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👋🏻 Hai 😁

Welcome, Snus Uisce, to your new home! Snus is a popular Swedish tobacco thing that swedes are totally hooked on, and uisce is Irish for water. Maybe Snus for short..? She’s a pedigree snow bengal kitten, an absolute beauty. And now she is also my new baby ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️snowbengal snowbengalsofinstagram bengal bengal_ig tica pedigreecat pedigreekitten kattungar bengalkatt newbaby furbabylove followme babyanimals babyanimalstagram bengalkitten sthlm petaccounts

Ohh so cute🥺😍❤️ Tag your vest buddy❤️ Follow us @cuteanimals_to_go for more 🙊 × by: @patipufnet × Doubletap and tag a friend below☺️ ×catphoto catsagram bestcat catsrule catsoftheworld catoftheday kittenoftheday happycat catlove #meow catlovers catdaily catsagram dailycat inatacats crazycat fluffycat animal animals babyanimals cute animalsofinstagram pet babycat cuteness socute cuteanimals_to_go cat adorable cutenessoverload kawaii #

regram @orangutan_foundation Caring week in the forest! 🌳 Everyday our team care for orphaned orangutans in our soft-release programme by ensuring that they can practice their forest skills in the trees. Once the young orangutans have mastered the arts of climbing, nest building and foraging for food, they may then be ready for an independent life in the wild. Don’t forget that you can help support them too by adopting an orangutan or by wearing orange for OrangeforOrangutanDay tomorrow! 🍊 www.orangutan.org.uk/orangutan-caring-weekGoOrange OrangutanCaringWeek fundraise orange bakesale charity support care orangutan wildlife forest wild redape orangutan_foundation educateyourself educateyourself101 compassion love wildlifeconservation wildphotography animalsanctuary babyanimals orphans wildliferehabilitation survivalskills

🥔🍑☀️🛁 @stbarthslife

It's a bit of a process to teach Honey that she can eat many things, she's too cute 🍽️⁠ ⁠ ...⁠guineapigs guineapigsofinstagram cavy cavygram pets petstagram piggiesofinsta smallanimals cuteanimals exoticpets cute animals cavylove cuties theguineababies babyanimals

I can fly~🐦 【2019.3.2】 #奶油的自傳 #馬爾濟斯 maltese puppy smalldogs dogs dog pet cutedogs cutedog cutepuppy #小狗 babyanimals

Wow, I’m 5 months and 40 big dawg pounds! Are you as surprised as me?

SUPPORT WEIRD THEATRE! Awesome Theatre is raising $5K in the next 30(ish) days for it's 2020 lineup of world premiere plays by local artists. Go to awesometheatre.org/donate/ and show some love, free t-shirts are involved.awesometheatre supportlocaltheatre bayarea fundraising nonprofit funny babyanimals

New clean cages for everyone, and a couple other cute/funny videos of the boys. Don't worry, the Alaska (small cage with red base) isn't my boys' permanent cage. They are in intros in the carrier method right now. They've been in that cage for six days now, and I'll hopefully be moving them into half of the big cage at the end of this week, if they carry on doing well. I know it's a long time for six boys to be in a small cage, but it has been needed, they have had quite a lot of fights up until two days ago. If they carry on not fighting for the next few days, they'll be upgraded by Friday. If they have another big fight though, I'll wait until the beginning of next week. They hopefully won't be in there too much longer though. 💜🐀 My rattery: @rala.rattery Human account: @_its_kt_ My pawtners: @talesofrats @popcornsmischief @ratdiction @rattering @crazyratladyvivi @whirlwindratgirls @rattering_rats @shekanasratsrats rat ratsareawesome ratagram cuterats cuteratsofinstagram ratsofinstagram ratcommunity petsarefamily ratmum mumofrats ratsarefamily rattiesofig ratties petsnotpests ratsofig rodents rodentsofinstagram ratlover loverofrats cuddlyrats ratsarelove rodentsarelove ratsarethebest ratsarethebestpets smallanimal smallanimals breederrats babyanimals babyrats

Just made our final price slash! Doggomoji floaties are the cheapest they’ll ever be! Check the link in our bio. @shibayukichan

“Most women go through life looking for love, and looking for someone to treat them like a queen. For some women finding real love seems to be something that will never happen. I believe that finding love is not as hard as people make it seem. The reason that some women can't find real love is because they look for more than just real love. A lot of women know what they need in a relationship, and thats for a man to love that woman with all of his heart, and to treat her real good. Most women have guys in their life or guys that try to get with them that could really love them and treat them real good. Those are usually the guys that get forced into that friend zone or rejected upfront. See those guys could give them what they need, but not what they want. “Wants” can be anything from a woman wanting a man to have certain materialistic things, or she could want him to look a certain way, those are a few examples of the things that some of them want, but they vary depending on the female. What some females don't understand is that none of the things that they want has anything with love or how that person will treat you. You could find a man that looks perfect, has a house and car, he can be a college graduate with a good job, and you could still end up being with a person that doesn't truly love you, and will treat you like shit. What I am trying to say is that the person who could treat you good and really love you could already be in your life, but you could have been blinded by the things you want in a man so you overlooked the person that you were really looking for. And by the way there are men that do the same thing; I just wanted to be clear on that.” hogybaby weeklyfluff love quotes poetry babyanimals cute hedgehogs hedgehog

Scooter heard us say we are adding a Fire Skink to this account! 👀🔥🔥 Well, he heard correctly! We recently got a 4 month old baby Fire Skink and (of course) we take too many pictures of him NOT to post him 💗 So keep your eyes open for our next post where we will be introducing our new family member 🤗🦎 . . Scooter also just got a tank upgrade this past weekend!! 🥳 So we will also be posting pictures of his new setup, which he has been thoroughly enjoying 🤗 . .babyleopardgecko babyanimals newdecor leopardgeckosofinstagram haveaniceday leopardgeckos newsetup reptilelover babygecko lizardlife fireskink reptilefanatics leopardgecko geckolife geckosofinstagram newpet toocute reptilemom goodafternoonpost leopardgeckomorph lizard gecko bigfamilylife reptilefamily reptilesofinstagram closeup reptile exoticpets herps

Of course he is a cutie. But what you don't see is how hard this one is. He's an one month old who fall down from a hight tree and just after another hour he was able to learn how to climb up. What a spirit.costarica puertoviejo animal animals wildlife sloth sloths threetoedsloth babyanimals

B&W Photo of a Grizzly Cub Playing in the Shadows An orphaned grizzly cub entertaining himself with a romp through some foliage. @bcwildlifepark @cityofkamloopsprc @cityofkamloops wildlife wildlifephotography grizzly grizzlybear babyanimals blackandwhitephotography blackandwhite

Morning goat antics. 🧡🐐🧡. . . . . . . . .goatlove babyanimals babygoats goats inlove cute

Wake me up in..Christmas 🎄😑 She is too cute with her Animal Knitted Blanket. I guess this can be a perfect christmasgift 😍 ollyandowl knittedblanket goodnight

This is baby 2 from the litter. The 2nd biggest of the litter and just as sweet! Also very intelligent. It’s coloring is similar to Chonk’s but just a little bit darker. Loves to snack and explore! adoptme rabbits bunnies bunniesofinstagram rabbitsofinstagram adoption love awe cute baby babyanimals

To me, animals are the most beautiful thing. They love big, discern well and live wild and free!

“It's awesome, Jellyman. Little dudes are just eggs, we leave 'em on the beach to hatch, and then — koo-koo ka-choo! — they find their way back to the Big Ol' Blue.” 🐢 Nesting season is over but I’m thankful I had the chance to photograph hundreds of washbacks at work. Best of luck to everyone of these babies on their journey🌊 . .washback hatchling crush seaturtle seaturtles babyanimals naturephotography cuteanimals daytona ponceinlet loggerhead greenseaturtle nestingseason babyseaturtle animalphotography washbacks marinesciencecenter florida floridawildlife savethewaves savetheturtles

This is bunny 1 in my litter. I’ve nicknamed this one Chonk as a temporary name until it can find a home. Chonk is the largest rabbit in the litter and has the personality and appetite to match. Such a sweet bun and it’s personality is very much like the mother, so pretty intelligent and loves attention. Please let me know if you would be interested in adopting Chonk. I have a handful more bunnies to post as well so stay tuned for more that will be available for adoption ✌🏻💖🐰 bunnies rabbits adoption babyanimals babyrabbits love cute awe bunniesofinstagram rabbitsofinstagram adoptme chonk

B* Snow Angel, male ns 11 33, 4 weeks #_snow_angel #красивыекотята #инстакотик #британскиешиншиллы mimi kitten #мимими sweetcat babyanimals wewantcats #сладкий cat_features bestmeow bestcats_oftheworld instalike instameow catstagram cutekitten littlecat lovelycat #красивыекотята cutest sweetkitten littlecat littlekitten socute cutecat salekittens kittenforsale #британскиекотята bestkitten

feisty little baby lottie • • •chicken chickensofinstagram chickens pet petchicken chick babyanimals

[Future MOMMY] ❤️ my little girl is doin really good. Even if she definetly have some trouble to find the rigth position for her babybelly if she wants to take some rest and sleep a bit. We don't know how long it will take from now on but I would say a week 👍🏻 can't wait to see the small fellows and I hope that Minnie will be a good mom, if not, I'll help her out for sure ❤️

Took my son to a petting zoo in VA. babyanimals minivacation

Blistering heat and intense drought conditions in Zimbabwe have led to several heart-wrenching elephant calf rescues for our partners at @wildislife_zen.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ The original WIL-ZEN herd of Kukurakura, Moyo, Marsie, Jack, Unity, Coco, and Limpopo has been joined by four new calves–Amira, Mana, Tess, and Johnnie. All four calves were rescued from Mana Pools National Park where drought has dried up waterholes, leaving them nothing more than viscous, dangerous pans of mud.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ A few of the new rescues were stuck in deep mud, buried up to their necks and unable to move, enduring soaring temperatures, dehydration, exhaustion—and predators. One calf was badly wounded by hyenas and endured bites to her trunk, abdomen, and tail. The team has been working around the clock to treat these myriad injuries.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ A huge shout out to the WIL-ZEN rescue team of veterinarian Dr. Mark Lombard, animal rescue assistant Catherine Jennings, and chief elephant handler January Gweshe for their amazing work in these emergency rescues, as well as Zimparks and many others who stepped in to help.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Thankfully, the hard work is paying off and the calves are stabilizing and healing. They're also beginning to bond with each other and the other elephants in the ZEN herd–namely, Moyo, the ZEN herd’s matriarch. Moyo is critical in this phase of rehab as she comforts and mothers the new arrivals, helping them feel secure and calm.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ We will share individual stories on each of these calves as they heal from both physical wounds and psychological trauma–stay tuned for more next week.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Photos: © @jens_cullmann who has generously allowed our partners at Wild is Life to use them.⁠

My sweet baby Ollie cat! 🐱💙

Have you checked out the November editions of RangerRick & RangerRickJr yet?! You won't want to miss these adorable snow monkeys! Trust us when we say these magazines are the opposite of a bore. . . . . .NWF NationalWildlife Boar SnowMonkey JapaneseMacaque EurasianBoar FindYourPark HikingwithKids NatureFamily Conservation Biodiversity KidsMagazines Grandkids WildChild EcoSchools Greentime BlackFriday CuteAnimals BabyAnimals

Leeloo is getting her nesting on, I think she'll have her babies soon 😊🎉 - - - Call, Text, Email or DM for information on upcoming or current litters! ⬆️⬆️ * * *donotdisturb nesting cute expecting pregancy babyanimals animallovers petlover firsttimemom babyannouncement newmom almostready cutepets instadaily instapet cuteanimals inlove westmidlands exoticpets africanpygmyhedgehog africanpygmyhedgehogbaby hedgehog hedgehogs hedgie hedgehogcommunity babyhedgehog hufflehogs aph

wishing you all a happy tuesday🐱

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