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FTtiming with EEKS! She did well at the vet! Poor girl lost weight from 2 months.. 5.7 to 5.1.. wish we could fatten her up! Waiting for blood work results.. she is such a 🥰 burmesecatsofinstagram burmesecatsociety burmesecats facetime facetimeposts burmesebeauties💝 burmesecatslovers champangelilac💜 cattherapy skinnygirl sillykitty catsofinstagram cats meowdeling catstagram petsofinstagram petstagram pets daddysgirl burmeseworlddomination

Alexander got a heating blanket. He is a senior cat(14) and likes to sleep somewhere warm😸 .seniorcat, burmesecat, burmesecatsofinstagram, burmesecats, blondecat, lilactortieburmese, lilactortie, diabetic, diabeticcat, burmeserkatt, katt, burmesecatsociety

Willy has found himself a comfy spot for a nap, but he can’t make heads or tails of it!

Snug as a bug in a blanket 😻💜

MY LOVES❣️. They are my everything. I could squeeze them tightly and kiss them all the time. Hubby inspires me to keep pushing through my medical challenges. And he’s right. Meds 💊, makeup 💄 and a Smile...!!

Ms EEKIE BEAKS has a vet apt today. She needs blood work done since steroid shots had been given in July, August, Sept.. her slight wheezing started this week.. she WILL NOT BE A DIABETIC CAT 🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾..Wish I could be there with her! Curious to find out how her inflammation is doing with the CBD treats. WISH SHE WOULD USE INHALER STUBBORN KITTY! It’s so interesting since we have been managing her chronic nasal inflammation how she is SUPER PLAYFUL; even when steroid has worn off.. I 💕 this sweetie gal whose 11? No idea. SHE WILL BE BETTER AND SHE WILL NOT HAVE DIABETES🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾 positiveaffirmations positiveaffirmation champangelilac💜 burmesecatsofinstagram burmeseworld burmeseworlddomination meowdeling poses posesforpictures photoposes posingfordays😎 posingfordays burmesecatsofig burmesecatslovers burmesecatsociety burmesecatsaregreat burmesecatsrocks catsofinstagram cats petsofinstagram catitude catstagram pettherapy cattherapy cutiepie😘 cutiepie sweetgirl rescuedcat rescuecat burmesecatsoftheworld

Igor's favourite time of day is nap time 😴🧡

Perfect chin height 👌🏼

Warming up my paws for the day ahead nottekita cozycathomes burmesecatsociety

Do it like Denzel... 🐾🐾🐱 If someone once told me that my best friend would be a cat, I would of laughed and said “how sad”. When it comes to animals, although I love all kinds, I was always more of a dog person. Then I got Denzel. This golden (lilac) boy with his larger than life personality has in the past year and a half completely stolen my heart! For those of you thinking “you’re mad, it’s just a cat”, all I can say is you clearly haven’t met Denzel, and respectfully and shamelessly, I don’t think we really are each other’s kind of people. 😜 To my fellow Burmese lovers out there, I know you get it! ❤️ To name a few 👇🏻 @bryson_burmese_adventure_kitty (Denzel’s half Brother and an absolute legend / instagram sensation) @kocickaburmese thank you forever for Denzel 🙏 @_princess_lullaby welcome to the family 🐾🐾 @burmese_cats_of_insta love you guys! Thanks for always making me laugh @waffles_and_winston 😻burmesecat lilacburmese blueburmese burmeseworlddomination catsofinstagram catstagram burmesecatsofinstagram adventurecats catlover catlove catlife cats burmesecatsociety burmesecatslovers burmesecatsofaustralia burmesecatsofmelbourne catsofig burmeseofig catsoftheworld cutecats burmesecatsofig burmesecatclub burmesecatsaregreat burmesecatloversunite amazingcats coolcats coolcatsclub catworld catexplorercover catloversclub

Went for a spin with the bald human 😻 saw birdies and dogs , it was lots of fun ❤️❤️🐾 - Norman storminnorman nofear gofasterdad cruising norman lilacburmese cats_of_instagram cats burmesecats dumbbum burmesecatsociety topcatphoto catsofinstagram burmesecatsofinstagram

Vilken är din favorit kattras? 😁 Min är såklart Burman 🙌🏻 Motivation: tillgiven, pratglad, social, mycket personlighet, vackra. 💕burmakatt

This little rascal has been ignoring me lately and finally he decided to jump on my lap just as I was going to bed. So I suppose I am staying up thenvintagehome burmesecat burmesecatsofinstagram burmesecatsociety burmesecatslovers burmesecatsofaustralia redburmesecat redburmeseofinstagram redburmeseboy

Playin with my mums

Merlyn and Igor are never far apart, they are the best brothers 💜🧡

Monday morning and rethinking my life choices 🙀😸 mondaymood bluemonday

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