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GRANDE NOUVELLE ! Voilà ce qui se tramait dans votre dos depuis quelques temps!! Chat’bandon compte désormais sur un allié supplémentaire dans son combat. En effet, la commune de Capavenir Vosges (qui réunit Thaon-les-Vosges, Girmont et Oncourt) nous a sollicités pour un partenariat, et c’est maintenant chose faite ! Nous avons signé une convention, en présence d’une partie de l’équipe, et de Dominique Momon, maire, Bernard Simon, Adjoint chargé de la Médiation et du Vivre Ensemble, et de la police municipale. Une subvention accompagne bien entendu cette signature, nous y reviendrons plus tard ! Nous intervenons sur Capavenir Vosges depuis de nombreux mois, entre prises en charge, sauvetages et stérilisations. Nous avons donc désormais le soutien de la municipalité ! Toutes les informations relatives à cette convention vous seront bientôt précisées, avec une infographie qui résumera la procédure à suivre. Nous avons embarqué avec nous certains de nos protégés originaires de Thaon-les-Vosges, notamment notre star Carlie, qui s’est montrée sage comme une image ♥️ Nous remercions donc chat’leureusement la municipalité de Capavenir Vosges pour ce partenariat, et bien évidemment notre équipe de vétérinaires partenaires, qui a soutenu notre projet 😁😁😁 🐾 🐾partenariat thaonlesvosges alli adoptdontshop protectionanimal protect association catlovers animallover blackcatlovers adoption vosges grandest Lorraine 88 maire sauvetage sterilisation grandenouvelle bonnenouvelle

His best friend, and worst enemy. Poor Mr. Fox 🦊 . .thevadershow dailycats blackcatlovers blackcat vaderthecat catmom catsofig catlovers catvideo catplaying

G'Kar loves snoozing on the heater...🐈 It's his favourite spot in the house . . . .blackcat belgiancats🇧🇪 blackcatsofinstagram catsofbelgium🐈 blackcatsofbelgium blackcatlovers catloversunited ilovemyblackcat catonheater catsnooze catphoto

🔊 Mommy I like to play with you rather than posing for camera. You know I don't like camera. Do you like cameras furriends? ..... . . . . Follow my hashtag onlyoreocat . . . . . . . . . .cutelittlecat  fluffy fluffycat meow meowdel ilovecats catlove catlover catloverscatsofinstagramcatsofig catsofworld catsofinsta catsoftheday catsoftheworld cutecatmeowed cutenessoverload  cuteness cutestcats furbabiesfurball furrbabies persiancat blackcat funnycat funnycatvideo blackcatlovers catplaying

Sleepy monday💤I hate mondays as @sweetslovermorris and @aliceolucymainecoon norwegianforestcat catsoftheday catsofinstagram blackpanther blackcat blackcatlovers

【本日のクロ】 紹介するジョ ボクのデスクだジョ . いえ、社長。 飼い主のデスクですし、 乗るところじゃないですからね! . キチンとお座りしての この顔である . #猫 #黒猫 #ねこ #ネコcatblackcatblackcatloveblackcatloverblackcatlovers

😂😆😁 Follow @blackcatsrrock for more ❤

2代目黒猫のコマメ。 我が家の癒し係、12年1ヶ月お疲れ様でした🌈 . スコティッシュゆえの腎奇形で、1歳半から慢性腎不全ながらほんとによく頑張ってくれました!! 関節もガチガチで寒い日は辛かったね。 . 猫嫌いで犬族だったコマ。 大好きなダイアナ🐶と同じ日に旅立ちました🌈 またうちのコに帰ってきてね😊 comame 2007.9.2 - 2019.10.15 . . #腎不全頑張った #黒猫好き #ねこ #ねこすたぐらむ #スコ #長毛スコ部 #黒猫 #長毛黒 #すこてぃっしゅふぉーるど #猫 cat catsofinstagram scottishfold scottishfold_love chatnoir blackcat blackcatlovers

so happy with how this one turned out! can you believe it’s almost halloween? 🤔👻🦇🧛‍♂️ .... if you’d like to order a pawtrait in time for the holidays, be sure to visit my shop soon! the link is in my bio 🥰

My catdad took this when I was getting in trouble for breaking one of my humom’s favorite halloween decorations. She didn’t appreciate that I was just trying to see if the ghost 👻 could float 😹😹 I didn’t like being in trouble • • • • • •adoptdontshop binx smallcat cat blackkittensofinstagram blackkitten catsofinstagram blackkittens kitten adoptblackkittens housepanther housepanthersofinstagram kitty kittykat rescuekittens rescuekittensofinstagram blackpanther kittenlady minipanther catlovers blackcatlovers black_cat_crew catsoftheworld blackcat_features humom catdad smoldemon trouble

Sunday Scaries

Não pertube! 😴

Mimi wanted some adventures on today's walk like visiting the sewer, the house where she used to live, and rolling around in the sun instead of helping me walk. I kept her out of the sewer (she traveled it years ago when she was living outdoors) and told her that house was all different now. So she rolled around and sat in some wildflowers to think. I guess autumn is a time of reflection for all of us. littlemimicat catsonleashes seniorcatsrock reacuedcatsdontforget blackcats catenrichment blackcatclub blackcat blackcatsofinstagram blackcatlovers blackcatsgram blackcatsagram cats_of_instagram catsagramcats catsagram catsoninstagram instacat catlovers ilovecats lifewithcats dailycat catoftheday dailymeow meowstagram

My friend @nickelbackaddict just let me know that ITS INTERNATIONAL SLOTH DAY! (October 20!) It’s a day for you humans to learn more about my best friend Sloth (and his more life-like counterparts). Here’s a Sloth fact! Did you know Sloth’s have FOUR STOMACHS? (that’s a lot of wet food! 😋) so it can take them nearly a whole month to digest one meal! Even the food in their tummy’s are slow moving.! Sloth’s are my fave! Why is there not a Sloth emoji?! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .blackcatsofinstagram kittensofinstagram kittens blackkittensofinstagram catsofinstagram blackkitten blackkittens adoptblackkittens adoptdontshop housepanther housepanthersofinstagram kitty kittykat rescuekittens rescuekittensofinstagram blackpanther kittenlady minipanther catlovers blackcatlovers black_cat_crew catsoftheworld daxtheminipanther pantherthursday blackcat_features internationalslothday slothemoji

blackcatlovers blackcat catlover gigithecat ... ❤❤❤ sguardo supplichevole, ma sempre con classe

Mon bébé Pocky, il est et restera mon petit chaton d'amour ♡ 🐾chatnoir blackcat adoptdontshop cute catsofinstagram blackcatlovers instacat meow catstagram catlovers animallover

We went for a lovely evening walk around Woodburn Forest and Reservoirs.. 👫🐈🐾🐾🐾 This is the same place i walked with my mum and Mila on the day it was really foggy, so it was nice to actually be able to see the Reservoirs properly on this occasion. 💙 On the last photo... when yo butt is so shiny it reflects the sun 😂 🐈☀️ . . .autumnwalk autumnwalks forestwalks woodburndam autumntime eveningwalks irishadventurekitty wanderlust adventurelover minipanther adventurecats adventurecat adventurekitten catexplorer catsthathike catswhohike hikingwithcats catsofinstagram blackcatsofig blackcatsofinstagram blackcats discoverireland ireland northernireland catsonleashes blackcatlovers travelcat placestovisit forestwalk bluesky

I’m getting a LOT of attention and love from mama and papa, they are sleeping with me and laying on the floor with me ALL day. I see they can’t wait for me to get better, that’s why I’m the goodest boy and I stay put and don’t move at all, I’m just relaxing all the time and eating and drinking and taking my meds without much fuzz. I want to get better ASAP!goodboy blackcatlife blackcatlovers

Tonks has the right idea on this rainy day, all three of us have barely left my bed! Apparently today is international sloth day, so it seems fitting to lie in bed and read all day! . . .blackcatsofinstagram blackcats kittensofinstagram kittens blackcatsrule blackkittensofinstagram blackkittensofinsta catsofinstagram blackkittens adoptblackcats adoptblackkittens adoptdontshop housepanther housepanterofinstagram kitty rescuekittens rescuekittensofinstagram catlovers blackcatlovers black_cat_crew

Today’s self care included making extra time for cuddles with this weirdo. I think she learned to sit that way from my pug. 🤣 ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️ #⚡️selfcaresecond selfcaresunday selfcaresundays selfcare blackcatsofinstagram blackcat blackcatsrock blackcatsareawesome blackcatsociety blackcatstagram blackcatsofinsta #😻 #🐱 catsofinstagram catstagram catsofinsta blackcatlove blackcatlovers blackcatlover blackcatlife puglean

Today’s self care included making extra time for cuddles with this weirdo. I think she learned to sit that way from my pug. 🤣 ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️ #⚡️selfcaresecond selfcaresunday selfcaresundays selfcare blackcatsofinstagram blackcat blackcatsrock blackcatsareawesome blackcatsociety blackcatstagram blackcatsofinsta #😻 #🐱 catsofinstagram catstagram catsofinsta blackcatlove blackcatlovers blackcatlover blackcatlife puglean

"Get this thing off of me hooman! " 😡😂 FOLLOW @BLACKCATSRROCK FOR MORE! ❤ - 📽 Unknown (DM for credit)

helllo frens and happy Sunday! If you see me strollin, remember black cats are NOT bad luck!

ESTOU MUITO TRISTE, MEU PAI TROUXE OUTRO REMOVEDOR DE PÊLOS PRA CASA. ELE QUER SAIR PELA RUA SEM PÊLOS NA ROUPA COMO SE Ñ TIVESSE GATOS EM CASA, COMO SE EU NÃO EXISTISSE... QUER Q OS GATOS DA RUA PENSEM Q ELE É HUMANO SEM DONO. MAS EU JÁ MANDEI O TULIPA COMER ESSA BOSTA. https://www.instagram.com/adoravelmalu/PAZ . gatos blackcatsclub adoteumgatinho gatopretodasorte adocaoresponsavel cat softheworld sweet blackcatlovers blackcatsofinstagram blackcatlover gatosdeinstagram malu adoravelmalu

Bouboule de poils, le retour 😻, ma pokéball. Trop chou ma biscroc (ouais ouais je sais, complètement gaga...🙄) nvéosnoflakes cestlheuredelasieste roulenboule ondiraitunescargot jaimemonchat instacat instacat_meow blackcatlovers

Esta foi a minha estreia com o Nobel Mário Vargas Llosa Um romance muito curioso com duas narrativas paralelas, e com uma abordagem, que se mantém extremamente actual, sobre a realidade da Amazônia Gostei bastante, Foi o meu L para o desafio de leituras com a Luz do Outono e ajudou a manter o meu objetivo de ler um prémio Nobel da literatura por mês, Just beeee and enjoy 🐝 Alex 🐝ourbooksstories premionobel mariovargasllosa readingtime reading📖 catsandbooks blackcat blackcatlovers bookstagramsofportugal booksandcats leiturasdeoutubro desafioleitura2019 desafiodeleitura escritornovo autornuncalido literaturaportuguesa

Wir haben heute nochmal ausgiebig den schönen Herbsttag genossen 🌞🍁🌻🍂 Schönen, restlichen Kirchweihsonntag (in Bayer ist heute Kirchweih) liebe instafriends und furfriends 😘 . . .diablo schwarzekatze schwarzerkater blackcatlovers blackcat blackcats kater catskatze katzen cat katzenliebe❤️ catlovecatlovers catsofinstagram petcatsofinstagram pet cat_of_instagram katzenfotos katzenfotos lovelycat instacat instacat_meows marchcat sunnycat happycat seniorkatze seniorkater

Looking for her, around the house. . .found her having her napping in between the sofas. " ᵢₛ ᵢₜ ₘₒₙdₐy, ₜₒₘₒᵣᵣₒw? "blackcatsofinstagramblackcatloversknowwhatsup blackandwhitecatsrock blackcatrules blackcatappreciation blackcatlovers blackcatsofig

I am recovering and resting a lot at home. The surgery of my paw went superb, the shoulder surgery went good too but I hate to wear the splint and the bandage. I mostly rest and sleep cause walking is bad for me and actually I don’t feel like moving around at all. This cage rest doesn’t seem so be so bad cause I get food brought to me every few hours, and water and other treats 😋. (I also get medicine though, there’s one which I specially don’t like 😂 but hey, what can I do). To summarize: Getting tons of cuddles and kisses while getting my paw back to normal! 💪🏼 and keeping strong! blackcatlovers

As you know, October is the blackcatsawarenessmonth 🖤 Black cats are still victims of stupid superstitions and spend much more time in shelters 🖤 Ruby was packed in a plastic bag and thrown in a trash at 6-8 weeks only because she was the only black cat of the litter. She spent more than 5 months in her foster family while other kittens were adopted in a few days or weeks 🖤 We join @sirfelixprefect and @jiggy.poo1 in the @catsprotection campaign, for sharing our black and black and white pictures ⚫️ ⚪️ There are 2 teams teamblackcat and teamblackandwhitecat 🖤 . Spread the love of blackcats and tuxedocats ♥️ Don’t forget blackcatday on Sunday 27th 🖤 We wish you all a wonderful lazy Sunday ❣️ . Take a look at our Tuxie dream team and send some love : @boothandnora @bridgester90 @eddie_the_tuxie @felinefletcher @fluffybuttdomino @hanselgretelcats @jessie_the_common_tuxedo @jollyolliethetux @leschaussettesdebandit @night_circus_kittens @nini_thefrenchcat @ozzythecatdog @pixandpatch @pj_and_the_gord @queen.astrid.von.mrau @queen.of.kittyros @sirfelixprefect @surma_and_sauron @sylviethetuxedo @thetuxiecat @toby_got_tux @winstigram @zenkat.meow @thetuxedokitties @charmony_tuxie_cat_love_wolves @reverethecat @dirty_eric_loves @mira.and.zoe @millie_the_cat_adventures @eddie_the_tuxie @sumitheblackcat @plumthepuddy ... sorry if we can’t tag you all 🖤🖤🖤 . If you don’t want to miss our posts, follow Ruby_Bowie 🐾 .blackcats blackcatsrock blackcatsruletheworld blackcatsmatter blackcatsonly blackcatsig blackpanther cats_of_world blackcatlovers blackcatfeatures blackcat_features catsofinstagram lovecat lazysunday chilling catsoftheworld catsarethebest loveforcats protectionanimale protectnature lovecats

Séance photo : Ma miaougnifique miaoujesté prends la pause...dans la baignoire. Trop belle ma Névé, une vraie mannequin 😻😻😻🐾 nvéosnoflakes miaougnifique njaimemonchat chatnoir tropdelove leplusbeauchatdumonde instacat instacat_meow photographeramateur blackcatlovers

Névé O'snowflakes, ma p'tite crevette 🐾😻jaimemonchaton neve nnvéosnoflakes tropdelove photographeramateur instacat instacat_meow blackcatlovers

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