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Custom painted this floor years ago using @houseofkolor_ @valsparauto craftroom custompaintedfloor candypaint airbrush airbrushing art

New stickers! 🐲 Get one free with your next order or stop in and pick one up. Airbrush art by @kjairbrush 🐉🐉🐉airbrushing airbrushart createxcolors paasche iwata grexairbrush harderandsteenbeck dragonart dragonairbrush gameofthrones dungeonsanddragons

We gave our Tooty compressor a make over🤩 Tell us what you think! Now available for purchase! https://spraygunner.com/tooty-airbrush-compressor-by-no-name-brand/ spraygunner airbrush airbrushart airbrushingairbrushed paint paintingspraypaint creativityspraygun airbrushartist spraypaintartspraypainting spraypaintartistaircompressor

Oh wow! 😍💎 👉🏾 @yung.reaper 👈🏾

For every dark night, there's a brighter day - Tupac Shakur . .tupac 2pac tupacquotes tupacshakur paisleyprint bandana

✨Airbrush The Magazine✨ with a little fish for your friday👉🏻 Posted @withregram • @stevenielsenart Finished another rainbow trout commission. This one was supposed to be a lower end one sided trout with a very simple paint scheme. After seeing the paint on my last trout, this customer upgraded to a much more elaborate paint job. I told him if he trusted me I'd blow his mind with the spot patterns. The colors and spot patterns came from several references I've collected. With a heavy influence of Alaskan leopard rainbow trout. If you like this one, the next trout is going to completely blow your mind! @SteveNielsenArtSteveNielsenArt ART page on FB /SteveNielsenArtist. @airbrushthemagazine airbrushing airbrushaction airbrush art metalart painting custompainting magazine artmagazine artistsoninstagram artists thearvideo

In process by my student from Chileairbrush airbrushing

My new ride shaped by the Silver Samurai aka @wallypuha is ready! The lime green is a combination of airbrush and tint. The idea was to have a bright, deep lime green using minimal tint to retain some strength. The gray hot coat just seemed to be a good time. As far as the papel picado stencil, I have no excuse except that if I come across a skeleton wearing a sombrero drinking a Tecate it’s going on a board. surfing surf surfboard surfboards surfart surfculture art boardart airbrush airbrushing surflifestyle customsurfboard surfboardartist oceanlife oceanlifestyle oceanlover wakeboard wakeboards wakesurf beachlife surfboardindustry craftmanship foilfoiling foilboard customsurfboard artoftheday paint customsurfboards customsurfboard

Wow! Love this piece @woodbug1 Spalted Beech plate. The centre is Black textured gesso which is over painted with @chestnutproducts Metallic Paints and Satin Lacquer finish. . 👉👉woodturning woodturned pyrography woodburning airbrushing airbrushed woodart piercing craft woodworking bowl woodturned greenwoodturning wetturning greenwood pyrographyart turned turning woodturner woodturners_worldwide handmadehour firstforfinishes chestnutproducts

Follow if you want more Airbrush Tips and Tricks . . . On out first week of airbrush tips and tricks. We're going over a little but of lettering. I wanted to start these tips off strong by showing everyone the most requested tip i've seen. . . .tipsandtricks airbrush airbrushing calligraphy cursive writing tutorial airbrushtutorial art airbrushedshirts iwata tipoftheweek airbrushart practice

Airbrushed mini desktop sculpture nearly finished. The colours are so vivid and lucid. It’s so much fun to airbrush especially on 3D.airbrush airbrushing airbrushart 3dprinting 3dart 3dprinter art artistsoninstagram artoftheday artwork comart

Ooohhh those hair thin lines 😍 Can you say oddlysatisfying - This was a fun little practice piece: airbrushing and linework always compliment one another so incredibly. If you aren't certain who this little green rodent is - RatFink is one of the serval hot-rod characters created by one of the originators of Kustom Kulture, Ed "Big Daddy"Roth. 👌Okay - back to getting things ready for @winnipegtattooshow Feb 21-23, 2020! Who will see us there? 🙋🏻‍♂️ • •TheRayzer FindYourEdge handlettering artattack winnipegtattooshow realart supportlocal oldschoolrules manitoba madeincanada

Gorgeous, airbrushing has given this drip cake an elegant look, teamed with gold dusted chocolates, fudge and sparkles what more do you need? bakerloubasingstoke celebrationcakes instacakes cakesofinstagram dripcakes airbrushing chocdrip

Here is a size comparison from the model to my hand. These miniatures are quite small. A lot of the challenges come from just how small they are, but it also is enjoyable when you complete one.

It’s got a good spread... might call this one Birdshot. spreadthem muskielures customlures

This morning’s project - modifying the stock Ford radiator so it fits nicely with the new inner wings I fabricated. I cut off the original support, added some styrene strip to bring the edges back out and used some styrene square bar for the supports. The little red filler cap (which won’t stay red, because that looks ridiculous) is a split pin from a pack I found in the Michael’s clearance bin last weekend hotrod modelcar scaleauto modelcars scalemodel scaleautos modelcarsmagazine scalemodelling modelkit modelmaking revell amt airbrushing modelmakersofinstagram scaleauto modelcarculture scalemodel styrenejunkie modelcarsmagazine modelcar handmadeart artwork 125thscalemodel handmade custommodelcar carmodels art modelcarbuilder igmodelcars dragster customizing carmodeling modelcarsofinstagram

Killer work from @dcwillansartworks painted with the Absolute Precision of the Custom Micron CM-SB 👍Repost @dcwillansartworks with @get_repost ・・・ At night, a reflective coating on the back of the eye helps to reflect moonlight. This makes a lion's eyesight eight times better than that of a human. They also have a white patch of fur below their eyes which helps to reflect even more light back into the eye. mountainlion art artist eye airbrush draw paint contemporaryart mural createx

New airbrush hype !!!!!!!!😍 So beyond excited to get this @grexairbrush tg3 to work !!! . . . . . .airbrush airbrushing gunpla gunplacustom gundampainter grex

Buon compleanno Cassius Clay.❤ 17 gennaio 1942. E come sempre i miei auguri migliori li faccio con la mia arte. ❤Con questo dipinto su tela che racconta un giorno leggendario di questo fantastico pugile che non è più tra noi. 25 Febbraio 1964. Miami Beach Convention Hall. Cassius Clay, cambiato poi negli anni col nome di Muhammad Alì, nel momento in cui al 7• round butta giù e vince per KO Sonny Liston. Questo bellissimo ricordo interpretato da Walter " Rebel" in un dipinto su tela decorato a mano libera con aerografo richiesto da Milano da Giuseppe Carioti.artistharleydavidson freehandairbrush airbrushfreehand artworkarte artecagliari cagliariarte #aerografia airbrush rebel rocknroll cagliari sardegna sardegnaofficial sardiniaofficial pictureoftheday portrait ritrattiairbrushing airbrushart airbrushing# camdentown camdenaerografiasardegna aerografiacagliari skull #losangelescaliforniasanfrancisco

Unforgettable watermelon stan smiths FOR SALE! Size : 7 Price : $120 shipped

Unforgettable Chanel Vans FOR SALE! Size: 5.5 womens Price : $120 shipped

Unforgettable Goyard stan smiths FOR SALE! Size : 7 womens Price :$120 shipped

Looking thru some old sketchbooks last night and made me think....why don’t I do this anymore? Yeah sometimes life gets in the way but it shouldn’t be an excuse. I know I need more of this and art of any means in 2020 and beyond. I’m the only one stopping myself. garagearte artislifelifeisart sketchbook drawing painting lowriderarte pinstriping airbrushing artist artistic artisan goals

Peinture en cours. Aérographie sur capot Ford. airbrush aerographie aviondechasse airbrushing arographie rafale painting custom fighterjet wip arographiesurcapot spraydechezvous paintlife lorraine grandest

Cracking start to the year. We’ve had a few weeks off and now it’s time to crank everything up! We ran the first of many planned evening classes yesterday @incom_gaming Intro to Airbrushing is a 4 1/2 hour class where we go through everything you need to know to get cracking with your airbrush. No kit? We’ve got you, with compressors and our signature series Harder & Steenbeck brushes available to use. If your club or shop would be interested in us running these classes for them then drop us an email.cultofpaint airbrushing spacemarines harderairbrush

Next project and so looking forward to it. More or les do what I like as long as it's bright. Shouldn't be a problemphilcallow frames airbrushing myway bikeporn custompaint bikeart cycling bike art cycling triathlon swimbikerun cyclinglife cyclist roadbike instacycling lovecycling cyclingpics cyclingshots roadcycling

Халк Цветные карандаши marvel airbrushing artwork airbrush pinstriping aerography #аэрография #реставрация #росписьстен #картиныназаказ #росписьавтомобилей #картинамаслом #живопись #петербург #мастеркласс #искусство #СПб art drawing #эпоксиднаясмола artist #цветныекарандаши drawingWithAlexOsm

Друзья, всем привет! Вот и наступил новый год и уже во всю набирает обороты. 🚂 И у нас для вас есть первая и очень важная НОВОСТЬ! 💥 "Первый центр аэрографии" и магазин товаров для аэрографии SteelBrush теперь вместе! 💥 🤗 Магазин УЖЕ имеет новый адрес 📍 Ленинский пр. 161 к.2 (м.Московская). Многим он очень хорошо знаком. 😃 Да да, магазин находится прямо в школе! Тех, кому этот адрес не знаком - ждём в гости! Будем очень рады познакомиться, проконсультировать по всем вопросам, познакомить со школой, даже если вы просто забежали поглазеть. 😜 Пока магазин находится на стадии окончательного переезда, но работает полноценно ежедневно с 11 до 22. Заказы по прежнему принимаются и обрабатываются на сайте www.steelbrush.ru Тел. для связи +7 (952) 260-64-22 Татьяна. Кстати, свои вопросы по товару вы можете так же задать и в нашей группе в ВК, написав личное сообщение Татьяне Росcаль (контакты группы). ---------------------------- #товарыдляаэрографии #магазин #переезд #мыпереехали airbrushcenter #аэрография #Первыйцентраэрографии #СанктПетербург airbrush #школааэрографии #обучениеаэрографии #первыйцентраэрографииспб #школа #курсы #обучение airbrushing art artwork #арт #аэрографияшкола #аэрографиякурсы #аэрографияобучение #курсыаэрографии #воттакирисуем #подприцелом #хочукупить #каккупить #гдекупить #кактак #ура

Как создать красивое фото или топ новых приложений по обработке фото. ⠀ 🔶 POLARR Функции базовой ретуши на пять с ➕ Сглаживание текстуры Выравнивание оттенка кожи Вытягивание светотени Корректировка формы лица (увеличение/уменьшение) Удвоение пятен В общем, любые недостатки на лице можно спокойно убрать с помощью этого приложения. Советуем присмотреться 👌🏻 ⠀ 🔶 AIRBRUSH Очень легкое в использовании приложение, позволяет корректировать фотографию уже «в процессе». Теперь селфи станет делать ещё приятнее и легче 👍🏻 ⠀ 🔶 FACEU Обработка фотографии, создание гифок, видео и ещё много полезного можно найти в этом приложении. Состоять из трёх разделов: Filter, Beautify и Sticker. ⠀ Поделитесь какими приложениями по обработке фотографий вы пользуетесь?

Way back nearly 3 years ago at @artworldexpo Body Painting competition. Only my second competition in this discipline. I like to see how much I have improved since then. With my original muse @strvngecreature from @instrvnged 📸 @patrick.parenteau The theme was @7wonders_ofthe_world ..guess what was my choice..lolbodypainting bodypaintingcompetition vancouverartist vancouverart artworldexpo vancouverartscene egypt ancientegypt theeyeofhorus props wings airbrushing kryolanaquacolor mehronliquidmakeup firstrunnerup egyptiancartouche thisthingidowithpeopleandpaint

Can't wait. Check out @shestripes And see here awesome work . I'm jealous I wish I could pull lines like she can.Repost @shestripes (@get_repost) ・・・ Did yall know that I'm sharing a booth at the @thetexashoedown with @warpaint_customs ? He did this cup for me! He's an amazing artist that I have gotten to know and work with. Check him out and give him a follow! airbrush airbrushartist airbrushing airbrushart artist fire truefire flames hotrodflames tamcopaint warpaintcustoms friends colleagues work kustomkulture houston houstontx texas newcaney texasartist shestripes entrepreneur badassbusinesswomen femaleentrepreneur girlboss bossbabe hustle bosslady

Stasera! Venerdì 17 gennaio!⚽😍 Torna l'arte con Aerografo di Walter Rebel in televisione! 👍😍 ROSSOBLU 99 , Sardegna Uno TV! Alle 21,15! Con i bravi presentatori Bruno Corda e Valerio Vargiu e tanti ospiti interessanti! E come ogni settimana realizzero' per voi in diretta televisiva un ritratto in un' ora e un quarto completamente col mio aerografo a mano libera! E con le immagini dell' ultimo ritratto eseguito nella scorsa puntata , di Oreste Lamagni , leggendario calciatore del Cagliari Calcio,vi aspetto stasera!❤artistharleydavidson freehandairbrush airbrushfreehand artworkarte artecagliari cagliariarte #aerografia airbrush rebel rocknroll cagliari sardegna sardegnaofficial sardiniaofficial pictureoftheday portrait ritrattiairbrushing airbrushart airbrushing# camdentown camdenaerografiasardegna aerografiacagliari skull #losangelescaliforniasanfrancisco

E anche le racchette da sci dal Nord Italia, da Milano, arrivano per essere decorate, e ancora una volta, sono ripartite per Milano dipinte con i miei teschi leggendari realizzati a mano libera col mio aerografo, e questa volta richieste da Federico Michetti, per correre con i suoi sci nelle piste nevose col giusto look per differenziarsi dalla massa normalissima.😀😎👍Grande Federico , grandi racchette e grande Rebel Art!😀♠❤ E che te lo dico a fare????♠😎😀❤artistharleydavidson freehandairbrush airbrushfreehand artworkarte artecagliari cagliariarte #aerografia airbrush rebel rocknroll cagliari sardegna sardegnaofficial sardiniaofficial pictureoftheday portrait ritrattiairbrushing airbrushart airbrushing# camdentown camdenaerografiasardegna aerografiacagliari skull #losangelescaliforniasanfrancisco

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