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Mam do Was dzisiaj pytanie w sprawie sprzątania po kociakach 🐈 . Nasze futrzaste dziewczyny są prawie jak pieski 😉 Zdecydowanie wolą załatwiać swoje potrzeby na zewnątrz niż w domu! Czasem sprzątam kuwetę tylko kilka razy w miesiącu... Ale za to staram się jednak pamiętać by mieć przy sobie woreczki na odchody 💩 . A jak to jest z Waszymi kotkami? Czy załatwiają się podczas spacerów i czy po nich sprzątacie? Czy Waszym zdaniem powinniśmy sprzątać po kotach, czy też wystarczy że zakopują po sobie? Jesteśmy ciekawi Waszych opinii 🤭 . . . Both our cats prefer to pee and poop outside, so I use bags while catexploring. Do you think It's necessary to clean after kitties? . . .kotpodrżnik kotnasmyczy spacerzkotem kotnaspacerze kotynainstagramie outdoorowekotki outdoors spacer kochamzwierzeta kochamkoty kotysfajne adventurecats luxelenses catexploring takeyourcatoutside catlover catphoto catlife catonaleash kocieprzygody kociezycie kociak kociesprawy magnifiques_chats kociak szczesliwykot dachowiec slodziak

Thank you to one of @ziggy.and.charlie ‘s Meowmies for the very nice photo of me, Mamma, and baby bro, DukeSilver. This one may end up on the wall! We had a fabulous time today @catexplorer.community going out catexploring with @ziggy.and.charlie , @bouncingshellybean and @maydayandfriends . We are all true arizonatrailcats 🐆🌵⛰! If you’re in the Tucson area and want to join us, we’re going out again on March 8th. therapycat therapycatsofinstagram dukesilverthecat catalinastatepark azstateparks catexplorer hiketucson yestg themostinterestingcatintheworld domorewithyourcat takeyourcatoutside catwalksonleashes doepicshit beatenpathco hikingcat hiking_hobby

Hanging out with my equine brother on this gorgeous sunny winter day 😸🐴 ❤️. adventurecat catsofinstagram instakitty catstagram meow kitty catexplorer catexplorercommunity catexploring petsofinstagram catlovers catlove

Just taking some selfies with catmom! I almost looked at the camera in the first pic...almost😹 Swipe ⬅️ to see us being goofy and staring majestically into the distance. I think I was trying to look anywhere but the camera and mom fell for it, thinking I spotted something interesting! Do you ever play pranks on your parents? 😹 🤣 😹 🤣 😹prank prankster selfie qualitytime catmom catmomlife catmomproblems meowdel meowdeling hiking goofball goofingaround majestic makingmemories sundayfunday sundayvibes sillycat catsonleashes parenting catsofinstagram catsofworld catsoftoday ragdollsofinstagram ragdollstagram adventurecats catexplorer catexploring

Twinkle's first beach experience! She definitely had fun. I even made her feel the sand. Maybe I should put her on a leash next time. She's really good inside the bubble. .qualitytime❤️ catmomlife babycat😻 catexploring beachwalk

Can't believe I'll have mama all for me during a whole week 💙 Thanks Carnival!

Mom I can’t keep my eyes open for the picture! It’s too sunny! Maybe I should invest in some sunglasses😎 Not mad about all this sun though. Sunny days are my favourite days☀️What is your favourite kind of weather? ☀️ ❤️ ☀️ ❤️ ☀️caturday caturdaycuties sunnyday saturday meowntains outdooradventures squintyeyes walkies catsonleashes happycat happycatclub catsofinstagram catsofinsta catsofig catstagram catstagramcat ragdollcat ragdollcatsofinstagram ragdollcatlovers catloversclub catoftheday meowdel adventurecats adventurecatsorg catexplorer catexploring catexplorercommunity takeyourcatoutside

Yuki - So glad mommy is taking more time to patrol with us 🥰 The days are longer, the weather is warmer. Time to explore! 🏞️💚gizziepatrol amigos_zu royalcanin_pt catexplorer catexploring sun sunny sunnyday catstagram catlovers cats kitty fluffy cute cutepets animals pets

*profound quote about existence and overcoming obstacles* . Nah! Just looking casual, so mom can take an aesthetic picture 😽🤪😹

We are FINALLY going to the meowntains! It’s been MONTHS and it has nearly driven a wedge between my hooman and I. I am now dressed and ready to go, just waiting for her to finish loading the car. Road trip!

Another day with the elderly. 👴❤️👵 Today was a good day at work. In additon to laying in the seniors lap and letting them pet him, Nipa showed them some cool tricks like "sit", "high five" and "sit pretty". So proud of him 🙊 @cat.school . . .catstagram catlovers catexplorercommunity cats_of_instagram catandsenior therapycat elderlycare enrichment catschool catoffinland toygercats toygersociety silvertoyger catexploring elderly enrichmentforcats cattraining kissa kissarakkautta kissakoulutus terapiakissa katt katterpinstagram adorablecat pawesome cattherapy senioractivities vanhainkoti palvelutalo ldreboende

Finally, we meet again, Sr. Little Mouse! 😼🐀

I can't believe this week is almost over! Time flies! Enjoying many sunsets lately 😻. . . .cat cats catsofinstagram catonaleash catexplorer catexploring adventurecats adventurecat adventure arizona tempetownlake tempe throwbackthursday throwback tbt sunset cute lifestyle

Is anyone else missing those spring time catexploring adventures? This is a throw back to last May in Kananaskis Country. Such a great day meeting so many amazing explorers. Let’s do it again! exploringkananaskis hikingcats findingwhattheylove catsarelife capturingthecatitude wishingforspring calgary capturingthecatitude calgarycats yyc

Just being lazy these day because we can't go catexploring

Oh it's true, I am a tree-hugger. I will touch and hug every tree that I can. This bandanna is purrrfect for such activities! You have the more sophisticated and realistic trees on one side, in beautiful spring colors, and the abstract trees on the other! Looks great on all of us furrendly tree huggers, am I right?! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••pawshwearadventureElla ragdoll ragdolls ragdollcat ragdollcats ragdollsofinstagram instaragdoll ragdollworld catexploring catlovers catsofig ig_world_cats igcutestcats catseverywhere catsmeow ragdollsofinsta catsofinstagram cats catsofinsta bandanaspet petbandanas hikingwithcatsadventurecats adventurekitty hikingragdolls campingwithcatscaturday

Fish has mastered SIT!!!!

We had so much fun exploring Glen Stewart Ravine and relaxing with a bevy afterwards. Thanks for a wonderful family day @thegibsonchronicles & @blacklabbeer ❤️ . .glenstewartravine catsinthe6ix catsanddogs walkyourcat takeyourcatoutside catsonleashes catsinthecity . . @takeyourcatoutside @itscaats @bestmeow @magnifiques_chats @bestcats_oftheworld @meow_of_city @catexplorer.community @_clawsandpaws_ @adorablemeowcats @friendsofglenstewartravine @hikingwithcats

Today I am exactly 6 months old 😺 ✨ As celebration of this kitten-milestone, I have been putting my best diva-paw forward and started the day by demanding some play-time. It is sundayfunday after all! 😼 After a quick nap this was followed by a round of parkour and growling. The humans then decided it would do me good to go cool off outside, so we went on a little catexploring walk in the garden😼 So here I am - isn’t it just the perfect occasion to show off my greeneyes in the greengrass 😽aryatherussianblue russianblue russianbluecat catlife cutekitten socute sopretty greeneyedcat greeneyes💚 kittenlife bestmeow10k bestmeow meowdel russianbluekitten 6monthsold 6monthstoday kittenenergy kittensofinstagram russianbluekittens beautifulcat catmeowdel bestmeowdels

My humans always say - it doesn’t have to be valentines_day to show you love someone. And today was certainly a day full of love for me. 😻 To be fair it already started last night with an unplanned evening of netflixandsnooze , followed a night of cuddling and a tasty tuna breakfast. Then a quick round of helping with the laundry, before snoozing for an hour or so on her scarf while she was out having her hair cut 🙀. Yeah, I missed her a bit then... The afternoon adventures followed with the longest yet outdoor catexploring and some major snuggles and cuddles that ensued. The whole day was accompanied by numerous treats.😺 Yeah, I guess now’s the time to say - ilovemyhumans❤️ And I am pretty sure they love me, too ... 😻aryatherussianblue russianblue russianbluecat valentines valentinesday2020 russischblau russischblaukatze cutekitten catvalentine ilovemycat meowdel catlife russianbluekitten adorablekitten cutekitty catlife🐾 cattitude cats_of_instagram

Have a great caturday everymeowdy! I am of climbing this big tree! 🌲 SEE YA!

“Mommm, please take me with you”. ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘myfavoritebag travelbuddy travelingkitty adventurecat adventurekitty kitty kittycat catexploring catincar petsplacenl amiplay amiplayanimals amiplaybag @cats_of_instagram @cats_of_world_ @catsdoingthings catsofinstagram catsofinsta catsagram cats

Happy Valentine's day! Wishing you all an amazing day filled with love and snuggles. 💖❤🧡💛💚💙💜

Will you be my valentine? 💘 I may not always be the most graceful, but I’m sure to make you smile!

Snow romantic 💕 • • • Bow tie from @preciouspawsnc ! Their website is going to open soon, and I am so excited! • • • @preciouspawsnc —> POI15 @catso.co -> POICAT15 @arthemisclothing >POITHEBOI • • •catbowtie bowtiecat catinsnow snowcats preciouspawsnc catexplorer pawbalm graycatoutside catexploring catsnowwalk snowcatwalk cathiking

Wspominamy z Kicią piękne, zeszłoroczne ferie... W tym sezonie nie widziałyśmy śniegu. Za oknem szaro i ponuro ale my mamy już wiosnę w sercach 😺 . Życzymy Wam udanych Walentynek i perfekcyjnego piątku 😉 . . Beautiful winter last year in Zakopane 🐈 . . .kotpodrżnik kotnasmyczy podrozezkotem zakopane kotynainstagramie kochamzwierzeta spacerzkotem kocieprzygody kotysfajne kotnaspacerze ferie adventure adventurecats catswhotravel cattravels catsofinstagram catexplorer catonaleash catlife catexploring theluxelens catphoto catportrait outdoors outdoorcat purrfekcyjnypiatek dachowiec kochamkoty zimahusse

This kitty has so much attitude that she sometimes is a challenge that’s completely unique to me. For example she gets mad when we’re away somewhere and it’s time to go home so I put her harness on. She knows that means it’s time to go home, and I promise that if looks could kill...😹 She also slapped me once...😼Sometimes I really have to be inventive to solve the situations. Anyone else having a cat with a lot of attitude to handle while catexploring ? adventurecat adventurecats adventurecatsorg catexplorer catexplorercommunity catexplorers hiking hikingadventures hikingwithcats hikingkitty tortoiseshellcat tortietude tortiecats humansbestfriend attitudeproblem takeyourcatoutside catonaleash katt chat sweden winter naturephotography naturelovers catspia

A true evening pawsh look with your comforting stars on one side, and casual pattern on the other! My hooman says this one brings out my eyes. I don't really understand it, since my eyes are in the same place they have always been, in my head. Sometimes I wonder about the things my hooman says to me..... ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••pawshwearadventureElla ragdoll ragdolls ragdollcat ragdollcats ragdollsofinstagram instaragdoll ragdollworld catexploring catlovers catsofig ig_world_cats igcutestcats catseverywhere catsmeow ragdollsofinsta catsofinstagram cats catsofinsta bandanaspet petbandanas hikingwithcatsadventurecats adventurekitty hikingragdolls campingwithcatscaturday

A few more impressions from my recent adventure at the Baltic Sea. I instructed the human to post some more solid evidence of my bravery while I am tied up with important business matters after the long trip back (💩). The first picture captures the moment we came back from the dunes. The sun came out and we seized every second to present my immaculate features from different angles. During the stormy and rainy periods I preferred to stay in my backpack and only stuck my nose out to provide the human with directions towards the fish restaurant. 🐟 She thinks it’s adorable that we were wearing the same color. You can tell by my face what I think about matching clothes in general. Not. A. Mused. The things we must endure for maintaining this feline lifestyle... .smug beachcat overit acceptance tolerance matchingclothes partnerlookgoals adventurecat catonleash cutecat ostsee balticsea usedom ahlbeck @catexplorer.community @takeyourcatoutside catexploring catbackpack bkh bsh catsofinstagram instacat catsofworld katerroland rolandthetomcat

Practicing for Valentine’s Day, wearing my golden heart bandana 💛🖤💛🖤💛 Do any of my furrends out there still need a valentine? 😘 I mean, the non-hooman kind! @pawshwear

Dave has no time to waste. He has places to go! . . . . . .catsofinstagram catstagram cats_of_instagram cats cats_of_world catsofcanada winter catexploring adventurecats catsonleashes cute

I’m supposed to sit on top of this backpack, not inside it right? I prefer to be up top so I can have the best view! Do you like to ride inside a backpack? ***Ps. my bandana is from @rescuedhearts_ and you can use code INDIANA15 for 15% off your own!

Lucy, the plant lover 🌱💚

This just arrived today and we are super excited! At least, I am! 😂 @supakitstore catexploring

Alright, here we go. My first time at the sea. As relaxed and unagitated as I usually am, this adventure has definitely been quite the contrary and left me rather impressed and excited. There were huge white birds and seagulls standing around. The beach is a giant litterbox! The air smells salty and I was glad the human was around to give me some shelter from the wind as I stuck my nose out into the fresh breeze. I‘m wearing my brand new anorak to face the weather conditions appropriately. Its furry collar serves as the perfect pillow for my subsequent and absolutely crucial catnap. .balticsea catexploring @catexplorer.community @takeyourcatoutside catonleash adventurecat beachcat catoutdoor travelcat catjacket bkh bsh freshbreeze onthebeach firsttime catbackpack saltyhair seasalt catsofinstagram instacat catsofworld catsoutside britishshorthair katerroland rolandthetomcat

The little dude has different priorities than we do. Beautiful sunset, but all he wants to do is enjoy chomping on some leafy greens 🤣. Swipe to see the sunset again 😍. . . .cat cats catsofinstagram catonaleash catexplorer catexploring adventurecats adventurecat adventure arizona tempetownlake tempe monday

Before the storm

As many of you know, I did start harness training with Luna when she was a kitten. I even went outside on the balcony with her but that all stopped when she was spayed. She did open the wound on her stomach from the operation. I then had to have her wear a body at all times because the cones didn't come in her size. She was too small. She hated wearing the body. I did have to change it at least once per day to keep it hygienic and she had to wear it for around 2 weeks. After that she hated having to wear something and was very reluctant to wear her harness again, so we stopped. She loved being outside though. And she loves sitting on peoples shoulders, loves water, loves being active. I guess Luna would really enjoy the outdoors and it would probably help her anxious nature. She has always been a very scared cat from the beginning. She is great with most people now and sometimes even very social with new people but she is very unsure when it comes to noises. All that aside, today marks the day I am starting very slowly to harness train her again. She is always very curious when I train with Fawkes so I guess thats a good start. Wish me luck! . . . . . .catexplorer catexplorercommunity catexploring exploringcat adventurecat adventurecatintraining adventurecatsofinstagram fawkes catphotography catphoto tabbycatlove tabbycatsarethebest tabbycatclub tabbycatsclub bestmeowdel bestmeow10k bestmeowdels bestmeow bestmeowoftheday bestmeows bestmeowever bestcatclub bestcatsintheworld adventurecatsintrainingadventurecatsofinstagram adventurecatslove

Helping mama to have the job done 😽🌈💎

This is for those hip cats out there that want to be trendy in the meowntains with a non-traditional plaid. Teal is in, and the spring is coming, so pounce on this while they last! And on that roadtrip home, you can be furrendly in your ziggy zags of fun! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••pawshwearadventureElla ragdoll ragdolls ragdollcat ragdollcats ragdollsofinstagram instaragdoll ragdollworld catexploring catlovers catsofig ig_world_cats igcutestcats catseverywhere catsmeow ragdollsofinsta catsofinstagram cats catsofinsta bandanaspet petbandanas hikingwithcatsadventurecats adventurekitty hikingragdolls campingwithcatscaturday

🔊*sound on* Dear loyal followers, I have some exciting news to share! I‘ll be taking my first well deserved short vacation tomorrow, including a roadtrip and sleepover at a fancy hotel at the Baltic Sea. The human spent the evening discussing the contents of my luggage with me and I obviously had some major objections. Here I am reminding the human of my basic essentials and the most important training equipment to bring along. We‘re definitely taking the teepee! Which item is an absolute must-pack for your holidays? .gettingready catexploring excitement overload chattycat talkative outgoing extrovert purr catinbed negotiation cutecat opinionated catsofinstagram instacat catstagram catcontent britishshorthair bkh bsh catsofworld katerroland rolandthetomcat

Getting ready for Christmas 👅

I'm a little hunter 🧡 (PS: her eyes on the third pic are making me laugh so much 😂)

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?"

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