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Kitties! Just something I'm working on for a special person :) bicvelocity catsofinstagram cats catdrawing kitty kittycat chesirecat catwithbowties kittens kittycats

WE SIN AS DEVILS DO. WE LOVE AS ANGELS DO. bicvelocity angel art dhdesigns2020 4amclub cantsleep

This is ma fren's OC, Jaiden, and I love this whole sketch in general. Time for useless hashtags:art sketch sketching drawyourfriendsoc ? hashtagsarestupid bicvelocity bicvelocitypencildont @ me pls ty

Okay so this is not precisely my onehouronesketch challange post but this is one hour of free drawing to release my anxiety about submitting. However, I'm commin for you @1hour1sketch BTW this pen I used is a franken pen. It's a bic velocity body with a bic Atlantis ink cart. I do werid things sometimes. Also I did this whilst listening to @peterdraws idk if you'll see this Peter but you're a great inspiration to me. I bought my first fountian pens because of your videos. Your Bob Ross like demeanour soothes me like a thundercoat is supposed to doggos. Keep crushing dude 🙏freedrawing doodle doodlesofinstagram frankenpen bicyourday bicvelocity bicatlantis dontgiveup

How’s your “gloomy afternoon?” Mine is FANTASTIC 🤩 Just received my FAVORITE 2020 planner thankyou innerguideplanner for helping me through the last 3 years, and I’m so grateful and spoiled by amazon and their PRIME option. Am I the only one that uses different colors in their planners?? bic bicvelocity amazonprime collagen strawberrylemonade liftoff needenergy focusonthegood startplanning ilm nogloomydays failtoplanplantofail letsgo wilmingtonnc

Last night's drawing in my art journal. Bic Velocity 0,5 - Faber Castell Goldfaber 4B . . . . .latenightdrawing drawingfaces pencildrawing tekenenisleuk

And the drawing of elf @shoe0nhead is done. Drawn withe a bic velocity mechanical pencil and colored with artist loft watercolor brush markersbicvelocity artistsloftbrushpens shoeonhead

Starting a new way to be more organized. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things to this system and knowing how busy life gets with school, work, and everything. I believe this is the best way!! bulletjournaling bujo bulletjournal washitape sakuragellyroll sakuramicron sakurapigma stampsandink hobbylobby target walmart bulletjournalcommunity bulletjournalsupplies bulletjournal2019 bulletjournaljunkies elmerscraftbond penteleraser bicvelocity catruler whiteoutsupplies officedepot

Always loved a good challenge! Not trying to make an impression tonight, just doing this for Inktober kicks. Maybe I'll flex 🖊 💪 a little tomorrow. 😜 Day 1: ring 💍 My favorite ring 👐🐝 inktober inktober2019 wutangforever wutangring wutangclan bicvelocity 🙊

I did this little scketch last night. I took about ten minutes to do it, hope you enjoy it. LOVE YOU ✨❤️✨. scketch drawing watercolor lovely art girl artist vintage pencil fabercastellbrasil bicvelocity angel faries underratedartistofthemonth

36 6"x6" squares - Originally 6 12"x18"blind contour drawings of mp10. No particular arrangement yet, but I don't think that it's going to matter in the end. casebasket casestyle casecreatures doodle dailydoodle instaart art drawing justforfun wanderingmind daydreams pop popart graffittimonster graffiti toycollector toysaremydrug plasticcrack contourart blindcontour modularart teacherexample artteacher bicvelocity bicpens

In-process blind contour-based art using MP10 as a model (Optimus Prime figure) I have 36 to ink (having the kids do 6 each of whatever objects they chose to draw from) After inking comes color texture and pattern!casebasket casestyle casecreatures doodle dailydoodle instaart art drawing justforfun wanderingmind daydreams pop popart graffittimonster graffiti illustrations toycollector mp10 optimusprime blindcontour modularart inprocess artinprocess hsart teacherexample artteacher bicvelocity bicpens

Are you prepared for September? Tip: If you're very busy, create a monthly spread to begin with and you're able to see the overview of the entire month =) As the days goes by, add designs and scribbles along the way so that as you look back, the scribbles remind you of the month thus far 😉 ferociouslyproductive planwithme bulletjournal minamilistbujo monthlyspread papermate bicvelocity copicfineliner micronfineliner zigfineliner

People keep telling me I have a pen problem. And... Its finally time I admit it. My name is Khrystal and I have a stationery problem- I have no idea how or where I am gonna store my pens. Or my several hundred notebooks/note pads/stickers. Any storage/organization help would be greatly appreciated.

These lead pencils are such a lifesaver if you suffer from hand pain/hand cramps from writing (especially for college students). They are available at @walmart and come with a lead refill and eraser refill. They are thicker than your average lead pencils and have a cushioned base + larger (no smear erasers). Another bonus is that the lead is high-quality and doesn't break all the time. 😍🙏💯handcramps handcrampsfordays writingcramp writingcramps handhurts musthaveproducts collegelife collegestudent collegemusthaves collegeneeds bicvelocity bicvelocitymax mechanicalpencils leadpencils productreview productreviewer blogger bicvelocitymaxmechanicalpencil

Back to school prep! Made some tags with my cricutmaker for a little department gift! Special Education teachers love blue pens for IEP’s & quite a few people ask to keep my bic pens at the end of meetings. Now everyone gets one!! madewithlovebymk cricut bicvelocity sped spedteacher iep backtoschool specialeducation

Lettering is so therapeutic for me as is worship music. Peace Lettering BicVelocity WorshipMusic Saturday AllyouneedisJesusandCoffee 🥰

Pen preference... 🖊 Don’t get me wrong... flairpens are cool. But @bicmarking velocity are my JAM 💙💚💜💗 They are the unicorn of pens & the colors are insanely happy❕ unicorn teachertribe teachermaterials teachersofig teacherpens teacherslovepens bicvelocity

My pen addiction is real!!!!!! It's something beautiful about a pretty pen 😍BicVelocity PaperMate WalMart

These are the traditional sketches I did for the meds100heads challenge. I finally got around to scanning them. I have the final ready to post but I think I need to get a bit more sleep, I was up late once again with preparing the files and the earthquakes and what not. . . .art artist artistlife artistsoninstagram drawing sketch sketchbook traditionalartwork traditional pencil pen penandink ink graphite graphitedrawing portrait face marker copic dixonticonderoga bicvelocity pentelgraphgear strathmore dollartree

“feeling out of sorts” Bic Velocity 1.6 on smooth lined notebook paper. I ruined it with color after sketching it, but I’d like to redo this on better paper with pencils for depth. sketchbook art sketch sharpe 5minuet drawing artist fatartist fatart doodle doodling penandpaper blackandwhite b/w bic bicvelocity

Can testing end already?? - - - - - -studygram mathnotes bicpencils bicvelocity handwriting

According to ms. krupa, real men don't talk (yIkes) - - - - - - -studygram mathnotes handwriting bicpencils bicvelocity

Same page, before and after. . Getting ready for Opening Night on Wednesday for August Wilson’s ‘How I Learned What I Learned’ directed by @lovelolaknits @ardentheatreco thru April 14th! . . . . . . .ardenlearned beforeandafter blockingbook callingscript stagemanagerlife theatrelife sharpiepen bichighlighter bicvelocity mechanicalpencil clickeraser postitflags

🌈 Tested out my new pens I got from @moonbunny earlier today. I can't wait to use them regularly in my planners and journals!papermateflair bicvelocity pilotvarsity uniballsigno pilotpetball pens stationary

But you never came back to ask it out @wherearetheavocados . . . materiais: lapiseira bic velocity 0.5, grafite pentel 0.5, borracha dust free faber-castell . . . . .draw drawing desenho lpis lapiseira pencil eraser borracha canson billie billieeilish billieeilishwatch watch dontsmileatme car carro burn queimar eye olho music msica lyrics letra fire fogo bic bicvelocity pentel fabercastell

Strut. 12.27.18 17h40. Studio 1102. O.7mm mujipen & bicvelocity in journal.onthecommute

What's your story? What does your inner dialogue sound like? As we honor the heart chakra, think about this. The heart chakra is ruled by air. When I think about air I think about communication. How are you communicating with others? How are you communicating to yourself? What would you tell yourself today to bring encouragement and support? What stories are you repeating that are not true? heartchakra anahata yourstory love air communication magickallife bicvelocity point9lead

from „mwah“ 💋 to „rawr“ 💥 in one secound ⏰ - just some boredom sketches ✏️ -sketch lips vampire bite mwah rawr danger killerwomen fabrianopaper bicvelocitypencil bicvelocity

ideas for new grim reaper hand tattoo. Please DM me if you’re interested in buying these original drawings or any others you like on my feed. Prints are also available. handtattoo grimreaper grimreapertattoo ballpointpen death skull reaper dontfearthereaper grimreaperseeyouinhell deathcard change endofdays lastdays drawings salmonmousse bicvelocity sickle

Mais um Mapa mental de português mapamental trisliqeo bicvelocity Bic Tris

For inktoberday10 prompt was flow In short it’s about how the medium of song can allow words to flow freely. The prompt made me think of a Ted talk by Megan Washington (titled “The thing is, I stutter”) I watched a long time ago. But it still stuck with me. “Somehow through some miraculous synaptic function of the human brain, it's impossible to stutter when you sing.... Singing for me is sweet relief. It is the only time when I feel fluent.” inktober2018 day10 inktoberday10flow inktoberflow stateofflow singing meganwashington steinwayandsons piano tedtalk tedspeech ted fluent singer words stutter speechimpediment icanrelate songart traditionalart ink penandink stationery artsupplies arttools bic bicvelocity papermate

inktober day 6! It's called; what the fuck does reality look like outside of all these eyes that can only perceive the very limited visible spectrum of light? Black BIC Velocity gel pen on computer paper . .. ... ....inktober2018 pendrawing melty visiblespectrum instagramartist bicvelocity psychedelicart

🤸‍♀️ - Pencil artwork - 2 hours - Maped pencil (BlackPeps B1), BIC Velocity mechanic pencil 2 0.5, KOH-I-NOOR Mondeluz pencils (48 set)rhytmicgymnastics gymnastics girl dance combinedart red grey maped pencilartwork bicvelocity kohinoor mondeluz drawing sketching painting

What a GREAT deal on BiC velocity pencils!! Perfect for back to school because you know your kids have lost all of theirs already!! 😂😂😂 Get the details on KrogerKrazy.com . . . . . . . . .kroger krogerdeals couponcommunity bicvelocitypencil bicvelocity backtoschool

BIC® Velocity®, a útil lapiseira com um apagador incorporado, punho amortecido e ponta de proteção deslizante. Possui barris em cinco cores de queda de frutas!bic bicvelocity lapiseira cores linha linhacompleta confira qualidade megadestec engenharia arquitetura design materiais materiaistecnicos

Do you have a favorite pen? I do...it’s the Bic Velocity Pen in Black ink and it writes like butter!! So flipping smooth! I am SO obsessed with this pen, that I will search the entire house for 20 minutes or more just to find one before I journal each morning. (But usually keep one stashed at all times in my journal) So the kindness of someone finding my pen after I left the coffee shop and bringing it to me is so awesome!! @joeherringjr ...you are my hero! penreturner treasured bicvelocity favoritepen community neighbors goodneighbors kerrville herringprintcompany smalltownlove

Really excited to start this series! “ Drawn to Life-20 Golden Years of Disney Master Classes” lectures by Walt Stanchfield/[Walt Stanchfield was an American animator, writer and teacher. Stanchfield is known for work on a series of classic animated feature films at Walt Disney Studios and his mentoring of Disney animators.] yesicopiedthatfromtheinternet artjournalingthemagic disneyfanart

Because back to school means new goodies for Mom too! 😍😍😍 I couldn’t resist this new secretgardenstyle planner from @blueskyplanners I found while back to school shopping with my daughter @officedepot . Something about a new planner with fresh pages just gets me excited about the future. “When you have a garden, you have a future. “ FHB Also I am a fanatic about my Bic Velocity Mechanical Pencils. They are a must have when writing in my calendars...because things change often around this house. 😳🤣😊 secretgardenseverywhere thesecretgarden franceshodgsonburnett planners organization backtoschool goodies floral flowers flowerstagram gardens growingthings plantseedsdaily seedsofhope bicvelocity

It's amazing what a new planner & pencil can do to jump start some much needed motivation! thehappyplanner bicvelocity teacherlife backtoschool fightforyourwrite

"Profesor Atomus i jego Atomówki" wykonane ołówkiem z firmy bicvelocity i kredką z firmy Rexus!;) rexus bicvelocity utonium powerpuffgirls blossom bubbles buttercup artist familyUtonium love cartoonnetwork @cartoonnetworkofficial @powerpuffgirls

A picture a day...pencils. Well my husband borrowed the blue one, which means that I have to find it or say it’s lost. 207/365 (July 26, 2018 picture) 2018challenges 2018apictureaday apictureaday 2018apicaday apicaday pencils lovemechanicalpencils pastywhiteboygamer borrowedequalsgiving bicvelocity

Even "they👹" can't always hold on. Ridding of old habits. Renewed frustrations. A reason to draw again. :). -can you tell where I got super frustrated and used my left hand. Hahah. Praise God I can still draw, just have to move my hand/arm a little more for the time being. Blessing is that this thing is making me not want to do much else but draw for now. I feel like this will change how I drew some things. As I can't go in for super detail with this stabilized wrist. Happy sketching everyone. penink blueink freehanddrawing bicvelocity bicpen nopredraw noreference frommyhead freestyledrawing drawingfiction scifitree treeart angrytrees ent bonsai bonsaiart treedrawing demontrees thankGodforart Godislove frustration drawingme mydraw brokenwrist tornligaments pushthrough rule5 heartskull

Life is too short to write with pens I don’t like. This is such a small thing, but makes a huge difference in my happiness, and in my productivity. I hate writing with pens that are “slow” or drag. I want a pen that flows. Rather than stopping my flood of ideas, these Bic Velocity 1.6 pens float across the page and allow me to write freely. They don’t “catch” on the page, they don’t skip or leak. They are perfection. What is your favorite brand of pen? Let me know.🖊🖌🖍 bicvelocity bicpens bluemedium smoothestpenintheuniverse velocitybold blueink mediumpoint tipsandtimesavers findapenyoulike femaleentrepreneurs laptoplife gettingitdone itsthelittlethings thismakesmehappy increasedproductivity womeninbiz penfanatic

Everyday Classics: my two favorite pens. I have “decoy” pens in a cup on my desk so no one takes any of these 😂 and I end up with at least 5 in my purse by the end of the week! They’ve GOT to be the 1.6 and 1.0 versions though! everdayclassic kateschelter pilotg2 bicvelocity powertothepen doyoug2 penpilot

Decided to put together a little informal test: Used a variety of writing instruments to write on a few different types of paper. Placed the samples underwater for 20 minutes, then tested each paper/ink combination for smearing. Also tried to write on the different paper underwater with the different implements. Here are the details: Paper: 1. Post-It brand sticky note 2. Rite in the Rain paper from a No.146 notebook 3. Note Card (3"x5", generic brand) Writing Implements: 1. Fisher Space Pen (chrome bullet w/clip), medium black refill. 2. Mechanic Pencil with standard lead 3. Bic Velocity Gel pen (purple ink) 4. Sharpie Pen (red ink) 5. Bic promotional ball-point pen (black ink) Results: Paper Test: The only paper which survived, without any noticeable difference was the Rite in the Rain paper. The sticky note failed with regard to softening and being easily torn apart, as it just seemed to fall apart on its own. The note card seemed to peel off more in layers, and the portion with the ink wore away. It got fairly pulpy as well. Results: Writing Test: The Fisher Space Pen performed flawlessly, without any noticeable difference underwater. The Mechanical pencil seemed to write a little bit lighter, but this may be corrected by applying more-than-usual pressure. The Bic Velocity Gel pen continued to work as well, but the ink quickly went away and it left a very very faint line, like a light pencil mark. The Sharpie Pen almost instantly stopped working, once it hit the water. The Bic promotional ballpoint pen stopped working a couple letters in. I've included a photo of the test setup, a time lapse video of testing, as well as a video of smearing and reviewing the results. The battery for my phone/camera ran out as I was recording the last video, but I believe I captured enough. I'll also include a photo of the post-test pages.wcedc riteintherain ritr papertest pentest penciltest writingtest stationary pen pencil fisherspacepen spacepen spacepensuperfan fisherfanatic bic bicvelocity gelpen everydaycarry edc edm sharpie sharpiepen bicpen @riteintherain @fisherspacepen

A little napkin art - "Felix" - Old School. tangiblecreations, swsmith, shanewsmith felix napkinart sharpie bicvelocity

It happens sometimes, maybe more soon, I do hope and believe so. Sometimes distractions are real and my ADD kicks in and I envelop into something new. :) have a great day. ......... Started doodling. Turned into a drawdle, then I liked where the tree was going. A sketch. :). Bic Velocity Blue Pen on graph paper. blueink inkart penink penankink bicpen bicvelocity bluepen blauw delftblue treeart treedrawing bonsaiart treeman treebeard sketchy pensketch nopencil nopredrawing fromthemind thankGodfordrawing Godisamazing artnerd nerdart horticulturalist plantnerd canadianartist idraw kunst tekenen

Stilo BIC Velocity Ball Point Pen, 1,0mm, ngjyra e zeze. Prodhim i firmes franceze BIC. Mund ta gjeni edhe te paketuar. Cmimi 50 leke. bic bicvelocity bicvelocitypen mjeteshkollore artikujkancelarie artikujshkollore paisjezyre blackink ideperdhurata

Stilo BIC Velocity Gel, 0,7mm, paketimi 3 ngjyra e zeze, e kuqe & blu. Perdorimi ne shkolle ose ne zyra. Cmimi 240 leke. bicvelocity bicvelocitygel bicvelocitypen mjeteshkollore artikujkancelarie artikujshkollore paisjezyre redink blueink blackink

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