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🚲 What better way to wrap up my time at the COE than a group max calorie 60 sec bike challenge!....dressed as VCP man of course (if ya know, ya know). 1 min of pain turned into a 45 nap...☠️ . 60 sec max calories/ Bodyweight (kg) . @houstondeck - 0.65- lactate = “HIGH” 😂 @maddibeck14 - 0.44 - Lactate = 20.5mmol Me - 0.53 - Lactate = 19.5 mmol . @outputperformance @sbeath @cjjung88 @michaelsobol38 Interested? . @mike_bing_ 📹 . circuit echobike bike challange 60sec 1min echobikechallange rogue death cardio conditioning

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5時起床。コーヒー焙煎、ワッフル焼き、ご飯を炊く。陽が昇るまでが仕事量の分かれ道、デッキ材並べてビス打ち、端をジグソーでトリミング、ステイン塗り。朝の仕事はこれにて終了。😙 しまった!トリミング断端塗り残した☺️ カフェ看板出しに行き、弱ったカブトムシを拾い 持ち帰る。 もーひと踏ん張りしなさいとカブトムシのバイアグラ=蜂蜜をドーピング🍯人にもカラスにも捕まるなよ! #秋川渓谷 #ライダーズカフェ #奥多摩周遊道路 #ガンマ #バイクカフェ #檜原村 #エアストリームカフェ #ヴィンテージトレーラー #アメリカントレーラー #トラベルトレーラー bbq #グランピング #キャンプ #マン島 #カフェかなかな #都道33号 #檜原街道 airstream travel trailer #γ #Γ cafe ace cafe bike cafe #旧車 2スト #ハーレーダビッドソン #檜原村 #ハンバーガー #アメリカンダイナー

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Ever wonder what ’s local looks like? Join him and as they head to the Surrey Hills, where there are sick trails, perfect turns, ideal ruts, and usually not too wet conditions. Watch the FULL VIDEO at the LINK IN OUR BIO. 📹: Please follow me: -@biking_snow_day

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Fun little brick workout. Missing @bruceburden88 terribly!! Back next week. Nik putting final touches on Sunny Coast prep, Marky Mark hurting us today and @catch_pedal_stride kicking off NoosaKampaign. team work makes the dream work. ................triathlon swim bike run fun

OHMYGAW* 🔥🔥 that control though!! . . . . . . wow how bike bicycle

Ahhh , ela me leva pra qualquer lugar... 🎵 . . . eueela magrela bike atitude67 positividade vibe @atitude67 @korpaco

おはようございます☀️ 晴れましたねぇ✨✨✨ 昨日は涼しくて快適でしたが…今日はまた暑いι(´Д`υ)アツィー💨 . . #バイク#バイカー#バイク女子#ガールズバイカー#レディースバイカー#ドゥカティ#ドゥカティディアベル#ドゥカティ女子#ドゥカティディアベル女子#バイクが好きだ#バイクのある風景 #天狗 ducatiducatidiavel bikebikergirlsbiker ladysbikers bj_mycar bikegirl bike_japan #モトクル motorcyclemotocle_jpmotorcycle_moment diavelownersclub

Ein schöner Start ins Wochenende 😊👌🏼•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Check them out 🤙🏼 @markus_mit_c @tobimlr @danielh099 @maty_mc_fly @lotimoto @slammed_ger @joshi.cody @bgdn_erc @flo_2wl @celine_chiaraa Pic by @markus_mit_c •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• nolimcycles nlc motorcycle bike biker bikersofinstagram bikergang picoftheday ride rideout helmet cycle bikelife streetbike cc instabike instagood instamoto motorbike photooftheday instamotorcycle instamotogallery cruisin bikestagram

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very long day at work, but nice weather, a good ride, and lots of souvlaki for dinner compensated abundantly.

Se liga nessa novidade Curitiba!!!!! @gocycle.studio está chegando!!!!!!!!!! Um estúdio de bike indoor totalmente diferente de tudo que você já viu, com uma energia incrível e os melhores profissionais!!!! GOCYCLE 🚴🏽‍♀️🚴🏾‍♂️🚵🏽‍♂️🚵🏾‍♀️rideabike bike studioindoor gocycle gocycleCuritiba getready personaltrainer lifestyle

Burn the beach 😄🔥 Pic by @_mat_teo__27_ 🙏🏻

Summer race 🏖@urbecriteriumrace 🏁

I can't stop or I don't want to? @ravensfixed @lashelmetsofficial @rosti.it @ridededa @bikeribbon @ridewill.it @free_color_fc_ @sodamon_official @miche.italy @lookcycle @bikeinnovationstore @sellesanmarco @vittoriatires @matilda_disco @toucheofficialdisco @euritmica @mostsport @garmin @strava

Be strong, be brave, be fast.. Be iron 🔵⚪️🔵⚪️🔵⚪️🔵⚪️🔵⚪️🔵⚪️ @urbecriteriumrace

Realize your dreams 🎯 🔵⚪️🔴 🔵⚪️🔴 🔵⚪️🔴 @ravensfixed @lashelmetsofficial @rosti.it .it @ridededa @bikeribbon @ridewill.it .it @free_color_fc_ @sodamon_official @miche.italy @lookcycle @bikeinnovationstore @sellesanmarco @vittoriatires @matilda_disco @toucheofficialdisco @euritmica @mostsport @garmin @strava

It never gets easier, you just go faster. I mean, the first one. ☝️ I’m 🔙! CRITERIUM ITALIA 2019 REGGIO EMILIA XPC BELTRAMI @ravensfixed 🔥 @italianfixedcup 🇮🇹 🔵⚪️🔵⚪️🔵 📷 @d.z_images_and_solutions

🌞Murder She Wrote🌻 @cinelli_official @ffwdwheels @sellesanmarco @rotorbike @redhookcrit @fsa_road @lookcycle

My trainers are better than yours @markvanoli @xxprocas8xx SICKNESS 😈🏋🏽‍♂️🚴🏼‍♂️

I could not wish for better 🇨🇭 BMC Teammachine SLR01 🇨🇭

whenever you want 🏋🏽‍♂️ deadlifts hex-bar thank you coach @xxprocas8xx @fitexpress_rozzano @adidasita @biotex_underwear @ravensfixed

Corner Fixed Forum 📢🔔🗣@redhookcrit 📷 photo @jacopo_pergameno @ravensfixed @ciclipelizzoli @biotex_underwear @b.bike_official @nrcocchiali @lashelmetsofficial @sellesanmarco @dmtcycling @sidisport @vittoriatires @ritcheylogic @letretorri @matilda_disco @toucheofficialdisco @euritmica @ilcaffedelteatro @mostsport @garmin @strava

Wax On Wax Off @redhookcrit 👋🏻 photo by @wladimir.caiazza 📷 @ravensfixed @ciclipelizzoli @biotex_underwear @b.bike_official @nrcocchiali @lashelmetsofficial @sellesanmarco @dmtcycling @sidisport @vittoriatires @ritcheylogic @letretorri @matilda_disco @toucheofficialdisco @euritmica @ilcaffedelteatro @mostsport @garmin @strava

☝️👳🏻‍♂️ 📷 by @marta_abigail_photo

It is always necessary to calculate contingencies and adversities So ends my season 2018 🔚 @ravensfixed @ciclipelizzoli @biotex_underwear @b.bike_official @nrcocchiali @lashelmetsofficial @sellesanmarco @dmtcycling @sidisport @vittoriatires @ritcheylogic @letretorri @matilda_disco @toucheofficialdisco @euritmica @ilcaffedelteatro @mostsport @garmin @strava

Look mum no hands! 🙌🏻 Open practice @redhookcrit No.9 Milano 🔴⚪️⚫️⛈ 📸photo by @andrea606 📷 @ravensfixed @ciclipelizzoli @biotex_underwear @b.bike_official @nrcocchiali @lashelmetsofficial @sellesanmarco @dmtcycling @sidisport @vittoriatires @ritcheylogic @letretorri @matilda_disco @toucheofficialdisco @euritmica @ilcaffedelteatro @mostsport @garmin @strava

❌ exit the track 🚳 @ravensfixed @ciclipelizzoli @biotex_underwear @b.bike_official @nrcocchiali @lashelmetsofficial @sellesanmarco @dmtcycling @sidisport @vittoriatires @ritcheylogic @letretorri @matilda_disco @toucheofficialdisco @euritmica @ilcaffedelteatro @mostsport @garmin @strava

Qualifying @redhookcrit No.9 🔥 📷photo by @nowheresyl 📷 @ravensfixed @ciclipelizzoli @biotex_underwear @b.bike_official @nrcocchiali @lashelmetsofficial @sellesanmarco @dmtcycling @sidisport @vittoriatires @ritcheylogic @letretorri @matilda_disco @toucheofficialdisco @euritmica @ilcaffedelteatro @mostsport @garmin @strava

Pellizzoli Bovisa Italic product 🇮🇹 🔴⚪️⚫️ @ravensfixed @ciclipelizzoli @biotex_underwear @b.bike_official @nrcocchiali @lashelmetsofficial @sellesanmarco @dmtcycling @sidisport @vittoriatires @ritcheylogic @letretorri @matilda_disco @toucheofficialdisco @euritmica @ilcaffedelteatro @mostsport @garmin @strava 📷photo @flipfitz

Qualifications V Crit dei Ponti 💫 @ravensfixed @ciclipelizzoli @biotex_underwear @b.bike_official @nrcocchiali @lashelmetsofficial @sellesanmarco @dmtcycling @sidisport @vittoriatires @ritcheylogic @letretorri @matilda_disco @toucheofficialdisco @euritmica @ilcaffedelteatro @mostsport @garmin @strava 📷 Photo By @rob_ferra

Criterium dei Ponti 🏘 first ride with Pellizzoli Bovisa 🔴⚪️⚫️ @ravensfixed @ciclipelizzoli @biotex_underwear @b.bike_official @nrcocchiali @lashelmetsofficial @sellesanmarco @dmtcycling @sidisport @vittoriatires @ritcheylogic @letretorri @matilda_disco @toucheofficialdisco @euritmica @ilcaffedelteatro @mostsport @garmin @strava 📷Photo by @rob_ferra

New steel dream ♥ ️

Italian hand 🇮🇹 🍝 🍕

Punk life chose me 🤘🏻

Starting grid 🦅

Turn around but move on 👀

Stand up and push hard

Ravenna Criterium race 2, Escape💨

Ravens Criterium race 1 photo by @flipfitz 📸

Ravens Criterium, happy day✌️

Happy to make another ride happy 🙂

My town, my playground 💛

Qualification Italian Fixed Cup Milano parco Lambro 💫


Clench your teeth, yet another km

Training on parquet

Exceed your limits

Sunday at the lake

42°of happiness

Beast mode 😈

Fast lane

Strong race @italianfixedcup

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