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Sushi and Draco, they’re ornery but cute ❤️🐕🐈 catsanddogs catsanddogsofinstagram bff rescuedog rescuecat adoptdontshop

Some of the Custom Pet Pillows 🐶😻 I made recently. 🎉 Makes a great gift for the college student that just moved away! www.fireboltcreations.etsy.com . . .throwbackthursday caturday365 cat dogs etsyscout catsofinstagram caturday giftideas catsagram poodle cats etsy animal animals germanshepherd etsyseller catsanddogs catstagram cattuesday animalkingdom labrador dogstagram dogsofinstagram pets pet petstagram college fireboltcreations cats_of_instagram

Don't worry, I'm a gentle giant!

I've been working all day and this little guy was faithfully on the chair next to me all the time. My bestfriend 😊🐱If only he knew excel and could help a bitpetsofinstagram catsofinstagram catstagram catsanddogs animallovers adoptdontshop adoptujniekupuj cat cats gatos chaton furryfriends purrpurr animalsofinstagram ilovecats bestmeow catlover catworld catoftheday cats_of_instagram lovecats crazycatlady kochamkoty cutemeow tabbycat tabby

True love ❤ Lucy gets very scared when it thunders, so she will hide in the bathtub trembling. Felix will go in there after Lucy to comfort her by laying with her and giving her kisses. It's the sweetest thing! 😍❤ ❤ ❤therapycat interspeciesfriendship bffs besties catsanddogs catsanddogslivingtogether cats dogs sweetcat bestfriend animalfriendship tuxedocats tuxedocat tuxedocatsofinstagram catsofinstagram pets instapets igcats furbabies meow felixsmiles comfortcat cute cutecat cutecatclub catpics catoftheday gatos leschats felines

Rest In Peace my little furry friend.... Ralphie keeps laying next to where Marmalade is buried .. 😢 rainbowbridge dogandcat catsanddogs bff rip sad friendsforever gonebutnotforgotten flyhigh instagramcats cats

❤️Baby is 3 months old now. Time to give her to the home where she will stay for the future. Baby was rescued by a young man. He found Baby and more sisters and brothers in his garden, but the most had already passed away. Just Baby and a brother were still alive. The next day Baby’s brother passed away too and only Baby was left. Our mom got conscience of Baby being at a good friend, trying to keep Baby alive. Mom wanted to help immediately, knowing that she has time enough taking care day and night to feed every 2 hours. So Baby came to us and we all supported mom and Baby to become the big girl she is now. Baby was always supposed to go back to the young man who found her, as soon as she is strong enough and got her vaccinations to be save. Now as the time has come, the young man and mom and dad decided that Baby should stay with us , with the girls! With Hazel, who cared about Baby as she was her Baby and Usiris as granny and Bailey as her older sister. The young man followed on Insta Baby’s development during the whole time and the love that she got and gave to the girls. Even though he really loves Baby too, he thinks that Baby will be happy staying with us. All he wants is Baby to be save and happy. We thank him very much for saving Baby and also for being so generous letting her stay with us. The fact that he will also be in the future a home for Baby, whenever she needs him and that he wanted to pay for all the fees that Baby caused till now , shows what an incredible and good hearted person he is. It counts a lot for us knowing that Baby still has the dad who found her at her side. ❤️ photooftheday photographer pictureoftheday pictureoftoday instachi instadog dog dogsofinstagram doglover doglife chihuahuasofinstagram chihuahua chihuahualove chihuahualife chien perro barkbox ilovemydog onlychihuahuas mydog woof cute aww #チワワ portrait_shots portrait_perfection chihuahuaandcat catsofinstagram catsanddogs

Definición gráfica de una tarde gris de domingo otoñal, solo nos falta una mantita. . . . .domingo tardegris maltiempo otoñal perrosygatos gatosyperros hermanospeludos siesta siestaanimal dogandcat catsanddogs dogstagram catsofinstagram cats dogs ares krispy

They’re so good together. catsofinsta dogsofinsta doxiemix catsanddogs

Not sure about this arrangement. I suppose this bed is big enough for two 🐱 😴 catsanddogs catsofinstagram puglife muttlife animalfriends catnapping catnap kittylove

Here are the collaboration shirts that are available today at @familystylefest in LA, al proceeds from the sale of this shirt will be donated to @farmsanctuary thank you to Tal and @crossroadskitchen for being a game changer and a constant source of inspiration. As well as @bobbyhundreds for being the catalyst for this event and so many other fun projects. Big ups to @billokd and @merchnow for always making my designs look so good!!! peacebeginsinthekitchen catsanddogs govegan @walterschreifels @lukieluke1 @arthur_smilios @charliegnyc

Some of my favorites. Frank the tank and grumpy George. She’s not grumpy. She’s a sweetheart. cats dogs catsanddogs

Me and my bestie. 💙

catsanddogs myzoo😉 mylove family ThorFlameClowdy #котикисобачки #моилюбимки❤️

My simself and her soulmate 😍😂😁 sims sims4 simscc ea maxismatch simself catsanddogs raccoon

🚨 Adoção responsável 🚨 . Esses lindos filhotes estão disponíveis para adoção responsável! Vamos arrumar um lar cheio de amor e carinho para esses bebês? Interessados podem entrar em contato com a Andrea por WhatsApp no número (33) 999586115 ou Tâmara no número (33) 91323744 .JuntosNosPodemos resgateanimal salvandovidas ProjetoDoceLar salveumavida catsanddogs donationsneeded donation AbandonoDeAnimais cachorro cachorrobr cachorrofofo atropelamento vitimasdotransito cachorrosdoinstagram adocao ajude ajuda ajudeumanimalderua dividaativa divida

Thank you so much for all of Eric’s followers, I’ve got some great tips and advice so far and love seeing all of your posts cockapoos cockapoo cockerpoo cockerpoos dogsofinstagram dog dogs puppy pups blackcockapoo catsanddogs dogsandcats spoodle pet

#Шпиц_стрижка Зайчик-мальчикgroomera_haircutcatsanddogs

Keeping an eye on the backyard dailybuckeye buckeyemiceli catsanddogs BuckeyeandPaivi

__________________________ We know we talk a lot about our awesome Dad,🧔🏻💘 but we love the female human, too.👩🏻👌 Sometimes, we just sit there 🐕🐈 and stare at her for hours,👀👀 because we can’t believe how lucky we are.🥪🧀 🐶😹-L.&SFalsePretenses

This tiny potato 🥔 is our guest for the next week... when there is a cuddly kitten like this in my house it’s hard to put the camera away. Yes it’s worth ever second of lost sleep 💤 Lancelot is a heartbreaker 🥰kitten adorable babycat tinytiger animaladdict catsanddogs ktzchen feline Katze tierfotografie petstagram petsoftheday fressnapfkalender2020 Perfocal AnimalAddicts click_vision igcutest_animals elegant_animals canon_photos fantastic_planets igbest_shotz

Follow @catsright and help to grow ⠀ Source @Unknown (DM for credit)⠀ ⠀ If you look for more Cats Images and Videos you should visit and Follow @catsmemories they are awesome⠀ 😂😂😂😂😂 ~ double tap ❤❤⠀ Tag / DM to someone and make their Day better⠀ ⠀ragdollcats orangecats instacatsgram bestcataward catstuff cats_of_instworld catsitting catsofday mycats kittykitty sweetcatclub catsanddogs catstocker catsgram catsmagzine catnap catofinstagram instacat cats_of_instagram caturday catlovers neko #三毛猫 #フェリシモ猫部 #猫と暮らす #猫好き maedegato gatosdoinstagram gatos katzenliebe

Sage and Palo santo have sooo many different healing and spiritual purposes. Here are just some of my favorites: 🌿Helps loosen stiff muscles 🌿Excellent antioxidant 🌿Antiseptic & antibacterial 🌿 Helps with hot flashes and night sweats 🌿 Stress reliever 🍃Clears out negative ions 🍃 Increase positive energy 🍃Improves sleep 🍃 Helps prevent infection 🍃Reduces airborne bacteria by almost more than 94% when done properly 🙋 What are your favorite uses and benefits?

Doidinho: afff lá vem esse gato fedido 😷 Jazz: putz, de novo esse cachorro chulezento 🙄cats dogs petlovers doglovers catlovers catsanddogs catdog Family picoftheday Brothers adote

What’s a weekend walk if the whole team isn’t getting involved! Clyde isn’t one to be left out 🐶🐱❤️ walking thepack weekend catsanddogs

This is way too hilarious! Tag a friend who needs to see this! 😂😜 . . . credit: @the.noblecat

Habt Ihr schon unsere Brillenetuis entdeckt? Noch nicht, dann kommt bei uns im Shop vorbei. Auf Euch warten viele lustige Designs 🐶🐺🐱 buntimo bunt leipzig leipzigartig petersbogen felt brille brillenetui wald hundeliebe wirliebentiere doglovers catsanddogs katzenliebe katze schwarzekatze colorful lustigeideen klimt gustavklimt kuss derkuss farbeimleben vegan fürsieundihn geschenk giftideas

"No dad, don't take a pic of me so close to the cat!" dogsandcats catsanddogs bronsonthedogo dogstagram dogsofinstagram

sn🐽p, playing with my cat brother😁 📽 by @juneau_lionel_love ❤🐽❤dogsandcats catsanddogs

Grandma's house is my favorite place to be on the weekend! She gives me all the snacks! One thing that I'm noticing though, is that it kinda seems, like, her cats don't really help out much with chores. They just watched me and her dog work! Hopefully, my little kitty bro will be more helpful than Grandma's cats...dogsworkcatschill catsdontwork dogsandcatsofwisconsin dogsofwisconsin goldendoodlesofwi goldendoodlesofmadison madisondogs madisongoldendoodles doglovesgrandma catsdontworkveryhard dogshelp dogsdochorestoo catslayaround catsanddogs dogsandcats dogsarehelpfullikethat catsarelazy catsarecooltoo

Cat? What cat?

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