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Marcial found so many beautiful sand dollars!

It's such a bitter sweet moment when they're finally on the move. Next they'll be running off to school!!

Today is a perfect day for a bonfire ♥️ how did you guys like the vlog style video? Should I do more?

Ezra refuses to take selfies with me. He doesn’t like sharing the spotlight 😂

Waktu-ku kecil mukaku amatlah bundarbabyL babyfever babyboy babystyle babycute babylaugh babylove

it be like dat 💀💀😩😩 (Follow @pdmoods for more 👀) ——————————————— ~ Dwt Tags Boi ~ ——————————————— // Viral Explore Explorepage followus share like mood moodaf spam spampage TikTok view views makethisgoviral dubsmash freakymoods freakycouples vsco vscogirl drake babies babyfever😩 babyfever peppapigmemes peppapig couples couplegoals freaky iphone apple \\

如果時光能倒流 我希望安妞在2個月時就送大公托 真心喜歡大公托的環境與老師們 謝謝你們的照顧❤️ #安妞的公托日記6m30d#👶🏻 #嬰兒 #嫩嬰 #寶寶 #可愛 # baby bb babyfever babygirl babys babies babycute babystyle family cute cutenessoverload cutenessoverloaded babyootd #育兒日記 #董芝董芝董芝妍

Bonfire day with my baby Ezra ♥️

Sloppy slime by @qt_babyco Have fun with magical satisfying, oozing, comfort slime . Perfect as class gifts and party favors. A variety of colors and textures Color: pastel shades of pink, lilac, blue, red, yellow, green. 70ml R15 0837943663 Pickup at musgrave flea market Courier available for large ordersbaby newborn babyshower gift present pregnant expecting maternity newmom bib receiver babydecor burpees hat babyfever babyboy babygirl babyroom blanket babylove baba bebe babe decor inspiration slime glitter foamslime fluffyslime unicorn

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SWIPE ⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️ Look at our recent delivery of this Forest & Bear print Baby Set! 🌲 🐻 It has all the essential that your baby needs. These are also available in different themes!! .partyplanners babygirl mom momtobe dadtobe momlove babyfever babyshower baby kidsfashion kidlover dufflebags travelblogger travellings babybloggers

Hydrating and soothing novalou baby cold balsam with herbal extracts of echinacea and calendula, and aloe vera, for the relief of symptoms of common cold. . . . Available online at - @nykaabeauty @flipkart @amazondotin @mybabybabbles @1mg.ayurveda . . .babycare baby newborn babyshop babymassage babyspa parenting babylove skincare motherhood babygirl homecare mom momlife babyboy babies babyproduct love babyproducts babyfever family natural hospital

Today’s ootd is presented to you by @garanimals • “little man BIG dreams”

Esta princesita en unos cuantos días cumplirá un añito estoy Super feliz pero la vez muy emocionada no puedo creer que tan rápido pasó el tiempo apenas lo tenía en mis brazos mirando su carita recién nacida😭😭😭 estoy agradecida con Dios por cada día de oportunidad que me da estar al lado de ella me hace feliz muy feliz mi muñequita está creciendo muy rápido imagínese si ya me siento asi y apenas está cumpliendo un añito ya me imagino todas ustedes que tienen a sus hijos/hijas cuando fueron por primera vez a la escuela o que están cumpliendo 15 años..😭😭😭😭 sé que es la ley de la vida ahora entiendo cuando dicen que hay que aprovechar a nuestros hijos porque cuando menos esperen ellos ya van a estar grandes y no sé cómo ni cuándo ni a qué horas pasó pero ya mi bebé va cumplir un año y fue tan rápido😭😭 que alguien me ayude!!!!😂😅🤣 OK ya me tengo que relajar🙉🙊🙊😝 babyfever baby babygirl babyfashion babymilestone babybeautiful beautifulbaby babybeautiful

Yum yum yum 😋🤩🤩😍😍😘😘🍉🍉❤️❤️ Follow me: 👉🏼 @babyangels753 👈🏼 Credits: @laviniasoaresdiniz • • • • • • baby babyangels753 babyfever babyboy babygirl babys babies babiesofinstagram adorable cutebabies cute love kids instakids instababies adventure travel lifestyle fashion angel fashionbaby babyfashion instagram likesforlikes followme instafashion instalikes instafollow picoftheday adorablebabies

Deze kleine squishy is 7 maanden. Raff kruipt en probeert te staan. Brabbelt de hele dag en eet soms nog beter dan zijn grote broer en zus. Niet hardop zeggen maar sinds 3 dagen slaapt hij ook 12 uur achter elkaar 🤫 . . . . . @photographedbyanja raff fotovaneenfoto teluiomhetorigineelteuploaden 7maanden newborn justgavebirth lookatthatvernix lovedfromtheveryfirstmoment birthphotographer magicalmoments blackandwhite squishy babyfever

😍😍#பிஞ்சு முகம் வெள்ளைப் #புன்னகை 😀😀விசமில்லா #வாசம் விரும்பும் #மகிழ்ச்சி 😊😊பட்டுப்போல் #மேனி பவலவாய் #சிவக்க சிரிக்கின்ற #கண்கள்..... 😘😘 🔗 🔗 🔗 🔗 🔗 🔗 🔗 🔗 ◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼ 👉 Marakkama Follow Pannitunga pa @naanum_photographer_dhaan 😉 ◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼Post Notification 🔔 🔛 ◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼child baby eyes love babylove kuttyponnu alaku click mobile photography📷 vijayclicks #😍😍😘 eyeshadow loves babyfever edit picsartedit photoshoots traveling amazing babylove forever sky

Busted creepin under the lounge 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

Every moment counts 🥰🥳babyfever motherhood

(Day349)(11mth) 琴晚我做左暖包呀! #第1次發燒 #一來就燒到40度 #食左藥藥之後精神到可以打老虎呀 . . . . . . . .hkbaby babyhk hkbabygirl instababy instababygirl instababylove babyootd babygirl mysweetheart mycutiepie sweetbaby sweetbabygirl instalike instagood likeforlike hkig hkiger hkmama hongkongbaby babyfever #香港BB #成長日記

Besties who sleep together, cry together. BabyFever

Google defines colic as “predictable periods of significant stress in an otherwise well-fed, healthy baby.” But as a mom, I define colic as “I want my mom!!! Save me!” And as a baby, I think the definition could be “I think I drank too much last night.” Whatever your definition may be, we present to you some (tried and tested) tips to deal with your baby’s colic. Swipe left! Do check out the same tips with more detail on our blog! Link in bio. Created on Canva @canva mom mothers newmom baby supermom india superwoman mother toddler motherhood parenting parenthood newfather motherhoodtips tipsonmotherhood mothering babyfever babyliss momzillablogs momzilla momblog motherblogger colic babycolic babycolictips colictips

Both my parents thought they could keep me out of the sand. They thought wrong 😈Hollywood and I wrecked havoc!

Alexa said to me.. ‘mum your not wearing that T-shirt to school are you?’ schoolrunvibes. Only one more before the weekend guys 🙌🏼. Plus look at Amora girl checking that selfie 🤳

Super blurry but started the holidays cuddling this little fella 😍 @hongtttran babyfever

A Friday in the sunshine with mum?! My favourite

tetrischallenge 開箱文 無聊的媽媽們~玩~起~來~ 📦📦📦📦📦📦📦10m28d #米其林寶寶babygirl baby babyfever yolo love Instagdaily taiwan #台灣 taipei #台北 instagood photooftheday

"Tô cansada de fotos mamãe"

Baby Isaac 😭❤️ babyfever

Large portion of yoghurt, banana, berry purée and chia seeds for breakfast totalling 55p - cheap, easy and tasty weaningbaby weaning weaningjourney food babyfoodrecipes babyfood babyfoodideas newmummy 6monthsold babygirl babylove foodjournal babyweaning yummymummy foodie babyledweaning6months babyfever bossbaby mummylovesyou

Last night dinner did not go down well ! Silly mummy added too much texture by adding mushed peas to her purée mix and free eating all her dessert, (yoghurt, blueberries and mango) she only ate half her dinner and protested a lot which is the first time she’s flat out refused to eat her dinner I gave in and gave her some more yoghurt - including our additional second pudding dinner cost 66p weaningbaby weaning weaningjourney food babyfoodrecipes babyfood babyfoodideas newmummy 6monthsold babygirl babylove foodjournal babyweaning yummymummy foodie babyledweaning6months babyfever bossbaby mummylovesyou

Introducing GYOne’s newest column - Cuties! 🎉 Each issue we want to fill a whole page with your little darlings so get sending us your favourite pics now 🍼 👶🏼 PLUS the adorable team at @little_pickles_guernsey is helping make our launch that little bit more exciting with a chance to win £50 to spend in their store - only in the autumn issue of GYOne! Pick up your favourite local magazine to find out more - or head to GYOne.gg ❤️ babies newborn competition cuties babyfever babylove babyfashion

Can you see your babe in this vintage inspired top and bottom? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Our @ryleeandcru Blair Blouse featuring pin tuck details and short flutter sleeves in vintage rose as well as our Flutter Bloomer. Both in store. LoveMyBillylidz

Its fall, y'all! ♥️these bear shoesfall babyfever babyclothes babyonesie babyshoes

Happy Friday! 🎈 Definitely a 'glad its the weekend' smile.

سلام به مامانای خوشگل پیج و بقیه ی دوستای گلممم😍 اغا یه چند وقتیه ک دایرکتام ترکیده از بس که میپرسین چه غذای کمکی به ارین میدی؟ایا شیر خشک میخوره یا شیر مادر؟ارين جان با وزن ٢٨٥٠ متولد شد با شير مادر تغذيه ميكنه و اصلا شير خشك نخورده تا قبل از شروع غذاي كمكي تقريبا هر ماه بين يك تا يك و نيم وزن اضافه ميكرد.براي شروع غذاي كمكي ارين از فرني و لعاب برنج استفاده نكردم . بلكه ترجيح دادم از پوره سبزيجات مثل سيب زميني استفاده كردم به اينصورت كه به مدت سه روز ،روزي دو يا سه وعده ، كه هر وعده ٣-٦ قاشق از غذاي كمكي بهش ميدادم. و سه روز بعد سيب زميني و هويج بخار پز بصورت پوره بهش دادم و بعد از چند روز سوپ سبزيجات با عصاره ماهيچه براش شروع كردم كه البته ارين عاشق سوپ بود و خيلي خوب ميخورد. فيله مرغ و بوقلمون و شترمرغ از جمله گوشتهايي بودن كه براي سوپ ارين استفاده ميكردم . تا ٩ ماهگي انواع سوپ با تنوع هاي متفاوت مثلا جو ،گندم يا برنج اماده ميكردم و ارين هم براحتي ميخورد. كم كم نمك بقدار خيلي كم و ادويه خيلي كم مثل دارچين و زنجبيل و زيره به غذاش اضافه كردم. امیدوارم به دردتون بخوره😍 خب شما بگین به کوچولوهاتون از چند ماهگی غذا کمکی دادین؟چه تجربه هایی دارین؟از این به بعد چه خوراکی میتونه خوب باشه؟ عکس و ویدیو به صورت البومی هستش لطفا ورق بزنید♥️ عاشقتونممم و تامااام فعلا خدافظ تا پست بعدی😍🤣💋 #فرزند #تربیت_کودک #تغذیه #تغذیه_سالم #تغذیه_کودک #خوشگل #بچه_خوشگل #بچه_ناز #ارین_مهر_موسوی #بچه_ها #نی_نی #خانه_داري #خانهداری #مادر #مامان #شیر #شیر_خشک #تغذیه_نوزاد #برنج #اشپزی_خونگی #هویج food foodslime babyshower baby babyfever butterfly#اصفهان #بچه_اصفهان #اصفهانگردی

Aww!! So cute😘😘😍 Double Tap ❤ and Tag SOMEONE who needs to SEE THIS! ----------------- Like our content? Hit the follow button! 👍 👶@1babycute 👶@1babycute 👶@1babycute ----------------- . . . . #بارداری #بارداری_سالم #بارداری_شاد #بارداری_هفته_به_هفته #بارداری_و_جنین #بارداری_و_زایمان #نوزاد #نوزاددختر #نوزادپسر #babyshower baby babyfever babygirl babyboy bebe babyies sections #اطفال lovekids #اكسبلورbabyshooting lovebaby cutebabies cutebebee babys mylittleprincess mylittleman jastbaby babyshower bebk

These raspberry rye pancakes were a MASSIVE hit with Hughie this morning. So easy to whip up too. Thanks @realbabyfood we love your book! pancakes foodporn instafood babyfever babyspam healthyeating ohheymama honestparenting foodforkids @bamboo_bamboo.uk

photoshop_cc editing rajveer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .mukesh_mack_official modeling pose photo babyfever

I don't think my sister realizes how happy she made me the day she told me she was expecting... love u @clumsyjo !!!! babyaiden 2ndloveofmylife nephew💙 auntiesarethebest babyfever family

My nephew is cuter than yours ! 😍🙃🙈💙👶 babyaiden 2ndloveofmylife nephew💙 auntiesarethebest babyfever family

We have alot of baby items visit our shop in Mombasa Bamburi or call us on 0702843028 for more inquirieskidstyle kidswear mombasaraha mombasakenya mombasafashion nyali nairobikenya nairobi ukunda bamburi babyfever babyshower babywear southcoast

Good Morning Everyone 🐣 . Whats all your plans for the weekend? Drop me a comment💙 . Mine will be PARK PARK PARK😂

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