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Ipso facto is a Latin phrase that means by the fact itself. Ipso facto can be used the same way you’d use the phrase “because of that fact…”. Even though it’s not an English phrase, ipso facto has been in use for long enough that there’s no need to italicize it. law supremecourt highcourt india justice love legal lawschool bjp court satlok_ashram_news advocate newdelhi livetelecastofsantrampaljicases instagramer supremecourtofindia modi lawofattraction pokemonx worldnews boollywood salmankhan congress sa_news_channel justiceforbullies viralnews news lawmemes lawyer followforfollow, I'm using @tagsfinder_com (www.tagsfinder.com)

@blessthemessy said it best - times are tough and it’s okay to give ourselves a break. Its okay to feel different to usual, things ARE different to usual. And this too shall pass. But in the meantime, be kind to yourself. You’re worth it 😌covid19 covid coronavirus stayhome monday motivationmonday mondaymotivation loveinthetimeofcorona care selfcare love selflove mentalhealth compassion community activist advocate feminist

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The Global Pandemic concerning the COVID-19 has the world in its clinch. The Economic slowdown and Health crisis is both uncalled for and unbearable. The burdden is on everyone and thus primitive parts of the society is coming foward to contribute to aid people in such scare times. In wake of the same, Supreme Court Judge Justice NV ramana has made a contribution to relief funds as India is on a stanstill due to the corona srpead. Follow us @sonisvision for daily legal updates You can also connect with us on Whatsapp @8764001181 You can also Subscribe to youtube channel Link in the BIO😀😀 ajmer ajmerdiaries ajmersharif ajmercity lawyer advocate harishsalve ajmerarajasthanhighcourt ramjethmalanivakeel indianlawyer Vakeelsaab supremecourtofindia indianeeucation class12 edapp exampreparation studentsuccess clat azimpremjiuniversity startupnews indianentrepreneur businessgoal entrepreneurinspiration vivekbindra sandeepmaheshwari abbyviral motivationpage indianmotivation

30/3/2020 Today is world Bipolar day. ✌️ I hate being bipolar, it's awesome - Kanye West Being diagnosed since 18 years old, I've been lucky enough to have AMAZING supportive family, friends and since a year ago now that includes my INCREDIBLE boyfriend and my AWESOME fellow work colleagues. I'm so thankful for all the people in my life that have supported me and you all know who you are. From just a simple "are you okay" to "hey I've noticed you aren't doing so well" , "how can I help" and "would you like to talk about it." small or big you've all made an impact. Bipolar is often mistaken as a personality disorder, however its actually a mood disorder where people with bipolar can't regulate their moods, causing mood swings. Now, I'm not here to complain.. Which if you ask anyone I do that a lot.. Ha ha. I'm here to remind you all that IT'S OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY. IT'S OKAY TO ASK FOR HELP. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Mental illness is no different to physical illness. If anything my diagnosis of bipolar has opened up so many doors. I've started volunteering for the Black Dog Institute as a youth presenter speaking about my story to help others and in a way it's given me life experience and a different outlook on life. It's made me realise what's important and what's not. Grow through what you go through. And what's important is your health. Mental or physical. Look after yourselves. Be kind and stay humble. Everyone is going through something. bipolar kanyewest ihatebeingbipolaritsawesome mentalhealth mentalhealthawareness worldbipolarday blackdoginstitute bekind stayhumble selfcare youthpublicspeaking publicspeaking instagram instahealth mystory ruok mood support nurselife nurse growthroughwhatyougothrough growthmindset instainspo grateful nursesofInstagram advocate

#وكيل #مشاوره #مشاور_حقوقي #كارشناس_حقوقي #وكيل_بهزاد_ملك_محمدي #آموزش_زبان_انگليسي #حقوق_انگليسي #حقوق_به_انگليسي #وكيل #تعقيب كننده #موكل #مسئوليت_مدني #جرم . . . . ‏law mr.legal legal mr.legal_councelor bar lawyer advocate attorney_at_law legalenglish_law learn_law_in_englishlaw_words attorney prosecutor client tort crime

There was something comforting about getting those first few smiles from Miller when he was about 6 weeks old. 💙 It's one of the first baby milestones and it gave me hope that he was developing as a normal baby and that hopefully it's just the hearing loss we're dealing with. 💙 Plus gummy baby smiles are super cute! 💙🥰

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Love this 🥰 Haters only have as much power as you give them. Always remember that only you can determine your self worth. Be happy and start this day off amazing. (Comment how you found my page) .youarebeautiful innerbeauty tumblradvocate selflove confidence bodypositivity bodypositivemovement MBMC love instagram

केंद्र और राज्य सरकारों द्वारा राष्ट्रीय लॉकडाउन से प्रभावित नागरिकों की राहत के लिए उठाए गए राहत उपायों में अपना योगदान देते हुए वरिष्ठ अधिवक्ता राकेश द्विवेदी ने PM CARES फंड में 1 करोड़ रुपए दान किए हैं।livelaw hindi english law supremecourtsupremecourtofindia covid_19CORONAVIRUS governmentgovernmentofindia centralgovernmentstategovernment relief fund relieffund help senioradvocateadvocate donation Yesterday, the Supreme Court made an appeal to the officials of the Registry to make voluntary contributions to Prime Minister Citizens' Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situation[PM CARES] funds for COVID-19 relief.

What is Consent? Why is it important for doctors to obtain a patient’s consent before providing any form of treatment – Best Interests ? (PT.3) If a patient lacks capacity or has capacity but refuses treatment, the key principle to be taken into consideration by the doctors is the patient’s best interests. . . There have been arguments based on who should decide a patient’s best interests where several views have been expressed by individuals; the law prescribes that the court with the help of medical professionals should decide a patient’s best interests. . . However, some might argue that the decision should either solely rely on the medical professionals since they are providing the necessary treatment to the patients or the relatives who always have the patient’s best interests at heart. . . Moreover, relatives can also have a lot of emotional baggage to come up with a effective assessment of the patients best interests. . . Decisions about individual’s capacity to consent and best interests of an individual, along with alternatives to the ‘best interests’ test such as ‘substituted judgement’ need to be assessed with careful consideration by individuals who have experience and vast knowledge if any positive outcomes are to be achieved. . . It is best to be decided by the courts, patients, medical professionals, relatives and parents on how we assess the capacity of an individual along with their best interests which will be further discussed. . .law merlynlawfirm lawyer lawyerlife lawyersofinstagram lawyers advocate attorney

Kamu dirumahaja biar saya yang cari nafkah 🤣 Agenda sidang video conference yang diterapkan PN surabaya selama wabah covid-19/corona.lawyers advocate attorneyatlaw peradi coronavirus covid_19

I dare you 🙃

Mendampingi Serikat Persaudaraan Pekerja Muslim Indonesia (PPMI) pembuatan LP di krimsus Polda Sumut terkait Union Busting😊RYT RYTLAWOFFICE Advocate pengacara Lawyer poldasumut pengacaraIndonesia pengacaramuda lawyerstyle

Day 1 of autismawarenessweek2020FOOD - This is our first word for the autisminstachallange as one of the main wishes we have for José is for him to be able to eat food and have a drink orally! We often get asked 'if he is just a fussy eater' or 'does he not eat because he is autistic?' And the answer is no, although there are loads of children on the spectrum who do have some sort of stomach/ digestive problems but no research behind the connection of Autism and gastrointestinal disorders. José suffers with a raredisease called gastroparesisdisease which means paralysed stomach/digestive system. He is tube fed into his small bowel (jejenum) and only has milk and water. He has 1170ml of milk continuous feed over 20 hours and 120ml of water flushes in 24 hours. He will never (hopefully one day) be able to eat food or drink again. And I do believe that having Autism will make it even more difficult for us to change his behaviour around food and teaching him to eat will be our biggest challenge if he is ever medically able to so. (Also been refused feeding therapy twice) He is also happy to show his 'GJ' when asked (unless someone medical is about to change it or have a look) I hope he stays proud of his feeding tubes and is never ashamed. This is what keeps our José ALIVE!! ❤💙💚💛 autismspectrumdisorder globaldevelopmentaldelay speechdelay 15q11.2 raredisease rarechromosome unique raredisorder autisminstachallange acceptance awareness inclusion tubefed neocatejunior neurodivergent neurodiverse SEN hiddendisabilities advocate toddlersofinstagram boyswithlonghair Autism Instagram Challenge - @dottyblackgifts Peg Doll - @melodietreasures Tubie Pad - @gtubepadsuk

Advocate Kala_jora Pind_Ala_ghar

🔰 LEGALBUZZ प्रीमियम ऑनलाइन मॉक टेस्ट में रजिस्ट्रेशन कराने के लिए कृपया हमारी वेबसाइट विजिट करें आज ही गूगल पर सर्च करें "LEGALBUZZ" or Google Play Store से LEGAL BUZZ ऐप डाउनलोड करें judiciary lawexam onlinemocktest judge legalbuzznow advocatelaw justice legalprofession courts judicial lawyers legal lawyer lawfirm supremecourt court lawstudents indianlaw supremecourtofindia hpjs judiciaryexams evidenceact gk rjsexam mpcj uppcsj bihar chattisgarh utrakhand

MarathiSanmaan wishes Happy Birthday to the Indian public prosecutor who has worked on prominent murder and terrorism cases, Advocate Ujjwal Nikam 💐🎂😊 . Follow us: @marathisanmaanUjjwalNikam Advocate UjwalNikam Maharashtra Ujjwal Nikam indianlawyer indianadvocate maharashtratimes navbharat saamtv abpmaza loksatta sanmaan timesofindia aajtak punetimes mimarathi apbnews ibn samna 2611attack sieghofstate indianadvocate marathimanus instaindian

NEWS IN DETAIL : 1971 war During the 1971 war with Pakistan, for the liberation of Bangladesh, he planned and executed the helicopter operations. Under his directions the Indian Air Force airlifted two companies of troops in Sylhet area. He also flew 8 missions into the enemy territory to supervise the progress of the uplift. Maha Vir Chakra Maha Vir Chakra is the second highest military award after Param Vir Chakra. The award shall be provided posthumously. It is presented for the acts of bravery in the presence of enemy. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .law lawyer legal dailyquotes corona lawstudent lawschool lawfirm justice lawyerlife ips dailyfacts clat business court ias currentaffairs advocate upsc likeforlikes followforfollowback lbsnaa coronamemes mahaveerchakra indianarmy dailymemes pcs likeforlike supremecourt supremecourtofindia

The Supreme Court on Friday released a murder convict on interim bail, to allow him to undergo requisite medical treatment and procedures.before the Supreme Court, a division bench comprising of Justice DY Chandrachud and Justice Surya Kant. Follow us @sonisvision for daily legal updates You can also connect with us on Whatsapp @8764001181 You can also Subscribe to youtube channel Link in the BIO😀😀 ajmer ajmerdiaries ajmersharif ajmercity lawyer advocate harishsalve ajmera indianadvocate pushkar judiciary Rjs supremecourtofindia indianeeucation class12 edapp exampreparation studentsuccess clat azimpremjiuniversity startupnews indianentrepreneur businessgoal entrepreneurinspiration vivekbindra sandeepmaheshwari abbyviral motivationpage indianmotivation

We are triple lawyers and the one of us Is the best 50 lawyers in Indonesia 🥳lawyeradvocatepengacarabalidenpasarindonesia

Over 30 years of experience in Sweden and Spain We deal with all types of legal matters in relation to Swedish and Spanish law, but we focus primarily on business and commercial law, company law, property transactions and property law, litigation and international tax, inheritance and family law. http://www.isacsson.es/ ---------------------------------- Över 30 års erfarenhet i Sverige och Spanien Firman handlägger alla typer av juridiska ärenden med anknytning till Sverige och Spanien som exempelvis: affärsjuridik, tvister, fastighetsköp, företagsförvärv, bank- och finans, skatterätt, arv och gåva, bouppteckningar, m m.

NEWS IN DETAIL : The Ministry of Health through a special amendment has categorised hydroxychloroquine (HCQS) drug as a schedule H1 drug- which means it cannot be sold over the counter. The move comes as reports emerged of hoarding and shortage of this drug due to the national lockdown, this drug is prescribed as a chronic therapy for patients suffering from Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis, an autoimmune disease. The hoarding and shortage took place after the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) recommended the drug for front line workers and high risk people who were in contact with the Covid-19 patient. Reports had emerged that after this notice several common people were rushing to chemist shop to self medicate. "The Central Government is satisfied that the drug 'Hydroxychloroquine' is essential to meet the requirements of emergency arising due to pandemic COVID-19 and in the public interest, it is necessary and expedient to regulate and restrict the sale and distribution of the drug "Hydroxychloroquine' and preparation based thereon for preventing their misuse" the Health Minister's notification said. Therefore, the Ministry in exercise of the powers conferred by Section 26B of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 (23 of 1940), the Centre has directed that sale by retail of any preparation containing the drug Hydroxychloroquine shall be in accordance with the conditions for sale of drugs specified in Schedule H1 to the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945. . . . . . . . . . . . . .law lawyer legal dailyquotes corona lawstudent lawschool lawfirm justice lawyerlife ips dailyfacts clat business court ias currentaffairs advocate upsc likeforlikes followforfollowback lbsnaa coronamemes hydroxychloroquine study dailymemes pcs likeforlike supremecourt supremecourtofindia

A reminder to stayhome if you are in lockdown. Use your time to learn legalenglish online with us. You can also buy one of our books (link in bio). Our blog also contains many free lessons. . . .stayhome stayhealthy lawschool jurastudent advogado advocate ruleofthree punctuation ieltspreparation pronunciation learnitalian language bengoshi

NEWS IN DETAIL : The SC allowed the sale of BS IV compliant vehicles for 10 days, barring in Delhi-NCR, after the ongoing countrywide lockdown is overthe coronavirus pandemic is lifted. The Apex Court, which had earlier fixed the deadline of March 31, 2020 for sale of BS IV compliant vehicles across the country, passed the order on a plea by Federation of Automobile Dealers' Association (FADA), which had sought extension of time for sale of their unsold inventory amid coronavirus scare and economic slowdown. A bench of Justices Arun Mishra and Deepak Gupta, which heard the matter on Friday through video-conferencing, made it clear however that no BS IV vehicles will be allowed to be sold in Delhi-NCR from April 1, 2020. The unsold inventory is worth over ₹7,000 crore, FADA said. SC had said only BS-VI emission norms-compliant vehicles will be allowed for sale and registration, beginning 1 April. Note: India is shifting from BS IV vehicles to BS VI vehicles . . . . . . . . . . . . . .law lawyer legal dailyquotes corona lawstudent lawschool lawfirm justice lawyerlife ips dailyfacts clat business court ias currentaffairs advocate upsc likeforlikes followforfollowback lbsnaa coronamemes bs4 study dailymemes pcs likeforlike supremecourt supremecourtofindia

PLEASE STAY INDOORS - SA's second Covid19 SA's second Covid-19 fatality is 74-years-old as cases climb to 1,280 https://www.timeslive.co.za/news/south-africa/2020-03-29-74-year-old-becomes-sas-second-covid-19-death-cases-climb-to-1280/instagood insta southafrica jozi lawschool lawyerlife justice lawstudent personalinjury lawyersofinstagram court advocate raf business commercialrealestate litigation follow criminaldefense photography covid_19

On 2 September 1953 while debating how a Governor in the country should be invested with more powers, Dr Ambedkar argued strongly in favour of amending the Constitution. “My friends tell me that I have made the Constitution. But I am quite prepared to say that I shall be the first person to burn it out. I do not want it. It does not suit anybody. But whatever that may be if our people want to carry on they must not forget that there are majorities and there are minorities and they simply cannot ignore the minorities by saying, “Oh, no. To recognise you is to harm democracy.” I should say that the greatest harm will come by injuring the minorities. . . . .constitution ambedkar father legal potd📸 corona instagood instaquote indianlegalnews livelaw barandbench advocate lawyer justice lawenforcement lawgicallyspeaking lawncare

Who is an Abettor? According to Section 108 Indian Penal Code, 1860 (herein referred as IPC): An abettor is a person who abets either the commission of an offence or the commission of an act, which would be an offence, if committed by a person capable by law committing that offence with the same intention or knowledge as that of the abettor. In layman terms, an Abettor can be understood as a person who directly encourages another person to commit a crime and is guilty of provoking the other person. . . . credit: @oye_akash . . .desikaanoonsupremecourt caselaws constitutionday lawwithit lawupdates lawofattraction law India love peace followforfollow indianadvocates advocate earth environment lawschool lawmemes gl highcourt followforlawupdates lawschool clat lawsociety legal legalpractice indianstayhome staysafe stayhealthy staystrong

Articles to read from the Hindu Newspaper of the 30th mar,...👇Follow Us: @judiciary_aspirants @judiciary_aspirants @judiciary_aspirants @judiciary_aspirants @judiciary_aspirants @judiciary_aspirants @judiciary_aspirants Daily Current Affairs, News, Judgments, State wise Judiciary Syllabus, Vocabulary, Landmark Judgments, Latest Judgment, Often Cited Judgments, Important Judgments, Daily Newspaper with quality content.📚and other important informations.judgement judge judiciary upscaspirants lawstudent currentaffairs currentaffairs2020 vocabulary news thehindu lawschool law dailynews gk generalknowledge advocates lawyerlife politicalscience upscexam upscmotivation indianjudiciary lawstudents advocate constitution currentaffair lawyer delhi india newspaper newspapers

😓 For my med friends, health students and other health professionals what is this? It is a photo of atypical carcinoid tumour of the lung (from Wikipedia creative commons), that has no metastasised now to the adrenals. Looks nice right? The purple staining and the thoughtful laying of nucleus almost make its feel like a mesmerising painting.⁣ ⁣ 😓 Yesterday, I had a moment where I felt quite overwhelmed. I was studying pulmonary fibrosis prior to reading the book "Being Mortal" by Atul Gawade. The chapter I was reading talked about a patient being short of breath from pulmonary fibrosis. I was intrigued. But suddenly it hit me, and it may seem obvious but hear me out.⁣ ⁣ 😓 What does it mean to be short of breath? What does it mean to have cancer? What does it mean to have chronic heart failure? When we are studying these pathologies, I sometimes forget that these diseases destroy families and people's lives. I forgot that along with the blobs of pink and purple is suffering and the battle with death. The slides when we look at lung disease is from an actual person, who's life will no longer be the same ever again.⁣ ⁣ 😓 It does feel a bit much when you have that idea weighing on your chest. It becomes easier to separate the disease from the person, and just be scientific. But that isn't what we signed up to do. We want to help people. The focus therefore is on the whole person, they are not defined by the disease. So when you are thinking if you should learn that part of the course, remember this information isn't for you, it is for your future patient.

As you have seen how fast the covid19 spreads from person to person. Following the guidelines provided by government can limit the arise of Covid19 as StayHome socialdistancing are the two pillars which can prevent the wide spread of covid19.there is nothing to panic until you adhere to the guidelines given by government . Join us and help us made the audience across the world aware about Covid19! Tag your friends 👇 LIKE || SAVE || SHARE 🔥🔥 Follow @bhartiyakanoon for Everything you must know about.bhartiyakanoon👨‍🎓 lawofattraction lawschool indianadvocates advocate india advocacia lawyersofinstagram justice women womenempowerment womeninbusiness supreme instagram instadaily jantacurfew stayathome stayhealthy knowledge coronarenderer covid_19 covıd19 womensfashion lawyer quarantine cannabis marijuana womenempoweringwomen

مين حكى انه فيروس كورونا ما اله اثر ع الحيوانات الاليفة؟ تم اثبات ان البعض منهم صار يحضر و يتابع نشرة الاخبار خلال فترة الحظر 😅😅😅😅 شاركونا كيف حيواناتكم عم تقضي وقتها 💓 Who said Corona virus doesn’t affect our pets ? It was proven that some of them started watching the news during Corona virus lockdown 😅😅😅😅😅 Share with us how do your fluffy buddies spend their times 💓 ‏‎‏ You can donate to our association and to our adorable rescued dogs, using Zain Cash from your bank online application. Go to Pay Bills then select Wallets & Applications choose Zain Cash donate the amount you want for the number 0797389902 ‏staypositiveduringquarantinestayhomecanaandog canaandogs instadog dogsinsta puppy love jordan beauty stopkillingthem🙏 stopkillingthemjo rescueddogsarethebest adoptdontshop🐾 happytails foreverhomes stophurtinganimals donthurtthem rescue donate adopt adoptdontshop educate advocate foster

We are extremely sad to learn about the passing of a fierce warrior, Emily Garnett @beyondthepinkribbon Emily had agreed to participate in our film. Emily Garnett, 34, was a mom, wife and lawyer turned writer as well as a podcast host living with metastatic breast cancer. We hope that her family and friends find peace, strength and comfort during this tragic time. We cannot ignore the pain that cancer causes, especially when the world loses such an inspirational and tireless fighter. . . . metastaticbreastcancer breastcancer cancer restinpeace advocate inspiration

Very powerful message, I just had to share to encourage you.... The F Virus- FEAR if not controlled will do more damage than Corona Virus Pls be mindful where your attention is this period and make sure you take care of your mental health. LOVE is what we need to spread more this period. Show more care and attention to one another, call that friend and family member you havent spoken to in a long time and check up on them. Every ones ability to absorb pandemics is different. So many are going psycho already with the Increasing COVID-19 cases in Nigeria and elsewhere. With so many uncertainties in the world right now, one thing I am sure of is at the end of the day, ALL WE HAVE IS EACH OTHER and TOGETHER we can BeatTheVirus I LOVE YOU and I CARE ABOUT YOU pls observe all preventive measures🙏❣ STAY HOME! STAY SAFE! SAVE THE WORLD washyourhands sanitize stayhome boostyourimmunesystemcovid-19 loveforhumanitylovehope advocate

My gratitude list tonight: Amazon delivery people, janitors, sign language, frozen food, new homeless shelters, my cell phone, the internet, fresh air, friends to text and text me, Frankie the cat, and my warm blanket. It’s hard to stay positive during these incredibly uncertain times. Allow your emotions. I’m trying like we all are one moment at a time. I’ve had a really dark few days. Hopefully tomorrow will bring something different. ❤️ stfrancisofassisi hope fortitude artist poet writer advocate march2020 orangecounty

MUST READ 🙌 Real talk from @lisacox.co: “I was incredibly frustrated by the scenes at Bondi beach recently, when hundreds of Australians prioritised selfies over public safety. Being Young and Healthy is NOT a Vaccine. Unless your circumstances require you to be out, take some personal responsibility…” Read the full article at bit.ly/covid-19-blog . . . . .disabilityadvocate covid_19 covıd19 coronavirus createchange youngcareoz inclusion advocate

Infosys has terminated the services of an employee who made an objectionable comment on social media on spreading coronavirus. The IT giant had issued a statement that it would internally investigate the matter after several social media users had flagged the post. On Thursday, Infosys took note of the social media post by an employee who was urging people to go out on the streets and sneeze in public to spread COVID-19. Follow us @sonisvision for daily legal updates You can also connect with us on Whatsapp @8764001181 You can also Subscribe to youtube channel Link in the BIO😀😀 ajmer ajmerdiaries ajmersharif ajmercity lawyer advocate harishsalve ajmera indianadvocate pushkar judiciary Rjsrajasthanhighcourtjudge supremecourtofindia indianeeucation class12 edapp exampreparation studentsuccess clat azimpremjiuniversity startupnews indianentrepreneur businessgoal entrepreneurinspiration vivekbindra sandeepmaheshwari abbyviral motivationpage indianmotivation

All Children Deserve The Same Amount of Love. 💙 👑 Follow: @MommyRulesTheWorld 👑 Founder: @jaydeskye www.MommyRulesTheWorld.com Join our Community of Mothers from Around the World! DM: For information on how to Submit Blogs, Articles, Photos and Content. Accepting applications for brand ambassadors!MommyRulesTheWorld MRTW JaydeSkye 👑 Community of Mothers who inspire, encourage and support each other while having fun and making new Mommy friends from around the world. 👑 DM: For information on how to join our community or have your business featured in our Mommy Marketplace.lifestyle parenting blog family momlife relatable inspiration empowerment motivation reallife momgroup support childrenwithdisabilities challenge disability diversity parentsofchildrenwithdisabilities acceptance advocate tolerance inclusion differentabilities specialneeds disabilityaweness bepresent disabledandproud disabilityadvocate

الحبس ومليون درهم عقوبة نشر معلومات تحرض على عدم الانقياد للقوانين ‎‫ ⁧#تاج_القانون⁩ ⁧#قانون⁩ ⁧#محاماة⁩ ⁧#استشارات_قانونية⁩‬ ‎ ⁧‫#محاكم‬⁩ ⁧‫#قضاء‬⁩ ⁧‫#قضايا‬⁩ ⁧‫#مرافعة‬⁩ ⁧‫#أحكام‬⁩ ⁧‫#قضائية‬⁩ ‎⁧‫#حكم_قضائي‬⁩ ⁦‪law‬⁩ ⁦‪law_firm‬⁩ ⁦‪advocate‬⁩ ⁦‪justice‬⁩ ⁦‪courts‬⁩ المصدر: أبوظبي ـ موفق محمد التاريخ: 30 مارس 2020 نشرت النيابة العامة الاتحادية، أمس، على صفحتها الإلكترونية على موقع التواصل الاجتماعي «تويتر»، مجموعة من الرسائل التوعوية والتي تستهدف نشر الثقافة القانونية، وتنبيه الجمهور من مغبة ارتكاب بعض الممارسات المعاقب عليها وفقاً للقانون، فضلاً عن تعريفهم بمنظومة المبادرات التي أقرتها في شأن «العمل عن بعد». وفيما يتعلق بتداول معلومات على وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي، تدعو إلى عدم الالتزام بالقوانين والأنظمة، قالت النيابة العامة الاتحادية: إن المادة 31 من المرسوم بقانون اتحادي رقم 5 لسنة 2012، بشأن مكافحة جرائم تقنية المعلومات، تنص على أنه «يعاقب بالحبس والغرامة التي لا تقل عن مئتي ألف درهم ولا تتجاوز مليون درهم أو بإحدى هاتين العقوبتين، كل من دعا أو حرض عن طريق نشر معلومات على الشبكة المعلوماتية أو وسيلة تقنية معلومات إلى عدم الانقياد إلى القوانين والأنظمة المعمول بها في الدولة».

LawSikho invites you to a webinar by Komal Shah (Co-Founder and Content Head, LawSikho) and Anand Narayan (Faculty, Securities Law, LawSikho) . . Topic- How to represent your client before the securities appellate tribunal? . . Date- 30/03/2020, Time- 5:30-6:30 PM. (Will be hosted on Zoom Platform) . . 📚Want to know more about our securities laws courses, visit: https://lawsikho.com/course/certificate-course-in-capital-markets-securities-laws-insider-trading-and-sebi-litigation . . Have queries? Drop us a WhatsApp message at 📲 8076301284 . . For regular updates and webinar notifications, join our WhatsApp group: 📣 https://chat.whatsapp.com/LsDrZ6AyBkx0xmZqNTKiKSsecurity LawSikho corporate lawyer securities sebi appeal appellate client tribunalrepresent advocate corporatelaw law legal student lawschool lawstudent lawlife capitalmarkets legalpractise investment certificate learning courseThe link will he shared on our Telegram and WhatsApp groups!

I'm usually the type that doesn't comment on stuff this,but this particular situation baffles me. The Nigerian govt has failed us. The poor don't have access to good health care facilities @sydneytalkercomedy @sydneytalker @instablog9ja ..Nigerians deserve better the city tundeednut sydneytalker instablog covid 19 nigeria corona quarantine thecitychallenge failedgovernment @iamcardib nigerianleaders cardibfailedhealthcaresystem advocate

@shobhit_sk Ipc 269, negligent act likely to spread infection of disease dangerous to life. 270, malignant act likely to spread infection of disease dangerous to life. Or 271, disobedience to quarantine rule. All these sections are bailable.backbenchlawyers. . . . .backbenchlawyers lawlife lawschool lawschoolmemes nlu clat ailet aukat lawmemes lawgraduate lawyer followforlawupdateslaw lawstudent lawschool clat legalupdates followforlawupdatessupremecourt caselaws followforfollowindianadvocates advocate lawschool lawmemeshighcourt followforlawupdateslawschool clat legallegalpractice Indian lawschoolproblems

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