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OMC! I’m what?? Yes purrecious Eko you’ve been adopted ! Eko has been patiently waiting at the Alaska Humane Society for the purrfect home, as he is not a fan of other felines, kids or pups. He is also previously front declawed which we think has contributed to his low tolerance. Then his catman caught his photo on the ahs website and knew he was the purrfect match! Eko set off on his new adventure yesterday and we wish him and his catman the best of everything! Happy trails sweet boy! adoptdontshop pawsneedclaws tabbycat alaskaskaaats catsofalaska wowzers happytrails adoptasenior cattitude purrsonality personality gratefulheart seeyou sheltercat foreverhome advoCATe eduCATe awareness

"Football is life - the rest is just details" ⚽️ 🇫🇮 football uefaeuro2020 Finland vs Lichtenstein cattitude catsofinstagram blackcatsofinstagram blackcats

fivebuckslux my life for the past ten minutes 🙄tenderizer muffinman cattitude catsofinstagram cats_of_instagram

Poor little old man

Do you come to this watering hole often? talldrinkofwater officekitty calico cattitude friyay

Cattitude .. happy Friday from Ralphy! 😼😹ralph cat tabbycat cattitude friday catsofinstagram

This look of defiance means NO, I will NOT move from your lap so you can go to work. . . .cat catsofinstagram catstagram catsofnovascotia catsofhalifax catsofdartmouth tortie dilutetortie tortoiseshell tortiesofinstagram tortitude cattitude felinefriday

Friday mood....😻❤️🤟🍻❄️ workinggirl fridaymood cattitude dreams

I'm a sucker fer a good pawty! 🍭 🐾 . . @matt_thesupercat is still celebrating his Birfday so I'll be heading over there fer sure! 🎉🎈mattssuperbirthdaypawty. And be sure to meet me @brofursofdestruction major house pawty, we gonna tear some 💩 up!! All bets are off, it's gonna be a real humdinger of a brewhaha!!😼🍻brofurshousepawtyofdestruction. . Oh snapples! I can't miss @baileyboo_the_burmese fish themed pawty!!🐟 🐠belleandbaileyfishfryparty. . . Do you know another pawty I should check out??🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱 . . . . Follow ohmrbiscuits to catch all the crumbs!🍪 . . . . . Check out @whisker.works.co fer some pawesome accessories and toys! Use my code fer a discount. MRBISCUITS15 . . Stop by @roxxisk9couture to see some hot and fresh styles! Use my code fer a discount. RK9CBISCUITS . . . . Master of disaster mafiakittyclub 🐾 . Pinky out fancy pawshcatclub 💎 . . . . .catvideo catsofinstagram dumdum cats_of_instagram catsofig cats cattitude sucker cutepets cute tuxedofeatures cowcat partyfavors partyanimal playtime fridayvibes currentmood instacat instaparty partytime funnycats funnyvideos instavideo

Meowmy needs to learn that meow means "-give me treats" 🤣😂🙈🍭🍬 /🌟👑🌟Savannah . . . . Wanna be our furry friend? 🐾👉🏼@the_karlesias_crewmeowbeauties catprincess blueeyedcats meowdel_feature ig_cat cattitude nevamasqueradeofinstagram nevamasqueradesiberian catsofinstagram catsofworld igmeows instacat_meows instagramcats igcatlife we_love_nevamasquerade_cats we_love_cats cutecatcrew cutecats mjau instapet instacats_meow

Warm snuggly spot on a cold winter day. we_love_cats cutecats cattitude catsrule cats meow meowmeow catstagram catsofinstagram cats_of_instagram catloversunite adoptdontshop spayandneuter cats_of_instagram cats_of_world tabbylove tabbycatsofinstagram

Do you have a sleeping bun 😴 at home? . . Kitty No.52 Limited Edition Prints now available on my shop www.kamweifong.com⚡️⚡️ . .kamweiatwork kamweifong thefurrything cat kitty fineline minimalist pet feline artistoninstagram catsofinstagram instaanimal instaart art artist artlife instacat micropigmentink furball catlovers limitededition illustration sleepingcat artprint cattitude furbulous

🕰 It’s Friyaaay time! The clocks may have changed over a week ago, yet we continue to adjust to the shorter days and time for outdoor adventures. Perhaps time is our most precious resource. For us, the best way to embrace time is through nature. It reminds us to welcome each day by accepting the timing and lessons of its natural unfolding. After all, nature is patient, adaptable, willing to change, and has great fortitude. Matt Haig wrote: How to stop time ~ kiss How to travel in time ~ read How to escape time ~ music How to feel time ~ write How to release time ~ breathe ... This summer Humom had a discussion (thanks Johnny) about the ancient Greeks and their interpretation of time through both reality and experience. Kronos is linear or chronological time, while kairos is time that cannot be controlled or possessed. He explained it as opportunity ... an opportunity to say, “Yes,” for example in the moment to a dance, an authentic conversation, a creative spark or idea, to truly smelling a flower, or to love another. We can grab hold of an opportunity when it appears or let it pass us by, and then it is gone. The serendipity of kairos is all around us, yet we are far more focused on finishing or adding more to our khronological “to do” lists, rather than connecting to the pleasures of kairos and its possibilities ... those ancients certainly seemed to understand the depth of our precious journey of time from beginning to end, and the unexpected surprises we are free to encounter in between the dash. And ... if you have the time, please add your thoughts ...❤️

Go huuhkajat !! 🇫🇮 🇱🇮 ⚽️⚽️⚽️🔥🔥🔥 🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮 It's time for some soccer !nemo kampsu finland kotistudio jalkapallo football soccer pukkiparty abyssinian abyssiniancat aby abycat catsofinstagram igcats catsagram cattitude cat neko gato

Trying to take a photo of Crosby is always a challenge. Soon as I pick up my phone he starts looking for lights and shadows from the movement and reflection. Happy Friday. catsoftheworld catsofinstagram cats cat catlover catlovers catoftheday instacat cute cats_of_instagram catstagram cattitude Friday tuxedocatsofinstagram tuxedocat

I'm planning the successful B'day pawty for my gorgeous furriend @meenu_the_cat 🌸.. this is not easy.. hussshhh😺 I'm handling the decoration part..❤🎈🎀🎉📝💙💛 I'm soooooo excited to attend the B'day pawty as well 😎😻 Love you Meenu 🌸 Hugs and kisses 🤗😘 . . . .meenu_the_catbirthdayparty birthday caturday catstagram catlife instacat_meow instacat instakitty pawsome pawsitive cattitude gatos gato instagramcats instapet catsofinstagram kittensofinstagram kitten petlover animallover pets petsoninstagram cats bestmeow purrfect purring meow

Cutie 🥰 @mileycyrus

I'm adding bananas to the list of hooman food I like! 🍌🍌 I also like mangos, cucumbers and stealing brocolis from meowmy's plate! What other weird homman foods do you like?siamese siamesecat sia siamesekitten chocolatepointsiamese chocolatepoint  siamesecatsofinstagram siameseifyouplease  catsofinstagram catsofinsta  catoftheday catfood weirdcats catlife bananas hoomanfood hoomans cattitude mtlcat mtlcats  catsofmtl  montreal montrealcats

Let's learn something about cats! 🙋‍♀️💡🐈catsfactsIch habe wieder eine Portion Katzen-Nerd-Wissen für euch.😊 Vielleicht geratet ihr genau dieses Wochenende in eine Unterhaltung über Katzen. Dann denkt an mich und dankt mir für meine kleine Katzeninfothek.🙆‍♀️ Katzentiere haben 7 super bewegliche Halswirbel mit denen sie ihre Wahrnehmung des Sehens verbessern. Wieso? Weil die Augen einer Katze ziemlich starr am Kopf befestigt sind und sie daher nur einen sehr begrenzten Bereich wahrnehmen bzw. sehen können. Um Dinge zu erkennen, die direkt vor ihrer Nase sine, müssen Katzen ihren Kopf bewegen. Da sich aber nicht alles direkt vor der Nase einer Katze platziert, müssen die Samtpfoten in der Lage sein, ihren Kopf sehr gut und in alle Richtungen bewegen zu können. Katzentiere können Eulen-ähnlich ihre Köpfe fast bist zum Rücken drehen. Verrückt. ➡️ Habt ihr mal drauf geachtet? Übrigens von Natur aus schielende Katzen gleichen ihren Blick durch ihre Kopfbewegungen aus. Voll gut! 🙆‍♀️🐈 . . .livingwithcats blackcats catsofinstagram catstagram kittycat katze katzenliebe purrfect instacats allesfürdiekatz catfluencer catsareawesome catcontent catphotography catspam catlover catmom catmomlife catsworld catfluencer catcontent meowdel catsclub softkitty cattitude crazycatlady antieatmeatclubadoptdontshop love happycats catslove crazycatlady

By far the biggest box she ever bought me 😻 she must really love me. 😽 catsofinstagram catlife kitten cutecat cuddlecat cattitude catspot coolcat catsofholland catinbox

Welkom Basje! Dit is je nieuwe huisje. Het spijt me oprecht dat je daarvoor ruim 2 uur en meer dan 160 km in een reismandje in een auto hebt moeten zitten. Nu ben je er. Wat dapper van je dat je gelijk bent gaan onderzoeken, en logisch dat je in de kledingkast even rust zoekt. Bijkomen van de stressvolle dag. We gaan het fijn hebben samen, jij, wij mensen en de andere drie poezels. 🐱 . .cat catstagram catsandcompany catsofinstagram dailycat beautifulcat excellent_cats cattitude bestcat bestmeow catlife ilovemycat clubofcats adoptdontshop adoptasheltercat rescuecat rescuepetsofinstagram tabbycat seniorcat senior_cat_club

You go to work meowmy, I'm going back to bed. It's too chilly outside. . . . .cattitude catnip kittens kitten

'Thank you for your kind offer of a lap, but I shall sit on the sofa back until you have sorted out your annoying problem. Mother, you are a terrible fidget' 'Er... it's called breathing, George'cattitude catsinthehouse veterancat oldercats adoptdontshop catsofig catsoftheworld catswithattitude aloofcat

Dinner with Dad! Oscar is a baby! I'm a big boy and sit in my own chair!catstagram cat catsofinstagram cattitude cats tommen tommenpurratheon oscarthewhitecat fishdinnertheives

Cattitude Friday: Ninja being confused, cute, and weird. Pick one, Ninja!ninjabearthecat ninja cat cattitude Friday kitty kitten cutecat catvideo

a L O O K 👀

Hey, lady. Since the cardboard box shortage continues and you wouldn’t give me your credit card to order a box of boxes as suggested by @batmanandluke, I’ve taken matters into my own paws. I hijacked the kid’s box bus and I’m holding its passenger hostage until you give me what I want. * * *cat cats catsofinstagram cattitude cats_of_instagram catsofinsta instacat bosscat takeover catscatscats mycat ilovecats catlover bestmeow10k winston winstagram blueeyes prettykitty badcat badkitty

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