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Had an early start today (because of the bottleneck called SLEX) for my twice a year self-care (ladies, have your breasts checked!) tests. Mall errands done. Now, waiting for hubby aka my ride back home. Work awaits. In the meantime, squeezing in a few pages of my CR. books readinglife myrealreadinglife ilovetradepaperback tradepaperback

Before 2020 hits! I want to say thank you to 350+ people that gave me 45 minutes out of their day to hear about my book inches to acceptance! People use to think I paid people for these reactions but these people came not knowing anything about what this book was about not knowing what to expect and all these reactions are 100% real! I don’t sit down and read a book to you actually act out six characters and perform the whole book right in front of you. I started doing this with my first novel then my second then my third and now my fourth and every time I grow more and more people but this book has been the largest volume of listeners in the last year and a half! I’m telling you this book will win some type of an award in the future! authorsofinstagram authors books book authorlife bibliophile ilovereading bookstagrammer bookstagram bookworm gay readersofinstagram

Got my first book edges painted, can't wait to try it more to perfect the process before painting more on my bookshelves! DIY paintedbookedges painted books bookstagram bookofinstagram queenofhearts heartless book marissameyer red paintitred

To nights book is Le Secret Des Fées Des Nuages 📖 that Cheryl going to read 📚 cherylbellwether cherylspin tastilton teastilton teasisters gernimosstilton libro bookstagram bookworm book books booklovers booklover plushiesbookclub plushiesofinstagram plushie kidsbookstagram kidsbooks fes adventurebook

Hoy tuvimos un día especial en la @filijcdmx porque tuvimos la oportunidad de entrevistar a @palomavaldivia, una referente de la literatura infantil y juvenil en Latinoamérica y con muchos premios y reconocimientos a nivel internacional. . Amable y sonriente, esa misma actitud que siempre muestran los autores de libros para niños. . Sufrimos un poco porque la entrevista la teníamos que realizar en el ForoDeMedios, y al estar tan cerca del escenario principal, pésimamente ubicado, el ruido del concierto en turno nos obligó a irnos a la parte trasera del Foro. . La plática fue en torno a la niñez en America Latina y tocando temas como el feminismo, la actual represión que vive el pueblo chileno; conocimos un poco Paloma cuando soñaba ser grande, su pasión por la ilustración y nos contó la importancia que tuvieron muchos de sus maestros que la motivaron a alcanzar sus metas. . Y una de las noticias más relevantes que nos dio fue que este año inauguró su propia editorial dedicada a niños de primera infancia. Ya les daremos más detalles. . Queremos agradecerle al @fcemexico por habernos permitido esta entrevista que pronto comenzaremos a editar. . Gracias Paloma, eres GRANDE!!! . 🇨🇱❤️ 🇲🇽 .ellibrocegatn literatura literaturajuvenil librosparajvenes literaturainfantil librosparaniños queleer megustaleer leer kidsbooks bookstagram bookstagrammer bookstagrammers bookstagrammexico bookstagramcommunity bookselfie photos booktubers somosbooktubers instabook booklove books book bookphoto bookpictures

Finishing up some books and these should help me round off the year! readinggoals books bookbabe35

When I was in elementary school, I always checked out a book about dog breeds on library day. Kid A got to check out his first library book yesterday, and this is what he chose ❤️🐶❤️ itsgenetic babyboy dalmatian dogbreeds library books

✖️NOW IN STOCK✖️ The most beautiful book I have read and I now have it available to purchase! Conversations between the boy, the mole, the fox and the horse. This book is the perfect gift for all ages! Inspires parents, grandparents, comforts children, for people who feel lonely, grieving, need courage or a reminder that your not alone! My favourite quote from the book “𝘞𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘪𝘴 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘣𝘳𝘢𝘷𝘦𝘴𝘵 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘺𝘰𝘶’𝘷𝘦 𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳 𝘴𝘢𝘪𝘥?” 𝘢𝘴𝘬𝘦𝘥 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘣𝘰𝘺 “𝘏𝘦𝘭𝘱” 𝘴𝘢𝘪𝘥 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘩𝘰𝘳𝘴𝘦.

2019 青年超新星文學獎|節錄 [優等|陽明大學:陳俊翰] 〈夏日的夜晚,海邊的煙〉 有紀軟軟的身體靠著我,我可以清楚感受到她與我的身體所有不同的地方,幾乎讓我覺得我們是不同的物種似的。有紀的身體溫熱豐軟,相比起來我過度骨感的四肢則顯得尷尬而突兀。因為停電的關係冷氣也停了,我感覺得到從有紀的後頸冒出的熱氣,在黑暗中有紀身上原本就有的某種花香顯得更加濃郁,幾乎給我一種走進某座暗夜的馥郁花園的感覺。  ﹎﹎﹎﹎﹎﹎﹎﹎﹎﹎﹎﹎﹎﹎  [評審意見|節錄] 一切都是可疑的,小說沒有下結論,從氣味,從觸感,從精簡的對話裡,帶引讀者去捕捉,嘗試去確認。主角的愛情,欲望,一切都才剛剛萌芽,一切都還未成形,繚亂的心,就像海邊的煙,撲朔迷離難以捕捉,且縹緲不定,一吹即散。 ──摘自《印刻文學生活誌.十一月號》 〈混沌不明的狀態〉宇文正   #印刻文學生活誌 195期 #十一月號 #出版 #雜誌 #文學 #印刻 #小說 #青年超新星文學獎writer ink lifestyle read bookstagram books instareads

11월 북트리 (8) #북트리 #책육아 #독서기록 #리딩 #세티랑책이랑 #세이펜 #멘토맘 saypen book books booktree reading @saypen7009 . . 5 누적 66 . . 물려받아 읽는 책을 이렇게 좋아하니 읽어주는 엄마는 신이 난다. . . #이벤트 event #함께해요 #세이펜티칭클럽

Hagrid turned around and hurried back toward his cabin, his face buried in his handkerchief. . . “Look at him blubber!” . . Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle had been standing just inside the castle doors, listening. . . “Have you ever seen anything quite as pathetic?” said Malfoy. “And he’s supposed to be our teacher!” . . Harry and Ron both made furious moves toward Malfoy, but Hermione got there first — SMACK! . . She had slapped Malfoy across the face with all the strength she could muster. Malfoy staggered. . . Harry, Ron, Crabbe, and Goyle stood flabbergasted as Hermione raised her hand again. . . “Don’t you dare call Hagrid pathetic, you foul — you evil —” . . “Hermione!” said Ron weakly, and he tried to grab her hand as she swung it back. . . “Get off, Ron!” . . Hermione pulled out her wand. . . Malfoy stepped backward. Crabbe and Goyle looked at him for instructions, thoroughly bewildered. . . “C’mon.” Malfoy muttered, and in a moment, all three of them had disappeared into the passageway to the dungeons. . . “Hermione!” Ron said again, sounding both stunned and impressed. . . “Harry, you’d better beat him in the Quidditch final!” Hermione said shrilly. “You just better had, because I can’t stand it if Slytherin wins!” . . Wand (diy) Candles @typoshop @bathandbodyworks @candlelitecompany . .hogwartsschoolofwitchcraftandwizardry harrypotterbooknight hogwarts bookstagrammer bookish booklove booklovers instabook bookaddict bookaholic bookphotography bookcommunity potterhead books readersofinstagram bookworm reader amreading bookstagram harrypotterworld wizardingworldofharrypotter bookishlove harrypotterbooks harrypotterfans pottergram potterheads isolemlyswearthatiamuptonogood hermionegranger hermione prisonerofazkaban

We are very excited, and happy for newly published author Johnnie Jackson’s title, ‘God’s First Pick’. Available at all online bookstores, this book will encourage and inspire women to reach for more, pursue purpose, and live an abundant life. . . .inspiration womenempowerment motivationalread womeninbusiness nba wnba women marriage mothers wives pastor church inspirationforwomen readers books vmhpublishing publisher publish barnesandnoble bookstagram bookstore reader selfhelp

I started bird by bird the other night and it is my next read after school of good and evil. I will probably not get it tonight, but I will half some of it again. bookstagram books reading currentreads

Here’s a lil sketch...I’d like to refine it artist stories art blackandwhite sketch books artwork

Tempe Book Festival🌟📚🌟Brought to you by Jill Brenner!💚📚💚books caughtreading fun coloring with Story Monster & Friends 💚📚💚 @timmyv93 @tamibutcher conradstorad @u2

We are donating ALL the books we’ve read this year to @walkwithusgc so underprivileged kids on the Gold Coast can get lost amongst their words too😀📚🇦🇺 passportandplay aussiekids giveback payitforward books reading literature helpingothers travel travelblogger kidstravel

|| BOOK REVIEW || " Truly happy people do not procrastinate. They do not wait for things to happen. They go out there, and make things happen. They take responsibilities for their life and enjoy it. " 🏔🏔QOTD: Who or what is your biggest source of motivation? 🏔🏔 Book: Soulpower - The Motivation from Within Author: Tanmay Kumar (@author_tanmayprabhu) Genre: Self-Help Publisher: Omkar Publications Pages: 77 Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 🏔 As the title of the book suggests, 'Soulpower - The Motivation from Within', this short read of 77 pages and 24 chapters is all you will need to motivate and inspire yourself to keep striving for your ultimate goal. 🏔 The author has very precisely put the methodologies one need to follow in order to focus on your goals and on your happiness. Every spiritual concept is at first, very well defined, and then it's benefits are very scientifically proven with results of various researches and surveys. 🏔 🎁 What you will get to learn from this book? 📌 The harsh 22 truths one should never ignore. 📌 The quality and advantages of having laser-like focus and how to master it. 📌 Powerful morning rituals that will brighten up your day and helps you ace your works. 📌 The Importance of 'Now' rather than mourning for yesterday and dreaming for tomorrow and the impacts of thoughts on reality. 📌 Ways to boost your self confidence and develop intelligence. 📌 How to practice mindfulness and getting to know your inner self. This helps you to unlock your mind's incredible potential and help you to reach greater heights. 🏔 It's a practical guide to live enlightened life. Unlike other self help books which are boring and which we tend to leave unfinished, this book is something you are definitely going to enjoy as you learn. 🏔 The language is simple. Writing is precise and lucid. I will definitely recommended it to everyone who is in dire need of motivation and inspiration. 🏔 P. S. Happy Children's Day to all ❤ 🏔bookstagram books booksofinsta bookishlove booksarelife lovebooks booksbooksandmorebooks bookishclicks selfhelpbooks mybookfeatures mustread

🍀Traveling opens up your mind and allows you to embrace worlds/concepts you never imagined existed . Check out my new blog post centered around MayaAngelou and Travel.LinkInBio 😁 .blogger views cold places travel mayaangelou books review smoke tbt memories lifequotes kenya elementaita. . It's that simple 👑NatabonaInspired 💜

Оно +16 В маленьком провинциальном городке Дерри много лет назад семерым подросткам пришлось столкнуться с кромешным ужасом — живым воплощением ада. Прошли годы… Подростки повзрослели, и ничто, казалось, не предвещало новой беды. Но кошмар прошлого вернулся, неведомая сила повлекла семерых друзей назад, в новую битву со Злом. Ибо в Дерри опять льется кровь и бесследно исчезают люди. Ибо вернулось порождение ночного кошмара, настолько невероятное, что даже не имеет имени…likelikescomentsbooks#книги#лайк#комент#талдыкорган#талдыкорганкниги

My sleepy boy when we got home from Team Night cuddling Sophie Giraffe and a book. My 💙 is officially melted. WilliamJohn sleepingboy 18monthsold love boymom books

Salah kaprah yang terjadi terlanjur mengakar. Manusia yang belum atau tidak tahu apa-apa bukan lalu menjadikannya manusia yang baik. Dari perspektif yang berbeda, ketidaktahuan tentang apapun bisa menjadikan manusia tersebut sosok yang buruk. Pun manusia yang mengetahui berbagai hal, juga belum tentu bisa digolongkan sebagai manusia yang baik. Namun jika yang dimaksudkan adalah manusia terlahir tanpa dosa, saya sangat sependapat. Karena kita saat itu tentunya belum bisa melakukan bahkan mendekati hal-hal yang menjadikan kita berdosa. Pada akhirnya nanti semua manusia akan melakukan dosa. Hanya intensitasnya saja yang berbeda. Kedepannya, mereka yang banyak melakukan dosa, tidak lalu lebih buruk kualitas kemanusiaannya dibandingkan dengan yang sedikit melakukan dosa. Karena dosa erat kaitannya dan merupakan tanggung jawab masing-masing individu dengan agama maupun kepercayaan yang dianutnya. Sementara baik dan buruk merupakan hal yang lebih luas dan lebih berkaitan dengan hubungan sosial antar sesama manusia baik individu maupun golongan. Lanjut membaca di https://hypemo.com/seberapa-baikkah-kamu-selama-ini/literature books bookstagram bookworm booklover bibliophile art writer writing booknerd library poem instabook story bookaholic literatura writersofinstagram novel culture blog bloggerofinstagram instablog sastra blogsastra sastraindonesia literasi filsafat budaya hypermonocle

من كتاب فن اللامبالاة • الحقيقة هي : ظننت أني أريد شيئاً ، لكن أتضح لي أنني لا أريده ، انتهت الحكاية لقد أردت النتيجة ، ولم أرِد الصراع من أجلها ، أردت النتيجة، ولم أرد العملية المفضية إليها ، لم أكن واقعاً في حب الكفاح من أجل تلك الغاية ، بل كنت أحب النصر فقط ، صراعتنا تحدد نجاحاتنا ومشاكلنا تلد سعادتنا ، وإلي جانبها تلد أيضاً مشكلات أفضل قليلاً ! #اقتباس #اقتباسات #اقتباسات_كتب #اقتباسات_أدبية #كتابة #كتاباتي #كتاب_أنصح_به #فن_اللامبالاة #اقرا #اقرأ_معي #أمة_اقرأ_تقرأ reading readingtime books book bookish bookworm booklover

Let’s see whether I will still resemble older Wes Anderson when I become older. . Fucking Innocent: The Early Films of Wes Anderson .books films resemble wesanderson movies

“In Visible Darkness” is the new page-turning thriller from Tony Jones that blurs the lines between fiction and political reality... - - -dymocks dymocksgeelong invisibledarkness tonyjones newrelease book bookish bookworm booklover books bookstagram igreads instaread currentlyreading nowreading lovetoread

#اعتراف ✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴ بدون آنکه به نقاشی نگاه کنم ،اعتراف را میخوانم: هیچ وقت اجازه نمیدهم کسی مرا بدون آرایش ببیند.از روزی میترسم که بمیرم و به هنگام تشییع جنازه چهره ام بدون آرایش باشد.البته من یقین دارم که سوزانده میشوم زیرا لغزش های زیادی داشتم که مطمئنم پس از مرگ ،دامن گیرم میشود. 📚کتاب "اعتراف" دومین اثری بود که از خانم #کالین هوور خوندم.و میتونم بگم که مثل اثر قبلی ساده و روان بود .و داستانِ کتاب رو دوست داشتم. "کالین هوور" نویسنده ی داستان های پیچیده و فلسفی و معما گونه نیست پس اگر دنبال رمانی با این صفات هستید ، نوشته های خانم هوور انتخاب شما نیستن. این کتاب توسط "گودریدز" جایزه ی بهترین کتاب از نگاه خوانندگان رو گرفت.و از پرفروش های #نیویورک_تایمز بود. 🌼ماجرای کتاب هم درمورد دختریه که بصورت ناخواسته با نقاشی مرموز وارد رابطه ی عاطفی میشه‌. 🔹️🔸️🔹️🔸️🔹️🔸️🔹️🔸️🔹️🔸️🔹️🔸️ این کتاب رو خوندین ؟ باقی کتاب های خانم هوور رو چطور ؟برامون بگین.😊 📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚hasti_daily_readsbookwormsbookloversbooksnovelsloversloveartists#اعتراف#علی_همتیان#محسن_استاجی#کتابدوست#کتاب_خوب#رمان#عاشقانه#کتابها#آنچه_نخوانده_ایم#نقاش#مرموز#بخوانیم

Jlmartinauthor.com Available at Amazon from Friday. @jlmartin_author @ss_jewellery_seaglass_designer bookstagram books bookworm booklover booksbooksbooks bookish booksofinstagram author reading love melbourne australia best

You don't have to think like a caveman. You need the information about doing business because you're doing business...right?legal trademark business personal 24hours prayer books chess soul bestie black trust truth carolina network family love spirit thankyou building trust ohio sister

Perumal Murugan has fulfilled every reader's dream by providing an alternate ending. How many times have we been left wondering, what if?? In trial by silence, Kali doesn't hang himself and lives on albeit wishing otherwise. Kali refuses to speak to anyone and Ponna on her part is upset with Kali because he didn't understand her even after twelve years of marriage. I liked The Lonely Harvest better than Trial by silence. However it was a wonderful read nonetheless. . . . . .bookworm bookstagram booklover books bookish bibliophile book booknerd reading bookaddict bookaholic instabook bookstagrammer booksofinstagram read bookphotography igreads booklove bookshelf reader bookblogger bookstagramindia instabooks trialbysilence readersofinstagram bookclub bookcommunity goodreads igbooks books_and_other_bugs

Choosing a child's book is a match-making process because not all children will love the same books. Guideline to select books for age 3-8. A few children may learn to read before they are in the first grade. Most learn during first grade. Many learn even later. For reading to or with children, select picture books with strong storylines and character development. For the child who is reading independently, choose a book with a straightforward story employing words that will be familiar from everyday use. Some publishers produce books, generally called "easy readers," which independent readers often enjoy. Third-graders are often able to handle stories of some complexity. The vocabulary should be relatively familiar while including some challenging words. A lot of informational books have been published for the early grades. These non-fiction books encourage children to read about topics that interest them and to satisfy their curiosity about complex subjects. .book books bookreading storybook reader books booklover readingisfun earlyyearseducation earlychildhoodeducation

Happy Children's Day ! to every beautiful person reading this. So today I'll tell you you my equation with books /reading in my childhood. As a child I was not much into reading but i was lucky enough to have a father who now and then forced me to read. I remember when my father used to get books for me and my sister and how we exchanged dirty facial expressions whenever he asked us to read them. It seemed so boring to me and at that point in time I never thought I would ever become a reader. It seemed impossible. But as it turned out I did became a bookworm and happy so. This gift of inculcating this habit in me is the best gift my father gave me, and I guess its probably the best gift any parent can give to his/her child. So, that was my childhood story as a bookworm📖🐛(these were suggested my my keyboard 😂). P.S. My favourite book that literally made me a bookworm was "The adventures of Tom Sawyer" by Mark Twain. Tell me which one was your favourite book in your childhood? Tell me were you a bookworm in you childhood? And if yes who got you into reading?books bookworm happychildren'sday booknerd bookstagram aradhanareads bookish bookclub bookindia booknerd bookquotes bookstagrammer bookgiveawayindia bookaesthetic bookfeaturepage

Questions to asked yoursellf❓planwithjowin🌱

This came today books poetry prose travel iceland

afternoon vibes from auckilanii 🧡 what are y’all up to today/tonight? let us know in the comments below 👇🏻👇🏼👇🏽👇🏾👇🏿👇 - - - - -nothinbutfeelings whitequoteseries pinkgrungetumblr pinkgrunge pinkaesthetic whitequotes nbf books coffee travel goodbooks goodcoffee love life live embrace amaze

Сегодня вся планета отмечает день рождения шведской писательницы Астрид Линдгрен, которая подарила миру историю про Малыша и Карлсона!NRJDR lingern astrid books carlson Karlsson

"No one would have believed in the last years of the nineteenth century that this world was being watched keenly and closely by intelligences greater than man's and yet as mortal as his own; that... across the gulf of space... intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic, regarded this earth with envious eyes, and slowly and surely drew their plans against us.".... chills. 😁Afternoon all! I can see, on my feed, that you're all reading some really great books, which is amazing. I actually read this quite a while back, thewaroftheworlds and thetimemachine are two incredible, timeless, pieces of work by hgwells. The writing is so vivid, and his social commentary poignant, and I love that it's set towards the late 19th Century, when the second industrial revolution were starting to affect the way people lived. I mean it feels different than it's more contemporary adaptations. It's extraordinary that these are some of the few books that really put the epic, scifi, time travel and alien invasion genres on the map in literature. ......................................................................................sci-fi sciencefiction classic novel read reading ilovereading books bookstagram booknerd bookworm booklover bookaddict bookslover bookgeek lovetoread bookstagrammer bookish readersofinstagram bibliophile bookaholic booksbooksbooks bookobssesed instabooklovers bookish personallibrary classic classicliterature

Автограф успешного. Игорь Янчук - успешный адвокат, видный политик, продаваемый (когда пишет) художник, а теперь еще и довольно популярный литератор. Этот автограф его. Примерно таким почерком он утверждает законопроекты и упраздняет приговоры своим подопечным. А по вечерам пишет книги, которые продаются на полстраны. Не так давно книга из детской серии вошла в шорт-лист Общероссийской литературной премии «Дальний восток» имени им. В.К. Арсеньева. Станет ли ее лауреатом Игорь Янчук станет известно 13 декабря. Успехов ему, успешности нам.book books  booknow bookaholic bookshelf read reading reader readingtime readingfestival literature literatura stories words text#Литература#Чтение #книга #книгоман #литературнаяпремия#читатель #игорьянчук cахалин #сахалинскаялитература

Current Reading. Almost finished actually. bookstagram ninthhouse leighbardugo books botm

Today’s bookoftheday is Sweaterweather (and other stories) by the ever fabulous @sara.varon. She is one of my absolute favorite graphic artists and does book for a wide range of ages. Also checkout the mostly wordless Robot Dreams, which is an extended story from one of the short ones found here. book books bookstgram graphicnovels graphicnovel librarian librariansofinstagram

Do you like adventures? . I do. But I suppose my favorite ones are in books. Dragons, Elves, genies, and Sith Lords apparently don't like my backward, and I daresay Gandalf had lost his way to my house. Thus I take my adventures between the pages, and go to places none of them could imagine! (I mean, really, can you picture Darth Vader in LOTR, or Smaug and Ali Babwa? 😂) . But I've had my share of real adventures. Like going to Romania for a month! I'd love to hear some of yours!! . (Also maybe I got a little candle happy in this shot. Maybe maybe not, depends where you live. 😂) . The Arabian Nights had such a cool selection of stories and adventure. And of course I had to get the Lamp bookmark from @wethedreamingdesigns !! Use cold HLR10 for a discount to get your own! . Cheers, luvs! 💙 .moodreadersnov19 : A is for adventure. .book books bookstagram bookstagrammer bookphotography christianbookstagram bookish bookshelves bookgram arabiannights 1001nights starwars lotr wethedreamingdesigns wethedreamingbookmarks magneticbookmarks genie bookishcandle adventure bookmarks candles flame fall yalit booknerdigans leaves vintage oldbooks @pixie_dust_official @scentsandscentsabilitystudio @leafandlore

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Book - A Child's Book of Poems Poem - My Shadow Poet - Robert Louis Stevenson

90) Attachments -Rainbow Rowell In this novel, Lincoln takes a job in IT at a newspaper company and is asked to essentially read employees’ emails that have been flagged, because they contain inappropriate words/content. He becomes fond of and attached to two girls, Beth and Jennifer, who continuously talk about their personal lives, but he can’t find it in him to report them to the company and also doesn’t reprimand them with a memo, so that it becomes more and more weird that he’s reading their messages. The story is broken up into sections that contain emails between the two girls and Lincoln’s perspective on his day to day activities essentially. I found it easy to like the characters and the storyline was propelled along nicely, especially by the strangeness of the situation.attachments rainbowrowell books bookthoughts bookreview bookreview bibliophile thoughtsonbooks 100in2019

The day ends and the light turns on.

«Алхимик» — известный роман бразильского писателя Пауло Коэльо, любимая книга миллионов людей во всем мире. В юности люди не бояться мечтать, все кажется им возможным. Но проходит время, и таинственная сила принимается им внушать, что их желания неосуществимы. «Добиться воплощения своей Судьбы — вот единственная подлинная обязанность человека…»likelikescomentlife#талдыкорган#книги#лайкbooks

if you like graphic novels you should read this and if you don’t you should still read this . . . . . .graphicnovel graphicnovels books bookstagram lovebooks friendship love

I enjoyed taking a break at halftime to enjoy the city lights in the @technocomusa room in the @spectrumcenter . city lights night view chill relax enjoy

Welcome to my passions in pictures, a few things you can expect from this account: reviews on beauty, Bollywood, books, and the most obvious food.

I love the @hornets!! Buuuuuuuuzzzzz!!!! hornets grizzly bears

Hanging with the hornets tonight in Buzz City!! @spectrumcenter @hornets sports basketball funtimes

"Koliko snežink je na nebu?" sprašujejo mlade račke. Ali bodo izvedele? ❄️❄️❄️ Predstavljamo knjižno novost za najmlajše KOLIKO SNEŽINK JE NA NEBU? >>> https://www.doria.si/knjigarna/q/artikel/7659/koliko_snezink_je_na_nebu ✨ Napisala in ilustrirala Živa Viviana Doria. • •kolikosneinkjenanebu zivavivianadoria ateljedoria zalozbaateljedoria newbook

This book has a special place in my heart ❤️. This book has a special place in my heart ❤️ In this book there are two narratives at the beginning we are dropped into world of Mariam and her life as an illegitimate child of a rich father. Then there is second narration of the writer as Laila who is loved wanted and was having a good life with supportive father, her lover and friends. The plot centers around the lives of the two distinct protagonists, Mariam and Laila. The prime theme of a thousand splendid sun is darkness and light, ugliness of war, unhappy abusive marriages, oppressive governments and repressive cultural mores . bookstagram bookstagrammer booksofinstagram bookstoread bookobessed bookish books booklover bookreview athousandsplendidsunsSome of my favourite quotes from the book: ✨One could not count the moons that shimmers on her roofs or the thousand splendid suns that hide behind her walls. ✨Marriage can wait, education cannot. ✨I will follow you to the end of the world. ✨Regret... when it comes to you, I have ocean of it.

📖🌅"When they say the heart wants what it wants, they’re talking about the poetic heart—the heart of love songs and soliloquies, the one that can break as if it were just-formed glass.They’re not talking about the real heart, the one that only needs healthy foods and aerobic exercise. But the poetic heart is not to be trusted." . . .Morning InstaBook Photography PicOfTheDay Blog Blogger Lifestyleblog LifeStyleBlogger Photoshoot Positivevibes saturday Books Bookstagram Booklover Bibliophile Bookaddict Bookaholic Instabooks Booklove Bookobsessed Instadaily BeachVibes TheSunIsAlsoAStar Instaphoto Summer

Swipe👉...The best gift ever from the best man in my life!! When people talk about visting places for fun, these are the places on my bucket list from times unknown.... 1. Angkor Wat 2. Pyramids 3. Mayan Cities 4. El Dorado 5. Atlantis 6. Machu Picchu...all thanks to the obsession with this book from my childhood!! The World's Last Mysteries from my Dad!! . . . . .treasure mysteries places mustvisit book books bookstagram bookshelf bookclub library bookish bookworm bookaholic love life travel read explore reading reader readingtime bookphotography bookaddict photography instagram author writer instagramers instacool #❤

Game of Redemption!!! Available now on Amazon! author writer read fiction novel books bookstagram writerslife

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