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And then there, at the end of the trail of footprints, was a treasure chest. “Yes! I knew I was right to follow these tread-marks!” Inki squealed with joy. On the chest was the same pattern that covered the book, the same pattern that was also on the ring. Inki knew this chest must have something to do with B’Kala, and might be able to help find where they are. . Day Twenty-One - Treasure .inkitherat inktober inktober2019 inktoberprompts inktoberday21 inktoberday21treasure treasure treasurechest rat ratsofinstagram rats story kidlitart kidlit penandink inkdrawing ink inkillustration blackandwhiteart stippling crosshatching fineliner penandinkalliance blackwork dailydrawing

Look at this cat completely enchanted by a small butterfly on its nose! It’s never seen such a delicate creatures like a butterfly before. Drew this one in response to the inktober’s prompt, “enchanted”. Hope you like it! ❤️❤️❤️ . . . . .enchanted inktober inktober2019 catdrawing catlovers blackandwhite blackandwhiteart inkdrawing penandink catlover catsofinstagram catart characterdesign drawingchallenge inktoberart digitalart digitaldrawings artfeed artofinstagram bayareaartists artshare artoftheday visualfodder illustrationart illustrationartist illustrationfeed inspirationart artstagram blackandwhitedrawing catloversunite


Mrs. Culinary Arts Institute looks like she would like a word with Betty Crocker. From a 1940 recipe book. vintagecookbooks vintagedesign culinaryartsinstitute blackandwhiteart ephemera

Mrs. Culinary Arts Institute looks like she would like a word with Betty Crocker. From a 1940 recipe book. vintagecookbooks vintagedesign culinaryartsinstitute thescienceofbettercookery blackandwhiteart ephemera

Ferry to Belle Isle Park, Detroit River, 1905, Detroit. The prominent American urban park designer Frederick Law Olmsted created a design for the island in the 1880s. He was known for his design of Central Park in New York. But only some elements of his design were completed. The 1908 Belle Isle Casino building is not a gambling facility; rather, it is used for occasional public events. Highlights of Belle Isle include a botanical garden and the Belle Isle Conservatory (1904). Ferry to Belle Isle Park, Detroit River, 1905, Detroit. Find this and many more interesting photos for sale at www.historicalpix.com vintagepictures oldphotos oldpictures vintagephotos blackandwhitepictures history artforwall blackandwhiteart historicalpix wallart historicalpix.com

Sometimes we meld into our art collection. . It speaks about who we are, and what we collect. (37-38 of the 6”x 6” acrylic gouache October art feast for the discerning art collector.) @kennedywrightdesigns . . .artinteriorinteriordesignartcollectorartcollectionblackandwhiteartartsourceartgalleryinteriordesignersinteriordecorationartwallsmallartcontemporaryartcontemporaryartcollectorcontemporaryartcollectors

Día 21 ~ Inktober2019Concepto: "Treasure" (tesoro) . . . Piensen por ustedes mismos, no se traguen todo lo que oyen o ven si no están seguros de la fuente. La violencia sólo trae más violencia. Actúen con elocuencia. . . . . spookyart sketchdaily illustagram blackandwhiteart blackandwhiteartwork illustrationdaily inkstagram inkfeature inktoberchallenge inkwork artistsofinstagram inktober inktoberChile inktobercl instart chiledesperto caosenchile

Pinhead from Hellraiser Most terrifying villain, and classiest gent irl.artistsofinstagram caricature penandink blackandwhiteart horrormovies hellraiser pinhead @officialdougbradley clivebarker

ArtVs.Artist — hi friends — it’s Kestra here, ya local tiny art hermit. ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️I thought I’d use this as an opportunity to introduce myself to those who don’t personally know me. ~some stuff about me ~ my most recent obsession is to try and sell stickers & paper bundles to journal folk on here 🧡 I have too many hobbies for how sleepy I am & I’m currently watching Scooby Doo. Nice to meet ya ☺️ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .artvsartist artvsartist2019 artvsartists introducingtheartist introduceyourself introducemyself artistsoninstagram artistsofinstagram artistsonig artistvsart beginnerartist blackandwhite blackandwhiteart blackandwhiteartwork blackandwhitearts blackandwhite_art stippleart inktober inktober2k19 inktober2019 inktoberchallenge

Sometimes you focus on the solution, sometimes you focus on the fact that there is more than one solution to your problem(s). May the best of them be your way.inktangle illustration floraldoodle inktober blackAndWhiteArt penandink

This was a really fun experience at my sister's birthday party! @dashawesome6 @verlychagina @crossfitdaniella @kati_dani_style @lenameltsina art fun girlparty squad sakura cherryblossom blackandwhiteart

Beautiful Art by @libertyshuroart ✪ Let us know what do you think!😊 Shared by @rob_matteazzi 🎨 _________________________ . ➡ Follow us @duende_arts_help for more art and use our hashtag duende_arts_help so we can support you & TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS ✓ . Do you want immediate feature? Contact us 💌 . © No copyright infringement intended DM For issues or Removal 📥 _________________________ . ➡ Follow us and these art sharing pages: ▪@love_arts_help ▪@art_supernova ▪@arts.realism ▪@testoftalent _________________________art artist sketch illustration draw drawing pencil beautiful sketchbook picture artista ink tattoos artwork instagram blackandwhiteart design blackandwhite ritratto creative graphic photography disney disegno portrait

I have always loved architecture, design, and adorning my temple with what I find beautiful. I love to be able to share my creative visions of what I see, feel, experience through various art forms and photography. I think growing up with hand me downs and working since I was 17 made me become highly creative with all that I have wherever I am and build from my imagination. I have always known the possibility of what I can create is far bigger than what I can articulate, but I can feel it all the time inside me. I will never stop following this invisible thread. Serpent Magick has been birthed by following this feeling. S E R P E N T M A G I C K 𓆗𓆃

Day 21 inktober2019 🖊 You Deserve Donuts 🍩 🍩

THE WALL | Guard Tower 2019 . SEE MORE ART AT... alexstutchbury.comberlinwallart berlinwallmemorial theironcurtain gdr ddr supression berlinmauer guardtower graphicart graphicnovel graphicnovelart graphicnovelist @berlin_mauer @berlin.mauer @creativesocietyichs @drawing.expression blackandwhite_art blackandwhiteart blackandwhitepaintings

Today's drawing is called "blagolzun 5" and is available as a signed 8 1/2" x 11" archival quality giclee print for $25 including shipping and handling at chrisballew.org (link in bio). Profits go to parent education and homelessness prevention focused non profit organizations. blackandwhiteart meditation deepbreath ego chrisballew sillyart purejoy happiness

„DON‘T OVERTHINK IT“ - by @sabeffy. drawing blackandwhiteart birdtattoo tatooart quoteoftheweek

„DON‘T OVERTHINK IT“ - by moi. drawing blackandwhiteart birdtattoo tatooart quoteoftheweek

Day 18/19 - Misfit/Sling! I thought I’d go for the misunderstood school delinquent who secretly loves cats and turns out to be a big softie (every school life anime has one!) and Lucas from strangerthings with his slingshot! - I honestly cannot tell whether my art is getting better or worse with inktober 🤔 One thing is for sure, I need to get serious with some art fundamentals! 😖 -inktober2019 inktober2019day18 inktober2019day19 art traditionalart hatching crosshatching blackandwhiteart animegirl cat girlandcat lineart inking illustration copicmarkers multiliners strangerthingslucas lucassinclair slingshot

So I think I might start doing art like this for a bit cuz it’s easy and dose need much work. Ignore drawing inkart blackandwhiteart digitalart digital portrait like4likes explorepage explore draw 💜

inktober 🖤🖤 another off prompt doodle, based off of a geometric design I made ages ago, slightly refined ✍🏼 . . . . . .gallery stippling blackinkwork natureartist illustratenow illustration draweveryday drawingoftheday strathmore strathmoreart micron micronart sketchbook blackink inkart dotwork inktober minimalart minimalistart linework blackandwhiteart

I think someone is about to get in trouble! Day 19: slinginktober inktober2019 @inktober @Jakeparker latergator blackandwhiteart cartoon cartoonist After a weekend off back at it. Time to catch up.


Знаешь, как Дьявол мучает грешные души? Он их заставляет ждать. P.S. Карл Густав Юнг, "Монолог «Улисса»" #КарлГуставЮн #грех sin #дух #душа soul spirit #дьявол satan devil avesatan #рисунок dark darkart art satanism #рисунок #черноебелое blackandwhite drawing #чернобелыйрисунок blackandwhiteart blackandwhitedrawing darkdrawing drawingart instaart instagramdrawing instadrawing instagramart darkartists satanism

☠Молись и кайся💀 instaphoto photo #скелет skeleton tableful creative darkart dark art #мертвецы dead death #смерть deadman blackandwhiteart #чернобелое #чернобелоефото #скелет blackandwhite blackandwhitephotography #монахиня photography instadead darkness darkphotography instagramphoto instablackandwhite instablackandwhitephotography instadeath nun rip

All demons in you, within, close your eyes and examine🔥😈 Demons Devil #Демоны Satan drawing #сатана #чернобелое blackandwhite darkart dark art #дьявол #внутри #черт damn #тьма #рисунок evilspirits darkdrawing #нечисть darkness instaart instagramart instagramdrawing instadrawing #чернобелыйрисунок blackandwhiteart blackandwhitedrawing drawingart within

Астральные сущности (часть 2)👻😈💀 Астральные сущности-это наши соседи, которых мы не замечаем, но это совершенно не значит, что их не существует. Они жители астральных миров и в большинстве своем, высокоинтеллектуальные«личности». Астральные сущности живут в нашем мире в непосредственном с нами контакте. Одни питаются нашей энергией, другие-помогают и направляют в этой жизни. Мы не можем их видеть, но мы ощущаем их присутствие. С одними мы дружим, других-стараемся избегать. Кто они? •Лярвы(элементалы)-сущности низшего порядка. Их природа-неудовлетворенные желания, навязчивые мысли, зацикленность на чем-либо. Питающиеся сильными негативными человеческими страстями и эмоциями, такими как алчность, зависть, похоть и т.д. Часто лярвы рождаются во время конфликтов, истерик, приступов ревности и прочих эмоциональных всплесков. Интеллекта у них нет. Они просто присасываются к биополю и питаются энергией. Человек с действительно сильной личностью может самостоятельно избавиться от лярвы. Но для этого нужно обладать огромной волей и упорством. Лярв снимают специалисты - в том случае, если человек не в состоянии выкарабкаться в силу слабости характера или  неблагоприятного стечения обстоятельств. Иногда лярва может приоткрыть некое"окно"в энергетических оболочках человека для подселения куда более серьезной сущности-подсадки(одержимости), поскольку действует в своих интересах и заинтересована в своевременном получении своего"корма"-негативных  эмоций. •Подсадка-это подселенная к человеку негативная сущность. Наличие подсадки усугубляет  негативный эффект порчи. Задача сущности-загубить человека быстро и эффективно.  Появляются навязчивые состояния, слышатся"голоса", человек может стать  склонным к суициду или бродяжничеству, увлечься алкоголем, наркотиками, азартной игрой, начать вступать в беспорядочные половые связи и т.д. #Лярва Astral Ghost astralentity Entity Theparasite dark blackandwhite art #рисунок #темнаядуша #черт #ничесть damn evilspirits #нечистаясила #чернобелое #астрал darksouls drawing #чернобелыйрисунок blackandwhiteart blackandwhitedrawing darkdrawing drawingart instaart instagramart instagramdrawing instadrawing #черт darkartists

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