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ELECTRONICA FUTURE VISIONS ⚡️ concert in London on 2nd & 3rd Oct. 🎶🦠- Launching the visual utopia world created for the coming debut album 🌊 With my witches; dance, art fashion & live art 💫🔥 blessed with mentoring from Lea Anderson 💛! It’ll be a night of diverse togetherness and hardcore dreamy energy - full of love. See you @brunel_museum - for tickets ☝️ link in bio! We’ll shower you with life 🌬 @avantgardenerscollective 💜 *londonshow showsinlondon

Sunday activity - 1rst Home made soap 🧼 homemade soap betterfuture diy

Wat hebben we het in Nederland toch goed... In Bangladesh is het heel moeilijk een leven op te bouwen met een gehandicapt kind. Er zijn nauwelijks voorzieningen en al helemaal geen financiële hulp vanuit de overheid. Doordat ze nu producten voor 2Mothers maken kunnen ze de nodige zorg en scholing voor hun kinderen betalen. equal love mission proud bethechange makeadifference girlpower powerwoman handmade jute collection bangladesh betterfuture

Batch 2 to Hunan... Happiness and craziness inside.. thank you for such a beautiful moment.. hope you all the best and have a better future . tutoravel sekolah kuliah bahasa mandarin bachelor s1 university kampus education consultant indochina chinaindo chinese china betterfuture future masadepan

We @Egidos are used to creating/installing bespoke and unique features on our projects for our clients. The artisan craftsmanship is priceless and it always makes the finish look of the project much more special. www.egidos.co.uk info@egidos.co.uk +44(0)2078460190 +44(0)7525738571egidos egidosltd london construction architecture development developer bespoke build carpentry design luxury luxurylifestyle luxuryhomes luxurydesign ascot contemporary betterfuture business

My family planted some Ipê trees 40 years ago in our neighborhood. Now we have the chance to enjoy the beauty from our window. It gives an awesome feeling to see the blossom of something we did a long time ago. ipe tree ipetree treesofinstagram trees blossom colorful blessings feelblessed flowergift enjoy gratitude thankful appreciation nature naturephotography outdoors preservedflower preservenature betterfuture plantatree plantatreetoday blessed blessedlife blessed😇 thebestisyettocome

Batch 3 go to Nanchang... Safe flight and success to your better future.. See you next time.. @sherylsengkey @kei.bun tutoravel university bachelor chineselanguage happiness china indochina kampus kuliah masadepan betterfuture ohana future sekolah

СКОРО ОЧЕРЕДНОЙ КОНЕЦ ГОДА. 🤔 Каждый конец квартала я подвожу итоги выполнения целей, запланированных на год. И поняла, что надо ускоряться, т.к. времени мало осталось, а целей ещё много😆. Также увидела, что будут и те цели, которые запланировала неадекватно - много больше. Но это точно лучше, чем меньше. 🤔 Ну что же, надо чётче фокусироваться. Каждый день пролетает со скоростью света. Никто не вернёт этот день. И как ВАЖНО, чтобы дни были максимально наполнены смыслом и пользой для себя и мира🌎. Делая то, что любишь. Всё остальное вторично. 🤔

Ever wondered about volunteering abroad? Throwback to the @habitatforhumanitygb Women Build 2017, with @coinsglobal employees Barbara and Mona. "By the last day of the build, I know everyone was feeling like they did not want to leave. The walls were all finally up, partly due to a last bit of slight competitiveness between both teams! We exchanged gifts with the family and said our farewells but it was a very quiet bus load of women on the return to Mumbai as everyone reflected on the week that had gone by, what it meant and how it might affect them going forward."Volunteering VolunteerAbroad Homebuilding OurProjects BetterFuture MakingMemories TeamWork BuildTogether Memories NewExperiences MakeADifference BuildAFuture

= starat se jen o důležité věci a nepos*at se ze všeho. Stavět se k problémům čelem, učit se z našich chyb a držet si u sebe jen ty, kterým plně věříme. A být tak trochu snílek🥰tripholidaysfamilytripnaturelovernatureforestsaveourplanetplanetearthpeoplejumptothebeterfuturel4lcloudsbookmarkmansonbetterfuturepoetbookloverfriendshappydumyslneumenijakmitvsechnouprdeleinspirationselflovethesubtleartofnotgivingafuck

Well I'm all done! Registered..so the next 3 years of my life will be at uclanburnley. Adult nursing here I come uclanursing uclanstudent readyforthechange betterfuture betterme

*REASONS YOU NEED TO HAVE A RESIDUAL INCOME* *THINK OF ALL THESE REASONS BELOW AND THINK LONGRICH*👇👇👇👇 1. Your salary will never make you rich. Your boss isn't that foolish. 2. Your salary is fixed, are your expenses fixed? 3. If your company pays you the exact true value of the services you render, they would be running at a loss. As an employee, you must be underpaid. 4. Once you get HIRED, you either get FIRED or RETIRED, you may also resign when you're TIRED. 5. Salary is the bribe you're given to forget your dreams, family, freedom, self-esteem, academics, social life and other personal goals. 6. Your kids won't inherit your post in that company you're employed in. Employment is not hereditary. 7. If your salary is not huge enough to pay your bills, leaving you with sufficient amount to save, prepare for poverty after you stop work. 8. If you must work, before you eat, if you get paralysed, ill or become aged, hunger will strike you. 9. Being an employee is a bit similar to being a slave, you take orders, you are regimented, when will you become a master? 10. In Forbes list of the richest men in the world, show me one employee! ONE OF THESE IS ENOUGH FOR THE WISELONGRICH=BETTERLIFE= BETTERFUTURE

'Hope in their eyes and dreams set fire as they soar' such are the kids with a caricature to show. As we organised drawing classes for them, we stumbled upon kids with many pictures to show. They beautifully drew up these drawings as they showed enthusiasm and love to these classes. It is true that youth is the future, but more like such artistic youth will shine effortlessly.' . . . . . . . .ngo socialwork socialcause education betterfuture bettersociety colouringsession children happiness charity helpingotherssucceed charity motherteresa socialwork socialcause nonprofitorganization betterfuture smilingchildren feedindia helpushelpthem helpingothers slum loveforthem

When you feel lost and hopeless, remember Allah, in shaa Allah you will find your way ✨. instagram jejuisland southkorea newlife newplace newenvironment betterfuture nikonphotography wideshot windmill

I saw this poster in a local shop window. It is an inspiration to think that even in our remote corner if Wales these things are starting to make an impact. extinctionrebellion has spread far and wide, alongside other movements, and I would like to think that they are making an impact. Have you got involved in a local group or done a strike for climate?💚 *climateemergency climatechange youngblogger welshbloggers inspirational important youthclimatestrike makeadifference nature bloggersofinstagram blog betterfuture veganpower zerowaste lifestyle lifestyleblogger giveashit sustainability animals planetearth ourfuture truth everydaysustainability environmentallyfriendly environment

VICTOR'S FOUNDATION We are non-profit organization based in Uganda to bring faith hope and love to an unprivileged child in our nation for the better next generation. FAITH (we preach salvation by faith through Christ Jesus) HOPE (we provide for them shelter, food, education, medication and other needs) LOVE (we accept them the way they are, they matter to us and they are worthy every our penny. Because we believe, they are valuable. uganda foundation helpingpeople charity goededoel oeganda children betterfuture africa buildinganewhouse

The Science journal „The Lancet“ published a report from 41 leading malaria experts that says it would be possible to eradicate malaria within the next 30 years. The report, co-authored by the malaria luminary Richard Feachem, aims for a worldwide strategy to tackle the mosquito transmitted disease. Too good to be true? Unfortunately, most likely. Those strategies would require an increase of 2 Billion dollar annually of the malaria budget, so as political goodwill and cannot predict the influence of civil wars, climate change and other major events. The World Health Organization comments on this report that this historic goal won’t be achievable with current tools and approaches. They just had to admit that there was a slight increase of malaria cases in the last few years. But this report gives hope to all of us that we can start believing in the unbelievable.malaariafilm malaria paludismo paludisme mosquito dangerousanimals parasite endmalaria malariafree lancet science who worldhealthorganization worldhealth publichealth pandemic infectiousdisease eradicate dreamscometrue goodnews betterworld betterfuture nextgeneration funding moneymatters moneymoneymoney goodwill internationalpolitics oneworld 2050

While we live, others desire to live. Let us reach for the cure aimed towards a better future. BetterFuture ProsperousPakistan TogetherWeCan Humanity MALC Change Pakistan Sindh Balochistan Khyberpakhtunkhwa PunjabAzadkashmir Gilgitbaltistan

Scan this QR code each time you go to our partners restaurants so they know you’re a member of MyRedEnvelope community ☺️

You can stand with us too. __ Stand up for a future in which your kids won’t have to worry about scanning product labels for harmful ingredients. __ Take a stand against companies being able to formulate with ingredients linked to cancer, infertility, hormone disruption, organ toxicity and more. __ Stand firm in the fact that you can make significant social impact while creating a better life for your family. __ Stand tall and proud of a business in which you can call your own. __ If you allow it to, your stance can change the world. __beautycounter betterfuture saferbeauty worldchangers consultant toxinfreebeauty toxicfreebeauty momboss bosslady bossbabes ladyboss iin healthcoach wellnesscoach workfromhome entrepreneur femalesinbusiness driven teamwork bettertogether brightfuture cleanfuture safefuture maketheworldbetter @beautycounter @chasingchelssie @ashleycfleming

Day 31. . When you realise that the future is just like turning a new, blank and untouched page in your book and you get to write whatever you want by making choices, you'll realise that anything is possible. . Have you got a vision of your potential future? . Can you picture your life in a certain way? . Then set that as your long-term goal. . The strive towards it consciously. . But always, always remember. . To enjoy the process. . The journey. .day31 enjoytheprocess futurepredictions futurevision visionary futurelife betterfuture createyourfuture designyourlife havehope havefaith helpyourself tech watchtime watchenthusiast watchgeek watchnerd digitaltechnology digitalera digitalworld technological changingtheworld worldchanging futureofwork timemachine

I’ve been super slack going to the gym for the past week because life happened 😅 But I’m doing my best to keep on top of it. A few weeks ago, I decided to go back to studying so I could give myself better job opportunities. I’m currently enrolled in a dual certificate IV in Business Administration & Leadership and Management; and it’s taking up all of my time outside of work, that I’ve had to write myself out a schedule or everything that I need to do within a 12-15 hour day, including working and going to the gym. I completely forgot how difficult it can be to juggle working and studying, but my schedule is making my life a little easier. Even though I’ve had to say no to going out with friends or plans with family; but I’m grateful that they understand how important it is to me to smash as many of my goals before the year ends. I’ll be back in the gym tomorrow night for a massive workout and to push myself super hard, so wish me luck 😅studyhardworkhard onlinestudy certificateiv businessadministration leadershipandmanagement smashingmygoals betterfuture

Szombat reggeli piacozás 🤩 úgy szeretem ezeket a fotokat IS...piacozs hazaitermelktől krnyezettudatosság jrahasznosítás kevesebbszemt lebomlanyagok termszetesanyagok jérzés savetheearth savetheplanet plasticfree shopping betterfuture betterlife betterearth

Repost @_tonyluck • • • • • • The truth hurts, Yes, but you know what hurts more.....an empty stomach. Just because we live good doesn't mean it's that same for every other human here. We've grown GREEDY with our food consumption and waste as a people. When feeding a civilization becomes a business....that civilization will fall. We can enjoy the varieties of food life has to offer.....but when we risk future generations & Mother Earth over it....there will be those called forth to stand up for something bigger then themselves. Více než 9 měsíců bez masa...💪change lifestyledietawakeseekthetruthtruth saveworldpeoplehumanityanimalsstopeatingmeatgoveganveganbetterfuturezachransvetsvouvlastnizmenouuztedjesuchoabudehurkdyzneconeudelametaktonedameprobudse bezsepodivatcosedejenajatkach

Youth is something I never want to take for granted, I just want to smile and live life. . . . Beach Clean-Up campaign 🏖️☺️ . . hope power betterworld betterfuture brighterfuture youngmovement inspiration voiceofyouth Libya Green Tripoli

Building a better future must start with defending the rights and dignity of everyone! - "International Democracy Day 2019." Internationaldemocracyday2019 Internationaldemocracyday Democracyday Democracy Rights Diginity Betterfuture ILA Indianlawyerassociation

On a lighter mood. You must have done different types of MLM business but this is different. Longrich is MORE... If I've ever told you about this platform. Change your mindset and join our team now. Its about to rain mega PVs. More diamonds dropping soon.betterlifebetterfuture

ENGLISH IS FOR EVERYONE 🇬🇧. 🇬🇧 No matter how old you are, no matter who you are, you need in English, if you need in freedom, right knowledge, success and better life. 🇬🇧 У нас у всех на изучение Английского достаточно: ✅ времени ✅ средств ✅ возможностей ✅ способностей 🇬🇧 Останавливать вас могут только excuses. Понимание себя даёт понимание правильных целей и выстраивание правильной стратегии и тактики для их достижения. Английский усиливает вас и расширяет mindset. 🇬🇧 Be a Human of the World 🌎 🇬🇧!

Thank you to the volunteers that came out and worked hard at our first fundraiser! Our Enver Creek bottle drive was a huge success; we filled up 55 bags!! We're excited for Day 2 in Fleetwood tomorrow. 🍃

Sudahkan diri anda dilindungi? Bagaimana dengan keluarga tersayang? Masa depan anak2 jika terjadi sesuatu pada punca pendapatan utama lebih terurus? Inginkan Persaraan anda lebih terjamin? bertindaklah...kerana masa terus berjalan... Hubungi terus saya Riezal Mustafa Whatssap 01114252478 Dm untuk info lanjut dan temujanji Insha Allah saya pasti akan membantu anda sekeluarga.prudentialprubsnwealthplannerhibahsavingplaninvestmentplanbetterfuturealhamdulillahprudentialagenttrulegacysediakanpayungsebelumhujan

She's the best adopted sissy ever!!💋🥰🌈 thanks @kosmo.kween for the brightness added to our family! 🥰🌈👨‍👩‍👧‍👧💋💙 Do you have someone who isn't blood but is family in your heart? 💙sissys mybest love allloveisequal fashionnovahaul bestfriend sissyinlaw funtimes betterfuture inspireothersMy sisters youtube ---> @kosmo.kween

Recent IELTS speaking topic: Speaking Test September 9th 2019ielts_coach personal_trainer using_skype skype_lessons recent_topic recent_ielts_speaking ace_IELTS score_high ielts_tips ielts_lessons ielts_samples ielts_models find_your_coach professionalcoach coach4ielts passielts getagoodscore studyabroad betterfuture immigration #

Be a Security Personnel! Bakit? ✔ Pwede sa High School Graduate, College Level, at College Graduate ✔ MARANGAL na Trabaho ✔ Pwede sumahod ng 20K-30K pataas per Month! 🤑😍 Take Note: Kahit HS Graduate nasahod ng up to 30k per month! 😉 Galing di ba? 😊 ✔ Complete Benefits ✔ PangMATAGALANG Trabaho ✔ Maraming Job Opportunities! Assist ka namin para maging isa kang Ganap na Security Guard / Lady Guard / Security Officer / Certified CCTV Operator / VIP-Protection Agent! 😊 Sa Valiant Tayo para SIGURADO at para sa BetterYou BetterOpportunity & BetterFuture mo! 😉 Tawagan mo na kami o Puntahan sa: VALIANT SECURITY TRAINING CENTER (MAIN OFFICE) Address: 107 Boni Serrano Ave., Crame, Quezon City. (Harap ng Gate 2 Crame) Contact s: SMART: 0947-610-6111 / 0921-285-1384 / 0909-825-1871 GLOBE: 0927-014-2460/ 0967-263-0527 / 09672630526 Tel s: 725-2643 / 726-2949 VALIANT SECURITY TRAINING CENTER (BICOL BRANCH) Address: 0775 Governor Forbes St. Brgy San Roque Legazpi City. Contact s: SMART: 09207430342 / 09129335701 GLOBE : 09369375714 TEL #: (052) 2010-140 photo credits to ValiantGraduate Blanco

The Scottish Government, NHS Health Scotland and COSLA have jointly endorsed ‘Good Mental Health for All’ as a framework which community planning partnerships, integration authorities, local authorities, NHS boards, the third sector and other partners can use to plan collaborative action to tackle the determinants of mental health and the causes of inequalities in mental health. Join us at the Healthy Lives Healthy cities conference on 19th November, 2019 at Our Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh for more discussions on improving mental health in Scotland among other health issues. Link in Profile!scotland publichealth priorities Research scotlandisnow healthawareness health betterfuture betterlife local improve lifeexpectancy scottish inequalities reduce national worktogether reform leadership important Glasgow edinburgh launches major agency announcement direction progress

NHS Health Scotland, through its drugs programme, works closely with local NHS boards and their partners to support the delivery of key outcomes in the Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Framework. There are an estimated 39,000 people currently living in Scotland with a chronic (long term) hepatitis C infection and more than half of these people are undiagnosed. Chronically infected people are at increased risk of serious liver disease and cancer but their prognosis improves with early diagnosis and treatment. Being aware of one´s hepatitis C status can enable people with a hepatitis C infection to take steps to ensure the effective management and treatment of their condition and prevent the onward transmission of the virus. Raising awareness of testing and treatment can therefore play an important contribution in preventing transmission of hepatitis C. Why not visit us at the Healthy Lives Healthy Cities Conference on 19th November , 2019 at Our Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh for discussions on preventing Hepatitis C in Scotland, along with other key health issues. Website on profile.scotland publichealth priorities Research scotlandisnow healthawareness health betterfuture betterlife local improve lifeexpectancy scottish inequalities reduce national worktogether reform leadership important Glasgow edinburgh launches major agency announcement thefuture progress

You don't have to strive for zero waste perfection. Every effort to reduce unnecessary waste is worthwhile. Bring Your Own Bottle, Utensil & Food Container Box. Let’s start from there🙌🏻 ⠀ Keenly Green E-commerce is opening soon!

We need change and I think it starts on the airwaves. Kids look up to us and we need to set a good example if we want change... We need to stop promoting violence.... How can we stop shootings and stuff if we promote it all the time in our music... This is my kinda rapper @goalden_chyld and we need more like him... change rap hiphop peace love respect adults kids future us unity wakeup truth staywoke jawbreakingnews realrap stoptheviolence betterfuture @jawbreakingnews

Thank you to everyone that came out to support our Power of Purpose Driven event on Wednesday! Special thank you to @thinkshout for hosting the event in their amazing space, to our panelists for the thought provoking conversation (@_oliverrussell_ , @atozwineworks , @newseasonsmarket and @uoregon) and to our moderator Doug Zanger with @adweek.

A day to remember 🌟a road crossed in the past and certainly in many times in the future 🌟for a tiny initiative to contribute for a better future of the kids of @atlaskinder_darbouidar 🌟a creative generous friend @sanae_arraqas 🌟a hardworking heartfelt spirit @imaaicha_morocco_travel 🌟a passionate and dedicated sponsor @jemelmuretprestige thanks for giving me this opportunity to organize this first of many collaborations ahead 🙌🏽💫. orphanage kidscare betterfuture workshop marrakech morocco betterlife kidsactivities

It's been years since I taken a picture in this bathroom, I'm back! Lol . . .backinschool selfie betterfuture college

Official HP↓↓↓ https://www.miraikokenjyukugli.com/ E-mail ↓↓↓ Info@miraikokenjyukugli.com Facebook ↓↓↓ @miraikokenjyukugli Instagram↓↓↓ @akira.k_gli Twitter ↓↓↓ @AkiraKanehama note magazine↓↓↓ https://note.mu/akira_gb_gli/m/m20518e69fc6e #未来貢献 #未来貢献塾 GLI Education Educator Community Online Positive Mind FutureOriented Motivation Motivator Coaching PositivePsychology Resilience Wellbeing Grit GrowthMindset Optimism Glocal GlocalLifeInnovation BetterFuture BetterWorld makeachange Responsibleforfuture Design Message Catchphrase No.56

I can't believe the news today. Love is greater than hate. Stay strong El Paso. ♥️💚💙elpasostrong love betterfuture hope

A week to aeaaroundtheworld Gala! You can still buy your ticket:www.aeamiami.com/donate divinocevicherestaurant ancoratenores bolivarphil_ intipalkawine peru ayacucho helptheorphans helpperuviankids educationforall betterfuture @shakeandbakefishingteam @perusachamber @bolivarphil_ @divinoceviche @pisco_buenacosecha @ancora.tenores @forbislogistics @blanca72 @georgepdenis @marisolgomez2003 @devaronamaria @violeta.cepeda @pattyscerpella @aealima

Got so much learning to do but i know im truely on the right path for making a better future for my girl ❤️❤️😘 newchapter betterfuture soberlife changeisgood soberforayear breakingthecycle

ClimateStrike in Tallinn 💚 We’ll create Green Heart shaped seed bombs as tool for guerilla activism to ShowTheLove and that we care about the biodiversity and future! Join the GlobalClimateStrike this September! We need your help too! 🌱 FB event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/734173450325695/ üritusedtallinnasgreentallinntallinn#таллинkeskkond

I’m joining the Global ClimateStrike this September! We need your help too! 💚 riseforclimateartivism

Toys are Toys. I literally hate stores where they have toy/clothes sections separate for boys & girls. And that's why I decided to make kids toys, clothing, and bedding that is Unisex and is devoid of this 'trap'. Our Unisex eco-friendly toys are made with love. Links in Bio for stores.toysaretoys toysaretoysnotjustforgirlsnotjustforboys toysaretoysforgirlsandboys toysforkids unisextoys unisexclothes forourkids betterfuture equalitycantwait kidsstore kidsshop kidsshoppingonline

Toys are Toys. I literally hate stores where they have toy/clothes sections separate for boys & girls. And that's why I decided to make kids toys, clothing, and bedding that is Unisex and is devoid of this 'trap'. Our Unisex eco-friendly toys are made with love. Links in Bio for stores.toysaretoys toysaretoysnotjustforgirlsnotjustforboys toysaretoysforgirlsandboys toysforkids unisextoys unisexclothes forourkids betterfuture equalitycantwait kidsstore kidsshop kidsshoppingonline

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