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Had to go to the bathroom, but for some reason I felt like I was being watched even tho no cats followed me in. Then, I looked up. **Update** Whilst washing my hands after pulling up my pants, Xavier strolls in and pantses me. Underwear and all. catsaredicks

Episode 4 - Oscar Takes Flight. In this episode, Oscar sees the credit card bill and decides to get out while he can. Or he takes a dive after a squirrel. Either/or. . . .ohyesofcourse oneeyewilde comedians comedy webseries funnychicks funnychicksinla hustlin oneeyedcat catowner catownerproblems catsaredicks

Repost @ickymuffin • • • • • • Right before your cat does something evil. @michaelschulzephoto captured the perfect moment at the @bigdfest ! boylesque signatureact mrexoticworld mrexoticworld20018 bestboylesque burlesque catsaredicks cats catsnotthemusical strippercat ickymuffin

athomewiththebirnies 👩🏻🐕🐈🧔🏻 You know the house is cold when Jura resorts to cuddling up to @albert_the_wheaten_terrier 🤣 Never fear Jura the house will soon warm up 🔥 peer wee catty 🐈 It’s quite sad though, as all Albert wants is for her to love him just like Bryan does! He rarely does anything to warrant her utter contempt for him 😂 ok, he did as a puppy but he’s all grown up now! She doesn’t forget, plus she’s a proper mardy grumpy old girl, and don’t half let him know it! But look at her...now he’s good enough, now he’s warm...now she will forego her distaste and suffer him! She’s a swine 😆 Albert was so chuffed to have her huddling up to him too, bless, when she wasn’t looking he had a sly sneaky wee sniff, and quickly settled down again - he kanes if he moves, she’ll give him a Siamese verbal telling off - it’s loud 😂catsareusers catsaredicks siamese siamesecat jurafaebirniespetshop albertbirnstein albertthewheatenterrier albertfaebirniespetshop petshopdog dogsofscotland irishsoftcoatedwheatenterrier elginpetshop petshop independentpetshop est1950 elginhighstreet elgin moray elginmoray scotland fpbirniepetshop birniespetshop birniespetshopdogs birniespetshophounds teambirniespetshop houndsofmoray petsofmoray supportyourlocalpetshop

My mum crochet this dress for me when I was a baby. So happy to have passed it down to my baby. He was so happy to model it too 🤣🤣 catsaredicks catdress babydress crochetdress catlove

When you worry about your babies, because they’re not eating and Tigz has a bad belly. Turns out it’s not illness - the LunaTigz decided to help themselves to almost a whole bag of dreamies. Pair of thieving gits!!!!thievingbastards thieves kleptocats naughtycat naughtycats partnersincrime catsareassholes catsarejerks blackkitten blackkittens blackcat tabbycat tabbycats greytabby greytabbycat naughtyboy naughtygirl boycat girlcat catlife catsaresuchdicks catsaredicks lovemycats furbabies catmom catmomlife bestcat housepanther housetiger

I made myself a bible cover using a @leehilldesigns pattern. I learned a lot and had fun making it! The inside ribbon isn't perfect but I'm just gonna tell myself it's a metaphor for my own imperfection so I don't have to fix it. My good friend helped me pick out the psalms quote, and it is, "How sweet are thy words unto my taste! Yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth!" Special guest appearance by my most persistent assistant. I used the "blushing peonies" fabric by @robinpickens of @modafabrics The green linen is "Moss" by @sandsnowlinen The blue linen I stitched the motif on is "kolga" 32 ct belfast linen by Chromatic Alchemy. A special guest swatch on the inside cover of NotreDameDeParis from a lovely print by @MaisonSajouOfficiel And the motif itself is from the cross stitch book "Animaux Du Monde" by Veronique Enginger, M. Bonnin and C. Lacroix from the "Mango Pratique" library. IBeenStitchenHereCrossStitchersOfInstagram CrossStitch pointdecroix VeroniqueEnginger puntodecruz Sewing sewersofinstagram biblecover KJV CatsAreDicks Kitters Psalms

Right before your cat does something evil. @michaelschulzephoto captured the perfect moment at the @bigdfest ! boylesque signatureact mrexoticworld mrexoticworld20018 bestboylesque burlesque catsaredicks cats catsnotthemusical strippercat ickymuffin

Tag someone who sneezes like this 😹😹😹 Follow @speccattular 🙌 Follow @speccattular 🙌

Thanks pal missed you too xox catsaredicks

You have reached the desk of sourpuss please come back when I feel like dealing with you cats catlovers catsofinstagram catsaredicks catsareassholes cats_of_instagram tortiecats tortitude tortiesofinstagram

Happy Mid Autumn Festival + Happy Birthday to my Papa Koo & Happy Malaysia Day 🇲🇾 . Wasn’t invited to the birthday party -the end- .cats happybirthday september grateful huatah huatah💰weekend graceful cats_of_world cats_of_instworld cats_of_day catslife cats_of_the_world catsfollowers catsareassholes catsarecrazy catsarecute catsarelife catsareweird catsarejerks catsaredicks moneykiamfamous famouscats meow

Scroll over and guess which blinds are on houses without cats. I hate them so much sometimes. cats catsofinstagram catsofig catmemes lol catsareassholes catsaredicks

Wait, you were trying to work on this project? catsofinstagram catsaredicks cathelping fabricyoyos handsewing

Attack Cat!!!mainecoon whitecat attackcat catdad catsaredicks @carranimal @calliope_kismet_lionheart

Attack Cat!!!mainecoon whitecat attackcat catdad catsaredicks @carranimal @calliope_kismet_lionheart

The only time they come near me is when I’m trying to get away from them. catsaredicks stupidunconditionallove

How I feel on Sundays knowing Monday starts tomorrow. I've got a busy week ahead full of naps, playing with my mousey, and pestering the humans . . .blackcatsofinstagram blackcats blackcatsofinsta blackcat blackcatlove blackcatsrule blackcatsonly blackcatsmatter bestmeow meow instacat_meows housepanther cats catsofinstagram catsoftheworld kitten kittens catsrule pawshcatclub kittensofinstagram catsaredicks beardsandcats catdad realmenlovecats black_cat_crew

This little butthead likes to attack my feet while I do Yoga. catsaredicks loveyou meow

Just an Aussie cat chillin in an ex Australian army Leopard 1A4 tank. @pseudonym_kate tank mainbattletank leopard1 australia cat cats catsaredicks

catsaredicks , I was first and he pushed in!!! I won in the end though. 🐾

Mustang Sally has found the loophole in the “no cats on the table” rule. All the cats are allowed on crochet items and I did leave this on the table. But she looks so peaceful. rulebreakercat catsaredicks catsofinstagram SuchARebel

Omg! 🙀🙀🙀 Follow @speccattular 🙌 Follow @speccattular 🙌

WHY IS MY CAT CONSTANTLY TRYING TO TRIP ME?!?! She succeeds way too often... . .cats catsaredicks blackcat cutebutannoying wrongplacewrongtime fuckingmove

Yes, this is not a photo of cake. It’s a photo of my cat standing up like a human...because why not? 🐈 catsofinstagram catsaredicks norweiganforestcat mainecoon catstakeovertheworld mycatisbeautiful somuchhoovering highmaintainencecat kitty

It’s been a hot minute since I did a ‘bathroom supervisor’ post. Here you go! Not my cat but, my house panther does this to me all the tome in my downstairs bathroom so, yeah, it might as well be. This is about as true with most cats as ‘if I fits, I sits’...bathroomsupervisor catsaredicks icandothisbymyself thanksbutno yourecreepingmeout wouldyoustopthatplease noprivacywhatsoever ihopewhatyouseescarsyou nosybastard cats catstagram catsofinstagram catsofig cats_of_instagram kittens kisas katze gatos nekos kedi chats

You will not game, you will hold me until I decide you're too annoying and then I'll come back when you're in the middle of a game. . . . . .cat cats catsagram catstagram kitten kitty kittens pet pets longhairedcat fluffycat petstagram petsagram photooftheday catsofinstagram ilovemycat instagramcats catoftheday lovecats furrycat sleeping lovekittens catlover instacat catsareassholes catsaredicks

Always in my seat // cats catsofinstagram cats_of_instagram catsaredicks

This is a legit question lmfao catsaredicks gottaloveem❤️ assholecat gotme2furryassholes

I guess he was pretty cute once. catsaredicks hesadickbutwelovehim

Baby is working really hard to bring you fabulous Halloween looks! Yesterday we crafted with our bestie @ladystilts. Group crafting is the BEST! Halloween has begun in our studio! Pics of new merch coming soon! cherryswandesigns csd assistant catsofinstagram catsaredicks nothelpful halloweenprep halloweencostumes costumedesigner craftingtogether cats

I seriously just screamed "quit being a dickwad" to this 20lb dickwad because he will NOT quit chasing his little 8lb sister today and now the new neighbors think I'm insane and I realized how dirty my kitchen floors are and I think I need professional help. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🐈=🍆 Cooper sheldoncooper dickwad catsaredicks

Not even in my chair 5 minutes and I have accumulated all of these cats since I sat down. CatsAreDicks CatsOfInstagram Rafiki Taco Kitters

Lucifer played too rough and now he has a scratch in his eye :( Already went to the vet but the ointment ain't working so tomorrow we'll go again! . . . .cat catsplay catsofinstagram catscat catscats cats catsaredicks catsarelovee catsarefamily catsareevil dutchcat dutchcatsofinstagram katten kattenliefde mijnkatten kattenvaninstagram kattenleven kattenland kat

Mom physically retraining my son from eating her ice cream cats catsareassholes catsaredicks icecream

So The People have climbed into a flying tin can and flown for three hours to somewhere where the sky heater is on high. Meanwhile I have my own personal maitre d’ess who has moved in to serve me and we are having a whale of a time. Those guys can stay under the sky heater and the bleached water paddock for as long as they want, the service is so much better in their absence! loveholidays straya burmesecat burmesecatsofinstagram brownburmese instacat instacats catsofinstagram cat catcircus catsaredicks

Wee Bacon as snug as a bug!! sphynx sphynxscotland alnakeedsphynx catsaredicks

She sort of fits, she still sits. catsofinstagram roy catsaredicks

What the..! Cat’s got my ottoman. catsaredicks

I thought I felt eyes on me from across the way while eating dinner. 😅cleocatra tortiecat tortie catsofinstagram kitty catsareassholes animalsarejerks catsaredicks ialwaysfeellikesomebodyswatchingme

Big mistake trying to be nice and sleep beside my father, always in my face when I'm sleeping with that stupid camera phone. I might put a computer game on the TV for him to give me some well earned peace for my cat nap. . . . . .cat cats catsagram catstagram kitten kitty kittens pet pets longhairedcat fluffycat petstagram petsagram photooftheday catsofinstagram ilovemycat instagramcats catoftheday lovecats furrycat sleeping lovekittens catlover instacat catsareassholes catsaredicks

Breakfast was sufficient for the queen of the house. My reward? Snuggles.torviragdoll lazycat catsaredicks catman


Cats are dicks returned to bigdfest 😻 bigdfest2019

She a cutie tho catsaredicks

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