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둘째이름은 재-고 Jago. Our lil second kittend name has been decided. His name is JAGO! A cute version of Jaguar lol 깜냥이의 매력은 사진 10번 찍었을 때 8-9는 눈코입 구분 불가능하단 것 가끔 앞통수 뒷통수도 헷갈림.. The cutiest part of black cat is..that you can distinguish their eyes, nose, mouth easily only 1 out of 10 pictures lol Sometimes it is very confused it is the front face or the back of the head as well. blackkitten blackcat #깜냥이#고양이 #고양이그램 cat catstagram catsofinstagram #삼색냥 #삼색고양이 #삼색이 calico #냥스타그램 #냥그램 ilovecat catlovers katze gato_cats #육묘일기 #아깽이

staying in late with mommy in bed perfectthursday 🥰

Woo! 🍾🎉🎊 Betty has been pre-adopted! Betty will be going to live with an extremely nice and considerate adopter (Sana) and her young Siamese cat Riley. Betty just got cleared for surgery so she’ll be heading home this Saturday. This will be the sweetest family ever 😭 When I started this Instagram, one of my goals was to be able to adopt out all kittens in my care before they spend time at the rescue. I still have a bit to go here, but I was the most worried about black cats since they are harder to adopt. I’m incredibly excited that neither Don nor Betty will have to spend a day NOT in a warm and loving home.fosterkittensofinstagram fosterkittens fosterkitten cutekittens cutekitten adoptasheltercat kittenrescue rescuekitten fostercat fostercats fosterkitty fosterkitties fosteringsaveslives tinykittens babycat tinykitten catsofinstagram tabbycat blackcatsofinstagram blackcat blackcatsofig blackkittens blackkitten spayandneuter adoptdontshop

Wow sis, this perch is so cool! - It's really high which is why I love it. Plus I can jump onto the door from here. - You go higher? That's so scary! I can't even figure out how to jump down from here to the floor without the desk! • • •catstagram cats catsofinstagram blackcatsofinstagram blackcatsofig black_cats_of_instagram kitten kittensofinstagram kittensofig kittens_of_instagram blackkitten blackkittensofinstagram calicokitten calicocat calicokittensofinstagram calicokittiesrule blackcatsrule minipanther adoptdontshop rescuecat

I like to be dramatic when my harness comes on, I flop and pretend I can't walk 😼 until mum pulls out the feather toy and I run around the room 🙀 . . . . . Pawtners: @titanroborovski @marcy_pets_ . . . . .blackkitty moon moonphase eclipse kitty cat kitten blackcat blackkitten cheeky cute cutekitty cutekitten cuteblackcat cutecat adoptdontshop adopted harness drama dramatic dramaqueen

So Monday I have to go back to the doctor for more shots and to finish my treatment. My mom took me in about 3 weeks ago because she thought I was the coolest. I used to be a stray but now I have a home. The moral of the story is adopt don’t buy. Also, shots suck. ————————————————————————————blackcat kitten black cat blackkitten berlioz king bowtome bowtomepeasant theoneandonly kitty purr perfect beautiful handsome loveme love needy pet petme instacat catsofig kittensofig meow minipanther adopt blackcatsofinstagram adoptdontshop blackkittensofinstagram rescue

Here’s our take on catexpressionscollage as adapted by @truffle_thepomsky😆 Which one do you like?🐱💁🏻‍♀️ . . . Do you remember Rei? Rei was a little kitten rescued by my mama from the gutter when she was barely a few days old, with her eyes still closed. She was picked up on the 13th of May, nursed by mama for a month (she even brought Rei to work everyday😱), and then handed over to @angelwithwhiskers 😘😘😘, who took such great care of her, trained her to use the potty and eat solid food❤️ Rei also met her bff, Zoey, there. All thanks to @angelwithwhiskers, both Rei and Zoey found a wonderful family who adopted the both of them together 2 months later😍😍My mama told us she misses Rei everyday, but she’s glad Rei found her furever home without having to squeeze with 5 other siblings😵❤️ Our mama also learnt that fostering is not for her weak heart 😅🤭🤭 . . .catcatsofinstagramcats_of_instagramkittenkittensrescuedkittyrescuedstrayblackkittenblackittenscatstagramcatloversnekoshorthaircatcatsoftheworldanimalloverReillyloudcutecatcat_featurescatagramcatagram_daily

Cocoa's favorite position 😂❤🐱 . Please tag us for 📸 credit if reposting** .cat cats catlife instacats cat_features catloversclub catsofinstagram babycat catvideos cutecats blackcatsofinstagram cats_of_world kitten blackkitten funnyvideo hilarious blackcat #ネコ #고양이 #猫 instacat catlady blackcatsrule cats_of_instagram belly fluff trendingnow catdaddy babykittens @cats_of_instagram

Catttamigos necesitamos conseguir esta quimio para vicky la gatica con cancer de piel. QUIEN TENGA Y PUEDA DONARLA O SABE DONDE HAY Y COSTO POR ESCRÍBAME NECESITA COMENZAR SUS QUIMIOTERAPIAS LO MÁS RÁPIDO POSIBLE. NO TENEMOS NI 1$ NI 1BS RECAUDADO PARA, ELLO. 🐈♥️🙏.rescue rescuedogs rescuedogrescuedogofinstagramshelterdog adoptdontshop rescuecat babycat wombat blackkitten lovecats lovekittens catlovers ilovecats catsgram catsofibstagram instacat mycat adoptdontshop bestmeow meowbox topcatphoto excellent_cats catshelp lovehelp cats catloverssimonscatofficalsimonscatsimonsrealcats

Isn't this neat? You can see Tovenaar Schmendrick's pattern in this light. I don't have one anymore so wondering if Tovi is going to grow out of his. What do you think?cat blackkitten meow melanistic melanisticsavannah melanism blackcatsrock blackcatsonly blackcatsofinstagram spottedcat savannahcat catlover ilovemykitten

Catttamigos vicky gracias a Dios no esta preñada, pero tiene el vazo y ganglios inflamados. Comenzamos a recaudar para las químios la tienen un costo de 77$ aproximadamente no es, fácil un monto así pero Dios, nos ayudará 🐈♥️🙏. Vicky nuestra guerrera luchadora. 🐈♥️🐕🙏.rescue rescuedogs rescuedogrescuedogofinstagramshelterdog adoptdontshop rescuecat babycat wombat blackkitten lovecats lovekittens catlovers ilovecats catsgram catsofibstagram instacat mycat adoptdontshop bestmeow meowbox topcatphoto excellent_cats catshelp lovehelp cats catloverssimonscatofficalsimonscatsimonsrealcats

Another photo from her favourite activity - climbing trees

I had to switch to feeding every hour last night for awhile. Working hard to get these babies accustomed to the bottle life and stabilized. They appear to be about to open their eyes so my guess is they’re almost a week old. All of the sleeplessness will be worth it if I can make sure these guys are on the right track!tramnosleep bottlefeeding bottlekittens neonateorphan blackkitten orangekitten tuxedokitten stlouis

This sleeping beauty gets a check up on her eyes today!! I pray we get good news!!!! 👀👁 blackkitten kitten kittenofinstagram giftofsight youareloved kittennaps

Enjoying my Thursday afternoon with mum on the couch 😍

This was a BIG week for the kittens, as Neuter and spay day was Tuesday. They were so brave! They came home and acted like nothing happened, as you can see in the blurry picture. Basically, Espresso is a maniac. blackcatsofinstagram blackcat blackkitten Mocha Espresso rescue rescuecat

blackkitten kittensofinsta mykitten #малышкаМишель😍 #котенок #черныйкотенок #мордашкин #красотка #мимими 😊 #малявка #лапкицарапки

oshcats#котята #саtsloversorientalkittencatsofinstagramoricatorientalcatorientalshorthair#ориентальныекотята #котятамоскваkittensofinstagrancatoftheworldkittens#ориентальныйкот #орики #красивыекотикиblackkat blackkittensiamese siamesecat # siameseofinstadram # siameselove meezers meezersofinstagtam cutecat cutesiamese sealpoint peterbald cutepeterbald meezerpeterbald #петерболд

Banshee is becoming such a handsome little madam 🖤😍 . . .blackcat kittens catsofinstagram kittensofinstagram blackkitten adorablekitten cutecat

Sugar 🎶 oh honey honey 🎶 might be the smallest of all her siblings, but she sure makes up for it in fluff 🖤 she has beautiful black silky longhair and she knows it! She’s looking for a home with another feline friend or possibly with someone who would also adopt one of her siblings (Chelsea, Houdini, Jenna). 🐾 www.paws4lifect.com 🐾 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀blackcatsrule longhairblackcat kitten fluffykitten halloweencat blackkitten connecticut rescueme adoptme meowdel sofluffy imfluffy

Cats never strike a pose that's not photogenic⠀ -⠀ Adopt A Pet | Pet Directory ⠀ -⠀ -⠀ -⠀adoptapet adoptdontshop cutepets petsofinstagram petlove animals rescue betheirvoice animaladvocates cats catsofinstagram instagramcat cutecates kittens sleepycats catlife kitty blackkitten

Mlem👅. The day when i moved to my new 🏠. . . . .kitty blackkitten kitten mlem black blackcat cats blackpanther panther cute adoption pets animals cuteanimals catsofgram catsoninstagram love throwbackthursday hedgehog stuffedanimal @hoomanswithcats @cats @black_cat_crew

お外が気になる様子の次元君。意外と背が高いのね。 you want to go outside Jigen?🙄 #黒猫 #子猫 #ねこら部 #ねことの暮らし #ニャンスタグラム blackcat blackkitten kitten funnycat catsofinstagram jigen

- "Zulú" es un gatito negro nacido este año en la colonia felina que vive en mi jardín. -gatos gatos_villagonzaleros gatos_mig enmijardn inmygarden kitten kittens_of_instagram kitten🐱 freekitten kittenfree happykitten kittenlife🐾 kittenphoto blackkitten kittenlove kittens_today animaleslibres freeanimalsforever respetoalosanimales animalsrespect

Happy Thursday 🧡 • Here’s a super cute kitty surrounded by exotic animals to brighten your day ☀️ •Posted @withrepost • @newkittensontheblock Welcome to the jungle! 🐒🐍🦓 It’s already time for adoption profile pictures. I know this is practically the same picture six times, but Hali was such a purrfect meowdel, I had to post them all! 🖤 What are the odds that the other kittens will be as cooperative?fosterkitten kitten kittensofinstagram catsofinstagram blackkitten blackcatsofinstagram hali halicarnassus welcometothejungle meowbox adoptdontshop adoptme indyhumane spayandneuter fosteringsaveslives newkittensontheblock the7wonderskittens

Yes?! Aristotle @archieandari

That eye 👁 Archie 💖 @archieandari

I loves nail files 😂❤️ morningplay sunshine september blackkitty

Я просто обожаю осень😸 И на то есть свои причины: 1️⃣В октябре у меня день рождения🎉 2️⃣Наконец-то становится прохладно! Можно распушить мех☁️ и смотреть на всех взглядом боярыни после удачной сделки😼 3️⃣Включают отопление!🔥 Можно греть животик на подоконнике круглосуточно 4️⃣Человеки под дождём🌧 так забавно бегают почти каждый день😈 5️⃣Популяция ночных человеков резко сокращается. Можно спать спокойно😴 А вы любите осень?😼 Жду ваших ответов!⤵️

REGRAM Our cats can hear up to 5 times better than us. It's an amazing superpower! We think they use it the most listening out for us opening their favourite HiLife dinner?! This is gorgeous HiLife friend Albus showing us how it's done! [photo credit: @albus_thehousecat] blackcat blackkitten blackcatsofinstagram blackcat blackcats black_cats_of_ig blackcatsrock blackcatsmatter blackcatsrule black_cats_of_instagram lunchisready lunchisserved speedykitten kittenrunning hungrykitten blackandwhitecats runkittyrun kittylookbook ilovemycat lifewithcats catagram catstagram catsofgram

After many photoshoot this one is the my cutest photo of Plung. It's hard being blackcat. Always lost in the dark. blackcat blackcatsofinstagram blackkitten

Bed snuggles with Meowmy 🐱🖤

She’s a doll. 🖤curie kitten blackkitten blackcat

Meet our new kitten, Curie. She’s equal parts cute, sweet, funny, and fierce...and has farts so foul they could knock out a man. curie kitten blackcat blackkitten pokemon

Reposted from @karydaysi_vegan (@get_regrann) - Repost @catttdanielaa • • • • • • Catttamigos writes me @barbarita.sophia asking me for help to castrate, ramón REMEMBER? The kitty who had herlicha helped me save him. Friends does not have the economic means we want to take him to surgery as soon as possible, like his sister, donates in cost is approximately $ 14 each. Expenses for transfer approximately $ 5. Those who wish to give us their friend leg write to me. We have zelle and PayPal if they are abroad. If they are in Venezuela banesco, provincial and mobile payment. Every granite counts. ALL OF THEM ARE IN PUERTO LA CRUZ VENEZUELA. . .Repost @catttdanielaa • • • • • • Catttamigos me escribe @barbarita.sophia pidiéndome ayuda para castrar a, ramón lo RECUERDAN? El gatico que tenía herlicha ustedes me ayudaron a salvarlo. Amigos no cuenta con los medio económicos queremos llevarlo a cirugía lo más pronto posible, igual a su hermana, dona en costo es de aproximadamente 14$ cada uno. Gastos para traslado 5$ aproximadamente. Quienes deseen brindarnos su pata amiga escríbanme. Tenemos zelle y PayPal si están en el exterior. Si están en Venezuela banesco, provincial y pago móvil. Cada granito cuenta. TODO SUMA ELLOS ESTÁN EN PUERTO LA CRUZ VENEZUELA. Tú eres nuestra luz de esperanza. 👏🐾🐈🙏🐾🐕😇 ✔️Atención catttamigos Brindanos tu pata amiga para poder seguir AYUDANDOLOS a todos. TENENOS: ✔️Paypal: Dianiangelll@gmail.com. Por favor al realizar un donativo por PayPal dejar la nota o concepto en blanco, de esta, manera evito que me bloquee la cuenta gracias. ✔️Bank of América: Maria_chaparro2008@hotmail.com nombre: Maria I chaparro ✔️Zelle: Maria_chaparro2008@hotmail.com nombre: Maria I chaparro Al enviar dinero en $ es IMPORTANTE pasar el COMPROBANTE al DM O WhatsApp ya que las CUENTAS son PRESTADAS gracias. Dios te bendiga y premie tu contribución. NOTIFICAR SU CONTRIBUCIÓN AL PRIVADO GRACIAS.😇🙏🐕🐈🌎🐾🙋 🐈 🐕 💓 🇻🇪rescuedogsrescuedogofinstagramshelterdogadoptdontshoprescuecatbabycatwombatblackkittenlovekittenscatsHelpvenezuelacatloversdonatesimonscatsimonscats - regrann

Look how fast I am! Don’t worry guys my mom is vegan so this is just a toy mouse. She would never approve of me viciously hurting an innocent animal. ———————————————————————————blackcat kitten black cat blackkitten berlioz king bowtome bowtomepeasant theoneandonly kitty purr perfect beautiful handsome loveme love needy pet petme instacat catsofig kittensofig meow minipanther veganmom blackcatsofinstagram plantbased blackkittensofinstagram vegan

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