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I finds a tall thing with hole in. It is good to sits on and get ready to pounce. I am delicate. I am flexible. I am agile. I am also a liar. 😹

Thank you for putting up with my cuddling and squeezing and kisses all day every day. Truly the best companion a girl could ask for. ❤️

It’s chilly out but I have a big furry coat. Mom let’s me spend a little time on the screened in back porch when it’s sunny and not too cold😽😽

That face 😩😍

WHAT IN THE HECK IS THAT?! We are being commandeered by the noisy swirly round thing. Human do something. Swipe >

Out sweet and gentle Aino is 11 years today 🎁🎉😻 birthdaycat sacredbirman birmancat fluffycat bluepointbirman beautifulcat lovelycat catlife catoftheday

When he gets up so early that you see the sun rise lol. Guess who’s 7 months today?! ❤️🎉

I am not impressed that Monday arrived again. When will Mondays stop ruining all of our lives?

Shhh don’t tell him we’re not related. mitchthecatinnm housecatsrule bluepointbirman

When you thought he was fit but then he tells you he votes Tory... 👋🏽👉🏽

Lazy Sunday snuggles. catsofinstagram bluepointbirman

Hello human nice of you to wake up. I’ve been sat here waiting for a treat for I don’t even know how long. Do what is right...

I like to sleep on the littlest boy in the houses bed. There I pretend to not want to be touched. pleasepetme donttouchme bluepointbirman catsofinstagram

Just had to post this because I still couldn’t believe it lol. Sebastian got a visit from a squirrel and he didn’t have a care in the world lol. I should point out that I live on the 9th floor and I’m still not even sure how it was possible 😹🐿

Someone pounced on the wrong bug today. sapphycat bluepointbirman catsofinstagram

Please can I take your foot in marriage?

Just one more week until Sebastian and I move into our new place. Just know, you can always find him in a box somewhere lol 😹😻

This is the only time my meowmy has ever heard me hiss... And lo and behold it was over my favourite dog toy. Nobody messes with my favourite dog toy. Not even Figg. Bathtub and dog toy are mine and I attac. I protec.

Do any of you furriends ever have selective hearing? Guess which one of us has selective hearing.... sometimes it’s better to pretend you’re deaf. We need to keep the humans on their feet.

I am creeping... On hoomans bed... It is my bed. They just think it is theirs. But it is mine. And I am creeping.

Has anyone seen Finn? Can’t seem to find him anywhere! Swipe!

My god she just won’t leave my nose alone. Who does she think she is? “Boop” your own nose hooman!

Do you think other owls have to put up with so much of this “let me take a photo of you” nonsense? Because if not I want a pay rise in line with my responsibilities.

2.000 furrfriends 🥳 Thank you for the support that you lovely people have given us ❤ Here's to more milestones 🍾marshmillowdefloof marshmillowthecat milothecat milothebirman lolliethebirman lolliethecat littlelollie

The most beautiful face I have ever seen. ❤️

The humans were being exceptionally annoying today wanting to smoosh my floof so I saw no other choice than to put my wings back on to show them who was boss.

I have to be put on slow mo for you to keep up with my skill and wit 😼

I still can’t believe how big he got in three months. When I first got him he was underweight and so tiny and now he’s a giant fluff ball. 😂 My baby isn’t such a baby anymore.

Hello. I am not sure. But I think it is time for me now. For me to get attention. Your hand told me it wants to stroke me. I think you should do what it asks.

I sit in front of the TV screen because I am a better watch than anything on TV and don’t you forget it.

S u r p r i s e 🧸 Une absence de 4 jours, inattendue et surtout plus tôt que prévu ! Surprise Jersey... rendez vous en story 😉 surprise laplusbellerencontre birmancat bluepointbirman retouralamaison homeinterior onestbienalamaison nouvellevie 4alamaison 31octobre2019

Morning cuddles.

If I had a million treats for all my purrfect toe beans I would be a very fat cat (notice how I said would be because obviously right now I am just big boned duh)

When you said you were going to have a quiet one but then you hear your mate mention 2 for 1 happy hour...

Good morning caturday furriends. It’s very wet and rainy outside so I am going to watch it from out the window and think about how lucky my pawrents are for being so honoured to have given me a roof over my head. They are so lucky.

Daddy and I wish you a safe flight home and thinking of mummy at this difficult time

When someone you hates starts talking... 😑😑😑😑(swipe!) gosh dang it Linda do you HAVE to? 😑

Found a good spot for a nap tonight 💤

Sebastian’s face every time I say, “Let me take a picture” lol reallymom

When you wake up on the 1st November and think yes! It really is Christmas bod season now! And then you look in the mirror and realise you’ve had a Christmas bod all year round. 🤔

Et si vous vous demandiez à côté c’est Jasmine 😸 sacredebirmanie sacredofburma lilactortieburmese bluepointbirman birmanfriend birmancat birman_feature sacred_aussie_988

These wings are about as useless as our government. Mum should get her money back (and Irish citizenship) 🙄🎃 nobrexitday hurrah!

Happy Halloween! 🎃🐾. This was as close to a costume as I was getting. He was not having it lol

For god sake. We didn’t think we’d still have to climb stairs if we had wings. What a waste of time. Happy Halloween 🎃

Happy Halloween 🎃 👻🦇May you be filled with lots of treats tonight... ...and wish all the pumpkins to go away - they smell!😹

It’s been a hard day flying around doing all the things batcats do - like saving the world. This must be what it’s like being my deowdy...

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