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Dress courtesy of: Songbirds Bridal, Formal & Consignments @songbirds.nc Photographer: @photographychellegoodvibes grace washday plussize laundryday straighthair blondes naturals curvegirl cleanenergy blackgirlmagic purity white photooftheday sheabutterbaby cocoabutter coconutoilislife modellife imodel bookme glow centeryourself ncmodels chellephotography ncphotographers bodypositive bodylove @fashionnova @fashionnovacurve @missfashionglobal @fashionweek @nyfw @miamifashionweek @greenvillefashionweek @psfashionweek @fashionweeksd @fashionweekaus

فوائد المساج : يزيد من نشاط الدورة الدموية، وبالتالي يمدّ الجسم بالطاقة من أجل القيام بمختلف الأنشطة بحيوية ونشاط. يخفف من الضغوط النفسية، ويحسّن المزاج، وبالتالي فهو يقلل من احتمالية الإصابة بالاكتئاب، أو يخفف من حدّته. يساعد على استرخاء الجسم، وبالتالي سهولة النوم، والتخلص من الأرق. يزيل آلام العضلات التي تحدث عند القيام بمجهود عضليّ كبير، فيفيد المساج فئة الرياضيين على وجه الخصوص. يساهم في معالجة الصداع المزمن؛ لأنّ المساج يقلل من التوتر المسبّب للصداع. يزيد من مناعة الجسم، لأنّ التدليك يزيد من عدد خلايا الدم الحمراء motivationalquotes m goodmorning gym gymmotivation gymmemes workout workoutroutine worldstar physicaltherapy physicianassistant bodybuilding bodypositive bodypositivity massage

😂😂😂😂 Quem também é assim deixa ai nos comentários ou marca sua amiga 🤣 . NÃO ESQUEÇA DE SEGUIR O NOSSO PERFIL @vocemagroagora 🙏♥️✔️ .tfnutrinutriçointeligente ⁠emagrecimentoconsciente ⁠comidadeverdade ⁠comerintuitivonutriçocomportamental⁠bodypositivebodyposivitycomerconscientemindfulnessmindfuleatingintuitiveeating

Something clicked.... Never in a million years did the younger me believe that I’d look like this😳 EVER! And literally as I’m staring at an old picture of me when I was a kid, in my room while I write this, I wish I could travel to the past and tell her that all the bullying and people that shit on her are going to unknowingly light a fire🔥 in her that’ll make her great one day❤️. • I get asked, “why do you wear such things out in public?” and believe me when I say I get all the dirty looks🤦🏻‍♀️. Well I worked 3 years to go from fat to skinny and then 5 more years to go from Anorexic to where I am in this exact photo to look and feel as confident as I do👏🏼. This is my hard work, my sculpture and I’m going to display it. So if you want to wear clothing that’s a bit more on the showy side or dress up the extra mile, DO IT. Want to take your shirt off in the gym? DO IT. Want to gas yourself up and take photos that’ll make you feel good? DO IT! Tattoos and piercings? BET, GET THEM! Your body is your own art💝 so create something unique out of it. Create who you want to be❤️💯 •bodypositivity bodyposi positive bodypositive loveyourself loveyourbody fitspo beyou youareenough youarebeautiful youarethereason beyourself behappy sunday bodyawareness fitnessinspo fitnessgirl houstonmodel fitnessmodel dressup ootd

Super relaxed look...gearing up for inventory. I found this super cute pullover at @salvationarmyus for $2, jeans are from @target on clearance for $6, shoes are @vans Varix “Tiny Cheetah” that I got for free because I work for an amazing company that rewards all your hard work during peak season times, and my rabbit tail chain is from @starbeauty843 for $2. budgetnista thrift salvationarmy target vans beautysupply cheese love smile happy blessed save bodypositive plussizefashion lovewhereyouwork laidback budget tapfordetails stylist bookme

What a beautiful day... Sam learning how to ride his peddle bike😂 catching a swan at a very inappropriate time 🦢 sam being his delicious super geeky self as always 🤓and me finally letting him take pictures of me.😘 Life is all about finding new places, making new memories and smiling for the journey...😁❤😁makingmemories❤️ lifestylechange happyliving fitnessislife bodypositive

This collection of essays, poems, art, and fashion is truly inspirational. I can't wait to see a finished copy! The most important message? Your body is perfect. Let us all feel that way no matter what.partner arc bodypositive theotherfword bookish booksofinstagram bookstagrammer bookflatlay angiemanfredi @abramsbooks librarybooks librariansofinstagram bookrecommendations

Promote what you LOVE instead of bashing what you HATE! Loving yourself isn't cocky! I love my hair, my eyes, the stretch marks and my life! And I'm PROUD of that! What if, every time you had a negative thought about your life, your body, your situation -whatever, you instead turned it into what you LOVE. If you think negatively you will attract negativity. If you think and BELIEVE positivity - you will attract that! Ever started a day off bad by waking up late or stubbing your toe? Do you think "GREAT, now today is going to suck!" Well - you're right. Your attracting the type of day you will have! Focus on love and positivity, always! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••bodypositive confidence stretchmarksarebadass everybodyisbeatiful flawsandall loveyourbody lawofattraction bikinivibes mothersofinstagram entrepreneur fulltimervfamily inspire mama empower momofgirls momsinbikinis momof3 travelisanadventure selflove everydaymood realitytv travelblogger fashion motivation fulltimervlife rvlife rvliving bikinimom realitytvfamily motherhoodunplugged

De leste à oeste Ponte Grande ao Pirituba 🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️ goodvibes goodenergy positivenergy positivebodyimage positivebody bodypositive bike_naveia bike bikelife pedal amopedalar comele treinocomele treinocomamor

Omg, I'm so excited!!! The organic seeded Concord Grapes are out!!! I'm going to start an organic grape juice feast today! Has anyone read The Grape Cure, by Johanna Brandt? You can find a lot of the book available to read on Google books. She was dying of cancer in 1921 and only given 6 weeks to live, she found the power of fasting and cured herself through the power of grapes! Seeded grapes are powerful healers ridding the body of mucus and healing many ailments. “In Germany, the grape is called the Queen of Fruit!" I cannot wait to experience its bountiful supply of healing properties! purple power! Happy day beautiful souls!! I love you so! Many blessings! Happy juicing! XoXoXo Recipe: Purple Power: organic Concord grapes joyloveblessedjuicejuicingintermittentfastingfastinghealthyfoodhealingrawrawveganbodypositivebodytransformationweightlossjourneypeacejuicecleansefatsickandnearlydeadhealthhealthylifestylehealthylivingwfpbhealthylifegratefultransformationweightlossmotivationweightlosstransformationrebootwithjoe freshblessingsspiritualityfresh

🍑glute 🍑 Les actions parlent plus que les mots... ————————————————— ✔️programmes personnalisés ✔️coach de vie / mental ✔️groupe fb de motivation ✔️compléments de revenus ✔️reconversion professionnelle ————————————————-herbalife evolution nutrition sport fitnesslifestyle fitness fitgirl fit body bodypositive fitnessgirl fitboy teamshape pertedepoids befit challengeyourself fitprojectnation tca shape sportmotivation montpellier herbalifenutrition cannes developpementpersonnel whyweloveherbalife renforcementmusculaire bikini abs bodytransformation

YIKES! Many of you are already aware that there is a Weight Watchers app designed for children as young as 8. As adults we are already bombarded by the pressures of diet culture and the infinite filters that chip away at our self worth, do we want to implicate this pressure onto the developing and impressionable minds of our children? There are many other ways to teach our kids about health and wellness than setting them up on a possible lifetime of counting calories. I remember my own unhealthy views of calories and fitness beginning WAY back when I was cheerleading for Tiger-Cats...working out 2 times a day and making sure I never ate over 1000 calories, if I ate at all. Though that was a lifetime ago, the point is that it started in my teens and stuck with me throughout adulthood. Thank you to our friends at @bodybravecanada for alerting us to this. @bodybravecanada is more than a client....they are inspiring and really making a difference in our community! I don’t dare call her boss babe. I call her amazing!bodyshaming bodypositive feminism hamont

فوائد المساج : يزيد من نشاط الدورة الدموية، وبالتالي يمدّ الجسم بالطاقة من أجل القيام بمختلف الأنشطة بحيوية ونشاط. يخفف من الضغوط النفسية، ويحسّن المزاج، وبالتالي فهو يقلل من احتمالية الإصابة بالاكتئاب، أو يخفف من حدّته. يساعد على استرخاء الجسم، وبالتالي سهولة النوم، والتخلص من الأرق. يزيل آلام العضلات التي تحدث عند القيام بمجهود عضليّ كبير، فيفيد المساج فئة الرياضيين على وجه الخصوص. يساهم في معالجة الصداع المزمن؛ لأنّ المساج يقلل من التوتر المسبّب للصداع. يزيد من مناعة الجسم، لأنّ التدليك يزيد من عدد خلايا الدم الحمراء motivationalquotes m goodmorning gym gymmotivation gymmemes workout workoutroutine worldstar physicaltherapy physicianassistant bodybuilding bodypositive bodypositivity massage

I need to lose weight, just 10 or 20 lb. Please, say 'amén' 🙏😀. . . . Necesito rebajar, sólo 5 o 10 kilos, por favor di 'amén' 🙏😀 . . . . . . . . . . . . .photos curvystyle bodypositive honormycurves latin psootd likeforlike curves picoftheday fullfigured girls curvyfashion plussize followforfollow style like4like stylehasnosize plussizeoutfit Venezuela weloversize

Let’s just talk about this amazingness for a second! Toast with avocado and a poached egg 🤤 so quick, easy, simple, and the whole family loved it!!! . This morning I felt like French toast, but didn’t have any syrup 😥 then I remembered that I had avocado and then I was like omg... with toast and a poached egg!!!!!! . I remember when I avoided avocado cuz it was high calorie and high fat... when I avoided toast cuz, well, carbs. It’s so nice to be able to simply eat what sounds good at that moment and enjoy every bite without worrying about calories, carbs, measuring portions, whatever!!! . This is intuitive eating! This is food freedom! Not stressing about the food you eat is healthy!! . If you’re ready to ditch dieting for good make sure to check out my free ebook for my 5 steps to free yourself from dieting (link in my bio) . . . .intuitiveeating healthateverysize haes loveyourself bopo bodypositive bodypositivity selfcare selflove fuckdietculture antidiet nondiet dietculturesucks positivevibes avocadotoast foodfreedom foodporn

Check out all our app and online coaching packages on our website. Also on the site we have our popular SS19 Transformation Challenge and information on all our personal training and classes. www.1cbfitness.comfitness personaltrainer gym workout onlinecoach Transformation ss19 hiit classes bodypositive nutrition

I felt super sexy and comfortable in this beautiful two piece sweater set by @fashionnovacurve! It was the perfect outfit for a night out in downtown San Antonio ✨fashionnovacurve novababe fashionnova plussizefashion plussize plussizemodels bodypositive plussizeblog

Focused.... . . . NUPLASTIQUE X CURVE SQUAD SHOOT Shot by @youatyours Bag @nu.plastique Outfit @asos_loves_curve Styling and direction @_styledbyh @officialcurvesquad . .nuplastique officialcurvesquad model modelling asoslovescurves asos highstreetfashion urban designer plussizefashion plussizemodels plussizemodel bodypositive bodypositivity curvemodel blogger influencer makeup mua effyourbeautystandards effyourbodystandards scoutmejadore

Une sirène échouée, like your body Nouvelle vidéo lien dans ma bio 💛 curvygirl bodypositive

"Ne laisser pas les gens négatifs voler votre joie. Lorsque vous perdez votre joie, vous perdrez votre force."(Nelson Mandela) ▫️▫️▫️smileispowerfullweekendgoodday☀️

Replenishing electrolytes 🙌🏼✨🥥 This resort just keeps surprising us. Besides free Bali beds, all inclusive restaurants and even alcohol (if you partake), they’re handing these babies out. I’m in a heaven. 🤤🥥🍹

RosesRandomPosts RosesLifeLovePositivityHey loves ! ❤ Another weekend mood ... I'm the luckiest. And so happy ☄ I wish you all to find someone that helps you becoming a better version of yourself (which is def important in a relationship, and in life !), fills your needs as much as they can in a healthy balance, encourage you to pursue your projects and dreams, believes in you, with who you can have endless deep conversations, and/or the best of times, make you feel as loved as you need to feel, support you in roughter moments, with who you can construct your "family" with (kids, friends, cats !) and so much more ... Overrall truly participates in your well-being and happiness, because that is such an incredible, wonderful and beautiful thing 💘

😪... Me indigna ver esto! Entonces le estás diciendo a una niña demasiado pequeña, que aprenderá lo que tú le enseñas que por tener el pelo rizo o afro (a lo que tú mente corta y llena de problemas de autoestima le llama PELO MALO) que es fea y que necesita pasar por toda esta tortura, proceso innecesario y dolor de cabeza para verse “bien”, para estar “adecuada a la ocasión”, para estar “formalmente arreglada o peinada”???🤦🏻‍♀️ Cariño, te cuento que por más blanca que sea una persona étnicamente Dominicana tiene el Prieto detrás de las orejas, es muy raro encontrar pelo lacio completamente en nuestra raza, alguna onda se forma. More yo quiero que me expliquen qué enfermedad es esa que se llama PELO MALO que da en el cabello? Porque para mi sólo existe el pelo: • LACIO • RIZO • AFRO A mi casi no me molesta cuando personas de 40 años en adelante se refieren como “PELO MALO O BUENO”, pero de 40 para bajo eso es ignorancia, baja autoestima, racismo, falta de identidad y autonomía. Ver este video me a echo reflexionar que debo tomarme más enserio esto de mostrar la belleza qué hay en la curva de un pelo, cómo tratar este tipo de cabello y ser voz de nosotros lo desencajados socialmente PORQUE YO SÍ ME SIENTO HERMOSA CON MI PELO SÚPER RIZO Y EMPAJONADO! • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •rizos rizasa rizos3b3c chicarizada cabellorizado pelonatural trancicion cacheada cachos transiço garotacacheada cachos3b3c cacheada3b3c cabelonatural cabelocacheado curlygirl curly curly3b3c transition curlyhair naturalhair curve curvas bodypositive amorpropio selflove mamajoven youngmommy maejovem

Ok I’m a little tired looking, BUT this amazing woman (the one in the middle) is how old? Let’s make this a contest. The first person that guesses her age correctly, tags 2 friends -AND follows @thelyfecafe will win one MEAL FREE on me! FoodForLyfe TheLyfeCafe TLC EatFresh LyfeTowson LiveYourBestLyfe family friends fitfood athletes eatclean healthyfestyle healthyfood vegan vegetarian BaltimoreCounty gym workout mealprep hearthealthy beatcancer cancersurvivor bodypositive nutrition momlife athlete

Остановитесь! (Если прочитал голосом Януковича-отзовись😅) ⠀ Вот знаете,меня удивляют цитаты в стиле "будь собой,остальные роли заняты","не пытайся быть кем-то другим" и т.д. Ведь если откинуть навесное,остаётся только БЫТЬ. Здесь. Сейчас. В этом моменте. Собой или притворяться. "В роли" или нет. Ты - есть. You - are. Быть не кем-то,не собой. А просто быть. Ведь человек состоит из : окружения,в котором рос,литературы,которую пропускал сквозь или мимо себя; музыки,кино,любимых и не очень людей. Забудь о напускном. Просто. Будь. P.S. Скромно нарицаю эту фотографию лучшей в моей жизни❤️

First mirror selfie in how long? Very long 🤣 • • • • • • • • • •kerenswanpresets mirrorselfie shareamc bodypositive selflove

tagged// ops ig ? 💘 - swipe for body confidence lmao 🙈😅 -bodypositive bodyconfidence

So... I feel like I need to be honest here. I post memes and basically take the piss out of myself and it’s chill. But what really gets me of people using themselves as bait. Your size isn’t bait. You are who you are and you should celebrate you. For you. No one else. In more detail - I was a slightly ‘chubby’ teen. My own words. And even gave myself the lol-tastic hashtag of Hagrid. Because that is basically what I looked like. To me anyway. I vaguely remember being around 16 stone at 16. And probably battled with my weight since I was a kid and knew what scales were. And to be honest, probably still do. And you know what? That’s not even bad. It comparing myself to my friends and peers, it was. People might see my insta and think ‘but you’re so fetch’ - stop trying to make that happen, it’s still not. Lol. I kid. It deffo is! But most of the time, we/I are constantly seek the approval and respect of others when we should really respect ourselves and give a big ol’ thumbs up and say ‘hey, bad gal? You’re alright!’ So what I’m saying here is no matter what you look like/size/mood, you’re a bad bitch and you’re doing great. No matter what your size or how you feel today, tomorrow or in a year, you got this! Over and out. Normal memes/basic bitch face and pictures that I didn’t take or are not of me will resume shortly ❤️✌️ And the most important thing here, is self-acceptance. And in the words of Ru Paul, ‘If You Can't Love Yourself How In The Hell Are You Gonna Love Somebody Else?’ - NOW CAN I GET AN AMEN?! Shout out to @jesynelson for inspiring this ♥️

Check out: @model.shouts2k @belgian_shoutouts @eastcoastmodels2019 @lingerie_and_bikinis @bikini_babes_lingerie_angels @bucnakedbikini @southern.belle.darlings @bikini.honeys

Vacsora isteni Cukkinis-Mustáros Csirkét csináltam spenótos jázmin rizzsel 😍😍😍 Írjak hozzá receptet?

not going to lie: today was hard! i’ve been on campus studying all morning and lunch time rolled around. normally i wouldn’t let myself have anything since i “needed to focus on studying” but how can i do well on my assignments if i don’t fuel my body? proud that i got up and went to the on campus Wendy’s. even prouder that i got one of my fear foods: red meat. it was a challenge but i did it!

You // 😘 . Yes, you! You are pretty awesome and I just want to say that. . Since the whole documentary ❤@beyond_curlsandkinks❤ process started, everyone's been so supportive. It's nice when I actually get to see you at events and stuff in the city and one of the first things you say is "I voted for you!!" And your votes helped get the grant for the documentary. . So yesterday, @storyhive put us all in one room (me and the other projects that received the grant too) so we could get to know each other, meet our mentors,  and learn stuff. It was a great, motivating day (watch the vid). I'll continue to share more updates as much as possible throughout the process. Stay blessed. . And yessss, on top of all this we're most definitely still planning enhs2020!! @edmonton_naturalhairshow .bck2020 storytelling shareyourtruthtellyourstory confidence selfimage bodypositive edmonton yeg humanexperience life journey naturalhair

Obsessed with my black offshoulder top from @afamado_style 🌼 ••• Photography: @brandreel.in •••sonalmahendru plussize plussizefashion fashion plussizemodel bodypositive effyourbeautystandards women bigsize loveyourself plusfashion love plussizeblogger fitness thick

Sunday self check-in to organize your weekly goal! Remember if you don’t achieve it this week you have the rest of your life to keep trying! Happy Sunday 🌤 queenhive yoga mentalhealthawareness wellness selfcare yogagirl fitnessmotivation meditation sunday inspirationalquotes yogainspiration motivation motivationalquotes mantra follow like love bodypositive namaste sundayfunday mood girl girlpower inspiration free


✨🍓Beach and Berries!🍓✨



Some of my favorite stores are antique, vintage, and thrift stores! I love all the treasures you can find in them, and by buying second hand it’s helps the environment too!☺️💖✨

✨🌸💖I had to paint this AMAZING outfit by the incredible @leafxiastudio , it combines two of my favorite things Hello Kitty and beautiful fashion!💖🌸✨

This @orseund_iris corset is literally gorgeous! I’m going to be planning so many outfits with this on! Also the scrunchie I got from @roomshopvintage goes perfect with it!🖤✨

✨🍓Obsessed with this @boohoo swimsuit that’s covered in strawberries!!🍓✨


I love it when you call me señorita 💋

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