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Endlessly entertaining; fierce, feral, and acrobatic; always engrossed in a project of one sort or another ... my Gracie. catshenanigans

Don’t let the sweet face fool ya. This precious girl is ALWAYS into something mischievous. busted guilty catshenanigans catsofinstagram catmom peachesthecat

I’m not touccchhhinnngg youuuu!! catshenanigans catsofinstagram

Zellie doesn't understand why I won't give her the duck food! catshenanigans catsofinstagram

Plutão indeciso entre estraçaventrar o dispensador de biscoitos ou gazofilar uma das gaivotas que eolibatam no exterior.davidsoares books livros plutao plutao_the_cat plutao_ogato cat cats catsofinstagram catsg4m catgr4m #cutetuxedocats cutecats catfeatures tuxedocat tuxedocats tuxedocatsofinstagram gato gatos gatosdeinstagram gatosdoinstagram gatosdelisboa catsoflisbon catshenanigans

He rolls... rorythecatcompanion And makes the greatest sighing noises I've found I just keep taking pics of him sleeping in various positions. He's never to far from me now that I'm working from home. catshenanigans wfhwithcats catsofinstagram cats

We solemnly swear we are up to no good. theweasleys catshenanigans eartipped reformedferal adoptdontshop

Do you think one can change the sheets without a little kitty help... nope! catsofinstagram kittensofinstagram catshenanigans hahagoodluckwiththat sillyhooman playfulkitty uptonogood kittyplayparty asifmum

Lockdowns can't shut down this one's curiosity...and her love for soaking up the sun.missminoo catshenanigans catsofinstagram catslife catsofmumbai cats nofilter shotononeplus oneplus5

I had lots of help with the puzzle today.StayHomeForLove StayTheFuckAtHome catshenanigans

my little friend. who also makes a great pillow 💚 ragdollcat catsofinstagram ragdollsofinstagram catshenanigans scrappytoy favourite

Work from home problems: that moment when you’re torn between being super productive and playing with the cat (aka house owner) 😤🙄😹firstworldproblems workfromhomelife catmomproblems catshenanigans

Sooooo I was going to teach acting class tonight but the cat literally ate my homework 😂😂😂 This darn cat strikes again. CatShenanigans ScriptLife ActingClass ActingCat

Sooooo I was going to teach acting class tonight but the cat literally ate my homework 😂😂😂 This darn cat strikes again. CatShenanigans ScriptLife ActingClass ActingCat

My Hooman takes a long time to choose socks.....I choose to help. 😸😸😽🐾 . . . . ".....cool.....I guess they're ALL fuzzy socks now....." . . . .catsinpredicaments catshenanigans catshelping adorable adorablekitty cutepatoot cutecat cutekitty catsofinstagram catsofottawa catsofcanada polydactylcat polydactylpaws rescuekitty rescuecatsofinstagram sleepykitty sleepycatsofinstagram livinwithbibbin tobin

Mansae Follies continues... when you're taking a break and someone decides your monitors are perfect for head scratching. mansaethecat catsofinstagram instagramcats blackcat blackcatsofinstagram fluffycat curiouskitty toddlercat catsarehilarious catshenanigans bigfurbaby bigkitty blackcats norwegianforestcat cats catworld catlife shitcatsdo spoiledkitty 🙄🐈🤪

I DID A FREAKING CROWPOSE TODAY🐦 every victory counts these days, no matter how small 🙌🏼 . . .returningeast yogaathome yogahk hkyoga hkyogagirl covid19 quarantinefitness homefitness homefit homeyoga selfpractice staysafe healthfirst homesweathome #ヨガ #ヨガインストラクター #ヨガポーズ asanapractice #抗疫日常 catphotobomb catshenanigans catsofinstagram catyoga yogapose balancepose yogachallenge fitnessgoal yogamotivation yogainspiration

Never fear, Nacho Cat is here! 😹 P.S. Halp. When are you hooman's going back to work? Because just look at me! My purrson is loopier than ever.

My Hooman is trying to work. But I just sit on her shoulder and mind my own business. Part 2. nofilter catsofinstagram cats torties tortiesofinstagram catsareweird catshenanigans quarantine

My Hooman is trying to work. But I just sit on her shoulder and mind my own business. Part 1. nofilter catsofinstagram cats torties tortiesofinstagram catsareweird catshenanigans quarantine

Quarantine with My Hooman. She doesn’t need to Work From Home, does she? nofilter latergram torties cats tortitude catshenanigans catsofinstagram tortiesofinstagram quarantine

No shipping box too small! catsofinstagram catshenanigans catstagram

How our family is spending our stayhome with icecream catsofinstagram catshenanigans dnd biking

Have you seen my measuring tape? It was in this Sephora box yesterday. I think mom hid it because she thought it was hers. . . .catsofinstagram catshenanigans artsandcats artcart

You turn your back for one second...catshenanigans cats caughtredhanded

Nala and her toys😂😍 lifewithcats catshenanigans catmom

He caught me trying out to take his sleeping picture whatafaker alldayeveryday catshenanigans catsofinstagram naptime

It’s my picture on the Cats of the UAE 2020 calendar today!! Have a great day ahead everyone ☀️☀️ Big thanks to @mycatandco 🌹🌹 . .dubaicat catsindubai catsofdubai catlife catshenanigans catsofinstagram catstagram kittylife kitty persiancat persiancatsofinstagram meowstagram dailymeow petsofinstagram petsofig

'Scuse me, I need this. ASAP. Why is my toy on the craft cart anyway??? One of Guacamole's favorite toys is my measuring tape. I had it hidden in the craft cart. She found it.seamstress sewing artsandcats artsandcrafts catshenanigans catsofinstagram quarantinecats

Quarantine, Day 25; Sherlock is the last line of defence against birds taking over. apocalypse101 appleheadsiamese catshenanigans coronavirus stayindoors staysafe

When you find a gap in the couch cushions and just have to find out what's down there, and then fall asleep with your paw still reaching in to find out 😴😹catsofinstagram dailyfluff catsofinsta goofygoober goober catshenanigans

This morning was so exhausting because I had some work to do. I had to be my mum's alarm clock because can you believe it - she slept til 9! So I meowed and meowed and meowed until she woke up! Not the lazy Sunday I was expecting. 🙀 -Oiva 🇫🇮 Tämä aamu oli tosi uuvuttava koska minun piti olla tänään töissä. Olin äidin herätyskello koska, voitteko kuvitella, se nukkui yhdeksään asti! Joten katsoin parhaaksi maukua ja mouruta kunnes se nousi ylös! Tämä ei ollut ihan sellainen laiska sunnuntai kuten suunnittelin. 🙀 -Oiva .cattitude catthoughts catshenanigans catrelaxing relaxingcat pinkears whitecatsofig whitecats whitecatsrule whitecatsofinstagram valkoinenkissa suomikissa sundaycat cutecat kissa maatiaiskissa catsofinstagram catsoffinland catdaily dailycat topcat greatcat excellentcats lazycat meow meowstagram pawstagram petstagrams catpicoftheday sweetcat

Ma, we were just checking your toilet paper inventory! It's too low! Now we'll just take this plastic bag to lick as payment for our services. TheGreatToiletPaperShortageof2020 astoldbycats whoopencabinetsSillySterling SillySylvester Sneakycats catshenanigans cutecats catstagram catsofinstagram catlady catlovers catladylife catmom blackcats tuxedocats

I wIll chew through the pink blanketcatshenanigans cutecat catsofinstagram biteycat biteycatisbitey

“Quarantine Fever” . I ordered catnip sticks for the monsters. Neither has experienced catnip before and Cricket... well, it sort of went to her head. 🤪 Hilarity ensued, and it was too good not to share. . . .quarantine quarantinefever quarantinelife catnip catniphigh catnipcat catniphighlife weekend weekendvibes saturdayafternoon catshenanigans catsofinstagram catsagram cats_of_instagram cats catsofig catsofinsta catcrazies pgy2 pgy2life residentlife covid covid19 covid_19 socialdistancing socialdistance homealonewithcats catscatscats catscapades

Tikka: I will now sing you the song of my people. Stormy: Please don’t. brotherlylove brofurs catshenanigans

Mom was going to post a picture of us eating breakfast but then she saw this when she came downstairs. She had So Many questions for us but we weren't giving up any answers. She will just have to come to her own conclusion. Oh and we wouldn't get up on the counter to have our picture taken anyway. Happy Caturday!! catlife rockyandchessie catshenanigans caturday getintosomemischieftoday earlybreakfast momhaserrands

We got this magnetic screen so we could keep the patio door open more, but had no idea how much fun it was going to be for jasperthecatatx and teaganthecat. So we got a camera to catch all of the action. Many more videos to come. catshenanigans

My sister sent me these the other day from upstairs, in her room - - -frank frankthecat cats cat catsofinstagram cats_of_instagram backcat catstagram catshenanigans pets petinstagram petsofinstagram petstagram pet

Happy Friyay humans and fur babies!! Hope you all get up to some crazy shenanigans like me to shake the quarantine boredom 😹 catcatlifecatsofinstagraminstacatfriyaycatshenanigans noneedforabottleopenerpolydactylkitty

Found a new place to perch. Hooman loses her 💩 How am I suppose to know what I’m watching when there’s nothing there ? 🤷🏻‍♀️ CatThings CatShenanigans CatsOfInstagram

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