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We reached an exciting milestone yesterday! 10 000 friends on Instagram! Thank you all! 💙💙 . . . Via :@irmathebirmanbirmankittens birmanofinstagram birmanbreeder birmancats birmancatlovers birman_cats_lovers birmano birmanbaby birman_cat birmankitties birmans birmanlove birmanesecat birmansofig

We’re wearing our new sweaters for the Toronto Santa Claus parade happening this afternoon! In case you haven’t heard, Santa Claus IS coming to town! 🎅 🎄 ❄️ . Hairy’s sweater by @hoteldoggy . Icy’s sweater by Pup Crew @missionpets .toronto torontosantaclausparade santaclausiscomingtotown catsinsweaters

Sylvi's entry to 🌟📸💫 Do you think I have as beautiful hair as 👩🏼😹? Via :@birmangirlsbirmansofig birmancats birmana birman_cats_online birmanbreeder birmans birmankitties birmanlove birmano birmancatlove birmanfeature

Personally, I don't like snow! 🙈 Liisa and servant loves snow. 💙 I guess that they will be happy because we got some new snow. ❄️ What kind of 💙love-hate👿 relationship you have with the snow? ❄️🐾❄️🐾❄️ 🐾 ❄️ 🐾 ❄️ 🐾cats_with_servant animalphotographer catphotographer catphotos catphotoshoot petphoto petphotooftheday petphotos petphotoshoot @lemmikkikuvaajat outdoorcats tabbycats kissat outsidecat domesticcat tabbiesofig adventurecats birman birmancat birmansofinstagram birmancats birmanlovers birmankitten birmans birmankitty birman_cats_lovers blueeye blueeyedcat blueeyescat blueeyedcats blueeyes

Sunday naps. Toni and I love to nap any time of the day. We need to be well rested before our late night mischief-making. Do you keep your humans up all night too? 🙀😼🐾😳 sunday sundaynap nap napping nappingcat catsofinstagram instacatsgram catsoftheworld cat catlife catitude birman birmancats birmancatlovers birmancatsofinstagram rescuecat gingercat gingercatclub

Her favorite place after the throne, laying at the window when it‘s open 💕☀️ Have a nice and relaxing Sunday everyone! . 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷 .catsofinstagram birmancatsofinstagram cats cats_of_instagram katze meow meowdel ilovecats bestcats_oftheworld beautifulcat catoftheday catsoftheday birmancat bluepoint birmancats meowdel_off meowdel_feature meowdels crazycat birmanmix meow catlovers birmanlovers birmankitty birmancatlovers katzedestages cattosphere blueeyes heiligebirma birma sacrdebirmanie

⁣ ⁣ Je veux me réincarner en Newt !😅⁣ Ce chat a toujours la place, la plus confortable ! ⁣ Bon par contre ça fait 2 ans qu’on a cet arbre à chat et il n’allait jamais dans la partie « hamac » ! ⁣ Ça fait quelques jours qu’il passe ses journées dedans, je pense qu’il a dû prendre exemple sur Paddy qui, s’installait souvent dedans. 🙂⁣ ⁣ {Swipe up}⁣ •⁣ •⁣lilacpointbluepointblueeyeschatcaofthedaycutecatlifecatmoverbirmansacrdebirmanie#birmancatsacredbirmanbirmanofinstagramcatcatschatonkittykittenkittycatcatsofigsacredebirmanieanimalcatsofinstagramcatsloverbeautypetstagrambabycatbirmancatscatstagram

Have a sweet&warm sunday furfriends 😽 Winter is coming... ❄️❄️❄️ I stay under the blanket ! balloffur birmancats sacredbirman sacredebirmanie lovecats catslovers catpassion

Thanks to all those who support us 💙🙏 . Today, we'll take a bunch of naps 💤💤... Before preparing you the next pawty 🎉🥃 neganfuckingkruegerpub. The human is cleaning our mess... 🧹🧼🧽 She has work for the whole day 😼😹 . . .neganfuckingkrueger 🥃🚬🎉 .matrekrueger 😼 .anarchistcat punkcat awesomecat bestmeow ilovemycat sacredebirmanie etrangletoiavectajalousie meowdel lovelycat cutecat catsofinstagram instacat fluffycats cats_of_world catsoftheworld catstagram catlover catoftheday sacredbirman birmancat blueeyescat birmanlovers funnycat birmancats catphotography

Treats? Where are they? We can smell them from the cupboard. Get please. Thank you.

Endlich Sonntag, chillen bis zum einschlafen! 😹😻 Wenn die Kinder Mario Kart auf der switch spielen und Luna zu schaut bis sie schläft!!! 😹😹😹💕 Wünschen euch allen einen schönen, entspannten Sonntag! 😽❤️ Was macht ihr so?cats_of_instagramcatlover cats_of_the_globefluffykitten sealpoint ktzchenbabykitten loveyourcatmeowmeow fluffykittencatsoftodaycatsofinsta haustierliebe miau love zweikatzen catsofinsta herz_diebe pawies_club katzen katzenliebe kitty birmanlovers birmacat birmancats lovely

Happy birthday to the most beautiful, loving and precious little boy🥳 We love you more than words can say💙 happyfirstbirthday oneyearold birmancat birman birmancats birmanlovers catsofinstagram cats catstagram cat blueeyedcat blueeyedkitty blueeyedcats

Herbststimmung bei den Felamys 🍂🐿🐾🌨😽. birmacats birman_cats_lovers birmans birmancat birmancats katzenliebe katzenleben katzenaufinstagram catsofday catsofinstagram cats_of_instagram catbirman catlove

An evening walk with my looong fluffy tail 🐈🍃🌸 and with my humom 👩🏻 Via :@birmangirlsbirmanlovers birmankitties birman_cats_online birman_feature birman_cats_lovers birmanbaby birman_cats_world birmancats birmancat birmano birmansofinstagram birmanfeature

Sometimes you just have to paws and relax . . .birmancats birmanlovers cats catsofinstagram birman

When you hear something across the room....caturday catlover birmancat birmancats mischievous catsofinstagram

Someone has decided to take a shower while human has taking his... ---🚿--- Algú ha decidit dutxar-se mentre l'humà es dutxava...

And a *drumroll* 🥁🥁🥁 pleaseeee !!! Introducing ... . . . . . Xena Mercury, Warrior Princess of Catopia. Forged in the heat of battle and with a mercuryinleo this little one can roarrrr 🦁 Battle cry on point 💯 ay ya ya ya yayyyyy . . . Ironic honorable mention: Fluffy (so unoriginal but damn is she fluffy 😻) . . Follow @itstheastrocats for more fluffiness 🦙

On weekends I like to lounge in my favorite bag 🛍 . . . .birmanlovers birmancats birmancat catsofinstagram cat catlovers bag bagcat

Miss Bella will be nineteen in December. Being a senior citizen, one can expect she may have a couple of ailments that need attention. She takes her daily pill for her kidney condition like a champ. She chases the pill down with water like a Boss!

Just looking cute 😽🌸👑and knowing I'll get treats soon 😹 Via :@birmangirlsbirmanofinstagram birmano birmankitten birmantabby birmancatlovers birmans birmanese birmancats birmanfeature birmansacred birman_cat birmancat

"Le chat ouvrit les yeux, le soleil y entra🌞 Le chat ferma les yeux, le soleil y resta..." 😻 chats cats_of_the_world birmancats sacredebirmanie catslife catsofınstagram felins ronrontherapie meow 🐈

This is my big brother, Jupiter. I haven't met him yet on account of the ringworm I got. Mom says I have to wait five whole weeks before I can come home. I'm hoping they go by quickly. I hear Jupiter is pretty cool. He's a rescue kitty like me. But he came from @austin_humane. In this picture he's watching one of the fosters Mom took care of for @austin.siamese.rescue. Mom says fostering is fun. If you want to learn how you can foster kitties like me and you live in Central Texas, you can visit https://tinyurl.com/qk2slyk.

Yes I look fierce but I’m really thinking ew ew get that away from me birmancats birman_cats_online terrythebirman sacredbirman raw_cats birman_cats_lovers meow_beauties kitties cutecats fluffy catsofaustralia catsofinstagram birmancatsofinstagram instacats cutekitties cats_of_instagram catsloversworld kitties fluffypants kittypictureoftheday

If it fits, I sits. Ready for bed! Good night everyone!lazycat catsofinstagram birmancats blueeyedcats catlove sleepycat fluffycat

Ce matin en faisant le lit, partie improvisée de cache cache Phœnix dans les draps 🤭😺chat chaton cat catssacredebirmanie birmancat birmancatscatinstagram catsofinstagramcatlover catsloversblueeyes whitecatchattropmignon tropmignon

Sunny’s good side. Happy caturday to all the beautiful cats out in the world. We are hiding out from the 🥶 here. sunnycat november

Changing moods in a matter of seconds


Aujourd'hui petite balade dans la nature avec notre Hector 🥰🌞🐈🐱 cat cats😻 catlover cats🐱 catsofinstagram catstuff cats catnap birmancat catstyle cats_of_world catlife gatto gattone gattonebello chat chats birmancats birman birmancatlove birmansofinstagram Luxembourg

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