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pero x favor, no rompas mi corazón x vanidad 🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀 analogphotography analogcat

кошачьи истории.

Le Champiñone 🎞Kodak Portra 400


Through the mirror of my mind, time after time...I see reflections of you and me! Ballerina loves the supremes. My little audiophile 🥰🎶💖ragdollcat thesupremes motown vinyl cats analogcat kawaii records dianaross reflections lilacpointragdoll colorpointcat ragdollsofinstagram instacats catsofinstagram thesixties psychedelic catpower goodtaste caturday

одноглазый пират.

canımın içi 💖 zenit122catsanalogcat

Chinon cx Fuji 200

What are you listening to? The cat prefers vinyl. analogcat vintagehifi onkyo cat coolcat

El gato con más nombres de la cuadra. Primero se llamó Escocia, luego Drumbalo y finalmente Lorenzo. Aunque hay algunos que se me quedan en el tintero, pero eso ya es historia para otra ocasión. ________________________gatoanalogo portra800 femgrafiaanalogo 35mm analogcat womanphotographer pentaxmx filmisnotdead

Whenever there is a camera pointing at me, I just keep still, I’m a natural model analogphotography analog sipje sipjeensopje analogcat cat catlover kitten cute

It’s not a well lit photo or especially well framed or even the right exposure or anything really, but this is my cat Torino (his brother Oscar was on the floor looking at me wondering what the f i’m doing). And it’s probably the best photo of him I’ve taken because it looks like him in a way other photos just don’t. I’ve been playing a game recently finding cat-based book title puns. So far the best are Big Purr (Kerouac), The Sound and the Furry (Faulkner) and Metapawphosis (Kafka). And The Great Catsby, but it’s too obvious to be a favourite.

סרט שפיתחתי. געגועים לנולי הקטנטןfilm analogphotography analogcat

me on film analogcat siberiantiger thanks @nathanlegiehn

Poor Kevin. 🐈 (3/3) --cat analogcat blackandwhitecat

Poor Kevin. 🐈 (1/3) --cat analogcat blackandwhitecat

Under the sunshine with @dagie100 analogcat

Mucho amor para Kirara boquita rosa💓

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