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Good Morning! Happy CATurday! My mom got a new fold out desk for herself, but I decided that it would make a great new bed for me instead! . . P.s. it makes a great bed! . . .catsofinstagram cat catlife catlovers cats bengals bratcat caturdaymorning

Wake up human! I want the sink water turned on! spoiled bratcat idowhatiwant divacat

MagnificentMax, my big sweet beautiful floof 💜

I love this cat more than words can express. Even when she's being a jerk. FYI, this photo was taken moments after she tried to maul my arm. Luckily, I have fast reflexes. 🙎‍♀️=1 🐱=0catsofinstagram caturday nebelung graycat adoptdontshop bratcat mazikeen

Throw yo’ hands up...and annoy Sammy! catsofinstagram cheetothemenace bratcat orangetabby

Crazy? Yes.

Clips explaining I spent enough time in bath tub and it time for her dinner

Clips chilling on a rainy day

To say mom is a bit jealous is the understatement of the year!!!! We are snuggled up and sleeping on dad and we are in pure bliss! Xoxo Jeff and Georgie . . . .adoptdontshop catsofinstagram cats orangecats orangecatsofinstagram catsagram instacat kittens greeneyes greeneyedcat spoiled bratcat gingercats livingmybestlife onlythebestforus sillykitty jeffandgeorgie catlife xoxo rescuecats littermates littermatesforlife imstillababy momisjealous

What do you mean you're taking down my tree 🎄 this weekend?? 🙀😾 I will lay here and protest!!ApollosWorld spoiledkitty lifeofluxury tripodkitty 3leggedcat lazycat christmaskitty treeskirtsleeper catsofinstagram tripodcatsofinstagram furbabyproblems bratcat


Just a cat. In a box. A heated, plush pillow lined box. But still a box. housecatlife catsinboxes 😸 bratcat

Jack Jack aka Skittles aka The Irishman...this little boy loves to wake his Mamacita up before dawn by Meowing in a loud kitten voice outside my bed chamber...definitely the "Baby" of the foursome. If my cats were Xmen, he would be Spiderman. catsofinstagram orangetabby skittlesthecat orangecreamsiclekitty kittens bratcat nooneputsBabyinacorner meow

I think clips wants a vacation or she’s planning on leaving me. 😂

Clips wanting me to sit down to get in my lap

He hangs out on the next level down when Sabrina is in the room. Brat. ihatemysister catswhodontgetalong bratcat greycatsofinstagram graytabby graycatpaw

I love my Clips but she is not the brightest of cats. One day she will learn you can’t bury your food with nothing to bury it with, maybe?

When Cooper is ready for me to turn off the lights, he covers his face like this 😺 cooperjamesondaneshmand bratcat bedtime turnoffthelights

Warm laps are the best according to Clips

Clips doesn’t care about the ran. A warm lap is good enough for

Still pouting because she can’t go out in the rain

Bugs is sad I won’t let her out to play in the rain

Somebody got a new bed because they're spoiled. Hint: it's me 😼bratcat siamesecat siamesecatsofinstagram flamepointsiamese catstagram siamesecatsofig spoiledcat catlife

Felt cute, might go scratch the couch later. cutecats bratcat cutenessoverload halfmaincoon

I love this cat! Bones follows me just about every where I go. hepickedme imhishuman bratcat blackcatsarethebest bones hessohandsome spoiledrotten spoiledcat

Well hello’Moo. fatcat bratcat themoo

He's tired of everyone's shit and he's not gonna hide it. cat cats catsofinstagram furbabies bratcat

After thunder stopped and just rain and me on the patio. Clips found the courage to check out the rain. She is my scaredy cat but my sweetheart. Bugs though is my brat and completely fearless

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Just got woke up with thunder so plaid it shook the building. Followed by clips trying to get under blanket fearing for her life and bugs trying to make let her on patio. Bugs is obsessed with thunderstorms

So I bought this pillow to use for display photos... I thought. As I was getting ready for work earlier I look down to see this... Apparently Maximus Q Kitty had removed it from the bag and claimed it. He wins. How could I take it from this face? catsofinstagrampurrkidbratcatspoiledcat fatcatsofinstagram catsarethieves ilovemycat

Bugs is not the sharing type and try’s to hoard all the toys. She sticks them in her chair or places she likes to sleep

When a queen bed becomes less than a single labsofinstagram blacklab dogslife catsofinstagram fatkitty bratcat bratdog

How dare the hooman ignore me?! I'll show her 😤😼 sirsalemsqueaks blackcat salemsqueaks kitten cute cutekitten brattycat bratcat brattykitten

Bugs putting her toys in her chair lol

Someone got a new toy today! 🤣WorthEveryPenny Ari CrazyCat BratCat BabyGurl WigglyFish

Oh, the things they do when you try to take a cute pic. 😄 I had a little Christmas movie marathon while I was off work between Christmas & New Year’s. What’s a movie marathon without popcorn, right? 🍿😋 I thought she looked so cute, peeking over the bowl while perched on my outstretched legs. Snap a couple pics...and of course, she sneaks a lick of the butter on the bowl 😂 (Yes, I continued munching...she didn’t lick the popcorn!)lifewithcats popcornmoocher bratcat furbaby

Good thing I just changed out the water bowl huh? 😹

It’s perfect! Nap time anytime. 😺

As command by the cat overlords. Feet up. Blanket on lap. Nap time

Clips and bugs usual good morning greeting. Lol

Clips about 5 years ago when she decided the dog didn’t need his planner anymore. 😸

Pout napping under night stand table because after getting jealous of clips getting on bed and bugs getting in trouble for string her. 😿

When your sister steals the carrot so you hang out of your cubby waiting to smack her in the face 🔥😏savage hellian naughtybear bratcat thatfacetho beefcake beefpaws jealouscat tabbycats tabbysofinstagram chonkmasterflex tuxiesofinstagram tuxies tuxedotude tuxedotuesday sorryluna

I am trying to get prep work done for sandwich bags, dog toys ,cat toys, thin wallets and kids wallets.... Divination however is doing her own upcycling! recycledart reducewaste reducereuserecycle recycle upcycling upcycle savetheplanet smallbusiness smallfarm catsofinstagram bratcat michiganhomestead madeinmichigan mancelona homesteadersofmichigan catbox

Bugs fishing for my toes while I try to soak in tub

How she tells me she wants attention bratcat needy loveher blackcat blackcatsofinstagram minacat rescue

This is my little sister who wants none of the camera. bratcat camerashykitty siamesecatsofinstagram hoggingtheheatvent

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