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“Oh no! I overslept! I’m late! For my nap.” - Garfield the Cat⁠ ⁠ 😽We can all take a tip from cats - rest is essential to life! There are days when I look at my cat and think, I'm so jealous of you. I wish I could sleep 20 hours today! While unfortunately that's not realistic, what we can do is set aside some time out of our busy days to just relax for a moment. This could look anything like a short meditation, a leisurely walk outside, or a quick 20-minute catnap. ⁠ ⁠ 😴Science has proven that 20-minute naps are actually the most effective in recharging your mind and body. Many progressive companies such as Google have nap rooms in the office because they understand humans perform their best when they are rested. ⁠ ⁠ If don't work for one of those companies, then find a quiet unused conference room or go sit in your car for 20 minutes on your lunch break. But don't forget to set your alarm! 😜⏰⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠sleepisessential excusetosleep catnapsrule lessonsfromgarfieldthecat performancemanagement selfcaretips catsleeping catsarelife dreamcareercatcher healingenergytools healings healingtools healinglight healingyourself healingtouch healingnaturally healingvibes healingfromwithin mindfulnessmoment mindfulnesspractice meditations meditationpractice mindfulnesscoach animaltherapy selfawarenesstips

Who wants to play with me? Molly is having a nap and my humans are busy... Happy Thursday furry friends!! Love Merlino💙

Śliczna, rozmruczana Amber szuka domu 🏠🐈 Prosimy o UDOSTĘPNIENIA 📣 Amber to urocza, drobniutka koteczka. Jak każdy kociak uwielbia się bawić, szczególnie z siostrą, więc byłoby super gdyby znalazły wspólny dom, ale nie jest to warunek adopcji. Amber jest miła, mrucząca, kontaktowa. Po prostu fajny, uroczy kociak <3 Urodziła się w czerwcu 2019, jest zaszczepiona. Do dobrego domu dowieziemy ją w dowolne miejsce w Polsce 🚙 WYŁĄCZNIE DOM NIEWYCHODZĄCY. KONTAKT W SPRAWIE ADOPCJI: ☎️ 791 684 444 ☎️ 607 528 545 💌 kontakt@fundacja-zwierzetom.plkotdoadopcji kotszukadomu niekupujadoptuj amber adopcjakota adopcjatożycie kociesprawy kochamkoty superkot mruczek sodkikotek instakot instazwierzaki kotyinstagrama kochamzwierzta dontbuyadopt adoptdontshop ilovecats catsarelife instacat catstagram instapet iloveanimals fundacja zwierzpomorskie

Couple of backseat sleepyheads 😴⁣ ⁣.⁣ ⁣If you want to watch lots of videos like this!⁣ ⁣visit my page: 🐾 @gizmo_catt 🐾⁣ ⁣.⁣ ⁣credit: @clover.and.leo

There is the best hide and seek player 😻 . Tag someone who needs to see that 👇 . 🎥 by @muller_kinako . Follow @cutecatsowner and tag us to be featured

For all the catlovers , catowners and those who want to be one but are looking for a good excuse or good argument to convince your partner or roommate, why getting a cat is just the best idea ever. Here it is, only some of the health benefits of owning a cat! Tag your friend who needs to see this! 🔥 . Owning any pet is good for your heart. However, cats in particular lower your stress level and the amount of anxiety in your life. Besides the fact that we could all use a little bit less stress in our life, this will also reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. One study of 4435 participants found that cat owners were around 30% less likely to die of a heart attack or stroke than non-cat owners. 🤯 Petting cats until they purr might also not just be good for your feline friend. Cats purr has also long been associated with a therapeutic healing ability on bones and muscles. Their purr creates vibrations at a frequency of 25 to 140 HZ which has been shown to aid in the healing of broken bones, joint and tendon repair, and wound healing. . As if their snuggly face and fluffy body wasn't enough to love them, they are actually good for our health 😍 . Sources: - Qureshi, A. I., Memon, M. Z., Vazquez, G., & Suri, M. F. K. (2009). Cat ownership and the Risk of Fatal Cardiovascular Diseases. Results from the Second National Health and Nutrition Examination Study Mortality Follow-up Study. Journal of vascular and interventional neurology, 2(1), 132. - Klyscz, T., Ritter-Schempp, C., Jünger, M., & Rassner, G. (1997). Biomechanical stimulation therapy as physical treatment of arthrogenic venous insufficiency. Der Hautarzt; Zeitschrift fur Dermatologie, Venerologie, und verwandte Gebiete, 48(5), 318-322. - Photos by: ninekpfer antondarius & gottliebelias. . .selfactualization lifeimprovement petowners petlovers cats catsagram catsarelife mentalhealthmatters petsforlife lifeadvice somethingtothinkabout healthfacts science positivechange advice selfactualizationaid

Just chillin’ ❄️ with my peeps!😽

Fabulous and she sure knows it. I just love her eyes and how the sun brings out all her stunning colors 😻☀️

www.pomagam.pl/leczenie_klary AKTYWNY link do zbiórki W BIO !!! Klara wciąż bardzo potrzebuje pomocy, niestety jej zbiórka stoi jak zaklęta 😭😭😭 Ropień mamy już niemal wyleczony, goi się, minęła gorączka. Jest wielki problem z grzybicą, który się ciągnie kolejny miesiąc 😭 Przerobiliśmy już smarowanie zmian, kąpiele, szczepionkę, aktualnie dostaje tabletki. Tak opornego grzyba nie mieliśmy jeszcze nigdy Leczenie pochłania spore środki i nie damy rady sami tego ogaranąć. BŁAGAMY o pomoc dla malutkiej 🙏 ➡️ www.pomagam.pl/leczenie_klary ➡️ Nr konta 18 1090 2620 0000 0001 2194 1945 Fundacja Zwierzętom Pomocne Pomorskie paypal: zwierzpomorskie@gmail.com Dla przelewów zagranicznych: SWIFT: WBKPPLPP IBAN: PL18 1090 2620 0000 0001 2194 1945 Z dopiskiem "KLARA"klara pomoc pilne help instapomoc instahelp instakot instacat kotyinstagrama catsofinstgram instacat kociesprawy chorykotek sickcat catsarelife catsareawsome polskikot polishcat fundacja zwierzpomorskie kochamkoty ilovecats kochamzwierzeta iloveanimals

Drank a little too much 😴 ⁣ 📸@creamy.butters

Lets be friends! Follow us @kittycat.purrfect and check out store in BIO for current PROMOTIONS! Credits: @soundofpurring

Come join us in Connecticut during one of the many great events during the Connecticut Pet Expo 😻 CTEvents HartfordCT⁠ •⁠ •⁠ •⁠ •⁠ •⁠catsarelifeeverydayiscaturdaycatadventureslapcatfelinefriendpurrfectiontuxedocatsofigcatladyproblemspetloversofinstagrampetofinstagrampetownerpetobsessedcatloverclubcatloversdaycatloversunitecatloversonly

This place just got a whole lot better 😻 catsarelife cutie locals travel CATania sicily italy

Activating hibernation mode 🐱🐻 ❄ First frost of the year. IDoNotApprove

Ready to attack the day...or at least attack my human...either or... . . . .sillykitty catattackmode kittylife kittygram catsarelife catmomforlife animalsarethebest tuxedocatsrule sillykittycat

Pop a 🔥 below if you think this is the sexiest sploot you’ve ever seen ✨⁣ ⁣.⁣ ⁣Follow: @cat_wiin for more awesome cat pictures 🐱⁣ ⁣.⁣ ⁣credit: @thatcatbobbie

Kunyit - Penderitaan Belum Berakhir Kunyit malang hidup di jalan, terlantar dan di abuse manusia2 jahat. Kunyit kalem dan pasrah dipegang orang, tapi jalannya selalu pincang dan ada benjolan di dekat ketiak Kunyit 🙀 Waktu Kunyit dibawa ke dokter ternyata daftar masalah kesehatan Kunyit sangat panjang... Kunyit pilek parah, malnutrisi dan ada banyak bekas luka di badan. Benjolan di bawah ketiak Kunyit ternyata peluru senapan angin, ada manusia jahat yang menembak Kunyit dan untungnya tidak mengenai organ vital, tapi pelurunya tersangkut dibawah kulit. Tulang kaki patah dan (walaupun tersambung sedikit dengan tidak sempurna) menyebabkan Kunyit Hernia & pincang, kemungkinan besar karena tertabrak kendaraan. Ditambah ternyata testis Kunyit tidak turun sehingga untuk operasi steril harus dilakukan pembedahan. Bisa dibayangkan bagaimana Kunyit menahan sakit dan menahan lapar karena susah cari makan dan sering diserang garong lain di jalan? 😭😭 Sekarang Kunyit dirawat di klinik, setelah menunggu badan Kunyit stabil dan pilek nya sembuh, Kunyit kemarin siang sudah di operasi dan hasil nya bagus, tinggal menunggu Kunyit stabil dan Luka operasi nya semua pulih 😇 Ayo bantu Kunyit! Dengan berbelanja di Momotoko, Anda sudah membantu Kunyit dan kucing2 lain seperti Kunyit. Keuntungan pembelian Anda akan digunakan untuk membayar biaya pengobatan Kunyit dan kucing2 lain 😻 Dan tentunya ayo ADOPSI, karena mereka jauh lebih butuh rumah & keluarga, dibanding breeder butuh uang anda 😉PrayforMe,Kunyitkunyitmomotoko rescuedcatofinstagram rescuedcat kucingsakit operasitulang korbanmanusia ADOPTDONTSHOP adopsiitugratis catloverindonesia anakbaik sukakucing sayangkucing catfansclub catloverindo kucingindonesia kucingkita makhluktuhan ciptaantuhan jangansiksabinatang begoodtoanimals bekind SAYNOTOBREEDER BREEDINGISKILLING loveisallaround catsarefamily catsarelife instacat instakucing

A Monster-sized box for a pixie-sized cat. 🐲⁠ .⁠ Oh and if anybody knows where to buy more of those, the human will thank.⁠ -Z.⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠blackandwhitecat seniorcat rescuecat dwarfcat tuxedocat adoptdontshop macjehisar catsofslovenia petsofslovenia weeklyfluffballs dailymeow catsarelife catinabox catsinboxes boxcat monstercat monsterenergy smol tinycat tinycatsofig grumpy grumpycat rescuedcat

Never seen an animal so stressed about their owner 😂 Sorry Default, thank you so much for being my support and making sure I take lots of breaks ( just to pat you ) 😘 blackcat tuxedo rescueboy rescue catsarelife bestfriend loveofmylife

" If I fit, I sit" Or "I'm sitting here because I want" Anyone else's cat do this? 🤦‍♀️😹😹😹 impoundfelinerescue catadoption rescuecat adoptdontshop catsforever funnycats ifisitsifits fluffycat beautifulcat catsarecool catsarelife

Talking about long haired cats, we couldn't mention the furry Persian! Here’s a glamorous cat with a reputation for being lap candy to those who like to indulge in a big of luxury. This easy going and calm breed just mostly prefers lying around to playing and pouncing. They are quite loyal. The lush coat can grow up to eight inches long and can have either a silky or cottony texture. The Persian has a cobby body and a large skull with a flat face, which can lead to sinus problems. . . . . .londoncats londoncat catsofinstagram cats_of_instagram persiancats catsoflondon mishipets catproblems cathealth catcare tabbycatsofinstagram catlife catslife healthycat catstagram catsagram catlovers catlover catloversclub catsoftheworld catsarecool catsarecute catsarelife catsarethebest catsareawesome catsarefamily catsarepawsome catsarelove catsaremylife catsarebest

CIAO Soft Bits Mix are the purrrfect training reward treats for your furry kitties! 😻 Choose from 4 delectable recipes that come in fun small bites that will leave your kitty craving for more! 😋 . Treat your cats with the premium quality they deserve. CIAO - Japan's No. 1 Premium Cat Food Brand 🏆💕 . 📸: @casper_thenotsofriendly_cat

Gandy booked in today for some much needed chakra balancing 🌈😸🙌🏻 . .catsofinstagram catlovers cat cats_of_instagram gandythecat gandalfthegreycat catstagram catsoftheday catfollowers catsarelife chakrahealing whitewitch healingcats catsarehealing ilovecats🐱

"Agrumi" gang: Lemmon 😻 La Banda degli agrumi: Lemmon 😻 . . 22 SETTEMBRE 2019 dalle ore 15.30 GRANDE FESTA ANNUALE DI TELEFONO DIFESA ANIMALI 😻 Come ogni anno in questa stagione abbiamo decine di gattini che attendono un'adozione. Randagi che sono nati in strada, trovati a volte in condizioni più che precarie. Per aiutarli e per aiutarci - domenica 22 settembre dalle 15.30 - il gattile apre le porte per la consueta festa annuale, con buffet veg, truccabimbi, pesca, lettura dei tarocchi e bellissimi gadgets felini. 😻 Vi aspettiamo numerosi come sempre, anche solo per conoscere i quasi 70 gattini che vorremmo trovassero famiglia... 😻 . . . .cat_delight igbrescia gattini adozione kittygram fosterkittens fosterkittensofinstagram rescuedcats kittenstagram straykitten grumpycatface  homelesscat kittenlife catsarelife catsdaily adottaungatto volontariato kittenseason prettycat sheltercat bresciasocial fostercat fosterkitten rescuekitten volgobrescia bresciatoday instameow rescuecatsrock rescuelife purrpurr

When you start your first “real” job 😹😹 ~~~~❤double tap❤~~~~ Follow @the_fluff_cats for more awesome cat pictures 😻😻 . from: unknown(dm for credits) .catsarelife catworld dailykitten catoftheworld cats🐱  kittenlife kittylover cutekitten instakittens kittensofinsta instagramcat kittengram catlifestyle kittensofig catdaily catbaby catsdaily kittenlovers cutecatskittens catofinsta cattitude catphotos kittys catofig kittenstagram catcute kittycats catsonly prettycat mycat

No home is complete without the pitter patter of kitty feet.🐾catsofinstagram cats_of_world petlover catlover catsarelife catsarecute

My new 10 Weeks old Kitten is such an adorable little thing! ♥ . .Cat Kitten catsarelife love paws predator fluffy animals happy catlover

A furry good love story is coming your way! I worked really hard with someone to create the visuals for my new song 😂 I’m so happy with how it turned out. CUTENESS OVERLOAD. New song called “Taylor” comes out on Monday xlyricvideo lyrics cats cute catsarelife taylorswift lover taylorthisonesforyou singer songwriter

Cora is just too pretty!!!

My darlings🐾🐾💕💕💕💕koratcatsofinstagram koratcatlover mainecoonlifestyle mainecoonmylove catsarelife 🐾✨✨✨✨✨✨

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