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Chipmunk watching is very, very serious.cats catsofinstagram chipmunk animals weekends pets nature cute chill

Anywhere we go, Mowgli much prefers to be on his dads shoulders vs. Meowmy's. siamesemix siamesecat siamesekitten catsofinstagram cats kittens_of_instagram kittensofinstagram kittens kittens_today catsworld cats_of_world kittensdaily kittensofig catlovers catlady catlover cat_features catdad

🌜🐇🐈🌛 #ФиляТиля #Гарфилд Garfield #Филяляля #Гарфилдрыжийкот #экзоты #экзот cats cat catstagram #Матильда #Тиляляля catsofinstagram #мяу

No bike rides, spin or hikes this weekend as still recovering from guided injections in my shin. Still feeling pretty bruised so it's weekend mornings in bed with the punk. Oh how we've slept in! guidedinjections periostitis mtss liein weekendvibes blackcatsofinstagram blackcat catsofinstagram catslife cats_of_instagram catsoninstagram magnifiques_chats restday eastlondon

Mama, I'll leave my belly here...dont touch! britishshorthair britischkurzhaar bsh catstagram catsofinstagram

앞으로 계란판 다시는 안쓰는걸로...🤦‍♂️ . . . . . #겨울이 #일산 #오둥이네 #집사 #일상 #고양이 #야옹이 #캣스타그램 #묘스타그램 #냥스타그램 catstagram instacat catsofinstagram petstagram instapet petsofinstagram #반려묘 #반려동물 #반려가족 #사지마세요_입양하세요_끝까지책임져주세요🙏🐈

Søndag med Sofia 🐱❤️ catsofinstagram catcontent cats catart

Janet really loves cellophane 😂🤔🤷 catsofinstagram tortoiseshellcat

Эти глаза напротив....сочно зеленые, обожаю 🥰We have available kittens 🐱😻😻😻open reserve!!! instacat catsofinstagram catstagram sweetcatclub cats chinacat californiacatcatsofinstagram cats_of_world cats_of_instagram silverchinchilla catsoftheworld bestcats bestcatsclub catloversclub catloversworld bestkitten cats catstagram catscatscats cats_of_instagram cats_of_world cats🐱 cats_of_the_world catsofday catsofworld catsoftheday catsagram catsofig catsofinsta cutecats catslovers catsloversworld catsloversworldworld

Took care of this little angel over the weekend 💖cat catsofinstagram kitten cute

Sitting in the car with Rex is always a treat . . .cats catsofinstagram cat elgin elginil BestCatRex

I am sweet boy. No filter needed.

Sushi Sunday 🍣 winecat dreaming of sushi 💭. After missing sushi last week @spa_phillips n I were craving it.  Our good friend @sonyarothchristies Head of Christie's LA is also a fan of @sushisushibeverly and had been wanting to return, so we planned a viewing of works by Ed Ruscha on exhibit at Christie's. Then we took a walk to see the new exhibition at Gagosian gallery.  Afterwards we went to Sushi. Delicious 😋 as always. The starters were brilliant with my Fav カツオBonito. The マグロ Bluefin 🐟 was spot on 赤み red, 中トロ extra fatty Chu Toro, 大トロ Ootoro melts in your mouth. 秋さば Autumn Mackerel n エンガワ Engawa were nice treats I have not had in awhile.  When Matsutake Mushrooms r in season it's time for Donbinmushi, soup in the teapot. Susan went with the excellent lunch combo, scroll. It was fun catching up with Sonya and meeting Alex the new Post War art specialist moving to the LA office. The Ruschas were a from a wonderful passionate collector.  Auction season is starting. 🤩 Happy Sunday Funday Everyone 🍷😻 bonappetit f52grams eater sakelover sakelife instafood omakase lafoodiefoodie foodgasm gourmand sushilover nihonshu foodpornwineoclock happycat neko gatti chaton lovecats  igcats ilovemycat catsofinstagram #お寿司 #猫 #日本酒

Midnight is Still Looking for her home please share && help us reunite her with her owners 💜 ~UPDATE~ Found July 15th "Midnight" the female cat is not chipped not is she spayed. We got her checked today at the cat clinic. She has been hanging around my backyard for about 3 weeks now. She is extremely friendly and is not very dirty. I put a pop off collar on her with a note for owner but it was still on her for 3 days. She is now in my spare room being quarantined (we have pets) until we find her owners/home. Which she doesn't mind at all she loves her cat room. I have posted on many Facebook lost/found pages, Craigslist, Facebook Market Place, Scraps and the nextdoor app trying to find her owners/home. Will be asking for photo/video proof of ownership before handing over to anyone. If we cannot find her home within the next few weeks we will be getting her fixed/spayed and her shots/vaccinations. We will then decide to re-home her and there will be a fee and a home check. I'm aware of the horrible people/things that are and have occurred in our area to our loving pets. I'll be making sure she will be finding a loving home if it comes to that. Please Share and Help Us Find Her Home She is litter boxed trained, very well groomed (for an outside cat) and doesn't have a care in the world that she is in a house. Super human friendly and doesn't mind when I hold her and kiss her face. She does this funny thing were she stretches out one of her back legs when you pet her and talk to her it's pretty unique and very cute. Shadle Area Spokane off Wellesley She isn't Chipped, not spayed, young female 1 year or younger possibly. Very friendly comes when called. Grey shirt hair tortoise shell. caturday petscorner foundcat pnwcats kittylife rescuecat rescuepets foundkitty foundkitties findhome animalsvoice comfycritterzinc midnightthecat meow purrpurrpurr catsofinstagram

Lazy Caturday on a Sunday catsofinstagram

Lately, I just looove snuggling with my Pawpaw 😻 It makes Meowmy a little jealous, but we look so cute that she gets over it.catstagram catsofinstagram cat catlovers catoftheday siberian siberiancat siberian_meowdels siberian_cats_lovers theonlymelicat

Вот и приклеилось к котику имя - Рыбочкин))) Малыш сил-пойнт, настоящий котенок Гав. Несмотря на свой возраст уже очень общительный и мурчательный. Можно зарезервировать в любимцы. 🙃🤗 orientalcat orientalcatsofinstagram cat catscatsofinstagram catstagram kittens kitten#котятаориентальные #ориентальнаякошка #ориентал #котенок#ориентальныйкотенок #котенок #безкотаижизньнета#кошкитакиекошки #ориентальныйкот#котенокориентал

How Gideon enjoys his Sunday afternoon cat lazycats mainecooncross tabbycats catsofinstagram

Eyes on the prize this sundayfunday 👁🐱🏆 onedayillcatchit ribbondancer imgonnagetya

I’ll bite you if you try to rub my belly.. 😹😼 (Tap my belly) - - - @mystery_the_kat mystery_the_kat catsofinstagram cutecatclub bellyrubs

Who says black cats bring bad luck? This one brings us only joy and happiness. 🐈❤ _____________________________cat blackcat catsofinstagram catlovers beautifulanimal cateye love animalsofinstagram animallovers beauty catportrait

„nom nom nom. mommy‘s finger tastes nice“ cats catsofinstagram catstagram cats_of_instagram cats_of_day kitten kittens_of_instagram kittens_of_world kittensofinstagram kittenlife cute adorable

Heute habe ich meine neuen Freunde kennengelernt. Kleine Geckos, finde ich super spannend. Vielleicht sieht man bald noch mehr von uns zusammen. 🐈🦎 katze katzenbaby katzenliebe katzen katzenleben face bkhkitten bkh britishshorthair britischkurzhaar 9weeksold grau cat_features catlovers cats_of_world cats_of_instagram meow white catoftheday catsofinstagram cat brown orange eyes animal pets lovecats pet animal animals cat

홍시 츄르 먹을 때 표정 귀는 뾰족 눈은 지긋이 감고 ㅎ 귀여워 죽어 엄마가 돈 마니 벌게,,♡̷̷

❤MILAGRO DE AMOR❤ 💥ELY💥 de 5 años, nacio con sus patitas de atras muy chiquitas. Su mama del corazon @pbrenlegui lo vio publicado y que nadie lo adoptaba😿...y viajo muy lejos para ir a buscarlo y darle mucho amor para siempre. ❤Llego hoy a nuestro hotel por segunda vez, para disfrutar de nuestro espacio😍 .gatosargentina gatosdeargentina gatospersasargentina gatos_argentina gato catstagram catsofinstagram instacat amolosgatos cathotel hotelparagatos catvacations vaCATions hotelboutiquefelino argentina pensionadofelino pensionadodegatos guarderiafelina cathostel gatos gatito gatitosdeinstagram gatitos instagatos vidadegatos amorgatuno veterinaria amoamimascota

I kept a secret - I now have a 5th cat 😸 Her story has a plot twist, so I’ll make a second post about it. Here’s how I met her : My husband and I recently moved to the countryside, which is the reason why I left the shelter (with Michoko).


🌱🌰 acorn

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