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The cinnamon roll was perfection. I had to keep my moans from filling the house… office, I mean, while I inhaled it. He would be hard to top annnnnd my mind goes to the gutter. But I’m determined to thank him in the best way I know how—winning him over with carbs. Men love carbs. ⠀ You know what they love more though? Blueberry muffins, as he confirmed this morning. ⠀ I set out to bake the perfect homemade muffins, though I have a feeling that a mix would have done the trick. As the office fills with the smell of memories from childhood, cozy winter nights snuggled on the couch together, and the promise of a future together, I know this is the right move.⠀ But I didn’t expect him to be working late. “What are you making?”⠀ “God,” I say, startled. “Sneaking up on people is a bad habit.”⠀ Chuckling as he leans against the bar, the small wall separating us, he grins. It’s not the same one I spied that morning, but subdued and sexy fitting the evening hour. “Why are you still working? Sucking up to the boss?”⠀ “No, just wanted to get ahead for the morning.”⠀ “Same thing,” I tease until his eyes steal my breath. They’re electrifying with the green more potent with seduction. I don’t know if I’m reading too much into this, but there’s a vibe that stretches between us. Needing to explore this feeling, I ask, “Don’t you have a girlfriend waiting for you to return home?”⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀ Copyright @S.L. Scott 2020 *Not edited (pls forgive the errors)⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ There will be a newsletter wrap up if you like to read in bigger chunks. Sign up in my profile. Let's get to it. Hope you enjoy!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀slscott quarantinelovestory quarantine story free read parody marriageinquarantine fun writer author dreambig readersofinstagram readers womensupportingwomen writersofig happyending reading bloggers blog socialmedia

Accepting the @rebeccaruber QUARANTINE CHALLENGE. One of my favorite vacation memories was when Maka and I bought our drum from Moses and Abraham in Ghana. vacation accra ghana ghana🇬🇭 drums africa authorsofinstagram author quarantine

It's MotivationalMonday, so during this time of socialdistancing I decided to start sharing some weekly Success tips from the collection of tips I've compiled since college - from books, trial and error and mostly through interviewing successful people!! I've got so many to share that you'll be surprised when you hear some of the voices I have on tape later on (mostly old interviews I kept from my entertainment journalism days). I listed some of the success advice and tips in my book, Motivation: The Path to Inner Power (on sale via Amazon), but today I'm starting with more of a visual of a few interviews I did in the past. I hope you'll be inspired when you listen in to the successtips of @jadapinkettsmith, @real_sharpton AlSharpton, @urbanmediamaven CathyHughes, @DevonFranklin & his wife @MeaganGood, and @LLCoolJ in this video. Enjoy and StayPositive SonyaJenkins Writer Author Actress Filmmaker Motivator MotivationalMonday - Music by @AminaBuddafly

Habit 36 - Enough. Seek excellence over perfection. Don’t let “perfect” rob you of taking action or steal your joy from an accomplishment. We all make mistakes and there will always be something we can improve upon. Learn to recognize when excellence of effort equals enough. —- Blueprint For Value: 52 Habits to Discover and Strengthen Your Personal Worth. author coreauthenticity book habit enough compassion washyourbrain growth speaker learn learning leader choice healthy enough freedom authentic selfcare value worthit nothingtoprove jeffkoziatek jugglingjeff jugglingjeffstl NOW available in paperback AND Kindle at www.blueprintforvalue.com

Repost @the_goddess_circle_ara with @make_repost ・・・ MARS ENTERS AQUARIUS: MARCH 30 : : "Mars in Aquarius gives us a boost of confidence. This can influence our relationships, projects, new ideas or something we’ve been working on for the future. This Motivation can really move things in new directions as well as inspire us to take on new ideas or projects that we previously may not have. With determination ramped up, there isn’t anything that you can’t do. : : Get complete guidance on this transit as well as daily astrological guidance with my Astro Forecast Publication, click the link in my bio to learn more or DM me for more info." ~Ara : : ✅Get complete guidance on this transit and daily astrological guidance with my Astro Forecast publication by clicking the link in my bio or DM me : : :mars marsinaquarius aquarius astro astrology astrologymemes astrologyposts astrologyreadings astrologersofinstagram astrologer ara thegoddesscircle thegoddesscircleara theastroforecast astrologyofinstagram astrologymeme writersofinstagram poetsofinstagram authorsofinstagram author mystic mysticsofinstagram

Have you read this award winning, bestselling, badly edited running book? If you haven’t, do not worry, I’m here in quarantine and ready to read it to you, live from my kids bedroom! (I tell her I’m cleaning it and that guarantees some privacy) so, tomorrow, do me a fav, share it with your running buddies (you don’t have to wait until tomorrow to do that, you can do it now) grab yourself a drink and join me at 8 pm live on Facebook is it? Cause I don’t want to read to myself... I wrote it see? Anyway, if you need to catch up, chapter 1 and 2 are here on the page somewhere and we’ll do chapter 3 tomorrow, ok?runner runnergirl runningbook instarunnerswales instarunners instarunning runnergirl run author runningauthor motivationalspeaker runningblog runningblogger facebooklive

I’m a childrens @book author - it’s not my 9-5 but it’s my talent. I’m now doing virtual school visits. I read my books and talk about the journey. I inspire - I engage Schedule at nopelomalo@Gmail.com to teacher education children teen parent homeschool @cara_sabin

Throwback memories of my recipes in ....The Times of India in leading Newspaper as Food Expert.... 🍰throwback memories sheinspiresus writer author timesofindia @timesofindia @indiatimes india delhi recipe recipecreator foodexpert cooking timesonternet instafood food foodtalkindia foodtalkiesdelhi @anjukhattarfoodblogger foodstagram anjukhattar

@sarahjakesroberts is a motivational speaker and is leading by example. Tag a leader. Startup Dancer Motivationalspeaker Standupcomedy Music Artist @chrisbrownofficial Magician Medium Fitness Trainer Performer Nutritionist Circus Broadway Author Actor Actress Disneyonice Tour

Do you read short stories? . Following her successes from All the Ghosts We’ve Always Had, critically-acclaimed flash fiction writer, Jules Archer, returns to the dinner table with Little Feasts, her debut short story collection. The nineteen stories within are a table-long buffet of femininity, complete with lying girls, creepy cults, toxic masculinity, serial killers, and mothers who like to swing a 20-pound cast-iron skillet. Works within have been featured in Five:2:One, SmokeLong Quarterly, Maudlin House, PANK, and more. Thank you to the wonderful author for sending me a copy of the book and teaming up with me for a great giveaway! Check out how to enter below: GIVEAWAY Enter to win a copy of Little Feasts TO ENTER - follow me, @julesjustwrite and @storygramtours - tag a friend you think will be interested For EXTRA entry - visit @bookscoffeeand fantasy account tomorrow and repeat these steps RULES - Giveaway will end April 6th at midnight EST - US ONLY - not affiliated with Instagram -must be 18 or have parents permission -must be a public account so I can verify entriesLittleFeaststour LittleFeasts JulesArcher storygramtours

My first magazine write-up!!!! PLEASE BUY MY NEW BOOK: "THE MOST BEAUTIFUL INSANITY" Link in my BIO... Available on Amazon from Palm Circle Press “…an insider’s lens on the grislier truths behind beauty and privilege.” The Miami Herald “It was raw and edgy and dirty and it was perfect…” “The Most Beautiful Insanity has raw depth, realism, and intensity…” Stefan Vučak, award-winning author of Autumn Leaves “It’s wonderfully written and a very interesting story. I couldn’t put it down.” How do you prove to your lover you’re the best they’ll ever have? Ophelia Lake has an addiction – to Drexel Waters, a suave, sexy, semi-sociopathic fashion model living in South Miami Beach. Soaking in a scene of designer drugs and designer clothes, Drexel inadvertently causes the overdose death of a female model, whose billionaire father is now hell-bent for revenge. Ophelia, a model herself, has already been strung out and wrung out by the entire fashion industry. With no control over her career, she obsessively clings to an abusive Drexel. They bring out the worst in each other, especially while navigating a dangerous escape plan, spiked with steamy sex and raunchy seduction. A powerful nemesis closes in. In the mix is Detective Trace Strickland who happens to share a shameful, sordid past with Drexel. Trace struggles to separate his professional life from protecting his friend, but instead falls in love with Ophelia, as most men do. Every character is pushed closer and closer to the limits of mental torture, driving each to commit a deadly act they can never undo... fiction romanticthrillerbook steamyromancebook dirtyromancenovel thrillerbookforadults steamynovels eroticfiction southbeach miamibeach southmiamibeach fashionmodels novelsaboutfashionmodels femaleauthor hotromamcenovels hottestromancenovels steamyactionbooks booklovers debut literary author newrelease book publishing novelist

Been doing a good bit of writing. I’ve already written out a few more children’s stories. It’s funny, I honestly did not expect to write so many children’s stories as an author, but SURPRISE! ~~ ~~ How are you spending your self-quarantine? ~~ ~~ djanee djaneecreations author authors writer writers writing authorsofinstagram authorlife authorssupportingauthors writingcommunity writinginspiration writersofinstagram bookstagram books book mom dad parenting quarantine workfromhome work stayhome staysafe stayhealthy stayathome staystrong staypositive readersofinstagram read

The human need for physical connection has never been more understood by me (& I’m sure many others) than right now. - While I have been seeing a friend during isolation, she lives in my building but we don’t live together & we’ve mostly still been maintaining some physical distance. And after two weeks of absolutely no physical touch with another human being, I have been craving it. I’ve been dreaming about it, I’ve been panicked by the lack of it & mostly, I’ve been trying to figure out how it’s safe for me to fulfill the need. - I’m not even talking about sexual touch or needs. I’m talking about a hug, a hand on an arm, an arm round a shoulder, hell a slap on the ass would be nice. - So while I live & breathe the fact that we mostly can do things for ourselves & can we independent, I’ve found this to be one part I can’t self fulfill, that ultimately as humans we do need others. And if that’s not an analogy for life in general, I don’t know what is. - -single dating divorced touchme selfisolation socialdistancing touch coronavirus physicaltouch lockdown stayhome alone lonely stress senses keeponkeepingon blogging divorcedanddatingat30 datingishard lifeishard me writer blogger author

Motivational Monday and @tonygaskins literally has words to motivate us being an author and more. Tag an author. Startup Dancer Motivationalspeaker Standupcomedy Music Artist @chrisbrownofficial Magician Medium Fitness Trainer Performer Nutritionist Circus Broadway Author Actor Actress Disneyonice Tour

Bak yine geldim kıyamadığım satırlara. Nasıl kıyabilir insan bizim değil hiç biri artık bu doğanın bir parçası biz var olabiliriz yok ta asıl varoluş şu an derin duygular ile yazılan bu mısralar nasılda samimiyim nasıl içten bir çocuğun küçük sevinci bir büyük mutluluk işte benimki. Dünya zor dönemden geçiyor zor olan daha da zorlaştı aslında benim için tek sıkıntı insanlığın bu durumu yoksa benim zora karşı hiç bir savunmam yok zaten yok yok olan tekrar yok olamaz o açıdan benim için bu yokluk çok sıradan bir yaşam biçimi. Kalem ile bu sayfa arasında bir dünya değil bir büyük evren yaratıyorum benim başka hiçbir şeye ihtiyacım yok şükür. ________________________________picasolucciedebiyatfelsefekitapbookstagramauthorinstagramkendikalemimdengünlükajandaedebiyatkulübünotlarnotlarımdangizemlimektuplarmirayamektuplarsonkadındünyahisduyguevdekaltürkiyednüşümdoğaçlamaanlıkmektup

Our author, @josephkrakoff is sharing his prayers for hope, healing and peace. We hope they bring you comfort. comfortandhope coronavirus https://buff.ly/2ULC463

"...for anyone who has endured trauma or grief--in other words, for any of us--this book offers insight and hope that we, too, can not only endure, but thrive." -Philip Yancey Do you, or anyone you know, need a boost, an encouraging story to remind you that, in the end, beautiful things can come from some of life's most unwelcome, unexpected and difficult surprises? I have needed to remind myself of the unlikely outcomes from my own difficult past. overmyshoulder covid19 coronavirus 2020 beautyfromashes healingstories author authorlife authors authorsofinsta thrive columbine lifestories overcoming resilience survivetothrive survivor enduretotheend

One of my favorite illustrations from Anelthalien. What's Anelthalien? ⬇️ . . Anelthalien is a fantasy fiction novel! . . When Kindle discovers a necklace that transports her to a strange land called Anelthalien, all she wants is to return home. Soon, though, Kindle meets the strange yet kind Cifra and discovers that the necklace carries with it much more than a simple painting. After meeting three others who also find similar necklaces, the Cifra lead them to a farmer, who also proves to hold many more secrets from times altered out of Anelthalien's memory. Once the farmer begins recalling the past and linking Kindle and the three others to it, Kindle realizes that returning home may not be as easy or as important as she believes. In fact, none of them expect the necklaces will tie them to not only an almost forgotten past but a gilded present and possibly disastrous future. . . .HAPruitt Anelthalien author fiction fantasy fantasyfiction ya escape book whatshouldireadnext books Christian Christianwriter christianfiction christianbooks writer somethingdifferent fantasyland read yareader yachristianfiction illustration lovetodraw drawing spider necklace

And you alone. The downs are what make the ups.

“There are chords in the human heart—strange, varying strings—which are only struck by accident; which will remain mute and senseless to appeals the most passionate and earnest, and respond at last to the slightest casual touch.” The Old Curiosity Shop, Charles DickensChildrensbook Illustration Book Books Graphicdesign Children Kids Author parenting parent lovelystory childhood sweetkids characterdesign storycharacter

Definitely uncertain times regarding world events and current circumstances, but we still need to use gratitude on a daily basis 👊🏼 . . For me, taking advantage of every minute that I have my kids ❤️ . . Even though church buildings are closed, having church on Sunday was extremely important to us. . . Enjoying the projector 📽 SpaceJam Incredibles2 👌🏼 . . This time will pass, and every obstacle and tribulation will be for our own good 💪 . . Be safe peeps, no dollar amount is more valuable than your health/life 🤔

Startupper! Immobilenmakler/in und Investmentberater/in für Berufseinsteiger. Ich bin kein Hobbymakler! Autor Silke Kreth Für Ihre Buchbestellung http://www.kreth-immobilien.de/unser-buch-tipp-fur-sie-ihre-buch-bestellung/ Ist eine dreiteilige Buchreihe, bestehend aus den Buch, Arbeitsheft und einem Lexikon,welches Ihnen den Einstieg in Ihr neues Berufsziel ermöglich Den gesamten Trailer dazu, finden Sie auf YouTube, Silke Kreth.silkekreth author bücher bücherliebe buch blogger blog dank blogger_de socialmediamarketing social socialmedia umschulung motivation businessowner coaching liveauthentic liveyourlife youtube bаldistwоchenеndе authorsofinstagram 2020 business online instagram stylisch digitalart follow weiterbildung Immobilienmakler

ARTIST HIGHLIGHT: @evilbloodlord [Slide 1. Filtered for feed; Slide 2. Original piece (watercolor and ink)] artistsofinstagram artistssupportingartists quarantine [Caption ⬇️] | www.joeydelduca.com . . . Sending a thank you to @evilbloodlord for allowing me to repost his work. Blood has been a great supporter of myself and everyone else he follows. Such kindness deserves to be recognized, as well as the amazing artwork he both finds online and creates. Cheers buddy! . . .author authorsofinstagram writersofinstagram writing writerscommunity writerslife igwriters. . .metal metalhead punkhardcore guitarist guitarists guitaristsofinstagram. . .darkart horrorgram. . .bloggers bloggingseeyouonthothersideofstrange

@priscilaarandiga is our IllustratorOfTheWeek and here’s what she had to say about working with TE. We love you and adore your art Pris, thank you! 💗👏

I feel like we hear the word “mindfulness” a lot. It’s the state achieved by focusing on the present moment. Accepting our feelings and thoughts as they are. Not looking for change or improvement, not dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Just being here and now. With everything that goes on in our day-to-day lives, taking time to be at mindful peace can do wonders for mentality and the soul. So what would happen if we applied the principals of mindfulness to writing? Allowed ourselves to just be at peace with the pen? This week, I challenge you to focus on the present page. Accept your words and phrases as they are. Find a notebook that has yet to be filled with words and just WRITE. Write for the sake of writing, not for improvement or change. Once you let yourself be one with the process, there’s no limit to what you can create. ✍️🌿🌊 . . . . . . . . .write writer writerslife screenwriter screenwriterslife author authorslife writing writingcommunity screenwriting mindfulness mindfulliving mentality selfcare focus create creativelifehappylife goforit thewritersroom tvwriter Follow my personal account @ashleynlagerberg

Just checking in with you guys. This is for all of you first-time, full-time, work-from-home peeps. How are you doing? If you're new to this, you might find it's not as easy as you thought it was going to be (There are so many distractions!). Then there's the social component. Some of you are extroverts, desperately missing those cube farm conversations while you introverts are probably in heaven. Either way, it looks like we're going to be here a while. How's it going? . . . .quarantine workfromhome wfh booksales sellmorebooks authorplatform platform writer author publishing books writing retainermarketing authormarketing authorcoaching digitalmarketing booklaunch eventmarketing PR PPC booksignings bookmarketing coaching socialmedia socialmediamarketing blogging marketing kdp

Feeling cooped up? Check out Kate Tailor's mindblowing Lucid Design, and other Oghma ebooks on sale for only .99 through April 8! Plus follow us on Twitter for daily Audible audiobook giveaways, including several other titles and more. scifibooks bookstagram book reading booklover bookworm bookish read bookstagrammer booknerd bookaddict instabook booksofinstagram ebook bookshelf bookaholic stayinandread reader instabooks author bookwormsgotthis kindle booklove bookphotography literature library booklovers

DEN ELSKER JEG FAKTISK VIRKELIG MEGET!! ❤️ Store ord fra søde anmelder @annasophiadalsgaard på 7 år, som her fortæller om “Asta Viola holder sommerferie”. SWIPE og se de små filmklip. ➡️ ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• TAK kære Anna Sophia for de fine ord. 💗Jeg ved at du og din mor læser mange bøger hjemme hos jer, så det gør mig mægtig glad og meget stolt, at du kan lide min astaviola bog. 👧🏻🌳☀️📗 Kærlig hilsen Annette Sohn ❤️ ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 📗 Asta Viola holder sommerferie, er udgivet hos @mellemgaard_forlaget. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••anmeldelse brnebogsnak astaviolaholdersommerferie brnebog hygge kageglad astaviola taknemmelig forfatter tegner annettesohn brnebogsforfatter brnebogsillustrator danish author illustrator childrensbook

Let’s not forget that the best writers are the most prolific readers!! If you agree drop a 📚 emoji Happymonday 💕 Letsgo ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ • • • ✅Tag 3 writers who should see this. ✅Get 20% off all Publishing and Feature Packages! Click the link in our profile! ✅Get Featured with US!

“Duck the Guidelines” by Kyle William Urban . Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ . “So duck the guidelines and learn to fly” . I always love reading poetry books because they feel so intimate and vulnerable. And what is more empowering than laying your heart out on a page for the world to read: sharing your traumas and insecurities with an unseen reader? Maybe it’s revealing the deepest nooks and crannies of your being and then spreading every ounce of kindness and positivity you wish to see in the world. . This is exactly what Kyle does in “Duck the Guidelines.” I cried through his hardships, some of which were so similar to my own. I raged through his injustices, which inspire me to be a better friend, ally, and parent. And I beamed with pride at his ability to still spread kindness and joy despite everything he has been through. . Do yourself a favor and read this book. Not only will you walk away with a renewed sense of positivity and faith in humanity but you’ll also have made a new friend. A sweet, funny, intelligent, and talented new friend. . . .DuckTheGuidelines @slytherin_bookworm_guy KyleWilliamUrban book books poetry poem poems read reading novel author authors poet bookreview bookreviews bookstagram

How to use Bibisco (with screenshots) Are you looking for free novel writing software that is mostly fully featured and functional? If you are, Bibisco might be the right novel writing software for you. Bibisco works on Linux, MAC and Windows machines. Unfortunately, there are no Android or Apple versions of the software as of yet, and it does not connect automatically to cloud storage, which makes portability between devices extremely difficult. With that being said, let’s take an in-depth look at how this software works. Bibisco writing books life novel writers amwriting book writersofinstagram bookstagram software writer author writingsoftware amwriting writersofig bookish amediting authorforlife blogger novel readmore writerscommunity WritingCommnunity writinglife writingcommunity writingtools writingapp writinghelp

edebiyat sairin_pusulasi sair edebiyatdefteri edebiyatnotları edebiyatgunlugu edebiyatkulübü edebiszler felsefe bursa bakü siir siirheryerde siirsokakta şiirduvarda kültür sanat szler asksozleri anlamlisozler yazarlarsokagi yazar kitapkurdu kitapyurdu kitap poem poet literature author diniszler Aşk bedene değil, Aşka yetene sahip çıkar...💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕

They’re now jean shorts 😂

Follow - @shayari_4_u_n_me ---------------------------- Written by - @smith_tripathi ---------------------------- Share/like/comment ----------------------------corona lockdown shayari love writes lovequotesfeelings heart author poemlovewrites writesofindia storiesinstapoetry writersblock writerscommunitywritersofinstagram poetryisnotdeadu me #_shayari_4_u_n_me_

I didn’t realise how oblivious I was about other X gen immigrants’ from other countries (such as the Caribbeans) and their stories about growing up in the UK. I was only really familiar with my own culture. Our experiences are unique and yet so strikingly similar. • One of the most relatable, funniest and thought provoking books I’ve read. Highly, highly recommend for every Londoner to read. . (I finished this a little while ago but having to return this to the library today; I could not, not talk about it.)thegoodimmigrant

Welcome to “Mental Health Monday”, my one minute video breakdown of mental health. Swipe for video—I promise it is a minute well spent. (Make sure to turn the sound on😊) phd socialwork professor writer writersofinstagram author authorsofinstagram actor actorslife producer director

I received this very touching message from @luminous_lyricist after she read ANGEL 😭😭😭 and it's moments like these that will live with me forever and inspire me to continue, thank you 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 If you haven't read it yet, it's your last chance to grab it for free via Kindle/Kindle app. ❤❤❤ Offer ends tomorrow. . . . . .lgbt lgbtq lgbtqi gay gaypride lesbian lesbians 2moms gaygirls noh8 loveislove samelove author writer angel free inspiring @theellenshow @afterellen @divamagazine @stonewalluk @caradelevingne

🔥Premade book cover available🔥 Erotica/Romance Genre Text&font it's only sample, could be changed. We've designed ➡️book covers⬅️ over the years. Can we design yours? Email us at info.kudidesign@gmail.com or shoot us a message on here. Visit our page at www.kudi-design.compublishing books bookdesign bookcover design graphicdesign publisher ebook selfpublished GreatReads Amazon Kindle BookMarketing SelfPub Editing creative writer GetPublished Creativity BookGiveaway AskEditor WordCount bookcoverdesign designer illustrator illustration author printdesign

Trying to find the time and motivation to write has been tough over the past few weeks. Not being able to go to any coffee shops to write sucks since that’s where I find it easiest. Finally sat down today and did about 800 words before my daughter work up from her nap and it felt good. Chapter 7 is started, only a few more to go before I start editing! - Hope everyone is hanging in there! Blue light glasses by @framefiends -writing newwriter novel fiction starbucks wattpad author coffee theredfootmurders inspiration motivation inspired creativity creative art books book bookwriting

Provtrycket för hårdbandsutgåvan av första Söder om Himlen-boken har anlänt och ser fruktansvärt bra ut! Fantastisk känsla! Nu fortsätter vi med korrekturen i Söder om Himlen: Dagen efter och manuset till Söder om Himlen: Sista Advent. Rock n roll!frfattarepåinstagram frfattare author provtryck hrdband sderomhimlendagenefter sderomhimlen sderomhimlensistaadvent metal heavymetal rock rocknroll driv energi inspiration scifi apokalyps apocalypse postapokalyps monster ebmeuller ebmeullerbcker omslag design

Kitaba Puanım : 4.5/5 ✨ Arka Kapak :Rüzgâr aslında hiç durmaz, yalnızca sessizleşir, ta ki gücünü toplayıp geri dönene kadar. Tom Sherbourne, Çanakkale Savaşı'nda acı dolu dört yıl geçirdikten sonra Avustralya'ya döner ve kıyıdan yarım gün uzaklıkta yer alan Janus Kayası'ndaki deniz fenerinde bakıcı olarak çalışmaya başlar. Genç, cesur ve sevgi dolu karısı Isabel'le evlilikleri ikisinin de kafasındaki gürültüyü susturup yıldızlar, dalgalar ve rüzgârın sesinden başka hiçbir şeyin olmadığı iki kişilik dünyalarında huzur bulmalarını sağlar. Bir gün, üç yılın ve üç düşüğün ardından, karısı bir bebeğin ağlamalarını duyar. Dalgalar, içinde genç bir adamın cesedi ile birkaç aylık bir bebeğin olduğu bir tekne getirmiştir. Çocuk özlemiyle dolu Isabel dualarının Tanrı tarafından kabul edildiğini düşünür. Yüreklerinin sesini dinleyip bebeği sahiplenmeye ve bundan kimseye bahsetmemeye karar verirler. Yıllar sonra gerçekler ortaya çıkmaya başlayınca aldıkları kararın hiç beklemedikleri sonuçları olduğunu anlarlar.books bookstagram book reading booklover bookworm bookish read bookstagrammer booknerd bibliophile bookaddict instabook booksofinstagram love bookshelf bookaholic libros b reader instabooks author art libri booklove bookphotography literature library booklovers bhfyp

Broken tiles lie like teeth after a bar fight/around the rim of my old swimming pool/A pulse of indulgence twenty years ago/a summer so hot the world melted "Blue Tiles" Read the whole poem at Willow Leaves and Seeping Waters. Link in bio. . . . . .poet poetry poem poetrycommunity poetsofinstagram poems instapoet instapoetry poesia writing quotes art words writerscommunity wordporn poetryporn poetryisnotdead poetsofig writersofinstagram writersofig author poetryislife

I Am The Healing Spirit! I Am The Foundation I Am the Protection I Am the protector The Ancient Healing Spirit! I Am The Movement of all I Am The Entire Universe 🌎 I Am The Success 888 8888I Am the Awareness I Am the Energy Flow I Am the third eye sees all I Am sensing and feeling all I Am the forgiveness and let go of all I Am the promise for freedom I Am the attachment I Am the detachment I Am honesty I Am friendship I Am the path I Am guided I Am the happiness and joy I Am the self belief system I Am the movement and dance religion I Am the prayer I Am thank full for all I Am the strength for change I Am the breath of life I Am the colour of life I Am the fun and fitness I Am the new and next generation I Am the bridge to the next I Am the boundaries I Am the distance I Am the limit I Am the respect I Am the Star I Am the Star shining through the sky I Am the Star shinning into your mind I Am the Abundance of all I Am the Entire Universe I Am the Connection of all I Am the Protection of all I Am the determination I Am the Ancient Spirit I Am the Karma Cleanser I Am the Movement I Am the discipline I Am the practice I Am the Affirmation I Am the Endless love I Am the Loving Free Spirit I Am the Vibrant Shining Light 🌟🌟🌎🌟🌟🌕🌟🌟🌎🌟🌟🌕🌟🌟🌎🌟🌟🌕 I Am the Angel I Am Seda. I Am the Dance! -Seda Star- All rights reserved. On my Holy Rock. Tamarama Sydney/ Australia 🇦🇺 www.sedastar.com Email- seda@sedastar.com web www.sedastar.com holistichealth healthylifestyle tarot pyhcicexpo publicfigure australia publicspeaker tedtalks tedx pyhcic guidance angels protection healing healthylife empowerment sedastarholyrockaffirmations hayhouse meditation yoga media channel10 author sedastarholyrock sedastar amazon youtube healing tedtalks instagramstories

My new product: the doll is crocheted of natural mohair, the filler is holofiber, the frame is made of copper wire, felt boots are made of natural wool, the cloak with a hood is trimmed with eco fur, the hand warmer is made of eco fur, embroidered with Czech beads. You can see and buy all my works in my store on Etsy. Active link in my profile.author'sdollbirthdaygiftssurprisebeautifuldollwhitecat

mola di bari | tutto [...] è muto e intercambiabile_calvino III | MMXX

Launching this Wednesday!! Stay tuned!! ❤️🙏📱

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Announcing my new children’s fly fishing book! Fly Fishing From Head To Toe is written by Emily Johnson and illustrated by V...Vaughn (@vvaughan8). Click on the link in my bio to sign up for email updates and a sneak peek video. . . .childrensbooks kidsbooks bookstagram books illustration kidlit reading picturebook picturebooks kidsbookstagram childrensbook children book booksforkids kidlitart bookworm author childrensliterature kidsbook raisingreaders illustrator kids childrensbookillustration read childrensbookstagram authorsofinstagram youngreaders flyfishing outdoors flyfishingfromheadtotoe

PLEASE SHARE, TAG A FRIEND OR REPOST: 30 MINS AWAY to my 1st ever LirisMotivates week with some of my fave thought & spiritual leaders! You all asked for prayer & inspiration while we’re going thru this quarantinelife so I literally pulled this together in the past 24hrs! So honored to have everyone listed! ITS OPEN TO ALL AGES & BACKGROUNDS!Just come get some peace ☮️ & strength 💪🏾to center your day! Also MODELS stay tuned cause I’ll have something special for you Friday!

Il mio romanzo 'Finché Piove' è ordinabile su Amazon, sia in formato cartaceo che in quello digitale (e-book) oppure si può leggere gratuitamente con l'abbonamento Kindle Unlimited. Il link è nella mia bio. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .aforismi citazioni poesia scrittura lettura romanzo arte # libri reading book books bookporn instabook literature art writing bookaddicted bookalcoholicbookstagram lovereading quotes myquotes poetry insanity art bibliophilie novel author writer racconto bukowski

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