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Repost @clive_arrowsmith with @get_repost ・・・ Really delighted that my photograph of thedalailama has been used on the front cover of this amazing book alongside a beautiful shot on the back by @richardgereofficial and wonderful design by @elizabethavedon honoured dharma spiritualpath . .Repost @elizabethavedon with @get_repost ・・・ AN OPEN HEART: PRACTICING COMPASSION IN EVERYDAY LIFE By HH The Dalai Lama. Edited by Nicholas Vreeland. Jacket and Book Design: Elizabeth Avedon / with Laura White. Photo 1: Front Cover Photo: Clive Arrowsmith. Back Cover: Silhouette of The Dalai Lama by Richard Gere Photo 2: Khyongla Rato Rinpoche, Drepung Monastery, Tibet, 1993. Photo: Richard Gere (Courtesy FaheyKlein Gallery) Photo 3: Bodhi Leaf, Bodh Gaya, India, 1987. Symbol of Peace And The Ultimate Potential That Lies Within Us All NVreeland aka: Rato Khen Rinpoche, Geshe Thupten Lhundup hhthedalailama dalailama tibetanbuddhism boddhisattva @nvreeland nicholasvreeland @elizabethavedon elizabethavedon @CliveArrowsmith CliveArrowsmith richardgere @faheykleingallery faheykleingallery khyonglaratorinpoche drepungmonastery bodhileaf bodhgaya bodhgayaindia anopenheart @thetibetcenter tibetcenter kunkhyabthardoling Little, Brown and Company @littlebrown @laurawhitenyc

Give thanks, always. mycupisyourcup

For parties, a girls or guys day, anniversary’s, birthdays, or a simple “just because”.. Give us a call in advance and allow us to create a special platter, or sip on champagne while you have lunch in the garden, here @bodhispaandwellness 🍃bodhispaandwellness keywest thebodhiexperience massage bodhileaf spalife facials relaxation meditation spalife dayspa detox pedicure nuture beauty wellness selfcare relax healing travelgram travel awakethesoul spaandwellness

Picked up a fresh bag for Campcoffee tomorrow at tri city park in placentia. Word has it there will be some lattes at this one. _ _campfirecoffee manualbrew pourover latteart latte coffee freshgrind localroaster coffeeoutside coffeevibes ocparks bodhi bodhileaf holloween happyholloween

🙏 bodhileaf buddha 🌿💚clever..

One thing I’m digging about about working remotely is the endless supply of coffee at my chosen work site work coffee bodhileaf caffeinated

[AVEC OU SANS SUCRE?] Prenez-vous votre boisson chaude préférée (du thé pour moi) avec ou sans sucre? A cause de mon diabète, je suis obligée de faire un peu attention 😰. Je ne prends plus de sucre ou de miel avec mon thé. Mais quand c est un thé au citron 🍋 ou à l orange amère 🍊 (le cas aujourd hui), j utilise la miraculine de @labaiebox. C est 100% naturel et sans calorie. Une bonne façon de limiter sa consommation de sucre, non? Ce thé, utilisé avec une feuille de bodhi en tant que filtre, est pour @my_inspirationne. Merci à toi de me suivre 🙏. the thealorangeamer orange miraculine labaiebox themariagefreres mariagefreres maisondethe feuilledebodhi filtreathe cestmoiquilaifait faitmaison faitmaison platdujour gourmand jemeregale atable uneideegourmandeparjour tea sugarfree orange mariagefrerestea bodhileaf homemade homemadefood instafood instagood food good foodporn yummy

Welcoming autumn. Loc : Nara Park, Shirakawa Go, Takayama. .welcomingautumn autumn autumnvibes bodhileaf mappleleaf japanesemaple leaves🍁 naturevibes travelpicture naturephotos

Late night @fabercastellglobal sessions.

This is our Organic Bodhi Leaf Tibetan Incense - Green Tara, using herbs that are found in the mountains around Nepal. The packaging has a real Bodhi Leaf from the sacred Bodhi Tree, thought to be the tree that Buddha was sitting under when he found enlightenment. It has a perfectly blended aroma that is woodsy, green, herbaceous and sweet. Green Tara Incense deflects obstructing evil and helps one to accomplish their life's purpose. Check it out at https://www.dancingleaf.com.au/

Bodhi leaves. bodhileaf bodhi bodhitree

The lion pattern appeared on the SriLankan flag as early as the Kandy Kingdom. The 1948 version of the nationalflag is a reddish-brown lion with yellow edges, and is considered to have a tendency to "Sinhalese supremacy." In 1951, the government of Ceylon (the old name of Sri Lanka) joined the orange and Muslim greens representing the Tamil in order to reflect the attitude of treating all ethnic groups equally, and separated from the lion pattern by dividing lines. In 1972, the shape of the BodhiLeaf on the flag was revised. srilankanflag srilankannationalflag

BELUGA SWING...OLD-FASHIONED • • Beluga Allure Vodka • Figue Syrup • Cinnamon Bitters • Green Mandarin Oilbelugavodka bodhileaf nicebartender fig signaturecocktail cocktailporn🍸

Lunch time @bodhileafcoffee bodhileaf

my dear friend gave me several canvases and paint supplies to play with this weekend. i made a bodhi leaf. i am so grateful to him for encouraging me to art 🖼

Bodhi leaves from the tree of enlightenment associated with Buddhism, a fig tree native to India. These leaves collected from a beautiful specimen growing locally in North Queensland. This is a wet cyanotype handmade print. The long 24 hour exposure results in beautiful leaf vein details. This print and others are available online. Link in my profile. wetcyan wetcyanotype blueprint bodhileaf bodhitree altprocessphotography sunprinting leafprint

Just a couple of kids out on the SCV bike trails stoppin for a Nitro! topochico bodhileaf santaclarita

The Bodhi... Pleasing and Gracefully connected to nature 🙏🙏🙏 —— Such a blessing jaaa 🙏🙏🙏 BaanStyleXRestaurant... The food we serve... —- We Are Open 🙏🙏🙏 @vipsomtumclub_chiangmai baanstylesg chiangmai chiangmaithailand thailand🇹🇭 restaurant saturday excited blessings #🙏 thaistyle aroi food drinks bodhileaf bodhi sadhu pleasing gracefully

Hand lettered on handmade paper. Dried bodhi leaf from tree on the grounds of Puna Hongwanji Temple. Balance, so essential in life, but so difficult to attain and maintain. Custom framed, 6 1/4” x 7 1/4” outside dimensions, one of a kind, priced at $30. Message me if interested! Thank you! 🙏🏼 SOLD! YAY!!!balance middlepath dharmamessage yoshioquote bodhileaf punahongwanji buddhism jodoshinshu nembutsuismylife spreadingthedharma mindfulness inspirationalgiftshop hilohawaii betterthanmochi tanimotodharmadesigns lifeiswabisabi

Newest addition to the tattoo family, a Bodhi leaf 🖤 tattoo newtattoo tattoos bodhi bodhileaf ink inktober

What I wouldn’t give to be our Simba and Nellie, able to cat nap all through this wet windy day bengalkittens bodhileaf catnap cutekittens

@janinewideyed has this Ahimsa and Bodhi leaf available to tattoo! Please mail us at keepsakecapetown@gmail.com to make your booking. ahimsatattoo nonviolence compassion bodhileaftattoo bodhileaf dotworktattoos capetowntattooartist vegantattooartist ohmtattoo keepsakecapetown vegantattoostudio

I have this lil Bodhi leaf available for tattoo. If you are feeling this one please mail me at keepsakecapetown@gmail.com bodhileaftattoo bodhileaf dotworktattoos capetowntattooartist vegantattooartist ohmtattoo keepsakecapetown

throwback 👉🏼 Een oudje alweer, dit geboortekaartje voor mijn Bodhi. Met een groot Bodhiblad aan de binnenkant. Ik ben er nog steeds zo blij mee 💛 . . .bodhisenn bodhi geboortekaartje geboortepost birthcard postisleuk postisleuker geboortekaartjes geboortekaartjejongen geboortekaartjeopmaat babygeboren marykemondria studiomarykemondria bodhiblad bodhileaf choosetoshine

Ok beautiful people, I know it's the middle of the night... workingallhours ...but I was just SO EXCITED I had to share! I just received the artwork for our custom print 👆 and HOW BEAUTIFUL IS IT!?!?! Right? 💛🧡 . . . I can't wait to show you the stunning feature piece that will be made from this gorgeous print. (Hint: it can be worn over any other piece in the collection 😉) Watch this space! 👀 . . A huge thank you to the amazingly talented @studiowanderlust for making all my fabric print dreams come true! 💭🌟🧡 grateful. .excited custom slowfashion consciousfashion print bodhi bodhileaf hemp hempcotton planetfriendly sustainable planetlove buylesschoosewell hempclothing hippie gypsy boho bohofashion florals floralpattern fabric kimono duster robe fashion natural thebodhiroom

Sunday’s are for dismantling train tracks availablebengal bodhileaf

"Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind."🍂 - Nathaniel Hawthorne . . "Golden Bodhi leaf" - acrylic painting.. . . P.S : Peepal leaf brings back loads of good old school days memories.. Throwback to the days when happiness was in finding the beauty in simplest things..🍀✨ . .bodhileaf peepalleafpeepalleafart leafartwork art painting nature leafpainting goldenleafpainting leafart naturepainting autumnleaves acrylicpainting acryliccolours acrylicart peepalleafskeleton dryleaf artsofinstagram instaart paintingoftheday artoftheday artlovers artistic artwork artgallery peace loveforart artforlife

Ready for big things? Benchmark wellness is opening soon! October 21st is coming up fast! I will be available in the mornings only for a little while. By november my availability opens up a lot more! Don't forget to check out some of the other services we provide as well :). wellness benchmarkwellness massage newclinic kitchener waterloo conastogamall chiropractor matrixrepatterning physiotherapy yoga yogatherapy bodhi bodhileaf massagetherapy massagetherapist

Whilst studying for an upcoming course, I opened up a well-used book from way back when I first began my yoga journey and interest in the history and philosophy gained from the ancient texts. At an appropriate page I found this leaf - a Bodhi leaf from a tree in the grounds of a temple in Kandy, Sri Lanka that I visited many moons ago. The tree grew from an offshoot of the Maha Bodhi tree in Anuradhapura- under which it is said that Lord Buddha attained enlightenment. At the very least I am taking this as a sign that I am on the right path with my research! 🍂✨ bodhi bodhileaf templeofthesacredtoothrelic kandy srilanka yogasutrasofpatanjali classicalyoga yogaphilosophy

Did you miss us at PDX Tea Fest or Beloved? Get your commemorative laser etched bodhi leaf skeleton strainers today for post event discount 🙂 $12 shipped or two for $20. They sold for $20 at festival so if you’ve been wanting one of these handmade oak and bodhi leaf skeleton strainers now is your chance at a great savings 🙂 They also now come with a small patch leaf included and instructions for how to repair them. tea teastrainer gongfu gongfucha chadao bodhileaf leafskeleton

That texture! mycupisyourcup

My friend Carol gave me a box full of dried bodhi leaves from a tree on the grounds of Puna Hongwanji. I’m attaching them to handmade paper and hand lettering short sayings. Since you can’t write over the coarse and lacy bodhi leaf, why not write under it, lol! I think it looks pretty cool. A small 4 7/8” x 5 3/4” composition, but with a very meaningful message. Custom framed w/plexi, one of a kind, last of this frame, priced at $28. Message me if interested. Thank you! 🙏🏼bodhileaf yoshioquote handlettering handmadepaper customframed dharmamesssge meaningfulwords punahongwanji thereisnolater lovenow gratitude ingassho mindfulness spreadingthedharma nembutsuismylife inspirationalgiftshop hilohawaii betterthanmochi tanimotodharmadesigns lifeiswabisabi

Test print of two new blocks I plan to try on fabric, a small decorated South Asian elephant and a bodhi leaf! ✨🐘🍂✨ . . . . . . . . .video imprinted_vids justprintmaking linocuts linocut lino linocutprint blockprint blockprinting blockprints blockprintingisntdead blockprintersofinstagram blockprinted elephant elephantart bodhitree bodhileaf wip workinprogress

This is a beautiful Eco-friendly recyclable Nepalese Lokta Paper card with a beautiful Real Dried Bodhi Leaf in the centre. The bodhi leaf has a handpainted traditional Nepali art. This card is ideal for sending your wishes and messages to your near and dear ones. The bodhi leaf is hand-painted by our artist and each card is unique. Due to this reason, there might be slight variation in colour and picture of each card.

Siddharta Gautama under this Bodhi tree conquered the self and became a Buddha. Pilgrims have traveled far to peacefully meditate under the shade of this, the oldest living tree. bodhitree bodhi mahabodhi bodhgaya sangha namobuddha shakyamuni siddharta buddha bouddha buddhism dharma srilanka dhamma buddhadharma bhante mahathera pilgrims devotion buddismo tree bodhileaf budismo monkstoryindia monks king shanti peace gautama india

Hand bag bordir siluet daun Bodhi, cocok untuk pria / wanita segala usia... Tas ini dapat diisi buku agenda , bisa juga untuk tas tempat paritta , muat juga untuk tempat Handphone, charger, dompet , dll Kualitas oke punya... 👍👍 Cocok buat kado / gift / souvenir Tersedia 4 pilihan warna : pink, kuning, biru, oranye Dibelakang tas ada tulisan Sabbe Satta Bhavantu Sukhitatta Limited edition Order yuks...!!! WA : 082134765538 / 085875110727 IG : media_dhamma Line: Media Dhammahandbagtasagendabagtasparittapouchbagpouchgiftsouvenirtastastangankadobodhileafbordirsiluetdaunbodhisabbesattabhavantusukhitatta

Latte art, a leaf and a heart 🥺 . .coffee bodhileaf latteart beanjuice sokawaii

A gift from the teacher trainees. My gift was a little different which ended up being uniquely perfect. I was told they didnt get 3 exact matching gifts because there was only 2 matching; which went to Marsha and Kathy🙏🏻 But in a way my unique gift was fitting more than I believe they intended. The Bodhi Leaf om. "The Buddha achieved awakening under the shelter of a sacred fig tree known as the bodhi tree. Since then, the bodhi tree has become a symbol of the Buddha’s enlightenment, and the heart-shaped leaf a symbol of the potential that lies within each of us to awaken. The bodhi tree symbolism was associated with Vishnu, a major archetypal Hindu god. Vishnu is the sustainer of the universe and part of the holy trinity with Brahma and Shiva completing the divine triad. Early Indian also depicts the god Vishnu seated among Buddhi Leaves, seemingly looking out into the universe with infinite wisdom and energy. As such, the symbol has also been used to bring good, bright energy, spiritual vision and lively thoughtfulness. The Buddhi Leaf is also considered a sacred symbol for diligence and as a reminder and inspiration that indicate the paths to enlightenment." 🕉

When we started out on our kitten adventure we wanted to create the kind of home that we ourselves would be looking for when buying a pet. So we thought we’d share a video of our kitten room. The things that were important to us were that they’d have plenty of room to explore, lots of enrichment, and not cut off from the rest of the home so they’d get used to the sights and sounds of a normal home, oh and love, so loads of daily cuddles. Think we are smashing it!! bodhileafcats bodhileaf kittenroom bengalkittens littleleopard kitten liverpoolcat

Wow, I had to maintain my focus while writing on this highly textured mulberry paper. It could have been really messy, oh I mean extremely wabi sabi, lol! Love the challenge of hand lettering on these papers. handlettering wabisabi handmadepaper findingbeautyintheimperfect bodhileaf makethebestofwhatyouhave greatvalue donttakethingsforgranted gratitude yoshioquote dharmamessage meaningfulwords nembutsuismylife customframed mindfulness awareness inspirationalgiftshop hilohawaii tanimotodharmadesigns lifeiswabisabi

"Had there been two hearts in my chest, I would have given you the second one too." thebuddha on bodhileaf random_sketchingandpaintingmedium: poster_colors_on_paper

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