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Nossa parceria é um sucesso! Muito obrigado a todos os amigos e clientes! Feliz Dia do Cliente! ❤️🐶 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ CMVET-Centro Médico Veterinário . 🏥Rua Mato Grosso, 1539, Centro - Divinópolis ☎(37)4141-1081 . . .cmvet divinopolis especialidadesveterinarias cirurgiaveterinaria anestesiaveterinaria tartarectomia ultrassonografiaveterinaria odontologiaveterinaria oftalmologiaveterinaria ortopediaveterinaria neurologiaveterinaria clinicaveterinaria doglovers doglover catlover catlovers clinicadepequenos cachorroetudodebom petloversclub

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THIS is how you utilise the contents of a can of tuna to the fullest extent, meowmy! • And to think you were on your way of throwing that away🙀 • • • • •siberiankitten siberianforestcat funnycatvideo siberiansofinstagram excellent_cats beautifulcat specialcat kittensofinstagram catmeowdel catstastic kat bestmeow Siberianmoments siberian_cat_lovers siberian_meowdels kattenliefde instacat cutecat catstagram cutecatphotos catoftheday kittenoftheday meowstagram allmeowphotos kingminosapollo Mins cutestkitten catlover bestmeow best_cats_club bestcats_oftheworld |||| @bestmeow @best.cats.club @siberian_cat_lovers @bestcats_oftheworld @dailycatclub @allmeowphotos @cats_of_instagram @siberian_meowdels @worldwide_meowdels @purrfect_meowdel

Il gatto sembra l’incarnazione di ogni cosa soffice, setosa, priva, nella sua composizione, di qualsiasi asperità: un sognatore la cui filosofia è “Dormi e lascia dormire”.❤ . . @prilaga petsagram catoftheday fun cat lovekittens nice lovecats adorable animal prilaga instagramcats instagood catstagram cats catlover kitty sleeping furry kittens smile catsofinstagram petstagram ilovemycat instacat pet animals catsagram kitten photooftheday pets

Битва роботов, что может быть прекраснее в воскресный вечер. Залипайте, мои котаны.🐈

Hi! Tilou here 😺Looking for a new home as my owners had a change in their circumstances. As for me, I do like a bit of human company, in fact I can be very affectionate and I do like to chat to you. I am a clever girl, I can open cupboard doors, you humans keep all sorts of food in there! I have mainly been indoors but I would like the chance to venture outside into a safe garden. Not had much chance to hunt but I am pretty good at catching spiders indoors. Sorry, I am not happy around children, dogs or other cats. Life is all about me. Come and see me, you never know I may be just purrfect for you https://www.cats.org.uk/chelmsford/adopt-a-cat?cid=263776 catsprotection adoptdontshop rescuecat cat catsofinstagram rehome catrescue adoptme tabby savinglives foreverhome adoption adoptarescuecat catlover catoftheday catstagram brentwood billericay chelmsford Galleywood writtle wickford hutton ongar shenfield essex

We love our Tommy. Garden patrol! . . .gardenpatrol catractive iamtommy

😼 🐶 Got a pet yourself? Let us know! 👇 📜 (Not our pictures, we don't take credit!) · · · · 🖤 Hashtags (ignore): cat catsofinstagram cats catsstagram instagat catlover catoftheday ilovemycat dog dogsofinstagram dogs instadog dogstagram doglover ilovemydog dogoftheday

Acá con la señora Sarita pensando en el almuerzo. gataseñora gatamulticolor catlover ellaeslajefa

Это миленький осенний котичек 😻 Он тоже заботится о нас, пока мы безудержно болеем: готовит нам целебный кофеёк в чашечке с ежами 🦔 #котик catstagram #кошки catoftheday cat petsofinstagram #кот kitten catlovers kittens ilovemycat catsagram #котенок instacat instagramcats lovecats pets_of_instagram catlover kitty cats catsofinstagram katze katzenliebe kitty toys toy #игрушки #игрушка


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9.15.19. Luna. Jackson, Mississippi.

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