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Purrniture Project Complete!! The riveting story of a tireless makeover... After years of work, customizing an otherwise ordinary IKEA table, the Box Tiger finds respite. Preferring the supple curves of a lathed leg, the Box Tiger Box Tiger worked diligently to carve uniform, yet organic engravings upon each of the four legs. Steadily clawing away at each, until achieve a purrfect 360° artisanal masterpiece. This bespoke table can be found only in Los Feliz in the home of the master himself. However it may be available for local exhibitions or for private viewings at the Box Tiger’s residence on weekdays at 11 am after his second breakfast and robust snuggling. Between 9:30-10:30 every day, the LFBT requires time upon the shoulders if standing or tummy to tummy if his keeper @metrocherry is found prostrate. Photos of “Tummy Time” will likely be posted to this account in the coming days. For now though, we must rest. Basking in the glory of Tobias Fünke- Box Tiger and Master Craftsman. . . . . . . . . . .losfeliz losfelizboxtiger mastercraftsman bespoke boxtiger bespokewoodwork lathework lathe artisanal catart sleepingcatsofinstagram sleepingcatpose tabbycat tobiasfunke gingercatclub kittens woodcarving furnituremakeover ikeahack ikeacat cathacks claws paws whiskersonfleek

Have you ever had a dream? One that seemed unattainable? In heaven dreams are a reality 💕👌🏻🦋🦋🦋 Keep dreaming💕art artist catart pastel drawing pastelpainting

I’m having a special on custom color pet portraits on wood. Message me for details! . .. . . . . .catsofinstagram catart animalportraits catportrait mixedmedia artonwood #colorportrait petart petportrait instacool likeforlikes like4likes likeforlikeback color colorful colorfulart

たぬきちのおまじない😽🙏 Tanunyans put magic spell on "TERU-TERU BOZU" to be sunny the next weekend☀️☀️☀️ ・ #たぬにゃんず #日常 #ねこ cat #고양이 tanuki tanukicat #たぬきねこ catart kawaiiart #イラスト illustration drawings #いらすとぐらむ illustgram painting #手描き #らくがきアート doodles #お絵かき graffiti dairy #絵日記 #猫好き #猫マニア instacat catstagram lovecat catlover

If you didn’t know that I paint pets (and people! and walls!) for a living now, then consider yourself notified. Great for gifts of all kinds 🎁 the holidays are approaching faster than I’d like to believe! DM or fill out the form on my site - link in bio :) petportrait dogpainting dogart catart

When you order a happy meal just for the toy... 😂 I got the inspiration for this drawing from a photo of Bea from @copeycat because the cat bed looked like a happy meal to me 😂 cats catsofinstagram catart digitalart mcdonalds cats_of_instagram

Working on a piece for a friend’s friend of mine who passed too early 🐱 I love drawing on wood...hoping the watercolors take well . . . . . . . . . . . .sketchbookart sketching horror sketch sketches pencildrawing animalart sketchbook realistart drawing illustration illustrator art portrait wip drawing artists woodart cats animalportraits catart arts realism

· A wizard cat🕯🎃🕸⭐ · 猫の魔法使い🕯🎃🕸⭐ · とうとうラストになりました❣️ · #お帽子モデニャン募集 · 【モデニャンさんポートレート第10号】 ノアくんです🎉💕 · ノアくんの個性的なお顔の柄を 描くのに、3時間くらいかかってしまった😹💦 · すごく個性的でチャーミングなノアくん💜 お写真も最初の投稿まで遡ってたくさん 見させてもらったので、ノアくんの成長や 性格が分かって楽しかったです🎵 · #お帽子モデニャン募集 で描かせて頂いた 10モデニャン様、みにゃさん本当に素晴らしい モデニャンさんでした💕 そして我が子を想うママさんたちの 愛を感じることができて、 とても幸せな気持ちになりました。 · この度は、絵を描かせていただき 本当にありがとうございました💕 · 出会いに感謝🙏💗 · · また、少ししたら第3回モデニャン募集をさせて いただきますので、みにゃさまよろしく お願いします💕 · · 良純パルプ紙に アクリル絵の具で描きました。 · リポスト、スクショでご紹介いただけると 嬉しいです*°♡ アイコン使用もOKだよ🎵👌🏻 · · 原画ご希望のかたは3つ前のポストの #モデニャンさん原画購入について をご確認ください。 ·catart drawing catdrawing painting catpainting acrylicpainting acrylic #イラストレーション #猫の絵 #猫イラスト #猫アート #イラスト #アクリル画 #アクリル絵の具 #手描きイラスト #絵が好きな人と繋がりたい

Didn’t get much done here; this cold is kicking my ass. Every time I’m around kids man 🙄 which sucks because I enjoy my friend’s kiddos 😭timelapse timelapseart timelapsestitching artporn fiberart embroidery embroideryart embroiderycat dmcfloss dmcthreads embroiderycat catart kinkthesiamese siamese siamesecat sealpointsiamese catportrait kansascityartist etsyseller catmom furbaby disabledartist bluespringsmo

So many beautiful paintings were created tonight at @amorartisbrewing ! So proud of these artists! . . To register for an upcoming Pets, Paints & Pints class, click on the ‘get tickets’ link in my bio! . 🎨 .petspaintsandpints petpainting paintyourpet learntopaint amorartis beerandpainting painting artclassroom petportrait dogart catart

cicaart catart colorcat KV_Apollónia #разноцветныйкот bunteKatze #カラフルな猫

cicaart catart colorcat KV_Apollónia #разноцветныйкот bunteKatze #カラフルな猫

cicaart catart colorcat KV_Apollónia #разноцветныйкот bunteKatze #カラフルな猫

cicaart catart colorcat KV_Apollónia #разноцветныйкот bunteKatze #カラフルな猫

Morning situation ☀, lazy to wake up 🐱 planet satwa base

cicaart catart colorcat KV_Apollónia #разноцветныйкот bunteKatze #カラフルな猫

春の訪れ Episode33 春が好き 光を浴びている だけで 幸せよ サマンサ #森の猫サマンサ #写真童話 #僕らの森は言わにゃいで #美しき野良猫 #森猫 #絵本 #童話 #写真絵本 #猫 #ねこ #にゃんこ #猫好きさんと繋がりたい #猫好きな人と繋がりたい #にゃんすたぐらむ #自由猫#野良猫 #ねこ部 #ねこら部 #みんねこ#ねこ写真love_amazing_group #お写んぽ s_shot catcats_of_instagram catart

Uhhh?? This took me forever,,, i like it a lot and it’s rlly a redraw of the pose I used that was similar 2 this but that’s okay - [Psycho Killer - Talking Heads] ( I use this song a lot i just love it 2 much) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -myart originalcharacters originalcharacter traditionalart digitalart wolfart furryart catart dogart foxart fullbodyart art procreate sketch redraw artimprovement colorpalette


Thank you to our friends at paintingwithatwistlewisville and those who could join us tonight for the summery calico painting. The event, originally scheduled for last week, had to be postponed, but we think it was worth the wait! What beautiful pieces everyone created under the close eye of several kitties who supervised and offered constructive criticism along the way. Rafael even got in on the creative action by jumping into some paint! Join us next month for our next session. Booking details will be available on our and Painting With A Twist’s websites! • • •thecharmingcatcorner kittysave catrescue adoptdontshop rescuecats adoptme cats kittens catsofinstagram kittensofinstagram catstagram cats_of_instagram catsoftexas catsofdfw lewisville dfw lewisvilletx musiccitymall catcafe catlovers catpeople kittylove lifewithcats kittenlove catart catcritic paintingwithcats rafael dreamingofbeinganorangetabby

I have created some cat and dog themed outfits inspired off some of mine 🌸🌸 The labels are sort of everywhere xD outfitdesigns catart dogart

Cat loaf anyone?😂🐱 📸 @dantavis

I keep waking up with a 😸 on my 📪

Sam Cat. Still doesn't feel finished but.. so you see the difference. 🤘🏻💜

I had this thought of “Well, they’re all special kitties, but what if this ONE special kitty was like David Bowie.” So now I’m dropping some extra colors in him and hoping for the best. 4 new ParaKittens coming up in this litter. catart catsofinstagram art painting

CATTOS✨ BRAND NEW SPECIES!!! After being just an idea for so long, I finally decided to make it an official species!! CATTOS ARE SEMI-OPEN SPECIES. IF YOU MAKE ONE, YOU HAVE TO GET IT APPROVED BY ME BEFORE YOU POST/USE IT. If you have any questions, be sure to comment below! ~you may use the base on the last slide for your catto! ~if you'd like any of the cattos on the 5th slide, you can offer! Please check out the other original species I own:aqua_nymphs cloudwingswofcatto_species Tags:orginialspecies oc tomthecatto newspecies semiopen semiopenspecies closedspecies openspecies new checkitout digital digitalart digitalartist art artist cat catart

I'm making prints of the brand new Gargoyle Kitten, and I'd love your input! 😊1 - 8x10 in rectangle format (matches the rest of my prints)2 - 8x10 with the cropped corners (matches the original painting) I'm leaning toward standard rectangle 8x10 prints in cardstock with a limited edition run of the cropped variety in giclee on watercolour paper, but I'm open to suggestions. 😊 (watermark is for digital copyright purposes only & will not appear on the final prints)poll cats catart catsofinstagram instacat instacats blackcat blackcatsofinstagram gargoyle darkart macabre surrealism surrealart printrelease clockworkart bradenduncan

切り続けないと、生きていられないどうぶつ。 #切り絵#切り紙#ねこ#にゃんすたぐらむcat #고양이#кошкаhandcutpaperkotchatcatartcuttingartcuttingpaperchatkatzekissakattkotkagattopusagatocatstagramhandcraftpapermeow#切り絵の時間1日1投稿

My latest edition of prints, hanging to dry. . This print, was just a joy to print. I don’t know if I have ever had it go so well before. I was told by another talented printmaker, Kerry of @waywardcitizen, that the warmer the day, the better the printing goes. And we had a warm day when I printed this last week. Close to 80 degrees. That is not our norm here in Northern CA. I live on the coast so it’s usually cooler than most places in the summer. . I find the art of linocut printing to be interesting, challenging, sometimes joyful and many times frustrating. There is so much to learn and that excites me. It’s truly my passion right now. I look forward to learning more and more with each new print I create. . This print will be available tomorrow on my website. Till then, have a great evening. 😊 .artvideos creativesofinstagram craftposure heytheremaker artinprogress artworkinprogress handmadeart handmadeprintcatart catprint blackcatart catartwork catsinart felineart get_imprinted justprintmaking printmaking linoprinting linogravure linograbado linoleo xilografia xilography grabado holzschnitt

Little autumn drawing to bring in fall 🍁 done with colored pencils on toned tan paper 🎃 • • •blackcat fall autumn pumpkins fullmoon catdrawing halloween autumnvibes autumnart catart blackcatart seasons moonart loveart venturaart oxnardart ojaiart prismacolor prismacolorpencils strathmorepaper tonedtanpaper greetingcardart

Sam Cat illustration. I've been half coloring it but also distracted with multiple pieces and juggling a cold this week. Also decided to go with a standard Jack-o-Lantern instead of one Sam is usually seen with because a sweet price said to me "it looks too similar to the mushroomhead logo" and then I couldn't unsee it 😂. Thanks for looking 🐈🎃🍫

- heyyyy so i’m legit- UGH this drawing makes me so freaking happy it’s so cute i- 😪 bruh why can’t my relationship be like these two they’re my oldest oc couple, Merily and Keiko. gOD I FREAKING LOVE THEM SO MUCH SOMEONE HELP ME GET BETTER AT ANIMAL ANATOMY SO I CAN DRAW THEM MORE- sorry for yelling but omg you don’t know how much i love this picture. base credit: idk for now - tags:catartdrawingbasebasedrawingcatdrawingcatartcartoonstyleococsoriginalcharacterocshipocdrawingocart

Margaret Cat, 2018 decoration catpeopleart catart

バラ Rose #ねこ#ネコ#猫#猫イラスト #猫スケッチ#猫デザイン#猫アート #イラスト#スケッチ#デザイン #アート#バラcatcatscatillustrationcatsketchcatdesigncatartillustrationsketchdesignartdrawdrawingcalligraphycalligraphyartRose

鹿児島空港エアポートギャラリー 中吉徹次、徳永陽祐作陶展 26日まで開催中です★ #猫 #陶人形 #猫人形 #壁掛け#catdoodlescatart claycat clayart claydolls contemporaryclayart cat #徳永陽祐 #鹿児島空港 #鹿児島空港エアポートギャラリー  #鹿児島空港ギャラリー #作陶展 exhibition #陶器 #陶芸 #鹿児島 kagoshima  toku窯

💝Taffy💝 I drew this... 2 or so months ago.. I redesigned my beloved character, Taffy! And I love the new look!~ • • • Tags: character oc mycharacter myoc instagramart instagramartist instagramdrawings red pink cat catoc catdrawing digital digitalcat digitaldrawing drawing art catart procreate kitty Digitalkitty

Pop up art show at a beeauuuutiful new luxury house in CT! I think the new homeowner should buy the art with the house 😁 thanks for making it all possible and fun! @simonedilaura @thuanvu954 @susanlarsenhomes popupart openhouse catart ctarchitecture wiltonct interiordesigner artcollector cthomes homeforsalect interiorart

Time spent with cats is never wasted. • Not Available-contact me for customs, the universe is the limit ✨ • Add my Snapchat for extra content, possible dibs, and to see paintings first! 👻 Jklumb • Canvas 11”x14” using spray painting techniques • Artist: Joseph J. Klumb • • >>LIKE & SHARE Any Post From One Stop Hippie Ship For $5.00 Off Any Painting Purchase<< ⬆️Must be made Public⬆️ • • •spraypaintart spraypainting dreamcatcher streetart rustoleum catart followme happy galaxy kittys spaceart onestophippieshop 1stophippieshop outerspace kitten wisconsin cats love canvas sweetdreams skech peace instagood basshead kitty edm beautiful like4like hippie kittyart

Meet Luna, the giant cat, purring in the middle of the desert and when you least expect she meows. As if she meows as a beckoning for passersbys to come and say hello ♡ burningman2019 catart meow lunathecat

Splendid Egyptian cats vinyl sticker✨just added to shops with free shipping! Also at our Etsy shop link in bio all enamel pins are 20%off🎉🥳Egyptian cat designed by one of our artists @sustaiart . . . . .cat egypt egyptian exotic splendid vinylsticker sticker shinny holographic holographicstick tattoo beautiful eyecandy catbeauty gold wing bug dimond beatle rainbow catillustration catart catoftheday cats catsofinstagram enamelpin pingame stickershop animenyc stickerapp

A "ref sheet" I made of my cat, Nora. Tags: catart catartwork catartist catsketch catrefsheet

#猫彫刻 catsculpture #猫作品 #猫グッズcat #猫 neko catgoods #尾道 #猫モチーフ #恋人の聖地 #千光寺公園 #尾道市立美術館 zcatexhibitionchatsculpture catart animalart chats

New adorable kitty illustration is now available at my shop. Check it out. 🐱🌈 . . 🐱https://www.redbubble.com/people/usha5o🐱 . . 🐱 https://society6.com/ushar🐱 . . 🐱 https://ushadesignstudio.threadless.com/🐱 . . .art artist vectorart illustration digitalart digitalpainting society6 society6shop society6artist redbubblestickers redbubble redbubbleartist redbubbleshop redbubblecreate threadlesstees threadless threadlessartistshops shop shoppingonline homedecor roomdecor dormdecor decorativepillows findyourthing cats catart instart artworkforsale wallartcute

Chaotic personality, chaotic pelt pattern.art digitalart cat catart

Cicám KV_Apollónia colorcat cicaart catart #разноцветныйкот bunteKatze #カラフルな猫

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