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This Weeks Lesson; Life has lied to you small spirit, it isnt so fast and scary as these buzzing bees make it out to be. It's a simple answer really, this grandiose meaning your soul has been searching for? Find Joy, Then Share It With As Many Souls As You Can. FInd Another Sick Sad Creature And Breathe The Warmth Of The Sun Back Into them. This Weekend I Was Shown Just How Much Joy I Can Feel While Picking Up Garbage, And Releasing Young Green Sea Turtles Back Into The Wild. beachbeachcleanup seaturtlerelease findinglife seekingjoy bol breakthroughoutloud joyful depressionhelp depressionawareness bpd

Amazing Weekend at Speak &Write with Lisa Nichols and My tribe.BOL One breakthrough to master the telling of ONE story. I wrote my assignment that night and 8 hours later. I did Stand And Deliver - Sharing about PainFreePA - the Duke University trained Medical Provider, who had been from China to Cuba learning about holistic health living a full life despite her chronic pain. . . . I shared about my first evaluation in the Disability Office, and my first encounter with the “You Don’t Look Sick” face. Despite that denial letter I received, I went on to help heal others. My message is burning inside. Whatever we carry around- grief, shame, past addiction, our dis- functional family...we can do something towards our Champion Self . . . This photo reminds me of all the dancing I did - the Decades Party, Every Session, in the Hallway...though I hurt all the way home, it was so worth it! . . .grateful speakandwrite2019 fibrofighter swencore standanddeliver chronicpain chronicpainlife solutionmindset chronicpainwarrior invisibleillness youdontlooksick breakthroughoutloud lisanichols lisa2motivate decadesparty unicorn dontdimyourlight lifeafterpain

I had an amazing time performing my showcase soulpower @cafeistanbulnola It was my first actually showcasing all my own music with a strong message. It was my biggest challenge yet but I got through to a crowd I wouldn't ordinary perform for. My mindset is I can do this type of performance presentation anywhere. My band was awesome @mattkruft on guitar and Anette Perez on percussion. They exceeded my expectations! I'm so proud to have the opportunity to work with them! My crowd showed up and showed out for me! sunday night was a win for me. I proved to myself I have the stuff to do this type of work! Definitely more to come!peaceandblessings inspirational vocalist motivational speaker composer bol bia breakthroughoutloud beapartoftheexperience yourvisionisyourdestination

craycray110%🤪Normal is boringbreakthroughoutloudplayfullout💪🥂🍾💃

THE COMMITMENT TO UNBECOMING If you follow me for a while you have noticed that I no longer post every day on my feed - and often limit my presence to stories Stories written - as I haven't done a video in months The reason? The initial idea to share 35 lessons with you sounded perfect and got me really excited - it still does However due to the topics I chose, some of them super vulnerable the time didn't always feel right in a variety of ways The biggest one being Triggers and looking into the past It felt as if I kept myself in the old stories- hoping sharing them will help me heal The truth was I felt more stuck in experiences which impacted my life in ways I still struggle to comprehend So I knew something had to change The last 7 months I dedicated to deeper work on myself and learnt that its time to focus whatever I share on UN- BECOMING: A woman who takes the easier route and brushes off the trauma from the past- hoping it will magically go away A woman who blames herself for all the judgement directed towards her - thinking she will never be enough A woman who comes up with constant stories about WHY she should keep quiet around issues others feel to scared to talk about The result The remaining weeks of 2019 I will be sharing with you the steps I have taken to keep it real and have the courage to share stories which empowered and inspired so many of you I will remind you about the topics I covered in my lessons so far and tell you what else I have to share Next live lesson will be announced in the next few hours From the bottom of my heart I want to thank each and everyone of you who continually support me and learn along the way Time to BECOME the true SELF WORTH advocate selfgrowthjourney healingjourneymindsetshift selfworthinessvulnerablepost honestview nurtureyourself lifelessonslearnt sharingiscaring journeytoself

Are you looking at somebody else finished project thinking that’s what you want? Here’s a suggestion... STOP IT. DO YOU. .. .. We tend to think “Be and it is”. The problem is negating ‘and’ in this phrase, which represents the actual work. If you are coming up with the title to the book, then seeing it on the best sellers list, you cannot forget mapping the outline and sleepless nights. When you spend lots of time figuring out the catchy name for your boutique, then imaging the clothes flying off the rack, but have put in no time to learn commerce, it’s already an epic fail. .. .. Be inspired by those winning. Just do it in your lane💯 .. ..BeAboutTheWork OurStrugglesAreOurSuccess StayInTheGame StayInYourLane EntrepreneurMinds AlwaysWriting AlwaysWritingSomething MotivatingTheMasses BreakthroughOutLoud WomenSucceedingBlackBloggers WriteTheBook

Water bottle complete for my self proclaimed life coach that I met via YouTube! @lisa2motivate! I’m doing a tumbler for her as well with her logo in white! I wish I can personally gift them to her but I’m fine with shipping them! ❤️ giftsthatmeansomething shedidntask breakthroughoutloud motivatingthemasses mompreneur duval jacksonville florida bling rhinestones customwaterbottle customgifts

A FEW TRUTHS ABOUT ANXIETY My anxiety shows up in: Keeping quiet during conversations I would normally contribute a lot too Wearing dark clothes to hide my curves and avoid other's judgement Setting my standards so high - I am unable to achieve them and blaming myself for not being good enough Letting emotions take over my life - to the point of getting physically sick - unable to complete some or all of my daily to do list Getting into binge eating cycle - to cover up the feeling of loneliness, grief, disappointment Giving others negative comments- just to fit in to the bad crowds - knowing fine well it goes against with what I believe in Avoiding certain places - connected to bad experiences in the past - despite feeling I moved on Crossing over the road - to avoid meeting someone who hurt me emotionally - in case they retaliate Over sharing good news - to avoid others thinking I am boring Feeling scared before taking a step out of my comfort zone in case people will laugh out loud The truth nr 1 is I don't need a piece of paper to tell me I struggle with all those feelings The truth nr 2 is my anxiety is often triggered before I decide to make a significant change in my life The truth nr 3 is without change there is no growth, progress or expansion in any area of my life - which is exactly what my intention is for 2019 I am committed to Expanding my life even more in the last 4 months of this year I am committed to FREEDOM Can't wait to share with you a bit more anxietyisreal realme sharingiscaring youarenotalone committoyourself makeyourselfpriority anxiousmind healingjourney triggered foodforthought

God didn’t give them your struggles because they don’t have your assignment. He didn’t give them your mindset because they don’t have your vision. Stop comparing yourself to others and trying to be like someone else when YOU are the only creature with your fingerprints for a reason. . Take pride in being apart of something bigger and know that your life is meant for much more than just living. You were uniquely design in His eye and created for HIS purpose. God intended for you to be yourself, flaws in all. You are his masterpiece just the way you are. . . .DevinePurpose ShineYourLight BOL BreakthroughOutLoud GodsPlan Surrender TrustTheProcess Faith Purpose GodsLove Guidance Love Mercy Blessings WarriorForChrist ShineBright EternalLight GodsCreation Perfection Masterpiece OnlyYou

These words of Lisa Nichols jumped out of the page of her book ‘Abundance Now’ as I read it. She reminds you that there is a membrane thin difference between our struggles and experiencing true abundance and that divide is our own mental barrier. You can follow Lisa’s story online. Her interview with Tom Bilyeu is one of the most touching interviews I’ve seen online. As a mother with her young son she turned her cupboard into an office space and worked from it for three years. Lisa Nichols’ passion and love for life, her genuine care and the incredible way she leads is contagious lisanichols lisanicholsquotes lisanicholsshow breakthroughoutloud abundancenow

You deserve everything you wanted! Yes yes?? ❤️

May My Way I have implemented a few small changes last month and I am glad to say they are became my new habits 1. I have meditated every day at different times of day I realised meditation before sleep works best for me 2. I have drunk Chamomile tea before bed every night - result - no head ache in the morning 3. I filled in my High Performance Habits Planner - concentrating on mindset questions (Example - who needs me on my A game, what could trip me up and how I would deal with it) 4. I incorporated small movement into my day - dance party for one - started with 5 favourite songs) 5. To combat overwhelm I found myself grounding every day just by standing outside barefoot and expressing gratitude Those small change had an intention behind them and have been a part of my plan to reach EXPANSION which I chose as my word for 2019 Was it easy to stick to them - yes A.I did the research based on my daily routine B. I asked - what would change if I don't do anything C. I have seen quick results- no head aches, less arguments D. I recorded the progress daily I reminded myself daily I had a choice My life is intense just now so I found those habits allowed me to really learn to make my wellbeing a priority However the Biggest take away in May was Discovering the real reason why I often start something and take ages to finish it It's the Idea of Commitment which I used to hide behind procrastination It's been 7 yrs since my life rapidly changed and I recognized I am now ready to heal and work through the stories which I buried for so long Commitment is huge for me as regardless what I do I give more than 100% of me, my effort, my time, my skills and my marriage was no different even if it was vicious cycle of abuse and trauma (cont in comments)healingjourney mindsetshift realme powerfulreflections honestview stayingtruetomyself divineguidance writtenword greatestshow truewords

This is what I'm currently listening to on audiblebooks @lisa2motivate is A-MA-ZING! 🙌🙌👏👏💥💥 I HIGHLY recommend listening to this or getting the book. I'm going to DEFINITELY buy that book also!! yesyes bol breakthroughoutloud speaklifeoveryourlife loveyourself selfloveclub levelup balanceyourchakras takebackyourpersonalpower livehealthywithceciliab

Lisa Nichols taught me how to BREAKTHROUGH OUT LOUD‼️and I,Esten Tylon Jones wanna teach you how to FREE YOUR MIND and share my Wisdom‼️breakthroughoutloud lisanichols @lisa2motivate melanin melaninpoppin wisdom wordsofwisdom powerfulmind powerfulminds fearnot mybreakthrough spokenwordpoetry blackisbeautiful blackispowerful

I'm so excited and blessed! I have been invited to be featured on the Podcast "Your Voice, Your Power! We will be discussing the Journey I took to my Tedx Talk last month and I will be giving some unheard of powerful techniques for entrepreneurs launching or scaling their business! Be sure to tune in! We are airing today!winningatlife minitomogul whatasuperherolookslike boss successleavesclues entreprenuers startup bosses marketing business wealth family motivatingthemasses breakthroughoutloud creditrepair getcreditfixyourlife realestate mommymogul moneymoves relationshipgoals buildabusiness wealth101 girlboss bossbabe netflix momboss goaldigger focused riseandgrind grindseason

If you haven't subscribed to @lisa2motivate YouTube, go do it... Every morning I tune in to one of her messages and it has bettered my life... JoinTheTribe BOL BreakthroughOutLoud

NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU Spending time with special people makes my life truly meaningful - especially when I get to meet those who have become online friends with me long before the face to face encounter (Social media brings a lot of positivity in my life) Yet we often are too scared to show up in real life and take the first step to make said online friendship become more "real" Here is why Most of us experience the three Ps in our life - PAIN, PASSION and PROGRESS We are aware that following our passion often means we sacrifice various areas of our life Sacrifice feels painful as we need to let go off one thing and exchange it with another Yet we also know that sacrifice at early stages of any change brings progress For many of you the transition to starting friendships online, using video calls, online chats although more convenient- still feels like a huge step out of your comfort zone You often question the legitimacy of online connections and find it easier to hide behind the screen of your phone However I have a different perspective for you to consider Have you figured out how much you are holding yourself back from (not just due to social media) Have you figured out what are you really scared of? The last 3 days I have allowed myself to answer these questions and I discovered that my biggest fear - is CHANGE! I have realised I always thought about Change in a negative way - disconnecting from those who matter to me, having too much etc Then an Aha moment came about What if for once the change can be positive Being able to help more people Being able to travel more Having more time as I will be able to have a team who supports me Suddenly I stopped being scared Suddenly my passion got stronger Suddenly I realised I can make so much more progress So I encourage you to ask yourself these 2 questions and see for yourself what comes up for you You might be surprised how quickly your fears will disappear ahamoments mindsetshift perspectiveiskey learningeverydayselfdiscovery breakthroughoutloud painbringsgrowth iamunstoppable fearlessgoddess lifechangingthoughts

Power of asking question is so powerful • Start with yourself first: Ask question every day 1. What did i learn from this situation? 2. How to learn from this lesson? 3. Do i want to be a victim, survivor, or thriver ? 4. How do i spread more joy? Notice your inner dialogue. You are a Thriver You learn lesson to grow Don’t ask why me, Instead ask why not Embrace and grow, own your growth Reflect on this question every morning and see how magical your day unfoldsomvedaa empowering lives trasnformational coaching bol breakthroughoutloud yana youarenotalone ask questions to thrive

My story doesn’t belong to me. My story is what built my confidence. Never in a million years would I have thought that I’d suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. Let alone be hospitalized and placed on medication. Not slowing down and allowing myself to grieve loss was a big regret of mine. Needing to be strong and “act” like I was ok was detrimental to my overall well-being. Carrying my weight and everyone else’s weight caused me to be ineffective in my business and personal life. I have since learned to only control what’s in my capacity to control. Give what I can’t control to God. Remove myself from what and who doesn’t serve my highest good and let the chips fall where they may. Take a peace break (cc: @cherishedflight ) today to allow spirit to guide you on what you need to do for YOU! Make room to feel today. . . . . . nicolewordbeauty livingthevainlife joinmyjourney peacebreak anxietyrelief depressionisreal breakthroughoutloud bol mindsetshift mybmore womenintransition transformationtuesday soulwork livingonpurpose confidencecoach intentionalliving womensupportwomen

armorofGodstudy BOL lisanichols breakthroughoutloud @priscillashirer @lisa2motivate

My love for @lisa2motivate is beyond measurable! . . Learning this created a MAJOR SHIFT in my life! BreakthroughOutLoud !! Before I was so afraid to step out of my norm and was committed to doing things only in my comfort zone. When I discovered the concept of LetGoAndGrow and started making the necessary adjustments to align myself with the life I wanted to live MY WHOLE LIFE CHANGE! . . If you’ve ever been afraid to let go of your past even though you KNOW it’s not beneficial to your growth, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! IFeelYou !! I was stuck in a mindset that held me back from reaching my full potential and constantly found myself around people in unproductive environments that were holding me back from reaching new levels. NOT ANYMORE! Now I unapologetically walk in my purpose and so many new and exciting opportunities have came into myself just by my decision to LET GO OF THE OLD AND EMBRACE THE NEW 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 I’m absolutely loving the new! 💚 . . THANK YOU LISA! 🙏🏽🙏🏽 . .MorningMotivation MondayMotivation LetItGo BOL YANA LisaNichols MotivatingTheMasses GetUncomfortable Growth ComfortZone Mindset Development NewLevels LevelUp PersonalDevelopment This Truth Grow KeepGrow NoFear EraseAllDoubt YouAreWorthy ItsPossible MakeItHappen

@lisa2motivate has played such a huge role in transforming my life. Forever grateful for the mindset shift I’ve been able to accomplish 🙌🏽🙌🏽 . . I am...unapologetically and confidently ME! ILoveMe. . . . .MidDay Motivation BOL BreakthroughOutLoud LisaNichols MotivatingTheMasses GetUncomfortable Growth ComfortZone Mindset Development NewLevels LevelUp PersonalDevelopment This Truth Grow KeepGrow NoFear EraseAllDoubt YouAreWorthy ItsPossible MakeItHappen ChangeYourMindset ChangeYourLife SelfLove

My son's favorite mentor is Kandi Burruss! He watches her with me every sunday and he thinks she is the prettiest mogul on the earth! Today he got some amazing one on one advice about his business Khairi Kids! @kandi @khairikids winningatlife minitomogul whatasuperherolookslike boss successleavesclues entreprenuers startup bosses marketing business wealth family motivatingthemasses breakthroughoutloud creditrepair getcreditfixyourlife realestate mommymogul moneymoves relationshipgoals buildabusiness wealth101 girlboss bossbabe netflix momboss goaldigger focused

Your current situation doesn’t have to be your final destination 💯💯 Don’t be afraid of the unknown, be open to new ideas and take advantage of new opportunities. Your comfort zone may feel like a normal place but getting uncomfortable is where real growth happens. You can’t push yourself to new limits if your stuck doing the same old stuff. LevelUpDaily . . . . . .MorningMotivation BOL BreakthroughOutLoud LisaNichols MotivatingTheMasses GetUncomfortable Growth ComfortZone Mindset Development NewLevels LevelUp PersonalDevelopment This Truth Grow KeepGrow NoFear EraseAllDoubt YouAreWorthy ItsPossible MakeItHappen

I realized today I was living under the false belief that I didn't deserve wealth or abundance in any form, for that matter. Moreover, I believed that if I happened to get it, I was obligated to give it away and not even get a choice in how or what I gave away. . No more! I claim my birthright to be wealthy, healthy, prosperous, and abundant. I believe I have great wealth, because I know now that great wealth means I have a greater impact on the world around me. I have every right to keep what I get, but- because of the woman God created me to be-I find great joy and fulfillment in sharing my abundance. . Having wealth and success aren't bad things. I release those negative lies from my subconscious and conscious mind! I embrace what God has promised and I am able to help countless people, because I've stopped believing the lies. Thank You, God, for loving me so immensely. . .BOL breakthroughoutloud YANA youarenotalone iamworthy daughterofaking

Sometimes the sweetest things come from thorns. When your story seems all thorns and you feel out of place and a big messy bramble, God steps in and you bloom, your being is fruitful. Your story is not for you..... breakthroughoutloud My lessons are sweet treats for you on your journey. Don’t pick the truths to early or they will be bitter. Do let me share some things that I have learned to help you on your journey. summerbounty thenGod yllifestyle scentsofheritage mystoryisforhisglory learnfromothers sw growingthefuture blackberries thorns brambles formygoodandhisglory freedom doitscared powerjam2018

👣💃🏻🔥 Without self-mastery we are slaves to FEAR! TAKECHARGE 👊🏽🦁 Your best opportunities are out on the skinny branch 🌱😄🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♂️ stepout justdoit ✔️BOL breakthroughoutloud lisanichols 🇺🇸 PHOENIX 💥 highperformance academy brendonburchard psychology physiology mastery ownwhoyouare bethegirlwhowentforit 💃🏻 inspiration beyourself staytrue takenoshit snatchingmylifeback gettinghungry reconnecting getuncomfortable reckless fearless highperformancehabits

Tribe I Need your help! I am launching a new youtube channel and i need your support! Last week in 3 days my video discussing the 1 secret to branding recieved almost 2000 views on facebook and it is still growing! I'm taking these great free business tips to youtube and i need you to SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT, & SHARE! CHECK OUT THE VIDEO AND SUBSCRIBE HERE! https://youtu.be/xzp1m3Rneocboss successleavesclues entreprenuers startup bosses marketing  business wealth family motivatingthemasses breakthroughoutloud creditrepair getcreditfixyourlife realestate mommymogul  moneymoves relationshipgoals buildabusiness wealth101 girlboss bossbabe netflix momboss goaldigger focused riseandgrind grindseason

People are always asking me the secret to success. It’s not a secret. It’s

Another happy client! would like to publically congratulate Erica Harrison on purchasing her home last week (new construction)!!! 🤗🏡 . . Erica started as a client in October 2017. Her credit score was already acceptable to purchase her lot but she was wise enough to know she could use a boost by having a few negative items removed. Her score improved by 79 points within 2 months and well over 100 points within 6 months!!!!! . . She has a brand new home with a low interest. Super proud of you Erica 😘😘 If you are ready to improve your credit call 404-793-3217

I’m not just helping you build a business. I’m helping you to build a legacy! We are our Heroes!

Post Traumatic Growth •• Let Go Of Your EXCUSES Find a way to breakthrough Do whatever it takes •• • • We all have surface issues but look deeper within yourself to dust off your original blue print..... the source of your greatest disappoints come from your life not matching your blue print.... do whatever it takes to get back on track OR change and update your blue print!!! Get to the source and make a changes in the necessary areas of your life.... you are in control of creating what a great life means to you.... if you don’t control the voices in your head..... someONE or someTHING else will!! •• The power of choice is in your control! failyourwaytosuccess posttraumatic posttraumaticgrowth growth growthmindset spiritualawakening spiritual tonyrobbins hislaughmakesmelaugh everydaycarry knowyourworth standupforyourrights standupforyourself knowyourworth gottastartsomewhere todayistheday seethrough pushthrough breakthrough breakthroughoutloud lisa lesbrown icouldhashtagfordays

It was a RuggedManiacNorCal2018 kind of morning. Always a fun experience with my daughter/sister @slanae9 This being my second time mud run, I was excited to see just how strong my mind and body had become. I am pleased to report that I BEASTED every obstacle in my way slowandsteady. breakthroughoutloud mindovermatterJoin us next time. I promise it’s much more fun, exhilarating, and enduring than you may think. I look forward to the enjoying the victory with you.

We have been in the studio recording, and speaking, and educating, and building movements for over 13 hours yesterday. Today is another marathon! But it’s all worth it!

If you really want to invest in your child's future, buy them a business so that they can build as legacy. Let's have a conversation about the best next business for your new graduate. Inbox me.

Success is a choice. Inbox me when you are ready to choose.

Trying to stay young!

Scared money don't make no money! At the Casino in Puerto Rico

On the way to the Ritz Carlton Puerto Rico!

Sometimes life stresses us out so much that we feel like all we can do is focus on the dollars coming in. Once I started to let go and let God I was able to focus on serving. God made the money happen... tell me how can I serve somebody today!

Kai is as big of a Lisa Nichols fan as I am! I love how she listens so intently. @lisa2motivate @momonie38 breakthroughoutloud lisanichols kaikamahele motivate motivatingthemasses motivatingtheyouth

Keenly Clever loving the art piece that I am completing yesyes bol breakthroughoutloud @lisa2motivate

This is the part where I quote @l_nichols1950 where she says “other people’s perception of you, ain’t none of your business”.. Inspired, motivated... captivatedbreakthroughoutloud

breakthroughoutloudEven the demons have intellectual beliefs in God but it does not lead to their salvation😜😝🤔...waiting receiving moving intimateportraits 👑💯🔝💋

Mwen pap ranse😝😛😜I’ve been gone for a minute plis maturité💪🏿and i keep rising....breakthroughoutloudhaitiankingbknyc....Be good and let your heart take couragechangeyourstrategyexpand

Those who fly solo have the strongest wings ~ Bibi Innovations . “The one who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd, those who walk alone are likely to find themselves in places no one has been before “- Albert Einstein I am 100% complete in this moment, I am not the woman I was 10 years ago, I am not the woman I will be in 5 years time. 100% settled in me. I am not perfect, I have managed to perfect the imperfections in me 😊 . . 👉🏽 follow💫@positivitytruemindfunessbybibi 💫 . . knowyourworth yourcircle matters simplyme imperfectionisbeauty showmeyourfriendsandiwilltellyouwhoyouare chooseyourfriendswisely flysolo yolo iknowwhoiam 100%settled alberteinstein bibiinnovations bethebestyou workingprogress transformationthursday lawofattraction paradigmshift manifest motivatingthemasses inspirationalquotes blessedtobeablessing yesyes bol Godsplan breakthroughoutloud nofear happiness regardless itsagreatday

You are motivating the masses and it is taking me back to focusing on how I have motivated the children of the RVA speakandwrite @lisa2motivate bol breakthroughoutloud SW2018 @2motivatethemasses

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