, on the stairs, contemplating whom he will trip next … cats catstagram catsofinstagram cats_of_instagram Harlan cat rescuecat sheltercat shelterpets adoptdontshop adopted adoptedcat FIVkitty FIVcat FIV orangecats stealthcat @johnyunker

🌞🍃  Good morning beautiful.  みにゃさん、おはよう!  モハモハな胸毛と朝のグリーンの綺麗な目 maxandoliver catsofinstagram love cat adoptedcat adopt catslife loveofmylife cute lifewithcat #さばしろ #ハチワレ部 #しろくろねこ #保護猫 #多頭飼い #ねことの暮らし #にゃんすたぐらむ #仲良しねこ #ねこのきもち #ねこ #ねこすたぐらむ #宝物

How much for the tuna ? 🐠 😋

Just checking up on the tiny humans through their own little gate. (And moments later, the tiny humans were checking up on Tubbs!) familycat childsafetygate adoptedcat rescuecat

Play time with Jack. Jack is a rescue. He was dumped with his siblings at the Vet’s office where my daughter works. She adopted him and fed him with a syringe until he was able to eat on his own. adoptedcat rescuecat cats_of_instagram cat_features catplaytime happycat

“SMILE!” 😺😻 Hope you had a happy day!happytiggs cat adoptdontshop adoptedcat rescuecat tabby tabbycat iadopted catsofinstagram catoftheday catsandcameras

sʜᴇ ʟɪᴋᴇs ᴛᴀᴋᴇ ᴘɪᴄᴛᴜʀᴇs ᴀɴᴅ ɪ ᴇɴᴊᴏʏ ɪᴛ •catlife adoptedcat needlove catfood

Our thought: We take this as cats just knowing what they want and going for it. Or being selfish. Either way. . Follow @dafreecat for more😺😹 .thecatempire catoftheworld thedailycat meowing catsoftheweek catpicoftheday purrpurrpurr sleepingkitty spoiledkitty catsnuggles playfulcat thecat meows cats_today instacat_meow adorablecat adorablecats adoptedcat cat_of_the_day cat_of_world cat_of_day cat_of_the_world catstuff bestcataward bestcatsclub cat_delight catsoftoday catractive cats🐱

Play with me now, or I will not move. Yes, am sitting on your laptop on purpose 😼 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••catsofinstagram cat tabby domesticmediumhair cats catstagram ilovemycat catlife cat_of_instagram catlovers catsagram catlove catsofinsta catlover catphoto pet pets petsofinstagram petsagram kitty adopted adoptedcat sheltercat whiskers adoptdontshop meowed

... Meet Butch! He is the sweetest little snub nosed gremlin ... who sounds kind of like the predator when purring!!! . Thanks @real_orange_joe and @nannyoggpotter for allowing me to take on this little beastie! ❤ . . .mixedbreed adoptedcat snubnosedgremlin gremlincat ilovehim predatorsound predatormovie aliencat clickingsounds whatfuckery?

What are you doing in the shopping bag?🛍 I want to be there, too!! -Tetsu 😺 Happy wickedcatwednesday ✨ おはにゃう!にいちゃんそこで何してんの?かくれんぼ?😺 紙袋があったらとりあえず入っとく、のが猫ですね😆cat cats adopt adoptedcat catlover #黒猫 #保護猫 catstagram nekoandlilifruends catsofinstagram instacats petinstagram ilovecats catoftheday catsoftheday blackcat blackcats #ねこ #猫 #ネコ blackcatsofinstagram animals kitty #くろねこ部 black_cat_crew #はちわれ

不闹的时候真好 . . . . . mycatisawesome catlover catsofinstagram catstagram catoftheday cats_of_instagram cat mycat kitten kittens kittensofinstagram cats catslovercatlove catlife #猫 meow meow🐱cat_features lovelycat kitty #土猫 #铲屎官 adoptedcat meandcat catandme

おはようございます。 レモン&シロー。 #鎌倉ねこの間#保護猫カフェ#猫カフェ#保護猫#猫#子猫#癒し#鎌倉#大仏近く#古民家#古民家風カフェcatcatskittykittencatcafecatinstgramadoptedcatadoptedcats

おはよう #カレー ちゃん 🍛 #猫 cat #カフェ #中崎町 #子猫 kitty #天満 #中崎町 #保護猫 rescuedcat kitten #仔猫 adoptedcat#茶虎 redtabbycat #カレーちゃん #カフェマラッカ cafemalacca

La vie est dure et je suis tellement fatiguée 😂🤤 catsofinstagram adoptedcat sleepy sleepycat mignon minette chat petitbouledepoils miaou catlover catoftheday pet petstagram

Our lovely Mango has been adopted! In honor of her move home here are a few adorable photos! Let us know if you have a favorite one✨ The last slide is a video of her with her new cat mom, and if you met Mango you know how amazing it is how trusting and affectionate she has become. Truly heartwarming 😻 We are so happy for her! 😺

G'nite from Batman Armando 🦇💤

Hi, I’m Mitsume. I’m shy like my paws, but I’ll be open-tailed after 1 min when we first meet up 😽 and that’s why I’m Mitsume a.k.a the IScream cat 😹😹😹😹😹 .life cat mačka love positive goodvibes taipei taiwan neko #ネコ #ねこ #猫 lifegoeson thinker thinkingminds lifebegins adoptedcat catperson animalperson lifeisgood loveyourself adoptdontshop bigcat

Pues hoy nos despedimos de Sardinitas con unas cuantas lágrimas. En nada estará ya con su familia definitiva :') 🐱 sardinitas sardinillas sardi elgatosardinitas cats catsofinstagram gatos rescuedcat adoptedcat gatorescatado gatoadoptado fureverhome homesweethome hogardulcehogar adoptdontshop nocompresadopta

Furiends... Iz just gots TWO pokies in my bum bum and sum yellow stuff Iz had to lick. As well as dis brown stuff that Iz have to take everyday for a month (it iz really yummy) because I’m still havin cough attacks! Iz DO NAT like this vet situation 😿 who’s wif me to take down the vets!! • • •Cat Instacat Instacats Housepanther Instacat_meows Kitty Kittycat Catofinstagram Cutecat Instapet Catoftheday Kittylove Instakitty Cateye Catlover Cateyes Catlovers Cutecats Animals Catlove blackcatsofinstagram Kittens Petsofinstagram Catstagram Kitten blackcatsofinstagram Meow ilovemycat adoptdontshop adoptedcat adoptedanimals

I’ve got my eye on you, Finn. 👀

Repost @iris_siamois • • • • • ÉMOTIONS 🎨 ! . Ma siamoise partage mes émotions. Elle m’a appris que je devais prendre soin de moi, pour son bien-être. C’est la meilleure motivation que j’ai trouvé. . Même située à des kilomètres lors de mes concerts, elle fait la fête. Comme si elle ressentait mes émotions. . Mais ... c’est normal. Nous sommes connectées. Nous sommes siamoises 💙.

Paid the deposit on my half sleeve AND got a cat, right out of the blue, yesterday. Feeling hella relieved to be able to find the wee ninja today, and super chuffed he’s up for head scritches now; even though he pee’d on Sam’s shoes. He may be matted and chunky, but he’s a very handsome boy with big green anime eyes 🥺 dunno why he’s so in love with the bath though – maybe because he really needs one...NewCat AdoptedCat NeedsaSeriousDietPlan ChunkyButFunky blackcatsofinstagram catsofinstagram rescuecatsofinstagram mycatlookslikebatman BatCat

Guys, JennipurrGrey has developed a tiny white spot on her nose and it's my new favourite thing. . . .yeg yegcat adoptdontshop adoptedcat kitten

Sparkly little eyes 👀 ✨ 📸 @flutterterby

My parents adopted me exactly 1 month ago today! 😻🎉 Meowmy said I've grown a lot and that I look like a panther now! 😼 And I have yellow eyes, so my name fits me better! 🍋 Happy Wednesday Furriends, I hope you're having a pawsome day 💛🔥 . . . . . .catsofinstagram catstagram instacat instagood blackcatsofinstagram blackcat blackkitten purrfect cats_today cat catmeowdels cats_of_world kittycat cutecat cat_features petsofinstagram petstagram pets my_pretty_pet animals animalsofinstagram adoptedcat catlover catoftheday cat_delight dailycates dailycats pawshcatclub balousfriends

Happy WhiskersWednesday from Galaxy, who also wanted to share her fluffy tummy with you. You’re welcome! 🐾🐾 . . .Galaxy Cat Kitten Adopt Rescue AdoptedCat RescuedCat AdoptDontShop Tabby Stripes Whiskers WhiteSocks Mittens TabbyCat StripyCat SleepyCat PrettyCat CatsOfInstagram Catstagram

【モジヘイ君基金】 いつもFacebookをご覧頂きありがとうございます。 和泉市のとある公園で地域猫として暮らしていたモジヘイ君。 ある日突然歩けなくなり、10歳を越える年齢である事もあり、当会で保護しました。 色々検査をしましたが、まだ原因が特定できず、歩けない状況が続いております。 医療費も高額になってきており、またこれからも継続して、医療費が必要なため、皆様に募金のお願いをさせて頂きたく、ご協力の程お願い申し上げます。 どうかこの小さな尊い命に心をお寄せ下さい。 1口1000円として、1001円。 お気持ちで何口でも。 ※お手数をおかけしますが、 数字末尾に1をつけていただけますよう お願い致します。 ◎振込先 『イズミ・ネコロジノカイ』 和泉・ねころじの会 ① ゆうちょ銀行 店名四一八 店番418 記号14130 番号58576191 普通預金口座58576191 ② りそな銀行 銀行コード 0010 店名 大阪営業部 店番 051 普通預金口座1655755 皆さまよろしくお願い致します。 #保護猫 #里親 #さくら耳 #地域猫 #遺棄は虐待 #殺処分ゼロ #生体販売反対 #野良犬野良猫に罪はない kittens tnr animalpolisadoptedcatcatstagram

Human.. look at me🙋‍♀️.. ones again I’m above you as your KING🦁👑 love catlover MrStellan animallover catsofinstagram catstagram cat cats meow street-cat adoptedcat rathunter katt gingercat

Look at Irma 🐾😻 Such a cutie when she is enjoying the cuddles 💕


Ce soir, on regarde @topchefm6 . . .chat cat adoptedcat instachat jaimeleschats ilovemycat jaimemonchat chatroux catofinstagram cats_of_instagram

Cheeky little kitty🐱😊😋 cute furbaby adoptedcatcat pet petlove

Whisker Wednesday 😻 ▪️ Look at these modelling skills!! I could be on the cover of Vogue you know, I mean, this is picture purrfect!📸 ▪️ ▪️ ▪️sheltercat catsofinstagram adoptedcat oneeyedcat oneeyedcatclub oneeyedcatsofinstagram piratecat adoptdontshop fivcatsofinstagram fivcat fivcatsrule fivcats catlovers cats_of_world travelgram travelcat travelingcat cats_today cats_of_the_globe catsagram catsoftheday catsoftheweek cat kitten furbaby instacat instadaily petsofinstagram modelcat catmodel

In the words of Cooper the Photographer Cat “Holy mouse farts!” Chipmunk treats are running around outside! sunshinecat spiritkitten adoptedcat

Training for the boxing match 💪🏻 cat cats catsofinstagram catstagram cats_of_instagram catboxing boxing boxingtraining boxingworkout catstrong strong personaldevelopment personaltrainer personaltraining russianblue russianbluecat adopted adoptedcat rescuecat rescuedismyfavoritebreed rescued whoreallyrescuedwho whorescuedwho #русскиеголубыекотята #русскиеголубыекотики #русскиеголубые #русскиеголубыекоты #мяу #мяумяу #коты

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