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Winter is here ❄️ - - - -cat catsofinstagram catlovers cats_of_world love photography

I think it’s time for autumn in Cali, and also time for dinner meow🥘🍂🦁🐾🍃 . . .catgram kitten cat kitty kittylove instacat_meows kedi pet katze cats catsofinstagram dailykitten fluffy catoftheday petlover catlover precious cute cats_of_instagram catlife instacat #猫部 cutecat animallovers #ネコ #고양이 #Кот meow #可愛い portrait

Today’s Daily Dose of Ruthie: this queen finally got her own water fountain 😸 maybe she will stop sitting in in the sink to drink water while we are washing dishes 🤣catsofinstagram cat cats kitten kitty tabbycat

When your cat is excited for Christmas 🐱🎄🤷🏻‍♀️ . . . .kitten cat kittensofinstagram catsofinstagram pet olli christmas christmastree countdowntochristmas littletarzan tistheseason

She’s wanting all the cuddles today 🥰 ragdollcat ragdollsofinstagram catsofinstagram cuddles

Adventures were had today. I absolutely love taking walks outside! I took to it very quickly mom said. I walked for about 40 minutes with mom & Max. I did get scared when we were by the end of one of our driveways and a car went by. I hid in the bushes and cried. Mom & Max got me to come out and Max led be back into the yard. Then I led mom to the front door. I had a ton of fun & can’t wait for the next one! -Minnie 💙. adventurecat catsonleashes outdoors walk adventure flamepointsiamese cat cats kittens kitten catsofig cats_of_instagram catsofinstagram instacat cats_of_world cat_features catstagramcat instapets rescuecat adoptdontshop. petstagram pets catstagram tabby love instagood instakitty instakitten rescueismyfavoritebreed

Cat napping catsofinstagram

instagram versus reality of taking a holiday photo with miki in the vest i bought her so then we could match. • vsco vscocam selfportrait catsofinstagram

Looks like Pumpkin will be a promising star athlete. 🥇🥰 ——— Please remember to spay & neuter your cat(s) and take them to the vet regularly :) cat2vet——— Thursdays: 12–8pm Saturdays & Sundays: 12–4pm ——— All of our adoptable cats are spayed/neutered and already have their shots. ——— Amazon Wishlist: goo.gl/mMLRPH We are SO grateful to everyone who has adopted from and donated to The Scratching Post. You are heroes to us and to our kitties.💗 ——— 📷: @meesh_ensch

Abla kardeş kucaklaştık uyuyoruz 🐾 e napalım yani uyku saatimiz gelmiş 😴 annem de bizi hemen fotoğraf karesine aldı haliyle ❤️ . .Winter 🐶Casper🐱 . . . .cat dog cats dogs catsofinstagram dogsofinstagram kedi kpek kediler kpekler hayvansever kedisever kpeksever animals catlovers doglovers

E aí gente linda??? Preparados para o feriado? Eu sim! Vou dormir muito 🤪😹😹😹😽.cats catslovers catsofinstagram catsloversworld instacatsgram instacats instacatsworld instacatsphotos gatosdobrasil🐈🇧🇷 domxinxopinxo instagatos amantesdegatos gatos gato

Benefits of the job😍 . . . We get to see and play with all your pets😻🐕 and we can't enough‼️ . . So post pictures of your pets to help fill our souls!! welovepets petlovers petsofinstagram dogsofinstagram doglover doglovers catsofinstagram catlover catlovers furbabies freeestimates free CertaPro GoCerta bloomingtonillinois bloomingtonil peoriaillinois peoriaheightsillinois

This is a Box. Boxes are good. You know what goes inside boxes, other then cats? Amazing items from my holiday sale over at www.facebook.com/JosephinetheQuirkyCat I will personally pack every order. Actually that is a lie, I do not stoop so low as to do physical labor. I will supervise the Human as she packs your jtqc T-shirts, mugs, calendars, and T-shirts. I know I said T-shirts twice; I want Humans walking around with my face on their T-shirt. Did I mention everyone who orders a T-shirt will receive a free small flannel blanket? becausetheywill. holidaysale tshirts 50inchtelevisionfund catswithsales josephinethequirkycat rescuecats adoptdontshop polydactylcat catsofinstagram funny cats topcatphoto

Been a little poorly the last few days 😿❤️ luckily checked out by vet and I'm all good now!! I celebrated with a dip in the sink 😸😸💧💧catsagram catsagramcat meowstagram catsofinstagram cats_of_instagram cats_of_instworld cat_features cat meowfeature catsoftheday toms_featurebuddies cats_of_day mycat cutecats meows fluffycat siberian_cat_lovers nevamasquerade siberianforestcat siberian_cat_lovers siberiancat siberiancatlover catlover siberiancatsofinstagram catcontent adorablecat bestcatclub blueeyedcat beautifulcat worldcats floofy

Next week I’ll go to vet again! let’s hope this time we can finally have the green light for the surgery cause my eyes are not too good anymore! 😔. . For a 15% off on @bellas_pet_fashion use my code WINSTON15 . For a 15% off on @earthofcats.official use my code WinsonBlindCat15 . . . . . . . . . . . . .blindcat #blindcatofinstagram cat kitty kitten catsofinstagram catoftheday catlover catlovers kittenlove winstonblindcat blindcatrescue catrescue kittenrescue adoptdontshop rescuecat specialneedscats animaldonations catdonations donations adoptthelessadoptable blackcat catblack TheDodo bestmeow raw_cats catphotography instacatmeows catloversclub

Βλέπουμε ταινία!!! kitty catlovers shadows catsofinstagram

Oslito et la neige ❄️☃️ cat catsofinstagram mainecoon kitty gatto animals maincoon mainecooncat maincoonkitten kitten maincoonstagram france lyon maincoonlovers maincoonlove cats catstagram frenchcat chat animal redsmoke maincooncorner russian clawsandpawns_ cat_of_world @cats_of_instagram @mainecoon.france @mainecoon._.lover @catsofworld @kittymeowclub @lotus_the_mainecoon

🦁😎🦁 & 🌟👑🌟 . . . . We love furry friends 💗 so welcome to follow our crew 🐾💗🌟 @the_karlesias_crewnevamasqueradeofinstagram nevamasqueradesiberian nevamasqueradekitten blueeyedcats ig_cat instacats_meow instacats crazycatlady cutecats we_love_cats floof catsofinstagram cats_of_ig cats_today cats_of_instagram catsofinsta catloversclub igmeows meow cats_of_instworld bigcatsforever cutekitten

Yes, I snore 😴

It was a year ago that we lost our best buddy to kidney failure. He had been sick from the day we adopted him, but he gave us 8 wonderful years. We still miss The Big Lebowski, and will forever be thankful for his Dude-like awesomeness. thedude thebiglebowski catsofinstagram mainecoon

2 cats - 1 is absolutely crazy 🤪 - and the other - super chilled 😹 It’s a hardlife for them 😂 catsofinstagram cats_of_instagram catslife playtime naptime😴

Every. Single. Time. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤣💗luna always idkwhy socute buriedtreasure weirdcatbehavior catsofinstagram mygirl love

we are gonna move out to a another village but my cat is now by us neighbors I MISS HIM SO MUCH Psssttt this the first time that he is sitting on my leg🇱🇴🇻🇱🇪🇾🇩🇦🇾 ɪ ᴀᴍ ʙᴀᴄᴋ ғᴏʀᴇᴠᴇʀ ✩ PLEASE MY FEATURE ACCOUNT @kittycatsfeatures CAN WE GET 100 followers 😻😻 catsoftheworld igcutestcats cats_of_instagram cutecats catlife cat cats catsofinstagram cats_of_instagram cat_delight cats_of_instworld cats_of_world catstagram catscatscats catsloversworld catlove catofinstagram caturday catlovers catlover catsoftheworld bestcatsclub catsofinstagram.

It’s tiring being a kitten, there’s so much adventure out there!! sleepy kitten catsofinstagram greycatsofinstagram

Gracing your feed with more Briar Rose yourewelcomecatsofinstagramkittensofinstagram

When is relocation the right choice? I come across so many projects where there's grumpy neighbors or management associations who want the feral cats removed from their area. And I understand that not all people like cats and that they are a severely overpopulated and invasive species. But 9 times out of 10, relocation/"removal" of feral cats is not a good solution. Removing feral cats from an environment creates a vacuum effect by opening up that resourceful area for new, unfixed cats to move in and start breeding. You'd be back to square one in under a year. When female cats are able to pop out 3 litters a year starting as young as 4 months old, this becomes problematic quickly. Trapping and euthanizing cats has been proven time and time again to be an outdated and ineffective practice. The only way to decrease the feral cat population is by sterilizing and keeping a colony in place so no more kittens are born and no new intact cats move in. The only circumstance in which I relocate cats is when there is imminent danger. Risk of poison, threats to kill or deconstruction are the 3 main situations where I will pull cats from. And these two ladies are in one of those situations now. If you have a barn/sanctuary or work program for these cats to be admitted into, please DM me. They are being spayed and vaccinated today and need a relocation ASAP. Anywhere in IL, southern WI or northern IN is viable!pleaseshare catsofinstagram catsofig catsofchicago chicagocats chicago melrosepark illinois indiana wisconsin feralfelineproject trapneuterreturn tnr tnrsaveslives spayandneuter feralcats feralcatadvocate kittenseason kittenseason2019 catrescue barncats relocation barnrelocation catsatwork

catstagram cat catsofinstagram catlife catlovers cats_of_instagram catlover cats_of_world catstagram_japan catloversclub catoftheday catholic cats #ねこすたぐらむ #ねこのいる生活 #こねこ動画 #にゃんすたぐらむ #ねこ

Human sister is comming. Finally family is completely home 😸gloria🐈🐾 cattail comminghome behome familycomplete catsofinstagram catlovers cats_of_instagram catlife catmodel maincoon maincooncat maincoonstagram maincoonlovers maincoonsofinstagram lovelycat ilovemycat ilovemypet meow @cats.lovers19 @cats_of_instagram @mainecoon_of_ig @meowed

Clowning around on top of the fridge! 🐒😸 devonrex

Preciosos pendientes largos con estrellas y gatitos en la luna de plata de primera ley 💜 Hemos escogido un diseño precioso y exclusivo con unidades limitadas ✨ Los pendientes son finos y con un estilo muy elegante que no te dejará indiferente 💜

Our partners at RANA are looking for a flight volunteer to help bring Homer to his new home! If your flying from Tunis to Paris please contact @rana.rescue ASAP! Posted @withrepost • @rana.rescue ⚠️We URGENTLY need a flight buddy to help bring Homer to his new home ⚠️ Flying ANYTIME from Tunis to Paris? We are in need of flight buddies to help bring our rescue animals to their new lives. You will be assisted at check in and arrivals; and all animal costs are covered. All you have to do is collect our animals from the baggage area in Paris and hand them over to our volunteers who will be waiting for you in arrivals 😻 Flight buddies are an essential part of adoption journeys and without you our animals cannot travel. All airlines accepted ✈️ ⚠️URGENT - Please share ⚠️ info@ra-na.com

Hey guys🐩💕let's support @dollspaws 🐶🐾 They design some great stuff for a good cause (and make some donations for our lil' fur friends)

Love this city 📸🌹

No filter . No make up . Organic and eco friendly .👱💫

Buenas tardes humanos. 😾 Os doy la bienvenida a mi cuenta personal de fotos sexy's. Espero recibir mucho amor por vuestra parte. 👊🏻 . . . . . . .cats cat catsofinstagram of instagram catstagram instacat catlover catlovers kitty meow kitten pets kittens world catoftheday cute love dogs animals pet gatos catlife gato adoptdontshop instalats lovecats petstagram catsagram bhfyp

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