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"Oh no your stuck, must save you, but how?!?"- Pluto. " Haha you can't get me...(moments later)..darn you figured it out"-Mars catsiblings catsoftoday catsofinstagram catsofnewyork catsoftheworld fostercatsofinstagram

Nothing gets gang’s attention like some good “squeezee tube”. Treats time is the best time!

Was only 20° here today in upstate NY. So I cuddled up with mommie on the down comforter and we took a nice long snooze ❄️🌨️🧣 • • • •catsofnewyork cats_of_instagram catsofny cutepetsofinstagram catsoftoday boldboy sleepykitty domesticlonghaircat urbancat housecat cuteanimals Pusheen cats kitty kittycat love cute meow littlemeow handsome kittyboy meowfam meow_beauties

Hooman... get the phone out my face.catsofnewyork catsofinstagram catsofharlem mightyzorro

Just thinkin about attacking my hoomans feet later 👌 goodtimes catsofnewyork catsofinstagram

I’ll sleep the floor with mew 😹🧹 Posted by: Rockie 💙catnapping catnap sleepycat likearock fluffycats weeklyfluff adoptdontshop siberiancat norwegianforestcat mainecoon cutecats whiskerwednesday autumnnights feelslikewinter catsofnewyork embraceyourpets* * * * LINK IN BIO: Check meowt our Zazzle store and discount code PIXSANDROCKS for Basepaws and KitNipBox. A part of our profits go toward cat rescues and other groups that support kitties😻

Zoey relaxing after a long day . . .catsofinstagram catsofnewyork rescuecat blackcat cat cats blackcat_features catsofig cats_of_instagram

Sleepy heads.

my crib #屎の家

It’s WhiskerWednesday, and our Camper Shoes is here to share this week’s fun fact about whiskers! Your cat’s whisker distribution is symmetrical. Most cats have around 24 in total on their muzzle, with 12 on each side in a symmetrical pattern. Next time your cat is asleep, check this fact- how many whiskers does your cat have around their nose? We will share another fun WhiskerFact next week! - - - - - - - - -whiskerfactwednesday campfeline campcanine catmom catmoment catlady catmoments catpictures catlifeishard mykitten kittensdaily purrfect catitude purrpurrpurr fluffycat catsofnewyork nycats

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to bed. DunDunDun GonnaNeedABiggerBed SharkHampton 🦈

A sneak peek at version 3 of my catlyco cat bed! Made specifically so both cats could be close to each other, but not too close, and so they could have a better view of the birbs.

#우리아이가달라졌어요 #아주많이 어흐흐흐흑흑tbt6months mong scottishstraight cats catsofinstagram cats_of_instagram cats_of_world kittens catagram kittensofinstagram kittens_today newyorkcats catsofnewyork #고양이 #냥스타그램 #고양이그램

Happy Toesday ... Speaking of paws, as we prepare for the holidays, here is a gift idea for the RescueMom in your life. Ever go to someone's home, and they have the most precious cat, but no idea what breed it is because it was a rescue? With humans breeding and breeding, we never know exactly what our feline friend may be made of, that is, until now... GET YOUR #@basepaws TEST today! . . . . . . . . .0liverandc0mpany. . . . . . . . . . . .cats catstuff Pets animaladdicts catlovers cat_features catsofinstagram coi ItsACrazyCatLadyThing furoverhumansEverytime gato adoptdontshop thedodo basepaws paws genetics catsofnewyork catmodel Catoftheday photooftheday toocool 007 Sale Shop

Miss Patty of the July 4th kittens shows off for the paparazzi. Miss Patty and her brother Maxi are looking for their furever home. She is just over 6 months old. She loves headrubs and backrubs, watching TV, exploring closets and is very playful with other cats. She is vaccinated, spayed and is negative for FIV/FELV. DM me or @thunderkittensnyc if you are interested in adopting. rescuecat #😻 #ネコ #🐱 #قط #猫 gato gatto chat kot neko tabby catsfromadistance cat kedi catspotting #🦁 urbanwildlife catsofnewyork stray rescuekittens adoptdontshop

My hooman may have obtained a glass table just so she could see a flattened Willis from underneath 🤨


When the weather’s warmer exploring outside is the best! _________________________________ - - - - - __________________________________chef chefthecat chefanscoco catsofny newyorkcats followme follow catpics cutepics cats catsofnewyork catphoto beautifulphoto instagood rescuecat rescuecats rescues coco adoptdontshop nypics nycats exploring adventure outdoors


If mew feel like the world is upside down sometimes, Mario is feline ya! 🙀 Posted by: Rockie 💙upsidedown itsmemario cutekittens kittensofig fluffy meowbaby adoptdontshop november whiskerwednesday embraceyourpets catsofnewyork instacat* * * * LINK IN BIO: Check meowt our Zazzle store and discount code PIXSANDROCKS for Basepaws and KitNipBox. A part of our profits go toward cat rescues and other groups that support kitties😻

Have you ever wondered what I named you?

Hello Bızdık Moriente 😼catloversclub catsofnewyork catstagram

Hello blackcatlovers, I've been hanging out in my pawsome box this morning! I do some of my best work here! . As you've probably seen our blackcat_features is growing rapidly, passing 2400 followers this morning, so we have made the exciting decision to expand our admin team again to better serve our pawsome community! . It is my honor to introduce our newest team members. . Here are some clues: ✳They're kitty siblings 😺😺 ✳They were rescued at 1 week old in Long Island and taken to North Shore Animal League (@animalleague) ✳They were fostered by celebrity cat philanthropist Beth Stern (@bethostern) ✳They both know their names ✳Their pawrents call them their "little shadows" . If you've seen our earlier features you'll know I'm talking about none other than the impressive duo @jenniferandjustin ! Please give these cuties a hearty blackcat_features welcome! They'll be featuring their furrst blackcat later today! . 🖤~Misty(@webbyandmisty)

napping with my best friend ♥️ siblinglove

Our senior Staten Island correspondent is a proud father to @panterathepygmypanther #😻 #ネコ #🐱 #قط #猫 gato gatto chat kot neko blackcatsofinstagram catsfromadistance cat kedi catspotting #🦁 urbanwildlife catsofnewyork chatnoir gatonegro

Started from the bottom @champagnepapi hipearl

I’m cold ☃️❄️. How are you?

We r flattered. Thank u, small human. 🐈❤️ Xoxo Jack & Freddy. (mom teaches) . .catsofinstagram purrfect pawesome cats_of_instagram catoftheday catstagram flatbushcats brooklyncats catsofnewyork cats smallcat tuxedocat sillycat prettyboy

Solo & Bruce of the July 4th kittens send greetings to all their friends! Here we see them in their furever home waiting patiently for dinner to be served. whatnoappetizers rescuecat tabby #😻 #ネコ #🐱 #قط #猫 gato gatto chat kot neko catsfromadistance cat kedi catspotting #🦁 urbanwildlife catsofnewyork catsofqueens

Hi all! A very special cat is in need of your help. Her name is Lucy and she is 6 years old and was unexpectedly diagnosed with a large mass in her stomach. She needs emergency surgery or will be put down. Please consider donating and sharing to help her family with the costs to keep her alive! Linked here and in bio: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-us-save-lucy-the-cat?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=p_cf+share-flow-1

“No I haven’t seen the tv remote that was just in your hand—guess you’ll just have to pay attention to me instead 🤷‍♂️”

Hygge winter checklist: ✅Sweatpants ✅DETOX Mask ✅Favorite playlist ✅Hot chocolate ✅Festive lights ✅Fat, snuggly kitty What else should we add to the list?? ⛄️ ​​📷 : @dkcartwright

hey friends!!! we’re moving soon! ➡️🏡 any tips for me?? jackthecat moving housecat longisland tuxedocatsofinstagram tuxedofeatures catsofnewyork

Hello everybody, it’s that time again..Halloween is out the door (and apparently along with the fall weather) and the Christmas season is upon us. I have climbed and clawed, I mean helped, get out all of the boxes of our festive decor and we have begun our holiday decorating. Step 1: grab a tunatini , Step 2: beat, slap and sit on everything. This makes the entire process waaaay easier. Totally does. 😺christmasdecorating theboss holidaytips blackcatsrule 🐾 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 🍕 cats rescuecat adoptdontshop savecats adoptblackcats adoptcats catfostersneedednyc blackcatsrock blackcatlove catlover catdad funnycat blackcatsclub christmascat catsofnewyork pawsandclaws catdaddy blackcatsig bombaycats catsofinstagram catcollars love

My face this morning when I got my DNA results from @basepaws. I found out that I’m almost half Russian Blue (45.6%). What?! 🙀🤯 Am I the only white half Russian Blue in the world? 😸 Thank you @basepaws for helping me discover my unexpected roots! ♥️🧬 • • • • •catsofinstagram instakitty instacat catstagram catlovers whitecats whitecatsofinstagram igcats catoftheday catsofnewyork polydactyl heterochromia oddeyedcat specialneedscat felinehyperesthesia cutecatcrew cat_features instacat_meows catstocker bestmeow elegantcats yourcatphoto pawproject pawsneedclaws

Rosie is always ready for bed . . .catsofinstagram catsofnewyork rescuecat greycat cat cats mewsday catsofig cats_of_instagram

🌸Happy tongueouttuesday sweeties 🌸 ✨ 💫Loaf you and miss y’all 💫 Peace out ☮️ -Luna🌙 SassyLuna🌙 💚 . . . adoptdontshop blackcatsmatter black_cat_crew blackcatstellall gatanegra TopCatPhoto blackcatsofinstagram yourcatphoto_best feature_do2 meowbox meowvswoof meow thedodo catsofinstagram catsofnewyork catlover balousfriends meow_beauties my_loving_pet magnificent_meowdels a_world_of_cats bestcats_oftheworld fattuesday tacotuesday

The ladies react to Dad bringing home flowers in bed for Mom’s birthday. 😹 (Pt 1 Miaou’s swipe for Pt 2 Mini’s)

It’s called fashion. Look it up.


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