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Both of our cats do this... So again > When winter is coming and you want the sun to warm you up, but she's not there... catstagram catissues catinlamp winteriscoming funnycats bnw_capture bnw_cats catsinblackandwhite bnw bnw_one bnw_greatshots bnwlove bnw_zone bnw_globe bnwshots ninjathecutecat tortietude tortie welovecats cat catsofinstagram bnwphotography bnwbeautyoftheworld bnw_world lamp warmth whiskers blackandwhitephotography bnw_fanatics

Ziggy’s favorite place to pee is the corner of the litter box, cleaning was becoming increasingly difficult to remove so we went in search of a solution...guess what? We found one! Baking soda and non-stick PAM spray, works like a charm. 1st toss out all the litter that’s in the box, wash & completely dry. Next spray the inside with PAM, sprinkle baking soda (dump any extra) & fill box with litter...works like a charm! 😺 . . . . .litterboxsolutions catpeeproblems concretelitterbox litterboxlife catissues bakingsoda pamcookingspray

When winter is coming and you want the sun to warm you up, but she's not there... catstagram catissues catinlamp winteriscoming funnycats bnw_capture bnw_cats catsinblackandwhite bnw bnw_one bnw_greatshots bnwlove bnw_zone bnw_globe bnwshots ninjathecutecat tortietude tortie welovecats cat catsofinstagram bnwphotography bnwbeautyoftheworld bnw_world lamp warmth whiskers blackandwhitephotography bnw_fanatics

I love sleeping next to my lil brother😺💗🐶 gato_cats goldendoodle catstagram catsofinstagram catissues happycat catlover catlife🐾

ANXIETY isn't just for humans; CATS can get it too. Signs your cat has anxiety can include everything from peeing outside the litter box to excessive grooming. ... "Separation anxiety is the most common specific anxiety in companion animals. When alone, the animal exhibits anxiety or excessive distress behaviors." TruBluforcats


Gotta get some work done 📝 ✅ 😹... If I could just open this pen! . . .cats catsofinstagram cats_of_instagram cats_of_world catstagram catslover cats_today kittens kittensofinstagram kittens_of_world kittens_of_instagram kittensdaily kittens_of_instagram kittenslovers meow meowpurrtee themeowlife meowcats bestmeow dailymeow

Eleanor does this errrry night without fail. She waits in the bathroom while i shower & as i get out, she gets in.. just to sit in there for a bit... stare down the drain with a wet bum 🤷‍♀️ she odd... she eLOONor 🙃 Her nightly routine within my nightly routine haha. P.s. If Pennywise makes me float, she did it!MyCatHasIssues BlackCat BlackCatsOfInstagram ShowerCat Kitty CrazyBitch MyCrazyKitty CatIssues SheWierd LoopyCat PrettyButCrazy BabyGirl WierdCat LoveHer PrettyKitty CatLogic CuteCats CrazyCatLady BlackSmokeTabby Cat Cats FunnyCats MyKitty

I'm supposed to look interested next to this wonderful book cover. I try my best, but I'm really sleepy 😽💤 catsofinstagram cats catcontent cutecats catissues katzenliebe kittenplay kittenoftheday kittenofig katzen lovecats katzenspiel katzenbabys catbabies bookstagram catswithbooks

Wenn es dem Kater egal ist, dass er das Buch hübsch präsentieren soll 😃🤣 catsofinstagram cats catcontent cutecats catissues katzenliebe bücher bookstagram lesen ebookleser ebooks kindleunlimitedbooks kindle

So things going well in my new house. Been outside lots, but early days and not had any battles with other cats yet. Still surveying my new territory. Be nice if my servant wasn't working so much though, I miss him and his friend is still ott. blackcatsofinstagram blackcat catservants catstagram cats_of_day catlife marley_booy catcatcat catdreams catservantmanipulation catslife catstory handsomecat bigblackcat bigcat lapcat catsofinstagram catscatscats alwaysaboutthefood huntingcat cathunting fulltummy alertcat territorialissues catissues notalwaysaboutthefood hesmine dontleavemeagain lightsabre darkside

Happy whiskers Wednesday everyone! Do you know my curly whisker is now gone forever? 🙀 I still have the other one, but one had to be shorten by my humans 😿 I was sneezing A LOT and my cat mom was starting to worry if I am all good, but than she noticed it’s my crazy whisker getting stuck in my nose and sometimes eyes even 🙀 So I guess it’s for the better... Have you ever found your whiskers troublesome? 🤔 . By the way, my stunning bow tie is from @furreverfluffs 😻 It’s a perfect match for a plantlover like me! 🌵 . .whiskers whiskersonfleek whiskerswednesday wibrysy wasacz fallcolors autumnvibes catproblems followme cutecat adorablecats funfact catissues lifewithcats catexplorer catadventures lovelyday petlovers nature_cuties naturelovers meow bestmeow10k polishcat kotek siberiancat chillout petfashion

Human, I can see the bottom of my bowl. catissues catoverlord

This gentleman is not happy to have his cousin T-bone visiting. We think there’s a message in the picked over bone @s.cerulean catsofinstagram catissues kittenlife

When you can‘t move cause your cat is laying on top of your legs... catlovers catissues manchester manchestercats

Now that I’m 3.5 months old with a new and important job in Security, I’ve decided to go by my first name (Sharon) instead of my middle name (Karen.) I feel it’ll give me a bit more cred when I issue Jean from IT parking citations or have to wear tactical gear. Also, I’m too young and busy to worry about possible trademark issues with the Australian Drag Queen (the original and equally cool Karen from Finance.) Sincerely, Sharon from Security 💗😻💗 From Casapinka: Don’t look at me - Like I can control a 3.5 month old kitten and her name issues?! Congratulations, Sharon Karen! Oops, I mean Sharon from Security (pronounces Sharon with a RI accent.) casapinka catissues iloveyarn knittingisfun

Apparently me leaving the house becomes an issue after I’ve been volunteering catissues volunteer Deafmum Cuteness

"C'est sûr j'aurais peut-être pas du faire sa misère à l'essuie-tout. Mais en même temps, est-ce que tu laisserais une grosse larve gluante et appétissante devant Timon et Pumba ? NON ! Alors tanpipourtoi !" . . . . . .Newton Chat Cat Catstagram Instacat CatsOfInstagram CuteCat DumbCat CatLoversClub CatDad SleepyCat CatMouth CrazyCat CatLife CatIssues CatTeeth CatLovers BtisesDeChat

Christmas in November?!!! Really?! Nahhhh. Actually I hate this time - people put stuff on me. It gets crowded and loud. And that terrible singing! I dont get it why they love this time so much. complainingcat nochristmas notochristmasinnovember grumpycat uglycat nottrue catphoto catlife catissues cattrouble cat catjokes funnycat catlover catlove kitten catsofinstagram catsagram katze catsoftheday mainecoon catsloverclub dailycatlife instapet nomood mood catmood angrycat fancycat pickycat

Althea took one look at the snow coming down and went full bear-mode. She seems to be doing her best hibernation impression. tabbycat cute catissues cat catsofinstagram cats pet catstagram petstagram kitten instacat meow catlover petsofinstagram petsagram catoftheday kittens ilovemycat catlovers furry catsagram furball cats_of_instagram instacats caturday catlove kittycat catlife catsofig tabby

Looking smug by the empty cage!!!! Yup, she killed Blue. 💙😢 birdkiller catissues

Benji so wants his big sister to love him......sorry mate this might be a long process!!!😂🐯🐈❤ kitten grumpysister tortie gingerandwhite catissues catfamily

We advertise books. Books are tasty erm... good and fun... Hooman should always take time to read, gives us more time to steal from the bin 😺 (not that we did that. Okay, we did exactly that) naughtycat catsofinstagram cats catcontent frechekatzen kittenlove kittenoftheday catswithbooks fluffycat britishlonghair mycatlovesbooks caturday katzemitbuch lesekatze ragdollcat catissues katzenliebe kittycat kittenofig

This NEVER happens! Woody - my usually aggressive, temperamental & grumpy cat has just snuggled in! Must be turning cold ❄️🐱 Cats CatIssues

Why did you do that?🐾 . ノートパソコンは踏みつけるものだと思っているらしい。 .sora scottishfold scottishfoldlovers scottishfoldcat catstagram catsofinstagram cat cats ilovemycat adorable #スコティッシュフォールド #スコティッシュフォールドロング #スコティッシュフォールドロングヘア #ねこ #ねこ部 #ふわもこ部 #ねこのいる生活 catissues #猫あるある

Help, cat experts! This little one has been vomiting his food once a day since Sunday morning. Tomorrow we'll go to the vet. The food tastes good and he is energetic as always, but something is still wrong. 😔 We have eaten a vet's diet and Canikur medicine. nebelung catissues catissue

So yeah sometimes I just want to be a CAT!!aussiedoodle aussiedoodlepuppy catissues

When the kid doesn't finish the laundry process, and you find this. caught catproblems🐾🙀 dryer catstagram blarney blarneycat catlover snuggyanwarm catissues catlove

When you want to go out... but also dont want to miss what's happening in your favorite TV show. .CatIssues TVaddict CouchPotato OroTheCat cats instacat catsagram catsofinstagram

When you got wasted and mistook the garden pot as bathroom. - - - - - - -meow catissues #貓 cats cat catmemes meow catinthailand

Maya:You’re on my spot Bailey:Too bad This will not end well😼😼catissues

My complicated cat. Eliot always has something “weird” going on! 😂 The past month it has been feline acne 🙄... and this morning he is suddenly quiet and skittish and won’t go in the living room. No idea. He sees something scary that we don’t see! 🙀 I sprayed calming spray everywhere and sat with him till he fell asleep for awhile... hoping the mood will pass. 🙏 For now we are hanging out in other rooms, finding fun distractions... like the trash in the wastepaper basket. 😂 • •catsareweird catissues alwayssomething alwaysmybaby

Poor old Buster is struggling with the new house at the moment. Being blind isn't helping... it must be so scary for pets, who have lived in one house their whole lives, to suddenly be packed up and moved to a completely strange place to start again... especially when they're all old. • • Buster's bed had to be thrown away after a peeing incident the other day; and this morning, Lee came down to a kitchen floor covered in pee and runny poo! 🤢 • • Poor old boy... he must be feeling so stressed at the moment. He's finally settled for now... but he'll be back up later, wandering around with anxiety. • • I can't wait to be able to leave the doors open so the cats can go out. I'm already fed up with locking them in one room all night and cleaning out the litter trays! • • •boxerlife boxer petsofinstagram petstagram boxerdoglovers movinghousenewstartboxerlover boxermoments olddogsdogsofig petsoftheday mainecoonbestfriend boxeroftheday petanxietyredhead petsociety boxersofinstagram oldboxer anxiouspetsboxerdog redboxer catissuespetstylist love newhousepets myboxer boxerdaily

The annoying human is on my spot on the couch. .CouchPotato Humans CatIssues OroTheCat Caturday catsofinstagram catsagram instacat

Well this seems like a comfy spot

Recién despertando de Halloween. . .. .cat blueeyes halloween wakeup feline catinstagram catissues miau

When your cat turns into a gremlin because she clearly ate after midnight. Dotty scaling our high headboard, as I was trying to read, was not conducive to my relaxation! Look at it! 😑 catsofinsta catsloveit catsofinstagram catissues naughtytortie catsmun

Lily’s reaction to the foster kittens, at any given moment. I’m giving her more attention. She’s on gabapentin and she still is just so anxious. It doesn’t help that she’s an over dramatic Siamese. Any advice? siamesecatsofinstagram siamesecat catissues lilytheselfmadequeen residentcat

I'm a crazy cat lady...CatIssuesHalloween

I have to train or focus more on photo shooting! Always eating something untasty, being sleepy or talking while making pictures. Outcome as u can see is terrible. I am much more good looking. grumpycat uglycat nottrue catphoto catlife catissues cattrouble cat catjokes funnycat catlover catlove kitten pet catsofinstagram catsagram meow katze catsoftheday mainecoon maincooncat catsloverclub dailycatlife instapet

Happy National cat day!

Ok, so I love my cat BUT...⁣ ⁣ Lately she has started marking around the house again and idk why!? We have changed her litter out, she has food and water, she primarily stays in my room during the day. Do we need to play with her more? Get her a kitty house? I don’t think it’s a UTI. HELP!⁣ ⁣ Also she has started clawing my sofas, we are thinking of getting a post to put out in the living room to see if this helps stop that.⁣ ⁣ Fellow cat owners, I needs help!

When hooman says we need to go to bed and I can’t watch more squirrel videos on YouTube... angryface catissues dubailife fluffycatsofinstagram catsofinstagram

Proof that cats are weird. Cleocatra just randomly started kicking crap out of my phone, while I was editing pics, so started filming her. catsofinsta cats catissues catsofinstagram tortiesofinstagram tortie naughtytortie

🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤣🐈🐱🐺 catsofinstagram caught catissues yep our cat is a weirdo

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