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Because I’m the only present under this tree! beforethe treegetsputaway catunderchristmastree catsundertrees

Christmas fun continues...(thanks to those elves in Utah). 🎄☃️🎄But wait, one (or more) of our presents is purring! maggieweir mookieweir catsofchristmas catunderchristmastree catundertree catslovechristmas mavenandmagpie

VÁNOCE 2019 🎅🏻🎄🎁 Tak i něco málo z mých nejoblíbenějších svátků ✨ ❤️💝 Ať už z Vánoc u mě nebo u mamky 🎄🎁🎅🏻👼🏼 Musím říct,že jsem byla letos spokojená 😍 btw. Vánočku i cukroví jsem poprvé pekla sama s menší pomocí mamky ☺️ vnoce2019 christmas2019 festiveseason nejkrasnejsisvatkyvroce mostmagicaltime christmastime vanocnicas seasontobejolly falalalala catunderchristmastree loveit christmaswithmyfiance blondesmiley bloggersofig

Someone finally made it under the tree. 😻❤️🎅🏼🎄 Seriously Evelyn, Henry loves you. My tree might be up until summer now... catunderchristmastree @practicallyperfecthenry

The cat just looks so cute under the christmastree catunderchristmastree

Ich hoffe ihr habt Weihnachten gut hinter euch gebracht, nicht zuviel gegessen und eine schöne Zeit mit euren liebsten gehabt 🖤 wir nutzen die Feiertage zum entspannen und machen Pläne für nächstes Jahr 🖤 heuer war ein sehr ereignisreiches, stressiges und trauriges Jahr, andererseits haben wir endlich ein neues Heim gefunden 🖤 raus aus dem Schimmel und endlich durchatmen 😪 Drift und Cookie haben sich recht schnell eingelebt und wie man sieht mag Drift auch den Christbaum 🙂 ich möchte mich bei euch bedanken! Für eure Unterstützung, jedes Kommentar, jedes like 🖤 und natürlich für eure Einkäufe 🖤 Ich kann gar nicht in Worte fassen wie sehr ich euch danke! Danke für eure Unterstützung in schweren Zeiten 🖤 ich hoffe ihr bleibt mir weiter treu 😘 Eure schwarze Katze cat catlover christmas christmastree catunderchristmastree gift schwarzekatzejewelry jewelry love thankyou und danke an @Baking_sisters_angi_backt 🖤 ohne dich wäre ich nichts! 😘 sister sisterlove nothingwithoutyou resin resinjewelry

the best Christmas present is still under the Christmas tree (and he doesn't want to get up)christmas christmastree catunderchristmastree ragdoll ragdollcat

Shhh! You don’t see me under the Christmas Tree 🎄 cat catsofinstagram catlife catlovers cats cats_of_instagram catstagram catlover repost catunderchristmastree goodkitty

Happy Christmas from the Hutchinson family. Scroll ➡️ for fursibling cuteness. christmaspicture chrostmas furbabies dogsofchristmas catsofchristmas catunderchristmastree doglightshow proudfurmama

Slightly off brand, but Jinxy is in the festive spirit too this year!🐾🌟 • • • • • • •catcatsofinstagramcatunderchristmastreechristmaschristmastreedogwalkersheffieldmosborough

Don't look so microkitty now do I uncle Max...bigkitty...catunderchristmastree

Merry Christmas from Buttercup! 🐱🎁🎄🌟tortoiseshellcat merrychristmas catunderchristmastree

Meowy catmas 🐈🎄🎁🦌🎅⛄ catsofinstagram catunderchristmastree meowycatmas

Not a creature was stirring...not even a mouse.. 🐱🐶🐾❤️💚🌲🎁💤 catsofinstagram cat catunderchristmastree adoptdontshop lovemycat lovemydog merrychristmas notacreaturewasstirring

Happy Christmas/Joyeux Noël/ Fröhliche Weihnachten/ gelukkige Kerst/Buon Natale to all of you! 🎄❤️ christmas2019 switzerland catunderchristmastree familygathering peace positivethoughtsonly love rememberyourlovedones

God jul 🎄🎁😻

Meowmy looked for me for 10 minutes before she spotted me hiding behind the presents under the Christmas tree! 😸🎄🐾❤️ persiancat greywhitecat fluffycat christmascat catunderchristmastree catsofinstagram instacat

My mom worked more than 40 hours last week, I hardly got to see her. So this is just me and mom relaxing on the couch over the weekend. I got to tell her what Logan does when she is away at work, I had so much to complain that I got so exhausted and fell asleep 😴 Then I woke up, but it was past sunset so I went back to sleep 😻 Now, mom is working hard so she can buy treats and toys for me, I am still asleep on the couch 😼 How's your monday?cat cats catsofinstagram catstagram cats_of_instagram instacat instacats catoftheday pictureoftheday meow paw pawgstagram paws pet pets catstory catquotes catlove furbaby furbabies christmas christmastree catunderchristmastree follow followforfollowback cute

Merry Christmas furry friends! I’m lying here guarding my Christmas gifts. eikotherussian eikothecat russianblueneytiri catunderchristmastree

Waiting under the Christmas tree for Santa Paws! Meowy Christmas everyone! ~ Dante meowychristmas catsofinstagram instacat catunderchristmastree kittycat greycat christmaskitty christmascat

Ready for you Santa Claws...🐈🌲

The best napping spot is under the Christmas tree... So far, so good - the Christmas tree is still alive... Long live the Christmas tree 🌲😂 mainecoonunderchristmastree Christmas mainecoon miezekatze catunderchristmastree catsleeping catnapping meinkns meinknslv rudaisruncis mainecoonkatze kater mainecoonkater

My morning companion... Lord Peter Wimsey, who refused to sit on one's lap, but will sweetly adjacent in companionship. orangecat lordpeterwimsey morningcompanion catunderchristmastree catbeforefire fluffykitty literarycat

I sit under the Christmas tree because I am pawsome and I am the best present my parents can ever get 😼 This year has been good for me, I got lots of toys and new hideout spots because I turned 10 years! We added a new member to our family - Logan my little brother who is taller and bigger than me but is afraid of me 😹 All I want for Christmas this year is more nap time, lots of dry food, and for my brother to make a full recovery. What do you want for Christmas? 😻cat cats catsofinstagram catstagram cats_of_instagram instacat instacats catoftheday pictureoftheday meow paw pawgstagram paws pet pets catstory catquotes catlove furbaby furbabies christmas christmastree catunderchristmastree follow followforfollowback cute

Ozzy loves a snooze under the tree! 🌲😽❤️🌲

Après avoir fait tomber les décos, Moomi fait la sieste sous le sapin! 🌲 🐈 😳 nofilter blackcat catunderchristmastree chatsouslesapin morinheights

Ktoś tu już grzecznie 😉 czeka pod choinką na Święta 🎄🎅😊. Nasza choinka już stoi i koty mają wreszcie miejsce do skrywania się przed sobą 😺. Nie mogę uwierzyć, że już za tydzień wigilia... . .idświęta corazbliżejwięta kot rudykot kotek naszkotek kotpodchoink kotmodel kocimodel instakoty polskiekoty cat catlovers gingercat gingercatsrule instacat mycat catsofinstagram zwierzta domowezwierztko catunderchristmastree pet petstagram christmasiscoming

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