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Fujifilm X-T30 |

hogy lehet ennyire lusta es fotogen egyben? . . . . . . . . . .cat catcat catcatcat blackcat athome chillin villagelife lifewithcat analogfilter

MakeNoise QPAS & STO Buat yg penasaran sama karakternya makenoise QPAS & STO, simak ya gaes Order info Whatsapp/call 0818776415Repost @makenoisemusic • • • • • • Have a QPAS and an STO? You have to try this! . While filtering the STO’s Variable output, patch the STO’s Sub out to QPAS’ Level input and transform the filter into a growling instrument that cuts through any mix! . Experiment with the Radiate controls, Q setting and Cutoff frequency to navigate through a world of sweet spots! Mix and match outputs for even more variety! .QPAS modularsynth eurorack makenoise synthesizer analogfilter stereofilter analogsynthesizer

Luxurious analog filter sounds make Saturday morning just right. And coffee.

今夜バスに乗りましょう。streetphotography analogfilter

“What is this? Are you some kind of hypnotist? Waving your powers around, the sun eclipsed by the cloud” ✨🔮✨ . . . . Ferocious modeling by 🌙💕@_addalilnutmeg 🌙💕 . . . . film filmphotography flaminglips analogfilter crystal kaleidoscope witch goddess spells fall bewitched 35mm filmportrait goldenhour portra400

Volca Sample on the Spice. Nutube circuit with + the band pass filter being modulated for the envelope follower. . . .planktonelectronics korg volcasample volca spiceplankton eurorack sampler nutube triode beat analog analogfilter distortion fuzz saturation

Jam de luces de colores y sonidos con @hoopalooh 🌈👽⚡️🚀. @_mayanwarrior_ @radiobosque 🎶 @mira_kater eldiariomusicaldepaudc ledhoops analogfilter flow mayanwarrior artcar festivallife trippy #😍

My new original DIY mini modular analog synthesizer. ...midi2cv (1- VCO, 2-only filter) . .modularsynth sdiy diy modularsynth modularsynthesizer diysynth analogfilter diymodular idreamofwires analogsynth analogsynthesizer synthporn gearporn buchla sergemodular sdiy diy analogsynth gearporn synthesizer synthesizers analogsynth pcbetching diypcb analogsynthesizer minimoog kyiv kiev midi2cv soldering etching #киев #київ #ремонтсинтезаторов synthrepair synthrepairs #аналоговыйсинтезатор

Mom ❤️👌🏻👑🎉🎂🎈

Aku dan kau pasti akan berwarnavscox vsco analogfilter 35mm

Awesome fun with Crossmix module from @flame_instruments , use Crossmix to cross two voice from Noisy Oscillator from @modormusic ,sound cool for me 😜 as you can see, just press REC and record your crossmix from any two sources and mix them, then they are recorded and played in a loop 😀 also add X-4 Quad envelope vca for EG for one voice 😀😀 really love these new modules from Flame Crossmix eurorack modulareurorack synth synthesizer modularsynthesizer euroracksynth analogfilter modularsynth muffwigler dawless euroracksynthesizer acid cv cvrecorder audiorecorder greatday flameintsruments synthesizer synthesizers modularsynth analogsynth analogsynthesizer digitalsynthesizer vco analogoscillator vco cvmix flameinstruments

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