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The human picked up this cat basket for the @fancycatsrescueteam Wine and Cheese Fundraiser next week and I had to check it out. Her raffle basket is called "Cat Lady Starter Kit (Cat Not Included)" If you're in the DC area, you should come out next Saturday (the 28th) to @paradisespringswinery to help support Fancy Cats! Your ticket includes wine tasting! . . . . What do you guys think of the basket? Also, there is a rare Maddie blep in the second picture. . . . . . .catbasket catinbasket catblep fundraiser blackcatsrule blackcatsofinstagram housepanther minipanther maddiethehousepanther fancycatsrescueteam

: #😿 meaow #😹 ! why am i in this transport basket ? i do not want to go to the veterinarian ! // catsofinstagram / instacat / catlive / catlove / katzenliebe / katzenleben / catinbasket / catinthebasket / katzeimkorb /

When there’s not enough space to panic. 😀😹😻

Have cat, will basket. cat catinbasket martin

Don’t mind me...I’m just part of the decor. manxcat catinbasket weirdocat catsofillinois bestmeows softkittywarmkitty poofcat

A basket for a cat, it must be a cat basket. The second tall one calls it a washing basket but I'm sure she is wrong deafwhitecat deafcat tailoftwotails yukiandluna yukithecat whitecatblueeyes whitecat catinbasket catsinthings

それ、猫用じゃないんだけど #白黒猫 #はちわれ #ねこ #ねこ部 #猫のいる暮らし #ネコ #猫 blackandwhitecat tuxedocat kawaii catstagram catsofinstagram instacat ilovecats ilovemycat catslover catlover mycat cat cats chat gatto katze kitty cutecat sweetcat catinbasket tweet

It's the time of year I start thinking about crocheting. Took the baskets down from the top of the refrigerator and Kiddo immediately hopped in! fallcrafts,happycat,catinbasket

The laundry basket makes for a good napping spot catlife catnap catinbasket catface dogsoutwalkingcolorado

This isnt a laundry basket it's a fortlaundrycat catinbasket

Ah, the excitement of toys in laundry baskets. Also, academic posters printed on cloth make the best toys. catinlaundrybasket catsofinsta catsofinstagram academicpostertoy catinbasket laundrybasket 📷 by @_aerial.deb_

What chu mean clean washingifitsisits

П - покупки blackkitten cat catinbasket

My fav napping basket. I had more room in here as a kitten but I can still squeeze 😸 . .catsofinstagram catsgram catoftheday catinbasket catsofig kittygram tuxedocat kitty cat catsagram catsofinsta instacat igcat

Always helping, by causing mischief, it's what I do best 😼😽 mischievouscat kittycat catinbasket ragdollnation flamepointragdoll blonde_furr_babies prettykitty 🥰

Super chillin’ on caturday catinbasket

Wow I have no idea what just happened..🙀 I finally went to try my basket, but my people started to go crazy and take pictures of me... Do you have an idea what happened??😺

籠の中のレオ。 #レオ #猫 cat #かわえー #猫かご catinbasket

yes i knows i is soooy purrdy and funny you always wants to takes a picture, but can’t a girl just stare into a corner in peace? thx. funnycat blankstare

籠の中の猫catcatinstagram catinboxcatinbasket catloveilovecatblackcatkittenkitty#猫 #保護猫 #野生児 #ねこ #ねこすたぐらむ #ねこ部 #にゃんすたぐらむ #黒猫 #くろねこ #キトンcatlover alien

We left her like this last night and found her like this in the morning. We are expecting a repeat performance tonight. .catstagram cats blackandwhitecat kupo mymoogle catpeople catinbasket grumpycat

Basket case

Little too tight catinbasket sleeping smallbasket #アンモナイト #バスケット #小さい #快適

Early morning! Eager to play with our new basket! These are 3 pictures out of 1000 that Mummy took. Enjoy! 🤩😜😽😻 catinbasket tuxedocat tuxedocats orangeandwhitecat orangeandwhitecats catsofinstagram cats_of_instagram cats_today cats

Just love this basket ! catinbasket cutestcatragdollbeauty

🚨NEW ARRIVALS🚨 Our navy blue baskets beds are in! They are very, very big so dogs will love them too💙 Check our website for details! . . The grey baskets should be here in 2 weeks! Stay tuned🖤 • • • •basket petbeds dogbeds catbeds catinthebasket catinbasket catandbasket basketlove modernhomes homedecor ecohomedecor ecofriendlyliving ecofriendlyhome

Bunny very ready for naps this morning after a night out hunting or doing whatever it is she does between 8pm and 8am . This basket is her new favourite spot as it gets just the right amount of morning sunshine. bunny catsofinstagram catinbasket yawning yawningcat sleepycat chat petsofinstagram furbaby

Kyo listen: Why like goalkeepers doing laundry? Because they like clean sheets, hi hi!! Funny Kaya I have got one as well: My laundry washer broke today... I had to rush her to the hospital immidiately! No Kyo you can't make such jokes about women!! gato gatti catsofinstagram catinbasket laundry laundryroom jokes joke leschats katzen katzenbabys katt katten mau miu felis neko

. . . Cat in Basket 🐈 . . July 31st, 2019 | Wednesday . .tatthetetthestoryofTatbabygirl kittencatscatinbasket catsofinstagram

I still fit in my basket and I have Nice view from this height!

Thirteen is relieved to be out of the cat crate she had to stay in during the hurricane warning! ❤️🐾🙂blackcat catinbasket catinclothesbasket catinlaundrybasket cozycat sleepingpeaceful

바구니 안 고양이를 조심합시다 . . . . . . . . . . #바구니 #지랄냥 #손조심 #냥아치 #냥스타그램 #고양이 #꽁치냥 #똥꼬발랄 #턱시도냥 #사지말고입양하세요 #새가족 cat kitten cutecat greytuxedocat tuxedocat catinbasket becareful crazyeyes crazycat catsofinstagram harlemcatsnyc #ねこ #猫

Night breezes seem to whisper I love you nighttime relaxedcat catinbasket notreadyforfall kicsibaba mzeskosár zsebibaba

Perfect nest: basket of towels and junk removed from laundry room construction project .catsofinstagram tabbycats sweetkitty sweetheart lovemycats instacats catinbasket catbed graycat pets catsareweird catsareawesome

Cat in a basket!!! My cat Corvette just chilling in a laundry basketjevinloopart catsofinstagram cat catinbasket tabbycat orengetabby lazycat family corvette

Bought a gorgeous basket in liberty station 😍🤩😍🤩. .rattanbasket basket catinbasket rattanlovers tabbycats libertystation

버리려던 바구니 자네가 좋다면야 . . . . . . . . #지랄냥 #바구니득템 #냥아치 #냥스타그램 #고양이 #꽁치냥 #똥꼬발랄 #턱시도냥 #사지말고입양하세요 #새가족 cat kitten cutecat greytuxedocat tuxedocat playtime catinbasket cazyeyes crazycat catsofinstagram harlemcatsnyc #ねこ #猫

Yin Yang cosy baskets! yinyang basket catinbasket

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