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Social Distancing , Riding alone is Safety for me and everyone. Took my MTB out for the first Time; much heavier and Slower than Roadbike, but still fine and love it, just waiting for the right time after Covid-19 gone someday, so then I can be more fun with riding it off-road... Stay Healthy and Stay Safety Everyone 🙏🏻💪🏼💚🚴‍♀️ cyclingcyclingmotivationcyclinglifemountainbikecyclinggirloutdoorsportssportygirl asiangirlslaogirl

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how’s everyone doing ?! stay safe please ...also we made another seafood boil with bloves sauce🤪 quarantined at home but still gotta eat goood 🥺😋 video will be up soon!! seafood blovessauce mukbang asiangirls vietnamese spicy foodporn foodlover shrimp scampi mussels youtube sisters eatingshow

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Sài Gòn trong xanh có tia cực tím. Em thì cực hiếm phải tia cực nhanh 😎

New to insta !!! Show me a good time 😘👄🙈 asiangirls asian quarantine hottie

🐾 W A L K I N G L U N G E S 🐾 Doing these with my old high school backpack filled with 3 hardcover textbooks (20 lbs total). Alternatives: hold a water jug goblet-style, fill a bag with sand/soil, or just use your bodyweight. 🦥 Yeah, it sucks that I don’t have access to a power rack to perform barbell squats rn, but I can still target similar muscle groups with a bit of creativity! 😤 Do not underestimate the effectiveness of high-rep walking lunges, these can be BRUTAL. 🙈 The key is to challenge yourself and take these close to failure, assuming the goal is to maintain muscle mass during this quarantine. Circuit-style training is cool for endurance/conditioning, but is not optimal to convince your dear muscles to please stay. ☹️ . What I’m focusing on: 👣 A controlled eccentric (the lowering portion). 👣 An explosive concentric (burst out of the bottom). 👣 A slight pause at the top & bottom of the movement. 👣 Mind-muscle connection (really “feel” my quads and glutes performing the movement).

🥟 Sumo Deadlift Cues 🥟 ft. my chanclas 👡 inspired by @deadlift_panda 🐼 Doing AMRAP sets of these to practice my sumo deadlift cues (anchor hips, stay behind glass wall). Unsurprisingly, these gave me a decent glute pump, due to band tension being highest at the lockout portion. P.S. Yes, I am using a cane, LOL I do not own a swiffer so I had to make due with whatever I could find in my garage. 😅

5 minutes into quarantine & chill 👀 On the real though, AMRAP sets of @sunnybunnylifts is the best makeshift resistance for now. 😅thethrustisamust

☁️ *reminiscing about these hip thrusts I filmed prior to the gym shutting down* ☁️ . 1️⃣ 495 lb x 7 reps 2️⃣ 455 lb x 6 reps Stay safe y’all. As of currently, I don’t have access to a gym. Looking forward to getting hella creative lifting with household objects this weekend. 😷thethrustisamust

Just another day in the office, doing butt stuff 😛 1️⃣ 495 lb x 9 reps 2️⃣ 515 lb x 5 reps (been slacking & it really shows here lol) 3️⃣ 455 lb x 7 reps 4️⃣ 405 lb x 10 reps In the future, I’d like for my reps to move more seamlessly and consistently, & for my lockouts to be extremely solid. Don’t just mindlessly go through the motions. Instead, always strive to move with purpose and intent.thethrustisamust

🍗 S Q U A T S 🍗 1️⃣ 205 lb x 3 reps 2️⃣ 185 lb x 4 reps Still getting the hang of squats. 🤒 Tbh, I didn’t even learn how to properly squat until October 2019. Prior to that, I only performed light goblet, cable, and smith machine (🙃) squats. Squats are hard. I recall attempting to squat 65 lb when I first began my lifting journey, but I lacked stability, coordination, and proper form. I gave up after the empty barbell seesawed uncontrollably on my back, and completely abandoned the exercise until I gave it another chance 6 months ago. We simply need to do more of the things we suck at. Chances are, we despise it only because we’re not good at it. The only way to improve upon a skill is to focus on proper technique, and then consistently apply progressive overload. . 🥂 To progressive overload, in training and all other areas of life!

TransFORMationTuesday1️⃣ 315 lb x 3 reps 2️⃣ 245 lb x trainwreck 🤡 Not much for me to say here. February 2019 Annie, bb pls just... no. Don’t ego lift, guys. Lower the weight and learn proper form. Trust and enjoy the process. Don’t be a clown like me. 🙂 A few tips that have gotten me out of my Ronald McDoNOld suit 🚫🤡⤵️ . ⚡️ Learn to anchor your hips in the starting position. @deadlift_panda has phenomenal tutorials on this. ⚡️ Properly brace yourself. Lock your lats. Shoulders back. Cue “chest up” (show me the logo on the front of your shirt). ⚡️ Pull the slack out of the bar. Do NOT grip & rip. ⚡️ Leg press the floor away from yourself. ⚡️ Use glutes to lockout. Honestly, I was initially hesitant about sharing my horrifying Snap City technique, but I want to show that everyone starts somewhere! Cheers to PrOpEr FoRm! 🥂😅

Before I ever touched a barbell ➡️ Me with just about a million calluses today. What ISN’T pictured ⤵️ . ♥️ My mental health progress: I’ve grown from a state of constant depression, crippling anxiety, and regular suicidal thoughts. Lifting saved my life, quite literally—lifting was once my only haven that kept me sane while I was navigating through some of the darkest times of my life. For the first time in my entire adult life, my mental state has finally grown to a decent place last year. . 🍕 5 years of battling an eating disorder: Bulimia survivor turnt strong. I used to binge, purge, and repeat almost daily. If I hadn’t vomited that day, I would’ve restricted myself to an absurd 700 calories per day. Needless to say, I was incredibly depressed and it truly felt like an escape route didn’t exist. . 🍩 A positive relationship with food: My present-day eating habits used to be unfathomable. Once upon a time, the idea of consuming carbs mortified me; it was a trigger for me to immediately vomit. Today, I merely ensure to meet my daily protein goal and loosely track calories without unhealthy obsession. . 🏋🏻‍♂️ The mental strength, the discipline, and the perseverance: I began lifting in August 2017 without any knowledge of lifting or previous sport experience whatsoever. I remember being so intimidated by the weights section that I would stick to the colorful 10 lb dumbbells inside the gym’s dance studio. . I gradually pushed myself to venture into the uncharted waters (aka the weights section) late at night, when the gym was relatively empty. I started off deadlifting a 60 lb preset bar. Man, I remember the iron knurling ripped right through my virgin hands. . Don’t even get me started with hip thrusts—I was so embarrassed to perform such an awkward sexual movement. But I kept trying and progressively overloading, despite having nothing but my determination and YouTube videos as my mentor. . Cheesy af but lifting truly has taught me so many priceless life lessons beyond the surface aesthetic layer. I will forever be grateful. Here’s a reminder to everyone (including myself) that you are capable of more than you can imagine & to never give up on yourself. ♥️

🍒 T E M P O T H R U S T S 🍒 When she says your stroke game’s weak 👀 Jk lol. Felt like a train obliterated my body after each one of these sets. . Anyone else feel so much internal pressure that resemble borderline migraines after top sets? 🙃 1️⃣ 495 lb x 6 reps 2️⃣ 495 lb x 7 reps 3️⃣ 455 lb x 8 reps . Controlling the eccentric portion with a 2 second lowering phase has really helped me grow accustomed to resting 5 plates on my crotch. 🙆🏻‍♀️ .thethrustisamust

are u guys feelin this look? Mermaid vibes🧜‍♀️ I just discovered hairchalk and I'm obsessed 😍 it was quick & easy to do but tbh it was kinda messy lol worthit. . . . . .novababe potd igdaily lacefrontwigs wigs fashion igdaily instagood motd mood art love life filipina guamgirl asiangirls lit kushgirls 420girls weedstagram420 hairporn hairposts hairgoals

🌜S U M O D E A D S🌛 1️⃣ 325 lb x 1 rep ~ my 1st time ever touching this weight‼️ 2️⃣ 315 lb x 3 reps 3️⃣ 255 lb x 6 reps ~ paused deads . In the future, I would like to: 💭 Anchor my hips more precisely to minimize unnecessary energy expenditure for the most efficient pull. 💭 Work towards a more neutral spine during my top sets. 💭 Cleaner pauses 2-3 inches off the floor for paused deads. . I probably shouldn’t have pulled 315 for a triple RIGHT BEFORE attempting 325 for a single lol. 🥵

🐒 C D E A D S 🐒 275 lb x 3 reps ~ fairly ez triples I normally deadlift sumo for my max effort sets, but I try to throw in some conventional deads as accessories to supplement my sumo pulls. One day, I’ll test my conventional 1RM, and see how that matches up to my sumo 1RM. 🙉 . Man, my erectors were taxed from these beltless conventionals. I def need to show my lower back some more love with conventional deads, good mornings, back extensions, and reverse hypers. 🙈 . Anyone else dislike deadlifting with a belt, or is it just me? 🙊

⏰ T E M P O W O R K ⏰ 1️⃣ 495 lb x 7 reps ~ with 2 second eccentrics 2️⃣ 525 lb x 7 reps ~ standard constant tension hip thrusts . I am pleased to announce that 5 plates resting on my crotch FINALLY doesn’t feel too much like death. 🤪 v happy that my body is even capable of controlling the eccentric portion at this weight. . I’ve been incorporating this variation of 2 second slowed eccentrics (1st slide), & it has definitely been translating over to my standard hip thrusts. Last week, I hit an all-time PR @ 525 lbs (2nd slide). Not the cleanest lift, but still decent technique. 🤓 . @bretcontreras1 how’s my form? 🤔 .thethrustisamust

🥖 D E A D L I F T S 🥖 . 315 lb for a triple @barbellbrigade (◕‿◕✿) . Breadlift tips that have spared me a trip to snap city👇 . Maintain a neutral spine, as much as possible. The back tends to round 🌈 when the lifter is solely relying on his/her back to yank the barbell up. Instead, properly utilize leg drive to leverage the weight as a hip hinge movement pattern. . For the first portion of the lift, *leg press* the floor away from you. I promise that hoe will FLYYY 💸 when you throw in leg drive! Next, *hip thrust* to complete lockout. Finally, *romanian deadlift* the barbell back onto the floor. . Practice the valsalva maneuver- brace yourself as if someone is about to punch your stomach, or as if you’re about to squeeze out a massive 💩. Remain tight until the rep is completed. . Lock your lats, tuck shoulders back, and keep chest up. . From the side profile, the barbell should be traveling efficiently in a vertical path. . I know this is a lot to keep in mind and execute simultaneously, but PrOpEr FoRm is much more important than an ego lift with compromised form. Gym bros, don’t @ me 🥴 . Solidify your technique with lighter weight, and slowly progressively overload from there. U got this 😘👊

↘️ E C C E N T R I C S ↙️ . 435 lb x 7 reps ~ barbell gave me rope burn from sm time under tension 💔 swipe for my battle scars 🥺👉 . This hip thrust sesh was entirely dedicated to improving form, mind-muscle connection, and increasing time under tension through working on the eccentric (lowering) portion of the lift. . Sometimes, we have to ditch our ego & lower the weight in order prioritize improving our technique. Allowing for that slow, deep stretch (😏) in the muscle during the eccentric portion increases passive tension, which translates to more usage of mechanical tension. . When focusing on eccentrics, keep in mind that the slower tempo and increased time under tension will not allow you to handle as much weight without fatiguing—so use a lower percentage of your usual working set weight. . Just a note:☝️prioritizing eccentrics is a tool to improve my overall technique! I will continue to perform and progressively overload hip thrusts with my usual working set weight bc we don’t want to miss out on strength gainz. 🐒 . Take a shot for every time I said “tension” in this post 🙄😤 .thethrustisamust

🍰 H I P T H R U S T S 🍰 475 lb x 8ish reps ~ these were feeling heavy as hecc 🥵 (my all-time PR is 495 lb x 7 reps) In the future, I would like to see: 1. Lockouts that are more confident, powerful, and consistent throughout the entirety of the set. 2. Elimination of the little additional “pump” at the top of each rep, in order to minimize the usage of momentum. 3. More utilization of mechanical tension by controlling the eccentric portion of the lift, as opposed to mindlessly allowing gravity to drop the weight in between each rep. Ty @bretcontreras1 for inventing the 1 exercise to get dummy thicc. 🥺🍑 thethrustisamust

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