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„Wenn du anderen Gutes tust, tust du dir das Beste.“ - Benjamin Franklin - Wusstest du, dass wir unsere eigene Glückseligkeit und Gesundheit verbessern, wenn wir anderen eine Freude machen? Wenn wir andere glücklich machen ohne eine Gegenleistung zu verlangen? Wenn es einzig und allein unsere Intention ist jemanden ein Lächeln ins Gesicht zu zaubern? ☺️ Wieso nutzen wir die Gegebenheiten nicht und bieten anderen unsere Hilfe an? Vielleicht habt ihr Nachbarn, welche nicht selbst einkaufen können, oder es derzeit einfach nicht tun sollten? Wieso bietet ihr ihnen nicht an das Einkaufen für sie zu übernehmen? Wann habt ihr euch das letzte mal bei eurem Postboten bedankt, dass er euch auch jetzt all eure Pakete bringt? Ich sehe in der aktuellen Situation auch so viele Chancen. Ich besinne mich auf die wirklich wichtigen Dinge im Leben: ich bin gesund. Ich habe ausreichend zu essen. Ich habe ein Dach über dem Kopf. Ich habe die Möglichkeit mich zu bilden - auch über online Vorlesungen. Ich habe einen wundervollen Partner. ❤️ Für alle diese Dinge bin ich dankbar. Ich möchte etwas von diesem Gefühl zurück geben. Also bedanke ich mich bei meinem Postboten. Ich bedanke mich bei der Verkäufern im Laden um die Ecke. Sie leistet grade einen unglaublichen Job. Wie geht es dir? glück glücklich glückseligkeit gesundheit etwaszurückgeben freude dankbar dankbarkeit diewirklichwichtigendinge besinnung liebe dalecarnegie sorgedichnichtlebe networker networkmarketing businesswoman greenbusiness ringana ringanapeople frischepartner sowe sofree

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"Speranza è poter vedere che c'è luce 🕯️ nonostante tutta l'oscurità" Cit.Desmond Tutu Lo sapevi che la tua vita è per il 10% ciò che ti accade e per il 90% come reagisci? Tutta questa situazione ci porta a disperarci, io invece ho preferito reagire a testa alta e assieme a molti amici stiamo lanciando qui in Italia qualcosa di innovativo e straordinario 🚀💥... Vuoi farne parte anche tu? sbaaaam prelancio newbusiness newopportunity iosonosilvia businesswoman businessonline coseincredibili italy🇮🇹

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Ça c'est Shula... Mon million... C'est juste une maison au soleil. Où je pourrai m'aimer et aimer mon fils librement... Paisiblement... Sans limite.. C'est un endroit ou je pourrais être moi... Sans être dérangée, fatiguée, déconcentrée par les idéaux des "autres" sur le moi que je devrais être... A leurs yeux... C'est un refuge pour mon enfant intérieur où l'on danse et l'on chante mais aussi où l'on se repose à corps et à cœur... C'est une école de la vie où on se découvre et on apprend à s'aimer un peu plus... Chaque jours... Et on en aime mon l'humain... C'est une petite société communément appelée foyer où chacun donne le meilleur de lui même dans l'intérêt commun... Par amour... Véritable... C'est un temple enchanté entre mer et rivière où la générosité de la nature est honorée... Et toi ? C'est quoi ton Million ?librearbitrelibert libertefinanciere entreprendreautrement entreprenadriatfeminin businessgirl businesswoman lanmou lanmoupoutou blackwomanisgod paradise paradis

I’ve just added some new choices of fabric to the pre-made masks 😷 These have been really popular, so some fabrics have sold out or are running low 🦠 No pics of these made up yet, as I haven’t had time, but hopefully you can get the idea from the swatches ❤️ Poodles 🐩Pick n Mix 🍬 Playing Cards ♣️ Popcorn 🍿 and Lipstick 💄 now available to order 💋 I’m waiting for some blue tape to match the Lipstick and Pick n Mix fabric, so these may not be ready for next Tuesdays Post Office run as I only only ordered them last night! 🏤 But they will be shipped as soon as I can! 🌈 Alison 💋 facemask mask facemaskcotton facemaskwashable facemaskkids facemaskladies facemasksdults mask newfabric cottonmask cottonfacemask handmade handmadefacemask fabric fabrics cotton craft craftbusiness smallbusiness smallbusinessowner smallbiz businesswoman womeninbusiness

Is there a secret to doing well on YouTube? CONSISTENCY is KEY. The only way you grow is by being consistent. Most people give up at 3 months, 6 Months. That's not enough TIME. You need time for the algorithm to work for your VIDEOS. If you upload 1 video a week for 52 weeks, over 5 years that's 260 and in 10 years 520. Imagine how much you would grow if you made 260 videos. Youtube is a long-term investment yes it takes time to make videos but in the end you will be so grown. ... Credits: @thejeremymura ...youtube contentcreator martketingagency youtubegrowth youtubehacks youtubetips content contentmarketing digitalmarketing marketing branding socialmedia business marketingdigital entrepreneur startup startuplife entrepreneurship successquotes businesswoman businessman start businesspassion businesslife businessowners entrepreneurlifestyle build instagramgrowth instagramcarouseld brandstrategy

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"You really helped me to become strong as a single parent and allow me to look after all of my children. I do not have any family to help me, I lost my mother, I lost my father and I lost my husband and I was left to support all five of my children alone. "During the Ebola quarantine some days we could not afford to eat. I lost my business because I could not get any fish. I could only sell cans of dried, ground cassava for small amounts of money. "I want my children to see how strong I am. I am proof that you can succeed and make it if you work hard. I want to inspire them. "Now I have much bigger profits and I was able to send all my children to private school. Two of my children are out of high school now and I can support them." Five years ago we helped people like Fatu rebuild their lives and businesses after the Ebola crisis. We can do it again with your help. 👉donate.ycareinternational.org👈 . . . . .covid19 coronavirus quarantine emergencyfund coronavirusoutbreak worldpandemic coronanews globalcrisis keepsupporting supportsmallbusiness helpingothers business socialdistancing weareinthistogether wegotthis keepsupporting helpingothers businesswoman femaleempowerment entrepreneur businessowner success leadership community empower women equality strongwomen empoweringwomen

Happy Wednesday Champions! Make it a practice to start each day speaking out loud what you're grateful for.

"Don't be afraid to experience failure. It is all part of becoming successful. Failures make you stronger and resilient if you let it. People who have amassed success and wealth failed at some point, and they failed more than once. Fail forward and don't give up. You can do this! ------quit giving excuses!!! . . Dm me for more info on how you can be successful and walk in financial freedomcalifornia losangeles maryland newjerseyalaska minnesota texas houston hawaiiconneticut newyork massachusetts gainpartygaintrick followparty followtrick gains likeslike4likes toronto businesswomanenterpreneur money Bitcoin instadailyinstagood inspirationalquotes inspiration southafrica

The accuracy 💯 We all can make it 💪🏽

Straks weer naar het werk! Nu alvast een nieuwe tas bestellen bij gavetas.nl in verschillende kleuren en modellen. Nu met korting van 15% met code SHOPNU15 gavetas tas tassen schoudertas schoudertassen businesswoman businessbag businessbags businesswoman tassenwinkel chesterfield chesterfieldbags thechesterfield thechesterfieldbrand dameswerktas laptoptas laptoptassen handtas handtassen korting aanbieding

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We’d like to dedicate this post to one of our legacy wholesale partners @fowlds_cafe who are still serving and caffeinating the lovely people of Camberwell. They are stocking mostly essential products like fruit, veg and canned goods, as well as regular fresh bread, cakes and, of course our @redemptionroasters coffee both to go and retail bags! Make sure to support local during this difficult period for small independent businesses💥💙 Stay safe and stay caffeinated teamredemption

The world is noisy lately. Many days recently “I can’t even” with the news or social media because it’s just. so. much. Because I feel overwhelmed often by the external noise (add the already loud internal noise) I react. So I’ve been trying to eliminate all the noise and tune in to what really matters and what’s healthy for me, while trying to hold compassion for the others who are equally trying to do the same. Because we’re all in this together. 👊🏼 Part of what I’ve found difficult about the COVID-19 stuff isn’t just the virus... it’s the chatter—the debate on treatments, the debate on causes, arguing over who’s right and wrong in this, conspiracy theories, well-wishes and “prophetic words”, the impact on businesses and the global economy. Any of these might be manageable on a good day. All of them together?! NOISE! 🗣🙉 As I’ve been thinking and praying these days, I have to remind myself of 3 things: 1️⃣ THIS IS A FORM OF TRAUMA 2️⃣ MOST PEOPLE DIDN’T LEARN HOW TO TRUST 3️⃣ THIS TOO SHALL PASS 😩😥😳 This is trauma—even if this is for good (and I believe good things will come from this global time) it’s traumatic on many levels. It’s healthy to acknowledge so we have a baseline to build and heal from. 🤬😱🥶 When trauma happens, our instinct is to go into fight, flight, or freeze. That response is turned off by TRUST. In our society, MOST people haven’t learned to trust fully or properly. Our learning to trust starts before we’re even born and is most critical in our first five years. Our projection of trust based on maternal/paternal bonds then just gets projected everywhere else until we learn and relearn throughout life. Most people (though not all) in our society have experienced some form of abuse or neglect as children, even if it’s minor. 😔😢😭 For that reason, I’ve been receiving a lot of grace and compassion and aiming to give it even more—giving extra space for freakouts or fear reactions, slowing down to communicate better, giving the benefit of the doubt and believing the best, trusting that if I or they aren’t showing “our best self”, it might be because today (or this month) isn’t our best day and that’s OK. [Continued 👇🏼]

These play an important role to motivate you & your team. 👑 Awards dnt only acknowledges your hardwork but also helps you push yourself in difficult times. 💫 They are not THE MOST IMPORTANT thing in your career but they are good for your morale and help you self motivate🥂 Just grateful to be up on those prestigious stages🙏 Note- every individual has their own perspectives to award! awards businessawards youngentrepreneur kolkatablogger thekolkatabuzz youngbusinessowner indianyouth businesswoman teama2z a2zmedia kolkatamedia indianmediahouses bwbusinessworld eventfaqs timesofindia telegraph kolkatanews kolkatabusinesses kolkataeventindustry kolkataeventmanagers kolkataweddingplanner awardedagency crimsonbride partyslate businessideas businesspassion nationalplayer eventstylists

My WCW goes to all the beautiful ladies out there; never give up, hustle must pay💰keep striving, keep pushing don’t let anyone deceive you that you are not strong enough to make things happen believe in yourself and your goals, keep pushing never give up and believe me the sky will be your starting point. I love you all my darlings 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘. ....................................................................................................................................................................................hairsellerinlagos makeupinnigeria bellzdigital hustlersquare naijabrandchick stayathome staysafe triciabiz instablog tundeednut marketing digitalmarketing socialdistancing socialisolation business businesswoman businessmen contentcreator logodesigner logo logodesigns lagosvendors lagosnigeria lagosbusiness abujabusiness abujadesigner abujaconnect

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Who are some interior designers that inspire you?⁠ ⁠ I wanted to take a moment to brag on a few people in my circle that are doing AMAZING work ❤️⁠ ⁠ Shout out to:⁠ ⁠ @grinteriors_reyesbrothers⁠ @lgcinteriors⁠ @sterlingkitchendesigninc⁠ ⁠ Let's support our community and find new people to follow! Tag your favorite interior designers below 👇🏻⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠interiordesign interiordesigner kitchendesigner bathdesigner countertops interiordetails interior123 homereno homedetails interiordeco interiordecorating interiordesignbusiness interiordesignerlife businesswoman designbiz mycreativebiz instahomedecor interiordesigncoaching instahomedesign interiordesignproject interiordesigntips learninteriordesign learninterior communityovercompetition risesisterrise womenempoweringwomen ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠

If I DON'T need NO shit happens fund support group was ever a meme 😩😏👀🤷‍♀️👆 * They asked themselves why I would pay to save with you when I can do it myself or with my sister, no shade but sis what position what are you in now? How much has your sister helped you along in this period? This isn't a brag, but my impact is based on evidence, I helped strangers come together on social media an saved more than 20k collectively in 12months we began in Dec 2018 I have my 2nd cohort in motion now. * We are everyday women taking control of our futures by making better financial decisions. I am not a guru or a financial advisor or do I want to build a business in this space; I just want my community to understand the language of 💵💵💵💵💵💵 * The incentives I've created via my page are NOT to lace my pockets, I've always made sure my prices were very affordable, and more so to get a commitment from the participants, it's about the common good for me and the exchange of knowledge with my community period* I try to do my best to provoke a different mindset, offer life tools I've learnt from experiences and wisdom given to me by those that have already walked the miles ahead of me nothing more nothing less. A reminder of to self ♥

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⠀ ⠀ КАК ПИСАТЬ ДЛЯ INSTAGRAM: 7 ПРОСТЫХ СОВЕТОВ⠀ ⠀ «Инстаграм» – территория визуального контента. Но это не значит, что на текст можно забить!⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 1. Не знаете, с чего начать пост, начни с: «так, короче, б**»⠀ ⠀ Без шуток – просто начните так писать, а дальше рассказывайте ту мысль, которую хотели сообщить. Такое неформальное начало позволит снять психологические зажимы, страх белого листа и прочее. Не забудьте только отредактировать пост перед публикацией.⠀ Если такое начало вам кажется слишком дерзким и грубым, начните с более культурной версии: «Представляешь».⠀ ⠀ 2. Пишите «другу» / понимайте ЦА⠀ ⠀ Я иногда встречаю сопротивление у начинающих авторов: «Я не знаю о чем писать, ну не писать же о том, что я кофе выпил».⠀ Совет: начните «переписываться» с «другом». ⠀ Начните «рассказывать» «другу» про то, что вы делаете, для кого, зачем, какая выгода от вашего продукта. Потом скопируйте все, что вы написали в «переписке», и объедините в один пост.⠀ Все могут переписываться с друзьями – используйте эту суперспособность для создания классных текстов.⠀ ⠀ 3. Не забывайте про абзацы⠀ ⠀ Любой текст будет восприниматься легче, если в нем будут абзацы. Отбивайте фрагменты с разными смысловыми акцентами друг от друга пустой строкой. ⠀ ⠀ 4. Используйте субтитры в видео⠀ ⠀ Если публикуете видео, в которых важно то, что вы говорите, – поместите в видео субтитры. Очень много людей смотрят видео без звука, а субтитры помогают понять, что «какая-то важная информация передается».⠀ Некоторые мобильные приложения сразу записывают видео и расшифровывают все то, что вы говорите (как, например, Clipomatic, Clips). Можно видео снимать сразу с телесуфлером, зачитывая заготовленный текст, а затем его разместить в качестве субтитров в любом видеоредакторе.⠀ ⠀ 5. Пишите про людей⠀ ⠀ Людям нравятся люди, а больше всего нам нравятся мы сами. Когда люди читают текст и узнают в нем себя, такой текст вызывает больше реакций. И дает больше охвата, чем текст не про нас.⠀ ⠀ 6. Делайте мощное вступление⠀ ⠀ В «Инстаграм» нет заголовков, но это не значит, что можно пренебрегать мощным вступлением. Если первое предложение будет ни о чем, гораздо меньше людей захотят читать дальше. ⤵️

As far much, our founder @raphaeloni_md have dedicated his life to creating a platform that will provide mentorship for startup entrepreneurs but we still feel there is more to do beyond mentorship. This has sparked a desire to help establish the power of self-belief among the younger minds. The journey begun at Shaka Momodu Memorial College, Irrua, Edo state on a mission to create awareness on entrepreneurship. We do believe there are so many teenagers who have concieved an entrepreneurship career but are not supported as that is common esepcially from the same people who stand in as Parents, Guardians or Freinds. We want to inspire them to keep up with that burning desire by exposing them young entrepreneurs (who are invited to speak) and sharing the success stories of global successful entrepreneurs. We also shall be supporting 2 candidates each from every school with a sum to help start their businesses while we also guide them through. . . . . . . . .entrepreneur entrepreneurlifeyoungentrepreneur successful picoftheday photooftheday lovewhatyoudo love businessowner followme nevergiveup businesswoman businessmanentrepreneurmindset stayhome staystrong business innovation inspiration instagood motivational motivation startupbusiness startuplife @officiallindaikeji @tundee @ubifranklintriplemg @instablog9ja

📷🤍 • $20 Studio Sessions ~ only purchase the photos you love www.photographybyjulieh.com

No hibernation going on here at JR headquarters...if anything, we have been even busier than usual with re-strategising and creating agility amongst our clients' business! Watch this space for a business launch that will be featured digitally and also as full-page advertisements in your favourite Australian magazines. Grateful as always to Bauer Media for your support cantwait covidwontstopus Jessica is a Brand & Identity Expert who amplifies people and their businesses to stand out from the crowd and make their mark. For more info visit www.jessica-ritchie.com

Always invest in causes that can help others. 💛 My company and team, DMark, has teamed up with Central Fil-Chinese Fire Rescue and Civic Welfare Association Inc. and other companies to help out and give assistance to our community by disinfecting streets around Manila. Thank you CFCFRCWAI Firemen for your service! 🙏🏻 WeHealAsOne FightCovid19Together

What’s your purpose? 💭join our community for female entrepreneurs, link in bio 😉FEWMotivated

Looking to collab with some women who wear lace wigs! Have to be ok with having your face allll over the net ! 🤣 please DM ME! stylists, wig makers, wig sellers influencers makeup artists TAG SOMEONE WHO MAY BE INTERESTED wigseller wigmaker stylists businessowner mua influencers businesswoman collaboration brandinfluencers stayhome socialdistance shemikajackson101 upscalelacewigz kafunehair meltmedown melloout hairlossguide

FEW cares for your mental health ❤️ In light of coronavirus, FEW has invited @drjadekua to have a chat with our co-founder, Anna Wong, on IG Live with FEW Community! Dr Jade Kua is a senior paediatric emergency specialist and the founder of Life Coaching Service - Jade Life and Wellness Pte Ltd. She is also a coronavirus frontliner at work. Come join us and let’s chat about how to face the difficulties amidst the pandemic! . 📆 Wed 8 April
🕛 5:30PM
📌 IG Live @femalentrepreneursFEWCommunity

One of my FAVOURITE THINGS a client often does:⁣ ⁣ In our starter meeting they may talk from a spot of stress, frustration sometimes coming with there hands up saying,⁣ ⁣ "I dont even know where to start with what I need help with." ⁣ ⁣ MY FAVOURITE THING is when we get to a spot where their frustration and anxiety goea away and turns to excitement! ⁣ ⁣ Their face changes, they begin to realize that they can hand off that part of their business they dont know what to do with, which leaves them space to do what they love most. ⁣ ⁣ Oh, it's so awesome. 👏 ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣entrepreneurshipcovid19 startups business startup entrepreneur entrepreneurship entrepreneurs marketing startuplife smallbusiness innovation entrepreneurlife technology businessowner tech startupbusiness success digitalmarketing motivation coworking businesswomen branding businesswoman clientmeeting businessowners onlinebusiness socialmedia clients

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