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When all your art canvases are at one place ❤

When you found yourself a seat smack in the centre of a good composition. . . . . . .dxb dubai emirates uae airport composition symmetry bokeh

Always at peace in whatever environment your in, even if it's a glass cup 😁. * * * #latestthang photoedits torontocreatives torontophotographer toronto_insta canada🇨🇦 ontario contentcreator sonycanada sonya7iii bokeh glass glassart peace peaceofmind peaceful statue monk atpeace

everytime i’m alone with you, shorty be checkin up on you. everything that we do, it’s between me and you

“Life is funny, isn’t it? Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, just when you finally begin to plan something, get excited about it and feel like you know what direction you’re heading in, the paths change, the signs change, the wind blows the other way, north is suddenly south, and east is west and your lost.” flowers flowers flora petal wildflowers macro macrophotography macrophoto macroshot macronature nature naturephoto naturelover moody bokeh flora_addict flowersandmacro macroandflora cotton

Blurry Plants 🌱🌿 ‹ First stab at gimbal, worth the weight 😤, got me hooked 🤩! — 📽️: RoninS + A7Rii + zeiss50mmf14🎨: slog2 + IG filter😝 ✂️: PowerDirector Android — ›dji djironins sonyalpha sonyzeiss sonya7rii zeiss bokeh avocado avocadoseed sage parsley paprika lemonplant cantaloupe celery kale nectarine greenplants winnipeg maisondusaigon wpg wpgnow winnipegcafe woodtable woodtabletop

Autumn 🍁🍂💛 raw_community raw_challenge raw_allnature raw_fall1 raw_newengland raw_hidden_cha21 raw_seasons raw_colours raw_usa raw_world rawkingdom raw_textures raw_depthoffieldbokeh all_bokeh_addiction bokehphotography bokeh_shotzdof dof_nature dofnature dof_brilliance dofaddicts dof_of_our_world naturephotography nature_brilliance nature_hippys rebels_united everything_imaginable_ everything_imaginable macro_brilliance

Time slows down for no one this life isn't for everyone I wan't to be someone Stand my ground till my feet turn numb from the love I traded Fast life forever faded Old life is outdated, upgraded.

I'm not sure if this is the same Hawk I saw the day before but it was about a half a mile away at a different section of wetlands. Once again I was very close to it before I saw it perched quietly in the trees. This time only about 30 feet away. .nikonnikond500 300mm f/4 bokeh primelens  naturelovers birdwatching  naturephotography wildlife hawk wildlifephotography vintagelens birdsofinstagrambestbirdshots bird_brilliance birder bird_brilliance bird_loversbird_captures

Halloween is near! 🎃👻 .geekingout anime hypnosismic hypmic geekgirl otome rioumasonbusujima irumajyuto jofuugeeksout cute kawaii pastels prettypastels pastelaesthetic bokeh halloween pumpkin autumn fall halloweenpumpkin pastellight pink pinkish pinkpastels #ヒプマイ #ヒプノシスマイク #毒島メイソン理鶯 #入間銃兎 #理銃

It is absolutely stunning! 💯 I just love how the sunset 🌍 looks here in the States because the colors are so distinct (Red, orange, yellow, purple) 😍 . . .sony sonyalpha6000 sonycamera nightphotography nightphoto portraitphotography bokeh bokehphotography bokeh_shotz 35mm lightroom

“I am like the water that runs over me, immune to permanence, recycling endlessly. I am water; I am life. The form may change, but the substance stays the same. Strike me down and I will rise again." -Rick Yancy

At the intersection of Washington and Front in a neighborhood called DUMBO in Brooklyn is where this iconic scene lies. At this location you can see the Empire State Building through the middle of it. Shot on: Canon 80D + Yongnuo 35mm f/2 . . .jeffgetscreative photography video camera canon 80D bokeh portrait landscape igstreet ignature BnW foodography instagood newyork getcreative brooklyn dumbo

『 Hands Up 』 ... Omae wa mou shindeiru 🔫 *cue anime intro song* 『 PC 』 @tobytrinh_

Enjoying the sunlight bath☀️

A dose of Cookie for your Wednesday.

Good morning☕️ another lovely day started💚

October 23, 2019 Here on the hub that likes its bokeh bubbly and its lighting dreamy, it's time to share our favourite vintage lens shot of the day. _______________________________________ Photographer | @mrsosanyc Lens | Pentax A 50mm f/1.4bvl_pentaxa50_1_4 Selected by | @petitcanardvintage ________________________________________ 🔸🔸Who needs auto-focus anyway!🔸🔸 ________________________________________ Please show your appreciation for the artist and their beautiful creation! Remember to tag your vintage lens shots (shot with lenses made before 1990) with bestvintagelens or classiclenses to be featured. Remember to tell us which lens you used! Founders: @rbayon @petitcanard Mods: @atteninja @jasonsandagontvvintagelens vintage vintagephoto oldlens manuallens manualfocus leagueoflenses vzcomood pentax bvl_mrsosanyc

Bokeh Lights Video Watch Video on YouTubelight bokeh nature morning video project nocopyright

#메밀꽃 . 어느 화창한 날 .. . . . @dotori1104sony sonyalpha a7m3 a7iii sel35f14z sel50f14zstreetphotography cityphotography sel24f14gm bokeh seoul korea #미술관photography photographer canontravelphotography streetleaksshotzdelight sonyimages #미러리스 #스냅사진 #감성사진 #노을 #서울 #갬성사진 sonygmaster #풍경 #풍경사진

. コスモスも見納めかな 今年も癒しをありがと🤗💖 . . 好きすぎてお花はほぼコスモスしか撮ってない笑 . . 秋桜が好きだ!!! 大好きだぁー(*`艸´)ブッ . . .heart_imprint helios44 oldlens flowers bokeh #オールドレンズ #花 #ヘリオス44 #光と影 nikond5600 #いつもありがと . . . さ。 今日も頑張ってこーい😆💖ww

》 Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn🍂

. . このネコ サマ方 . . 特技は . Choo Choo TRAIN . のくるくるダンス と . . 幽体離脱。 . . だそうです . . . 素敵な1日ヲ。 . #ネコ #猫 #ねこ #🐈 #ねこ写真 #風景 #景色 #野良猫 #公園 #キャット #猫写真 #のらねこ #ねこすたぐらむ #ネコスタグラム tree oldlens cat streetcat landscape scenery bokeh park catphotography catphotos bokeh_love n_ネコサマ

My cup In the midst of the snow and rain In the midst of the pain There is warmth in my cup That fills me just enough

@bbsimonbelt_ always killing it at the HWC game of skate. minoltax370 // kodaktrix400


Uncle Raj’s beard smells good

‘Life Elixir’ Working closely with clients, Loftspace Creative aims to capture the essence and vibe of a product through its pursuit of authenticity through empathy. Also helps working with great companies like @ancientandwildaus beepollen productphotography healthandwellness loftspace_creative

Let’s catch up. Phone calls ain’t enough 📱

Nine Inch Nails | The hand that feeds | 🎶


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